So, if the E-Cat goes open source, what then? (Charlie Sutherland)

The following comment was submitted by Charlie Sutherland

This has been fun.  I’ve been reading a bit on the E-Cat specifically and LENR (cold fusion) in general. It seems it is well on its way to reality and tending toward open source technology as more folks get into the research.

Assuming LENR energy is real and open source, this is going to be one crazy century.  It is hard to imagine the new freedoms that come with personal portable energy.  With little need for the grid and no need for the infrastructure to sustain it, what then?  

If, eventually, the LENR powered family GPS and RADAR navigated collision-free quadrocopter takes over for today’s family car and UPS and Fedex and Papa John’s delivers the world’s goods to your door with variations of these things, what need is there for roads?  

If eventually your LENR power units deliver, electricity, heat & AC, water, waste disposal, the power for your garden tractor and transportation, etc., how do governments and nations change?   Hope I live long enough to see the changes…..What fun!

Charlie Sutherland

  • Len Fusioneer

    What need is there for roads? OMG, please don’t take my annual cross country motorcycle trips away. Even if the engine is quieter

  • georgehants

    Cold Fusion Now
    Special LENR issue of Current Science available now

  • QuestionEverything

    Keshe declared himself the Messiah in April 2014, as the culmination of
    many earlier preposterous claims, like being omniscient or having the
    capability to annihilate whole nations.

    Since Keshe started
    telling fairy tales of his technology about 10 years ago, he has to this
    day never produced anything reasonable. His “patents” are failed patent
    applications, his “flying car” is photoshopped, and the delivery of his
    “3-4kW plasma reactors”, which he announced nearly 4 years ago (and for
    which about 150 people paid 500 EUR deposit) has been postponed about 15
    times by now. His several grandiose announcements of “releasing his
    technology” (e.g. on 09/21/2012) have turned out as spectacular as a wet firecracker. All his
    technological claims can easily be refuted as mismeasurements or
    misinterpretation of measurements. He doesn’t have a clue of physics.

    phony “reactors”, that Keshe’s followers show in his various workshops
    don’t produce any reasonable result. They don’t produce net energy, they
    don’t produce “lift”, and they certainly don’t produce — one of
    Keshe’s many preposterous claims — gold or any other matter. They’re
    just spinning spheres and an endless cause for futile discussions among
    Keshe followers.

    Much more about Keshe can be found here:

    and here:

  • friendlyprogrammer

    Yes. lol. I’m still hoping for LENR power by then. I’m pushing 50 now.