Airbus Files Patent for LENR ‘Power-Generating Device’

Thanks to AlainCo for posting about a recently published patent application submitted by European Aerospace giant Airbus for an ‘apparatus and method for power generation’. It appears that patent was first submitted on September 17, 2013, and was made public on March 19th, 2015. So it seems that Airbus has been paying attention for quite some time now, perhaps they were inspired by the publication of the E-Cat report by Levi et al which was published in May 2013.

Link to patent here:

The application was submitted in Germany and is written in German. Here’s a Google translation of the abstract:

To provide an environmentally friendly, suitable for the transport sector thermal energy source, the invention provides a power-generating device (10) for generating heat energy by an exothermic reaction in the form of a LENR by using a metal lattice-assisted hydrogen process, comprising: a reaction vessel (14) with a reactive LENR material ( 45) containing for carrying out the exothermic reaction, the reaction chamber (16), a field generating means (18) for generating a field in the reaction chamber (16) for activating and / or maintaining the exothermic reaction, a heat transfer means (20) for transferring heat into and / or from the reaction chamber (16), an operating parameter detecting means (28) for detecting at least one operating parameter in the reaction chamber (16), and a controller (26) which is adapted to the field generating means (18) and / or the heat transfer means (20 ) to control a function of the detected operating parameters for the stabilization of the exothermic reaction or regulate.

Two drawings from the application:


Below is a Google translation of the full patent document (original formatting has been lost)

Airbus LENR Patent (Google Translation)

  • artefact

    One correction: “that patent was first submitted on September 17, 2003”
    That should be 2013.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks for the correction! Fixed now.

  • Ged

    Well well well. I know back in 2013/14 there were hints and rumors that this had occurred, but cool to see the real thing. The LENR tide is turning rapidly.

  • GreenWin

    At the beach??

  • snowvoardphil

    ya, I don’t understand has this patent been approved by the patent office ? The office apparently (from an older post here) responded to Rossi in their non-final rejection notice:

    “The specification is objected to as inoperable.
    Specifically there is no evidence in the corpus of nuclear science to
    substantiate the claim that nickel will spontaneously ionize hydrogen
    gas and thereafter “absorb” the resulting proton…”

    “There is presently no peer-reviewed evidence to demonstrate the spontaneous fusion of nickel and protons…”

    “Additionally the Examiner notes that if the reaction occurred as
    claimed by the Applicant, it would also spontaneously occur in nature..
    not be patentable subject matter,,.”

    “…the specification and all claims are found to be inoperable.”

    I don’t see why AB could get their patent approved ? Or as it not reached a final approval ?

    • ecatworld

      This is a patent application — I don’t see any record of it being approved. Also, this is not an application to the US patent office (where Rossi filed his patent); it was filed in Germany.

      • Yes it is pending
        It is quite precise and EPO is not so much on religious wars about what is good science and bad science.

  • Colibric41AC

    Bravo AlainCo, cette trouvaille me plait bien, j’aimerais bien en avoir un commentaire en français de 1500s max pour partager.
    Airbus c’est une garantie de sérieux et de crédibilité.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Happy 26th anniversary of F&P’s March
    23, 1989 announcement.

    • Mats002

      Thanks for telling, I was not aware of that, with some luck we might have more news today.

  • Mike Ivanov

    Translation is not in a readable quality… May be somebody will make a better one. But surely, rocks are starting to move.

  • Gerard McEk

    This is pure strategy. When LENR breakes through than they can claim. It shows that they believe that big money can be involved. For the time being they will leave it to the small parties and if Rossi has proven his 1MW plant they may buy it or have it bought by another and start to claim. We live in an awful world.

  • Chris Reid

    Patent trolls are like Bankers, Corrupt Lawyers, most Politicians and Estate Agents, you know, the real ‘bastions’ of Society…… Leeches and parasites, but hang on leeches can be useful sometimes, I hope I don’t get my wrist slapped too hard, but in order to get things moving, one needs to speak out. 🙂

  • Andreas Moraitis

    An interesting detail of this document regards the avoidance of radiation. According to the authors, radiation may be produced if the temperature falls below a certain limit, while EM pulses are used to stimulate the reaction. Therefore, the EM field has to be turned off at lower temperatures. It is stated that below the critical temperature “collective absorption” of radiation (apparently a reference to Widom-Larsen’s SPP-shielding model) does not work properly.

