LENR Startup Prometeon Reports ‘Very, Very Promising’ Tests, Stremmenos Scientific Director (Mr. Moho)

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On Cobraf there’s a Google-translatable transcription of a recently uploaded LENRG video featuring Guido Parchi of Prometeon srl, suggesting that Christos Stremmenos and some of his colleagues teamed up with the company to develop new LENR devices. I would guess that Stremmenos is not working with Rossi anymore. Could anybody ask Rossi about him?


Google Translation (with a few fixes):

I am Guido [Parchi], one of the members of Prometeon. Prometeon is a startup [from Bologna] that deals with energy from renewable sources, and we also do research in the field of cold fusion – so to speak – and we have two projects at the moment; one [of them] concerns the development of a new type of reactor, [which] we started in 2014 with the scientific direction of Professor Stremmenos.

Prof. Stremmenos is one of the pillars that have dealt with cold fusion already 25 years ago together with prof. Focardi and prof. Piantelli, and contributed greatly to the development of the reactor Rossi. With him and his colleagues have formed a research group because we believe [in the technology]; [This] technology is very important for [our] future so we dedicated a specific research project and we are already doing the first interesting experiments. The first tests have proven themselves very, very promising.

And then we have another project that we are sending out with STMicroelectronics regarding a new system of direct conversion of thermal energy into electricity, however, is still in an embryonic state, is based on a new technology that we acquired from Russia and we’ll see if they actually give the expected results – but we are just at the beginning. Here, the coupling of the two technologies, however, may actually give results very, very interesting.

I am absolutely convinced that [LENR research] [will lead to new, important discoveries], [and] not only in the field of energy production, because the prospects are truly incredible. Prof. Stremmenos sometimes repeats that when LENR [will] become public domain and [it will be actually understood] what are the mechanisms behind this type of reaction, there will be a new revolution in the field of chemistry as it happened in the days of Lavoisier. He is absolutely convinced of this: that there will be developments and applications that we can not yet imagine.

Video from From LENR-Cities:

  • ecatworld

    If you recall, Guido Parchi and Aldo Proia of Prometeon SRL published a statement last year about why they were no longer E-Cat Licensees (see here: http://www.e-catworld.com/2014/11/24/prometeon-srl-addresses-e-cat-licensee-status/). In that statement they wrote,

    “By our side we have already turned the page to follow an alternative and very promising route to get clean energy from LENR; the challenge is very stimulating and the scientists involved in the project are very well prepared and motivated.”

  • blanco69

    I’m always pleased to see past LENR heros come back into the story. It’s interesting that Stremmenos is plugging another LENR venture and not Rossi/IH. Thinking back, he appeared quite certain that Rossi had cracked the LENR reation and was well on the way to delivering a marketable product. If he’s now working with Prometheon, then you have to ask, ‘Does he still believe that?’ If that’s true then you’d be forgiven for thinking that he’s wasting his time because Rossi and Co will deliver LENR to the masses and not Prometheon. So maybe he was over zealous in his support for Rossi back then and the ecat was/is nothing more than a promising scenario amongst many. He came down quite firmly against DGT so what does Prometheon have that DGT didn’t. I’ve alway tried to follow this story based upon what people do rather than what they say. When you split them appart the story appears quite different.

    • GreenWin

      Sorta like, “Divide and conquer?”

    • Omega Z

      NOTE: Stremmenos built a reactor that Rossi used with his proprietary powder & obtained positive results.

      to Stremmenos being involved with others, why is that a problem.
      Competition is good for everyone Including Rossi. It creates an
      environment of urgency that helps keep Rossi & Industrial Heat on
      point. It’s a Win Win for everyone.

    • psi2u2

      ” what does Prometheon have that DGT didn’t.”

      Um, Stremmenos? That sounds like a lot to me. The guy who knew more than anyone else at DGT but didn’t try to steal Rossi’s IP?

