Rossi on High Anxiety Regarding E-Cat Plant [Updated]

Andrea Rossi has commented recently about feeling a sense of high anxiety regarding the 1 MW plant he and his team is working on.

When a reader on the Journal of Nuclear physics asked him about future commercial plans for the E-Cat, he responded:

About the future: the commercial strategic decisions are totally premature, because all will depend on the results and we need to wait the end of this test period. Every moment here we do not know what will happen the next moment. I am in the plant ( inside the 2 containers wherein is everything) from 5.30 a.m. through midnight and there is no moment without anxiety. I understand it is difficult to imagine how difficult this is.
For now my future is in the next 10 minutes.

I followed up with a question about whether his anxiety is caused by the unpredictability of the E-Cat, or worries about equipment failure, and mentioned that I hope he was able to sleep well and not suffer too much mentally or physically under the pressure he is feeling.

He replied:

To obtain statistics about predictability you need experience. We cannot have experience, since this plant is the first of industrial size ( 1 MW) to be observed in operation 24/7/350. This is also why we prefer not to publish data before at least one year of operation. I sleep 4 hours per day, but very well. This life will go on for all this year and possibly a slice of the next. But it is worth. During the long nights I can hear the voice of the plant ( just speaking of mental health….-he,he,he): the voice of the plant is a blend of huge bubbling of water, pumps tictocs, bips of computers and blinking leds, bzzzzs of electric stuff…all this is not constant, but is dynamic, it’s an integral. I get data also from it. Obviously the gauges of the control system make the job, but the voice raises my instinct. I invented him, not the gauges. ( Whattaya think about my mental health, after this? He,he,he,he…)
Warm Regards,

He seems to be able to maintain a sense of humor, which is good! I expect he may actually be thriving on this experience, since it’s what he has lived for in recent years. Anxious, I am sure, but probably a great sense of adventure and challenge. It’s probably too early for him to feel pride in achievement, since there’s a long way to go before they know that the plant can operate as it is intended.

UPDATE: This is a follow up comment from Rossi in response to a question I put to him regarding his mentioning that there were two containers at his place of work:

Frank Acland:
One container contains the E-Cats, pumps heat exchangers and the satellitar informatic system of every E-Cat. The second container contains the central control system, the general electric panels, general switches etc, plus the computers to read all the data and, obviously, the chairs and the desks. One of the desks is mine, from it I am writing this comment to answer to you, as well as all the comments I sent and will send in 2015. I make the trip from one container to the other not less than 100 times every day, but for the 60% of time I am in the container where are the computers. Together with me are several components of the Team. Both containers are installed inside the factory of the Customer.
Warm Regards,

  • theBuckWheat

    Rossi in a box? Not scalable. E-cat in a box? May the day come when he can make them by the millions.

  • jousterusa

    After initially praising the work of Parhmonov, Ithink ios feeling uneasy because a second replication aparently failed. That sort of left him “twisting slowly, slowly in the wind.” He can do very little to resolve it sincethat experiment was not under his control, and while the catalyst (or “secret ingredient”) seemed to pass musrer with him, he cannot now go and dsay “Try this – the real Rossi catalyst.” Only time – and success with the customer’s 1mW E-Cat, can really bring some relief.

  • Allan Shura

    With an instrument panel a small plug and play unit for the consumer could be encapsulated.

  • Omega Z

    “and the very real possibility that the competition has much better theoretical understanding of the task at hand.”

    Then why is the competition trying so hard to replicate his work.
    I think if they had a better understanding, they’d be moving along building their very own reactor.

  • oceans

    Andy is now your an expert on LENR and your going to tell Rossi what he needs to know ))

  • LuFong

    Exactly. There is no mystery to modern engineering practices. In addition to everything you have just said, there should also be an ongoing primary effort by IH/Rossi in constructing and testing systems in their own test and development labs. This is where I expect Rossi and IH to be spending most of their time and effort–in IH’s own R&D facilities developiong and testing E-Cats. Sure the 1MW prototype is important but Rossi does not have to be there 18 hours a day.

    Perhaps Rossi has a lot of warrants/options on the line with this contract? Perhaps they’ve burned up most of their down time by now? Perhaps there is such an effort by others now that Rossi has transferred his technology? What’s being described by Rossi makes little sense to me which is why I suspect his statements are a bit of a ruse.

    • Albert D. Kallal

      I agree with both here – that such designs would under go testing. However I MUCH suspect that this did occur!

      I think “little” question exists that a single module was created and tested. Once they had it working then they produced many. It is much speculation that such modules and designs were not prototyped – I’m willing to bet they most certainly were.

      So I don’t think or suspect that they just “rolled” the dice here – that just not bright and to assume that we are all so smart and “knowing” and everyone else including Rossi is so dumb is rather silly on our part. So Rossi is so smart, and yet so stupid? – that don’t fly with me at all.

      We “really” don’t know if COP’s are lower then expected, and we really don’t know what kind of outputs they are achieving right now. However Rossi words have “hinted” that results could be less then expected, or less then ideal (we don’t know what Rossi means here, but to me it seems “less” then ideal).

      It is possible that several compromises were made in the rush to market (we all remember the Apple III), but again even that is speculation by me.

      It is rather hard to rag on Rossi if this technology is so easy, then let the market and chips and OTHER players show us what they have. The other players in this marketplace have nothing in the way of attempting a commercial installation as Rossi is doing.

      Rossi is blazing a trail here, and time and history will show if Rossi put the cart before the horse so to speak.

      The competition that we know about is not even CLOSE to such commercial types of installations, and until such time others are attempting and achieving commercial installations, then Rossi remains the leader in this field. I have great difficulty in pointing out that Rossi gone down the road anymore so then pointing out that the Wright brothers went down the road.

      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

      • LuFong

        I actually think the 1MW plant is probably working better than we might think but at the same time there is much room for improvement. Rossi has spoken of exponential progress and that might apply to the COP as well (although he may have been referring to the hot-cats and not the low temperature E-Cats in the power plant).

        I also always admit I don’t know what Rossi is doing, dealing with, etc. All we can do is look at the facts as we find them and what Rossi says and try to reconcile them. The story will eventually come out but in the mean time we can all conjecture on what might be happening.

    • clovis ray

      bullocks, lufung, you could not be more wrong, if you read what he said, the plant is running fine, with the few mechanical failure of plumbing and electronic bugs, you guys know if it were your discovery, you would be doing as Dr. Rossi is now, baby sitting.

  • Bernie777

    Rossi just gave us another “hint”. When talking about Parkhomov’s highly professional work, he stated, “a real Master in …… trumpet technique”.

  • georgehants