    As common operating temperatures they specify 500 K or more for Ni-H systems and about 1000 K if carbon nanotubes are used. The lower limit is typically connected to the Debye temperature (450 K for Ni); however, carbon (2230 K) seems to be an exception.

    Under these premises, for low temperature LENR reactors tungsten (400 K) or zinc (327 K) might be interesting candidates. Still lower are the Debye temperatures of tin (200 K) and lead (105 K). Both are no transition metals, but – according to Fleischmann & Pons – as members of group IV A possible LENR hosts.

  • Daniel Maris

    This is brilliant! One of the strongest confirmations I’ve seen so far. Sanjeev is right. A most effective hand grenade to lob at sceptics. I am straight off to E Cat News to do just that! 🙂

  • Daniel Maris

    This patent application seems very detailed. Do people agree it suggests they have built a device?

  • ecatworld

    Airbus: the power of a big name — I’m noticing that this post is getting many more hits than posts normally get here, and seeing that many are coming from Reddit, although I have not been able to find a reference on Reddit yet.

  • georgehants

    It would certainly please me if Cold Fusion is a wide spectrum effect that can get around any possible patents.
    As with drugs, etc. patents cost many lives, just for that, to me, outdated and unnecessary commodity, profits.
    I know I am not the only one that believes that lives are more important than profits, but many more are needed to change this archaic, unfair, mechanism.

    • more people are killed when no research is done on a subject because there is no money to expect.

      I see more problem with patent when the owner don’t have the capacity to develop his product enough quickly to be rich and save lives.
      When big corps try not to pay patent and prefer to search for get around instead of investing money and sharing result, they lose time. This happened with Smart-card inventor Roland Moreno.

      we should attack either those who block innovation by refusing to fund inventors and pay them at good price, or the inventors who prefer to stay small to keep control of their invention.
      not the patents.

      • georgehants

        Alain, it is a Fact that in a World of the production capabilities that we have, everybody can have all needs and many fair luxuries with extra for those that achieve more, no need for the rich or powerful if organized by democracy alone.
        But I have no wish to argue, to me it is only a matter of how long it takes for fairness and equality to become a reality for all, a little like how long it took for the American Blacks to have equal rights etc.

  • Mats002

    You might be right but even if so it is significant they choose to risk minimize LENR. Why not risk minimize for example magnetic motors or other ‘fringe’ science? Anyone know if they have?

  • Daniel Maris

    Frank -are you going to e mail Airbus to see what you can find out about their experimentation, if anything at all?

  • Axil Axil

    Bill gates has placed his bet on the cigar nuclear reactor. He makes it his baseness to learn as much about his competition as he can. He as used this strategy from the beginning in his working life and it has served him well. If he could not buy out his competition, he would put his competition out of business. Bill Gates will never change.

    • GreenWin

      No longer true Axil. Bill Gates is in the business of saving lives. That’s the broad range purpose of his Gates Foundation. And they are doing a very good job of it, IMO. Yes, he has placed a bet on the TerraPower traveling wave fission reactor. No, he did not know about the re-emergence of Cold Fusion when he did so. Yes, barring LENR, the TerraPower approach to fission energy is FAR less destructive than other forms of fission.

      Let’s not paint people with big, negative brushes until they deserve it. If anything, Bill Gates is motivated by cutting edge technology. Is there anything in the today’s panoply of science that will impact the future of mankind like LENR?? I don’t think so. And neither will Bill Gates.

      • Omega Z

        I don’t have a problem painting Bill Gates with a wide brush. I know well his shenanigans over the 30 some odd years.

        That Said, I also wouldn’t hesitate to offer up some paint remover should he care to change his colors…

  • GreenWin

    This is far more than a “paper patent” as witnessed by comments from LENR-Cities conference at Oxford University earlier this year. That conference has been well reported by AlainCo at LENR Forum. It was attended by Airbus Group Innovations Vice-President and Chief Scientist Jean-François Geneste.

    Another attendee at the Oxford conference was Mika Helsingius, Senior Scientist, Finnish Defense Research Agency. Mika wrote this comment after the conference:

    “It was interesting event and there was a wide range of different people there. After the presentations it came even more clear, that using “nanoscale” instead of “nuclear” in LENR is justified as there might lie a whole world of different phenomena and not just anomalous heat effects. I had many interesting discussions, and one is always learning something new. LENR seems to be gaining momentum, even though it is not so visible in public.

