An Outline for Future Progress (G Whit Thomp)

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An Outline for Future Progress.

Step 1 – Replicate Parkhomov

This phase should be done by MFMP people or others currently involved and knowledgeable. Resist attempting to improve. Use Parkhomov nickel, similar tube materials, heating wire, heating control etc. Measure the same parameters.

If you cannot replicate Parkhomov with his fuel and similar US materials try to obtain the exact Russian materials he used. Alternately, send Parkhomov US materials and ask if he would test with those.

Keep trying, repeating, until you are confident that you have achieved LENR ignition and can repeat it.

Step 2 – Minor Innovations

If there are a few changes from Parkhomov that appear advantageous try them after you have replicated the Parkhomov experiment. Examples would be nickel from a US supplier, Swagelock fittings for sealing, more durable heater coil materials, better heating control, etc.

Adopt the changes only after verifying that you can still achieve reliable LENR ignition after the change.

Step 3 – Diversify

There are many people on this forum that would be interested in helping in some way. Invite them to participate. Someone with a glove box or fume hood could blend many packets of fuel. Someone with an engine lathe could wind a 100 heating coils. Someone with a kiln could fire and cure the refractory cement of many heater or reactor tubes.

Ask them to contribute to your effort and keep a directory of contributors.

Step 4 – Replicate at Many Locations

Share the components from step 3. Many of us have an excess computer. I would be willing to buy some USB instrumentation to run experiments in my garage or basement. Test proven components first. If LENR works for many it will be impossible to deny the effect is real.

Once many sites can achieve LENR ignition there is a large diversified laboratory available for research. If there is organization and a supply the components the test sites could test a hundred variations of fuel, reactor cores, etc a week.

I would be willing to assist in this effort.

G Whit Thomp

  • Mats002

    I like the idea to bring out LOS, Live Open Science to many locations by replications of the same experiment.

    • Chris Reid

      Long Live and Prosper my Friend

  • Chris Reid

    I don’t think we are too far from a theory that could be understood by an 8 year old child !

    We have become so entrenched in scientific, religious and political dogma, that we can no longer see the wood for the trees !!!

    Too many opportunities have been missed in the past, not this time !!! We have the power of the Internet !!!
    People power will not let are hopes be dashed this time around !

    Recently, I’ve put up a few posts on various threads on this site, I’ve been following progress for some time now !!!

    Take care and good luck with the replication attempts !!!

    Remember H + H gives H2 + a load of energy !!! A damned sight less is needed to split it with hot Ni !!!

    Not a lot gets used up in the reaction, not even the catalyst ! The best bit is, NEITHER IS THE SECOND LAW VIOLATED !!!

    All that energy for a few measly isotopic changes, Oh dear oh dear !!!

  • Chris Reid

    I don’t think it’ll ever need to come to that