  • John

    I think that in the middle of everything there is also a lot of noise… People talking and companies moving around it, some with nothing to show, just trying to get “investment”… But who invests in “fried air?” So let’s stay focused on people who show things like Parkhomov and Rossi and others we just watch, like this STMicroelectronics that is talking about LENR for about 5 years with nothing to show… But noise is also a kind of sound and we must ear it even if we don’t want. I see people already writing books and talking about embryos in laboratory that looks like only dreams in their minds… If someone would like to really get LENR in the market soon they just send, i don’t know…. 100.000 usd to MFMP so that they can work for a year without concerns with their salaries and else. As the market will be huge like they side what are they affraid of???

    • Andreas Moraitis

      STMicroelectronics should not restrict their activities to the development of thermoelectric generators. With their experience in microchip technology they are predestined to design and produce the optimal micro- and nanoscale substrates for LENR devices, once the mechanisms are fully understood. To fork out a few millions for R&D would be no problem for them.

      • Freethinker

        When the doping, geometry, frequencies, and current levels needed have been fully understood, miniaturization will be a multi million, if not billion, dollar industry. I believe not only STM are looking into this. Anybody doing semiconductor products would be mad to not at least follow the development in the LENR field.

        • bachcole

          Go insight. This in itself will greatly bring the price down.

    • Omega Z

      NOTE: Stremmenos built a reactor that Rossi used with his proprietary powder & obtained positive results.

      As to Stremmenos being involved with others, why is that a problem. Competition is good for everyone Including Rossi. It creates an environment of urgency that helps keep Rossi & Industrial Heat on point. It’s a Win Win for everyone.

      • Omega Z

        This was meant for blanco69 below…

  • Stremmenos is not working with Rossi (and never really has, although he’s a supporter and friend of Rossi, through his friendship with late Prof. Focardi). Read my book on his relationship with Rossi, Focardi and DGT.
    I recently spoke with him — he expressed interest in iccf-19, and maybe he or someone of the team could attend. I have not yet had time to look at the new work he’s doing, but he seems optimistic about several new strategies.

    • Mr. Moho

      I remember seeing photos of him testing new (never seen before) e-cat models with Rossi years ago (which unfortunately I am unable to find right now). He’s also stated in a 2013 presentation that he managed to replicate the E-Cat using Rossi’s active powder. He might have not been formally hired by Rossi, but I think he’s been involved with him much more than others, probably even more than Levi.

      (search for “18/5/13 – La testimonianza diretta del prof. Stremmenos”)

      (try translating the fourth slide – I seem to remember you understand italian well, though)


      Google translation of an excerpt from the archived version of the Prometeon website, referring to Stremmenos (slightly tweaked for clarity):

      […] Perhaps the most interesting intervention was his testimony , unprecedented for the general public , for a test of the totally different from the previous ones that eng. Rossi has made ​​available to perform. In a reactor built by Stremmenos with a geometry and a technique different from those of the reactors of Rossi, [powders] normally used in the E-Cat have been used. The results have been very positive , and this was a further confirmation of the validity of the process.

      • Sanjeev

        If Stremmenos is now with Prometeon SRL and if its true that he replicated the old E-Cat himself, then we have a very important new player in the LENR field.

        “The first tests have proven themselves very, very promising.”
        That means they do not merely have empty words to show to investors. Prometeon jumps to top 10 in charts and becomes much more than a distributor now. I’m glad that there is one more player.

      • I remember that photo as well. Focardi was sitting off to the side looking meditative and relaxed. I also remember Rossi saying that Stremmenos had tested the E-Cat many times. Exactly how many times I do not remember, maybe 100s, but I am not sure on that. Memory fades. Stremmenos said that maybe we can develop new ways to initiate LENR and in a few years have LENR powered automobiles. Research into combining LENR with direct heat to electricity conversion is a quick path to LENR cars.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        I assumed Stremmenos is a chemist since he’s a retired professor of physical chemistry but it says here that he’s a physicist.

