Rossi on Remote Control of E-Cat Plant

A reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics asked a good question of Andrea Rossi about remote monitoring of the 1 MW plant:

Why don’t you have SCADA and RTU relaying the encrypted information to your headquarters, instead of staying in the contener 18 hr a day?

Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi
March 8th, 2015 at 6:07 PM
Monash J:
Because if something goes wrong SCADA and RTU cannot substitute the intervention of my Team and me and anything can happen anytime. Is like to ask to the teams of Formula 1 why instead of the pilots they don’t put robots to drive the race cars. Interventions must be immediate and competent, sometimes also creative, since this is the first plant in real operation of his kind ever installed.
Encrypted Regards,

And in a later comment he remarked:

Of course we can control things remotely, and this will surely be useful when we will have many plants working with a consolidated technology. But in this situation we cannot rely on remote control, because if it is necessary an immediate intervention we must be here. To activate the remote control is simple thing, but in this specific situation it is not much of use.

If this plant turns out to be successful, it seems that remote monitoring will be employed on plants that will be built in the future. But for now, the 1 MW plant is a special case — Rossi and his team are in uncharted waters here, and are apparently expecting that anything could happen at any time, which would require expert hands-on attention at a moment’s notice.

I think this is an understandable approach. There’s a lot riding on this testing period — if it turns out to be a success, then we could see the emergence of more E-Cats in the marketplace, perhaps starting next year. If the test fails, it will probably be back to the drawing board, and we could be looking at more delays. Rossi, I think, is trying to do all he can to ensure success, even if it means devoting a full year of his life to live with this plant.

  • oloap88

    If i was them, i would keep it disconnected from the internet by any mean, even at the cost of making remote control impossible, at least for now.
    The customer is in the US, Rossi works and lives in the US, so i would safely assume that the US government knows everything about the tech already. Ow right the us gov has no right to spy on its own citizens.. yeah right..
    but beside the gov, no system is 100% secure, unless is disconnected from the internet, and yes, the likely most valuable discovery of mankind would justify the extreme measure.
    I was shocked when Rossi stated he was writing from his pc located in the container, how hard do you think it is for, say China, to hack them? Or the nerdy guy in his basement?
    I really hope they are taking some sort of preemptive measures about this…

    • Omega Z

      There wouldn’t be much to hack except data that would provide little meaning without being in the proper context.

      And as to context- Every Country spies on it’s own people & Every Nation spies on all others friend or foe. This probably dates back to the caveman looking over the shoulder of another to see how he was attaching a stone tip to his spear.

  • JankeeJoe

    Can someone ask Rossi how many days he has been delayed to date and if it is for one or all e-cats and/or other mechanics in his operation?

  • Bernie777

    Rossi just gave us another “hint”. When talking about Parkhomov’s highly professional work, he stated, “a real Master in …… trumpet technique”.

    • oceans

      .. think Bernie is suggesting that Rossi believes that Parkhomov should not have recieved as much exposure as he has gotten from the first test.

      • Obvious

        Parkhomov was likened to the Louis Armstrong of physics by Rossi, which I would say is quite the compliment.

    • Andy Kumar

      Nuclear reactions happen on femtosecond scales. I wonder if human intervention can be fast enough. Someone could ask Rossi if cold nuclear reactions are slower on the scale of human reflexes (fraction of a second). Couldn’t he build walk away fail safe mechanisms similar to Molten Salt Reactors.

      • Daniel Maris

        What a truly pathetic intervention.

      • Nicholas Chandler-Yates

        surely, but the protocols for those auto fail safes need to be worked out first, and the only ay to do that is by monitoring and running a prototype. As rossi stated, later plants will be able to run remotely no problem, but this one is not understood well enough to design safe enough remote operation and is not at that technology level yet.

      • bkrharold

        The ecat is already a fail safe device. If the core melts, the device ceases to operate, so it does not pose a risk of further damage or release of dangerous radiation. The reason for such close monitoring must be to ensure the contractual service level agreement, and to minimize down time.

  • Bernie777

    Why hasn’t IH raised more money? Because they have all the money they need from the real “deep pockets” owner.

  • oceans

    Rossi certainly respects the work Dr Parkhomov has done just based on information from the Lagano Report, I expect Russia to break the source for eCat Fuel.

