New Book: “Hot-Cat 2.0: How last generation E-Cats are made” by Roberto Ventola and Vessela Nikolova

I have just been informed by Vessela Nikolova that a new book has been published titled, “Hot-Cat 2.0: How last generation E-Cats are made” authored by Eng. Roberto Ventola and Vessela Nikolova. Vessela explains on her blog that the technical aspects of the content; this was provided by Roberto Ventola. (see here:

Here’s an excerpt from the sample content provided:

“Hot-Cat 2.0” will show you a sort of “naked” Hot-Cat, virtually passing the device through an X-ray and giving a look at it from completely new points of view. You’ll find that almost all the mysteries and inconsistencies
noted by many observers during the Third-Party testing are perfectly solved if you accept the fact that an E-Cat is now a complex machine whose intellectual property must be protected in every way.

“By making a careful analysis of all – and I really mean all – the publicly available information (which has been carefully preserved and interpreted) we will be – at least partially – ripping off the veil of secrecy surrounding an E-Cat, and telling the story of this invention-cumproduct, thus allowing you to enter a sort of “time machine”. In this way, you’ll understand why Rossi and his team have chosen certain roads and not others in their attempts to obtain the best possible results . . .

“The first step to be taken in order to replicate a Hot-Cat 2.0 is to understand how it is done. This is not always easy, for the simple reason that Rossi had sometimes had fun misdirecting people. In this long analysis, you will discover when this happened, and how, at the same time, he has also on occasions provided crucial information in a number of oral interviews. Perhaps, such important intellectual property could (and should) be better protected.”

The book is only available in paperback, and can be purchased via Amazon here.



  • Ophelia Rump

    What does “Last Generation” mean?

    Should you buy a book with a title which is so poorly worded it is open to interpretation?

  • Gerard McEk

    I am sure the book will not reveal much more than we already know, at least not in a technical sence. So what can be the reason to buy it? Maybe a collectors item? So what …. So what …..

    • Nicholas Cafarelli

      What if the facts are otherwise? And the book does have some key content. Or a person prefers the ease of having a lot of information easily read. No typing. No electricity. And makes you look booky at the coffee shop where you have your eye on a particular bookess.

      • Owen Geiger

        I agree. Not everyone has the time or wants to spend countless hours surfing the Web to figure something out. Books are popular for good reason. Let’s hope this book truly is an accurate, detailed guide to building an E-Cat.

        • GreenWin

          How could it possibly be if IH/Rossi keep certain IP a trade secret? On the other hand, copying and cloning successful ideas is fundamental to mimics.

          • Owen Geiger

            If their method works at all, I doubt if it’s anything close to what Rossi/IH have. It’s probably something similar to what Parkhomov built = crude clone. But that’s fine with me if it moves LENR more into the mainstream.

      • georgehants
        • psi2u2

          Yes, as I tried to explain I was not focused very clearly in my first response as to what Greenwin was saying. No question he was murdered, but there seems to be little to no case of a direct connection between his murder and CF – much as some of us might see a motive there.

  • GreenWin

    There are at least three published recently. But the E-Cat is just one of the dramas in the CF Epic. There is a fascinating story in MIT’s unlawful altering of experimental results. The murder of MIT’s Director of Communications Eugene Mallove. The burying of Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbio’s ENEA proof of He4 (cold fusion) in P&F cells. The inexplicable black out at SPAWAR after Rossie’s 1MW demo…

    Material here for many more books, blogs, Op-Eds, TV mini-series, theatrical features, Netflicks originals, radio, and music scores. Cold Fusion = a veritable gold mine of story lines. So, live long and prosper.

    • georgehants

      Morning GreenWin, are there good records of the people who criminally covered up Cold Fusion?
      Will future students be able to find the Evidence, or has it now all been destroyed etc.?
      Are the names recorded of all those at the “conference” on P&F, where they where by consensus deemed a fraud, where all scientists stood-up and applauded the speaker without the slightest honest Evidence to justify the debunking and denial?
      I think it certainly demands a Congressional hearing to determine the guilt regarding Cold Fusion at the University’s etc. leading to the 25 year delay.

    • georgehants

      Via Vortex with thanks
      Investigative journalism rewarded
      Lewan Mats
      Wed, 04 Mar 2015 01:10:01 -0800
      The scientific news team at Swedish National Radio, SR, received a honorary
      mention a few days ago at the Swedish Rewards for investigative journalism, The
      Golden Spade, for its four part reportage on Swedish researchers’ (those who
      made the Lugano measurements) collaboration with the “fraudster” Andrea Rossi
      (and where also I was a main target).[email protected]/msg101863.html

    • psi2u2

      How confident are you that Mallove was murdered? I thought that the family had closed it as being an actual burglary. I know the circumstances were suspicious given who he was, but it has been my impression that that is a deep and perilous rabbit hole. Is that wrong? Is there good evidence that he was actually murdered?