    The talk by Airbus [Group, Chief Scientist Jean-François Geneste] was very good, it made it more clear why they want to be in. It seems that many companies are interested, but LENR is still a delicate topic. I got the impression, that the energy sector seems to be more active than they say openly. “

    Airbus Group seems to have found some happy hunting. 🙂

    • GreenWin

      HERE is a bio for Jean-Francois Geneste:

    • mcloki

      Electric Jets powered by LENR. Now that is really a game changer.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I have that a number of LENR technology originators were worried about sharing technology with Airbus for fear that they would just appropriate it via their accomplished patent securing machine.

    Having said that, if they actually deliver something useful and affordable, rather than trolling, putting their weight behind the field may prove beneficial.

    This technology should be accessible to all humanity, not restricted by the status quo.

    Time will tell.

    • GreenWin

      Good points Bob. It appears this Airbus scientist is less interested in the old “defensive patent” or trolling approach and genuinely enthusiastic about making something useful. As you surely know, “New Fire” is far greater than any status quo or monopolistic ploy. And as Dr. McKubre has tipped us, no one entity will be allowed to monopolize Cold Fusion. There is enough. For everyone.

      • The Chiefe Scientist profile is very interesting as a man… far from a steve Jobs…

        It is true that big corps, all big corps, naturally try to capture innovation like some look of eternal youth and with their big structure do kill it.

        This is one of the reason modern company prefer the concept of “open innovation” where big corps let small startup and mid-business provide them innovation…
        big daddy corp bring some security, market, but not too much money (money=control=death of the small)…

        that is the market sandbox concept of LENRG… today you cannot innovate the way it was done in 1940 with Manhattan project, or later in the 60s…

        letting a big corp capture innovation is like letting an elephant hold a porcelain cup of tea.

        This does not mean they cannot innovate, but I bet that the lab result that led to Airbus patent will finish in a spinoff startup, with non-airbus funding to make it independent.

  • GreenWin

    If the Airbus patent points to a “power generating device” as in a functioning APU — this E-Fan may be where it would be applied:

    Glad you’re up to bat again Andy!

    • APU is a good idea, like the Industrial Heat of Rossi…
      This is the first application of Boeing for fuel cells.

  • Mytakeis

    a little stretch but an energy related article in Stars & Stripes: “Roar of bombers replaced by drone buzz in North Dakota” I commented: [quote from article] “Hopefully we will start hearing the roar of unmanned jet engines coming
    into the Grand Forks Air Force Base,” Guess what. That may be a LENR
    engine humming along. A consortium of German Air Industries has acted:
    specifically Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, Airbus Operations GmbH and
    Astrium GmbH filed a LENR patent application. This demonstrates the
    seriousness with which air related businesses embrace an LENR (low energy
    nuclear reaction) energy source applied to aerospace propulsion.
    Negligible fuel costs too – check out, for example; Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat
    (energy Catalyzer)

  • georgehants

    March 23rd, 2015 at 5:49 PM
    Dear Dr Rossi:
    Airbus has made a patent application on LENR basically copied from your
    work: reading the text of the application appears they too have
    replicated your effect!
    Warm Regards,
    Andrea Rossi
    March 24th, 2015 at 8:03 AM
    Yes, I too infer from the application that they have replicated the effect in their laboratories.
    Warm Regards,

    • Sanjeev

      It will be a great news if they did replicate. We need confirmation from Airbus. Perhaps some insiders from LENRG can confirm ?

      • I will ask when meeting in Milano, but it is improbable he answers.

        • Sanjeev

          You should take a chance because if its true, it will be the news of the year.

  • On german wikipedia discussion site of the “cold fusion” article this patent is already played down.
    They argument that a patent application does not mean that airbus is taking LENR serious. What a logic.

    • Sanjeev

      The implications are in favor of LENR, because the denial is now bordering insanity and no wise person is going to take the ridiculous logic of deniers seriously.
      So more they fall, more lenr rises.

      • now the best plan is to capture evidence and kill the system that led to that insanity.

        when LENr will be mainstream it will be important to remidn all people that all the data were available since 1992, and that all deniers afterward were simply tin foil hat, mainstream tinfoil hat.
        not afraid of alien but of fringe science…
        consensual tinfoil hat

        • Alan DeAngelis

          Yes, it was the biggest discovery in recorded history and they tried their best to strangle it in the cradle.