  • georgehants

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  • georgehants

    orsobubu, thanks but productivity must rise to the level that can easily supply the whole population and more, for the benefits to be passed on in shorter working hours and greater luxuries for all, I think.
    Before then it becomes difficult to reliably ascertain the position of having landowners etc. to organize production.
    With communications today organisation is a breeze and there is clearly no justification for anybody to have more than another, beyond direct reward for their efforts for society.
    Like the Cold Fusion saga a long debate that would be shortened to a few words with fair sharing, rather then crazy profits for a few.

    • orsobubu

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  • EEStorFanFibb

    OT but why one hard to read paragraph, with no line breaks?

    • psi2u2

      Quite on topic. I would say the posting gets an A++ for thoughtful and informed content – but you are correct, a few paragraph breaks would make it MUCH more readable. Online readers like short paragraphs.

  • Mike

    Does Rossi really mean that the e-cat in the field test cannot go into fail safe mode if anything unexpected happens? Is human monitoring necessary and superior to automated monitoring and control?……strange

    • Alain Samoun

      Yes,at this stage it seems normal as the end result is very important: LENR/CF first industrial application.

    • Albert D. Kallal

      I really don’t see it that way. I think Rossi is just stating that for the time being, they want to be on-site and able to deal with any issues. I think in NO way this suggests they don’t have automated controls nor does it suggest the system cannot shut itself down.

      Given typical computer control systems, as Rossi noted they can remote monitor their plants, and this likely will be their business model.

      Dean Kaman’s company (same fellow who built the Segway) as a “monthly” service will control and monitor your building energy use. IN fact their USA office actually monitors and controls power usage at the Sydney Opera house half way around the world in Australia.

      So remote control and monitoring of such systems is really quite a much a given these days. There is little surprise that Rossi’s plant can be remote control and monitored.

      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • Omega Z

      What part of pilot plant don’t you understand.

      It’s purpose is to discover issues that you are not aware of so that you can develop the self correcting applications. The best possible situation for this is being there when it happens.

      Beyond this you get- My car makes this funny noise. I’m sorry mam. We drove it 40 miles & not a peep. You find the same situation in software. We used it for 6 months in the manor you described & never once experienced the blue screen of death.

      This plant also needs to stay operable at least 90% of the time. So a safe mode which would be a shut down is not a viable option except in worse case scenario’s as it takes many hours just to bring it back into operation. Bring this test to conclusion well under the allowed down time would look very good to the customer.

      • Heath


      • Nicholas Chandler-Yates

        God finally someone who understand’s what rossi is saying… it seems most people think that the protocols and software to self regulate a power plant make themselves, or that Rossi and his team can design them before having data on an actual working plant.

  • Phil Richard

    This was my reaction. Where is the issue ?

  • BroKeeper

    Remote intervention is not Rossi’s concerns now. He has stated before a goal to increase SSM
    and subsequent higher COP (over 10) to not only increase performance but to reduce customer’s maintenance/service cost/times. The plant is not devised only to prove its longevity and profitability but also a means for testing new designs for those improvements. Doing so would require constant observance and readiness for intervention should a newly modified and installed ‘Research and Developed’ load-tested E-Cat become unstable.

  • Omega Z

    Industrial installations have a lower safety protocol as it is assumed there is always a trained technician present. In this case, One of Rossi’s team is there even when Rossi isn’t. It’s monitored by technicians 24/7.

    Also, Likely as not, problems would center around operational issues & not safety. Work environments always create reliability issues that may never appear or occur in a lab setting. They can only be discovered in a work environment.

  • ecatworld

    Frank Acland

    March 9th, 2015 at 3:33 PM

    Dear Andrea,

    Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night to come back to the factory to deal with a problem with the plant?

    Frank Acland:
    Yes, it happened twice, so far. Luckily, I sleep in a motel not far from the plant and at 2 or 3 a.m. there is no traffic.
    Warm Regards,

  • Axil Axil

    The best type of LENR power plant is an analog reactor. It will behave like a battery that does not need to be recharged. The LENR reaction is compatible with this type of system so it will be designed and built eventually. Once LENR is accepted widely by industry as a real technology, the race to develop a LENR battery will be on. Development will move very fast. NASA for one will want to avoid the massive overhead in weight and complexity that Rossi is developing. A 30 kilogram battery producing 1 megawatt is more to the liking of a designer of a space based power application.

  • kdk

    For the next few decades, I wouldn’t want remote controlled cold-fusion plants… invitation for sabotage, and there probably wouldn’t be a bigger target. I’d be living underground if I were Rossi.