        • Veblin

          A physicist is a scientist who specializes in physics research. Physicists study a wide range of physical phenomena in many branches of physics spanning all length scales: from sub-atomic particles of which all ordinary matter is made (particle physics) to the behavior of the material Universe as a whole (cosmology).

          All chemists are physicists.
          Not all physicists are chemists.

      • Omega Z

        Rossi brought Focardi in to disprove his results for a Fee. When he couldn’t they became friends & Rossi says Focardi helped him very much on the theory.

        Note that Focardi always claimed Rossi didn’t share his secret nor did he want to know it.

        I always questioned that statement as Focardi also stated that Rossi tried something different that most would never have considered. How could he know this if Rossi hadn’t divulged it or help with the theory not knowing the details of the sauce. I think the reason Focardi said he didn’t know was just to keep the inquisitive from asking him to tell them the secret.

        As to the connection of Rossi, Stremmenos & Levi, Rossi met both of them through Focardi. I recall Levi did many tests on the E-cat starting around November/December of 2010 trying to find flaws to disprove it. Many discredit Levi because of friendship. I don’t doubt a friendship developed overtime, but it did not begin that way. It came latter.

        • psi2u2

          All of this highlights a piece of social evidence that many (including myself) find to be highly significant – namely, after at least five years of testing involving dozens of scientists and experimentalists, not one has come forward to suggest that Rossi doesn’t have something close to what he has always claimed to have. Stremmenos moving forward with his own LENR research team puts the icing on this cake.

    • Omega Z


      As I recall, Stremmenos made a statement (may have been in an interview posted on YouTube) that Rossi allowed him to design & build a reactor that Rossi subsequently used with his Nickel powder & obtained positive results.

      Perhaps the next time you speak to him you could as him about it.

  • Axil Axil

    Randle Mills has identified most of the “secret sauce” chemical compounds that will produce LENR. LENR is simple. What the LENR inventor must do is find the right pressure and temperature at which any of these chemical compounds produce supercritical nanoparticle formation when the pressure or temperature fluctuations(cooling) causing these nanoparticles to nucleate when a change of state in the supercritical gas envelope occurs. An electric spark seems to be a good way to change the state of a supercritical gas to temporarily precipitate nanoparticle production.

    • Job001

      LENR is not simply not simple. It is exceptionally difficult material science with cross specially needs and many IP, theory, and research challenges.
      That is why it requires expensive research, excellent engineering, high quality walk away fail safe controls, extensive testing, safety certification, and market testing. It always was not simple and remains a challenge with great potential and yet many hurdles to overcome, especially with documented theory.
      It is much more difficult than most imagine, yet optimism may be warranted given publication progress, super yields, COP, temperature control, and reasonable replication, especially in the last 10 years.
      It would be nice to have frequent R Mills updates, but who can blame him for ducking undercover long periods, given a history of nasty naysayers.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Sounds like a LENR cold war and the Russians are entering with direct production of electricity.
    This could be an extremely interesting next year or two.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    I think Ma Bell relied on your argument.

  • Omega Z

    Rossi refused to give Krivit a personal demonstration of the E-cat.
    Krivit became aggressively persistent & Rossi in kind told him to Leave… It wasn’t happening… That is why Krivit doesn’t like Rossi.

    • psi2u2

      I’ve never found Krivit to be a very plausible source. And, as you indicate, no way he was EVER a Rossi insider with firsthand knowledge of the operation of an e-cat. Those who have been, seem to routinely either join Rossi’s team, or declare themselves friendly or not so friendly competitors. That is telling us something.

      • bachcole

        Yeah, everything seems to revolve around Rossi, sort of. Assuming the best for everyone and excusing the fact that some people are hiding things, check out the pictures of Rossi’s operation vs. everyone else’s. Parkhomov is the only one who has even so much as squat compared with Rossi.