        • Alan DeAngelis
          • GreenWin

            Yes. Hal 9000 brought its demise upon itself. Due to… “some very poor decisions.” Hello MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center?

      • Albert D. Kallal

        At least in this view, I have to agree. If Airbus is filing patents on LENR, its kind of hard for the science community to not accept LENR.

        So while some worry about patient trolling does exist here, when major industrial companies file LENR patents (and are granted as such), then it this is a blow to LENR skeptics.

        As noted, LENR is (and has) gained significant momentum in the last few months, and it looks like this wonderful trend will continue.

        And I agree – we are fast reaching a point in which the science community really is starting to look like a bunch of clowns.

        Albert D. Kallal
        Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • Albert D. Kallal

    This is not good. Essentially what this means is Airbus owns the basic patent on LENR for all of France. So selling e-cat, or a Beryllium reactor in France will result in a patient enforcement claim by AirBus.

    And this much shows the SAME vulnerability Rossi has in the USA. GE or any large company filing a “general” LENR and being granted such a patient will now own rights to LENR. That AirBus patent is VERY general. Of course the France government is going to support granting such patients to “buddy” government organizations like Airbus as say someone like Rossi and the USA.

    Unfortunately, this much means that the patent office holds the keys to who will own LENR. And this kind of “granting” behavour much shows that politically correct organizations will be supported over say someone like Rossi.

    They just refuse issuing such patients until the right “buddy” friend comes along.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • I don’t see how the patent is general, on the opposite.
      note that Airbus is very German too, and a little English and european countries…

      for me that patent either patent a working reactor, or a technology they bought (to defkalion).
      It does not cover E-cat technology, not Brillouin, nor Miley, nor Pianteli, nor Mizuno…

      this patent protect their design, or the one of DGT…

      maybe they attended conference with Defkalion, and just tested, when it worked, they filed a patent waiting to see if DGT have patented the same or not…

      their reactor is a bit different… the electrodes and cooling are different, and there is a TEG inside.

    • GreenWin

      Albert, this is a patent application not a granted patent. It shows there is something worth the approx $500k dollars the application has cost them to file. There are enough versions and experimental evidence from a variety of LENR approaches to indicate no one entity will control the technology.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Yeah, they’re bullies. Listen to Peter Hagelstein’s story.

  • Alan DeAngelis
  • Airbus Group Chief Scientist will be at LENRG “G-Day” meeting in Milano on April 10th:

    • GreenWin

      Great! Alain, please shoot video if possible.

      • I don’t have a videocamera… maybe I can do something with a webcam…

    • Daniel Maris

      Apparently it is being said by New Energy Times that this person is not the Airbus Group Chief Scientist…any thoughts?

      • Airbus Group follows the structure of modern companies.

        The CEO of Airbus Innovation is considered as the CTO (Chief Technology Officier) and the Chief Innovation officer

        Geneste is the Chief Scientist of that structure, meaning it is the one of the group (not preventing other subsidiary to have local CS).

        Krivit is a not informed about how Airbus is structured, and he did not understand that calling a clerc in the office may not be the best way to get solid information.

        There is nothing better than meeting, and to meet them is a challenge.

        as we have seen from the recent patent, Airbus is not just a newbie.
        like many companies, like nasa, Boeing, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Shell, CEA, EDF, ENEL, SAIPEM/ENI, STM, National instruments, Amoco/BP, Navy/DoD, BARC, they have followed the story in 1989, know it is real, but that media will crucify them if they don’t play it smart.

        so they play it smart.

        It is like people in a dictatorship regime… the dictator think everybody is convinced of his brainwashing…
        no, they just wait for the good moment to behead him.

        • Daniel Maris

          Thanks Alain. That’s very helpful.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Great! Good to hear Michel

    • Michel Vandenberghe

      As you know since we meet at mfmp 2 years ago it has always been our objective.

  • bkrharold

    The acknowledgement of the reality of LENR by the Scientific establishment and its wide acceptance by the public, will be enough to satisfy me. In that sweet moment I will bask in the knowledge that we have entered a new era of peace and prosperity. I will get my satisfaction from vindication, and I will be generous in forgiving those who have held it back for so long.