Passerini: Announcement on his Site Today [Updated]

UPDATE: I wish to publicly apologize to Daniele Passerini regarding posting his message to me above. I misunderstood the intent of Daniele’s message to me, it was a private communication and I posted it here without his authorization.

He wrote this to me:

“If I’d known that my words would become public, I would have used different words.Those words were used for you, to figure out how the new post was born, not to anticipate its contents publicly.”

See also, Daniele’s comment below.

I have been corresponding with Italian LENR blogger Daniele Passerini regarding a post he made recently about hearing of possible new replications of the Parkhomov-style E-Cat reactor.

He had told me that he was not able to share details about this hint except to say that he had received confidential information about positive replications (not in the US, not in Italy, not in Russia).

Today I just received this mail from Daniele:

Good news Frank,
tonight (0:22AM of Rome and 18:22PM of New York), on my blog will be on line a post in which you will find the answers to the questions you made me two days ago. And not only that!
The author of the new post is Andrea Rampado, he’s the source of that my post that sparked your interest.

The title is “Putin, è imminente l’annuncio di una nuova fonte energetica?”, that means “Putin, is it imminent the announcement of a new energy source?”

Much earlier than I could imagine, these news are going to become public… better that way!

Among other things in this post you will find a hypothesis – which appears to have a lot of positive feedback – about the reason why were not measured neutrons coming from the E-Cat.

Daniele’s site is — it will be interesting to find out what is revealed in a few hours.

  • I hope this one is credible.

    I’m wary of false flag ops at this late juncture as some parties may be growing desperate.

    • me too

      anyway, serious players are interested, whatever are the replication today…
      because they know that it is real, and it will be very hard to make industrial.

  • LuFong
    • Andreas Moraitis

      Cavitation Technologies, Inc. markets a similar technology for many years:

      They also say that they adapted the basic concept from the Russian military. I wonder if the Italians have protected their IP sufficiently.

  • bachcole

    4:22 P.M. Mountain Daylight time, I think???????????

    • Gerard McEk

      Seems West America indeed. Can be north or south though. 😉

  • hempenearth

    The question mark at the end of the title means the answers could be:
    “No, the announcement of a new energy source (by/to Putin) is not imminent”; or
    “Yes, the announcement of a new energy source (by/to Putin) is imminent.

  • Freethinker

    The question why Putin has been gone for a couple of weeks – allegedly visiting Lugano – perhaps has it’s own explanation besides pregnant girlfriends, see

    • Gerrit

      The pregnant girlfriend was hot fusion though.

      • Freethinker

        🙂 likely.

        • Gerrit

          As long as he isn’t annexing Lugano, I’m fine with it.

          • Switzerland did not menace to join NATO, they are safe.

      • Sanjeev

        😉 Putin doesn’t believe in low energy stuff it seems.

        • but hot cats, that is cool for him…

          a way to propose an alternative to USA-backed hotdog

  • 22passi

    As I explained few minutes ago to Frank, If I’d known that my email sent to him would become public, I would have used different words.
    The intent of my email to Frank was just to say (only to Frank, because he had asked me in private some day ago the sense of my post of 03/12/2015) that in 22passi’s next post there are some answers.
    And I wanted explain to Frank how next post was born.
    I didn’t want to anticipate its contents publicly.
    It was a misunderstanding (damn my bad English!) the reason why Frank published my email and announced my post.
    By the way, the title of Frank is a bit excessive: unfortunately we will have to wait at least a year for a scientific publication; the replication has been made in a private laboratory and right now their purpose isn’t scientific.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks for commenting here, Daniele. Sorry again for putting you in this position — please not my comment in the post above.

    • Freethinker

      Well, whatever was misunderstood in the communication between you two, the proverbial cat is out of the box. Could it be, I wonder Clean Nuclear Power LLC, Lugano, like Alain Coetmeur scooped at ? I guess we will have to wait and see, but it is exciting.

      • Freethinker

        🙂 Having finally read the piece by Andrea Rampado , I retract my very speculative speculation above, as well as the previous one about Putin. He probably were in Lugano checking up on the hot pregnant girlfriend. Or not.

        But it was fun speculating.

      • why not, but I have no data.

        this is what can happen currently.
        many things bigger happen elsewhere.

        for those who doubt, we HAVE won. (past)

    • Sanjeev

      Nothing to worry, all secrets are safe, except the name of a country.
      Somehow that is still significant compared to that methane stuff.

  • Sanjeev
  • Obvious

    Not bad.