      • Obvious
        • psi2u2

          Well, that is interesting and useful but doesn’t really answer my question.

          • Obvious

            He was definitely murdered, but there is almost no possibility of a CF-related reason. You can find more details on the events leading up to the murder at the same source. Burglary was a coverup to conceal that Mallove actually knew his murderers. He had rented his home to one of them.

          • psi2u2

            Thanks — sorry, I see my original post was a brain fart, yes I knew he was murdered but agree that the circumstances don’t point to any CF connection, which is what I was thinking GW was saying.

          • Obvious

            I’m not sure if that is what GW meant, but certainly the loss of such an accessible, well spoken, and inquisitive person as Mr. Mallove has created some setbacks in getting public acceptance of CF.

          • psi2u2

            Absolutely. One of the first things I did on learning of LENR in 2011 was to order and read his book from start to finish. Losing him was a great loss.

  • catfish

    Why would anyone pay to read someone’s guesswork. If they are so certain how the hot cat works, build one, then sell one. Also, is prefacing your name with Eng a thing somewhere?

    • Edac

      The Eng. prefacing for Engineers is normal in Italy.

    • Omega Z

      Probably he can’t afford to build it.
      Many people here want details so they can build their own But what we’ve witnessed from MFMP & others is that it will be far cheaper to wait for them to come to market & buy 1, 5, 10 or 20 for what it would cost to build just 1 of their own.

      He’s advertising his expertise or field of knowledge…

  • Bob Greenyer

    With respect, it is not the same.

    This book is a commercial endeavour specifically claiming in its title to describe how hot cats are made, and using imagery created by MFMP volunteers and funded by them and donations to achieve that goal without giving the originators a chance to see if their imagery is being mis-represented, perhaps it is not.

    As I said, there is no problem with people using the imagery, but MFMP work is released under creative commons licence, i.e., fine to use with attribution, we do not know if that is the case. In several cases the images are composites I personally made in posts referring to the Lugano Authors work. These images may not credit the work done to present them in the way they are presented.

    We actually have secondary goals to help educate and disseminate accurate information, this is compatible with commercial efforts that wish to do that also. My point is that we were not asked if this commercial endeavour is using the work in the right context. It would be a little unfair to have MFMPs credibility challenged because someone referred to a claim/inference made for us based on what may or may not be said in this book.

    Any person on the planet can conduct research (which is not banned), there is no plundering going on in that act, in actuality, if we see something we are only providing validation to the claimant. It is only when commercial profit is sought from an IP holders work that the term ‘plunder’ is appropriate.

    Your comment does ring true with respect to Piantelli, who has been working off and on since 1989 in Ni+H systems, and who does have internationally awarded patents for the same. There are people that are trying to commercialise products that could fall under that very real IP claim.

    In summary,

    1. need to maintain integrity
    2. images (including MFMP manipulated images) should give full credit as per creative commons licence
    3. where inference is made, or the images are used to add weight to an argument in a commercial work claiming specific answers, the originating organisation should be given the opportunity and appropriate time to confirm that the material is being used on the correct context
    4. There is no IP plunder in non-commercial research
    4. There is IP plunder where derivative technology/media is used for commercial gain

    • TomR

      Thank you Bob Greenyer for pointing all these things out. It clarifies a lot of things for all of us.

    • Paul

      I appreciate your efforts for an open knolewdge, and I hope to see the next experiment as soon as possible. Can you give us an idea of the next steps?

      • Bob Greenyer

        I will be working as and when to provide unprecedented detail of a claimants experiment. Bob Higgins is most likely to run the next experiment and we have published his design. You can see it on the presentation I gave in Moscow. At some point I will make a portable version of this presentation also.

        • Paul

          Thank you, I will see your presentation, I missed it

      • psi2u2

        Ditto. These values should be defended.Bob, it sounds to me like you guys really know what you are doing, and I think the world is a more hopeful place because of it. Thanks.

  • Mats002

    The day farmers give me food for free, I expect all other occupations – including writers and philosphers – to give away their work for free. Until then I am willing to pay for others time and effort giving me something. I am aware all here and foremost Frank is giving away the efforts for free, but in the long run that might render big rewards, in that case it in retrospect was an investment. Not asking money for work is risk, asking for money is also a risk (no one might willing to pay)
    Eng Mats

    • Omega Z

      When everything becomes Free, We will find many people partaking and few producing anything. Therefore Free means nothing to partake.


  • psi2u2

    It doesn’t look that way to me. Are the images credited to MFMP? If not, that is a serious credibility issue for the person using them.