Swedish Radio Pair Honored for Skeptical Series on Cold Fusion (LENR-Forum)

David Nygren has posted an article on the LENR-Forum about the ‘Golden Shovel’ awards made this weekend at a seminar held by the Swedish Association for Investigative Journalism in which an honorable mention was made for the work of science news editor Ulrika Björkstén and free-lance journalist Marcus Hansson.

The article can be found here: http://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Thread/1236-Investigative-journalism-Swedish-Radio-about-Cold-fusion/?postID=3376#post3376

The four part radio series was made before the publication of the Lugano E-Cat report last year, and was critical of the field of cold fusion in general, and suggested particularly that the work of Andrea Rossi was suspect and that he could have been fooling scientists (including Swedes Hanno Essen and Sven Kullander, both early investigators of the E-Cat) and using them to further his own ends.

English transcripts of the four radio programs in the series can be found here:

Part 1: http://bit.ly/1jXweXw
Part 2: http://bit.ly/1tnuK9T
Part 3: http://bit.ly/1kQS8M9
Part 4: http://bit.ly/1FlimhX

David Nygren writes:

Since the Science Radio at SR is considered to have high credibility, the reportage has made it difficult for other Swedish media to report on cold fusion and the E-Cat story.

  • Gerard McEk

    The more reason to replicate Parkhomov ASAP. I wonder what will happen than in Sweden.
    It is strange that the scientists who contributed so much to the LENR community are so fiercely attacked by the media. Perhaps another critical journalist will investigate that?

    • Freethinker

      The whole thing is grotesque. The responsible people should be fired. Instead they are rewarded.

      Soon enough they will be laughed at. Fine. I’d rather see them punished, since this is not an honest mistake, this is in my view a premeditated and organized hitpiece. One would assume that their petty little radioshow has no significant impact, but when adding to the choir of other ill informed discontent, it is damaging.

      But we will see who is shamed in the end.

      • The FBI agents at Ruby Ridge all got awards too.

      • Mats002

        How many procenteges of all words said in this production do we have here? 0.01% ?
        Good journalism indeed.

      • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

        Somehow and one day the hall of shame of cold fusion deniers shall be available for all to see.
        Never again, we keep saying. And then turncoats will be everywhere, babbling.

    • Donald T

      No, its not. It´s a sign of a healthy debate climate. At this stage to “believe” in LENR is actually to believe. We have to wait further conclusive evidence.

      • Mats002

        You might need to change your statement to ‘believe in Rossi’, which is the focus of that production. LENR as in all work made since 1989 was not covered.

        • Freethinker

          25 years of LENR research was covered textually on their web site, and completely dismissed. The same old same, pseudo science story. They spent a lot of time chasing down people who would throw mud on Rossi’s name. The spent about NIL in understanding the current status of LENR.

          They are guilty of history revision. It is extra disturbing as they are public service, and in the eyes of most it represent the consensus and even the opinion of the state. You know. Telling you, the witless sheeple, the correct position to hold on this subject.

          It is not a matter of healthy debate. It is a hit piece, and nothing else. Had their intention been to foster a healthy debate climate, then they should do what their charter dictates and what every Swede expect from them: Show fairness, and give both sides of the story, as it is a very polarized subject. They failed.

  • pg

    To paraphrase White Goodman, this is just a “skidmark on the underpants of science”.

  • GreenWin

    Of no less importance but from a slightly different industry, The Three Stooges were honored for clowning their “hare-brained” way through 200 short and 25 movies on August 31, 1983. A “Golden Shovel” award is appropriate for those who can pile the most fertilizer atop the truth. http://bit.ly/1Bnzos0

  • georgehants

    Corruption in the media is killing ethical journalism, says EJN
    “that exposes how media managers are doing “deals” with advertisers to carry paid-for material disguised as news, how editors are being bribed by politicians or corporate managers and how this whole process makes it increasingly difficult to separate journalism from propaganda from public relations.”

    • Donald T

      Please…. this is a public service media organisation. They can be accused of being overly sceptic but not going capitalist errands.

  • Karl

    This is just a shameful joke and a further conformation why so many turn away from the corrupted MSM to have any kind of truthful information.

  • Bob

    Any news from B. Ahern? I believe it has been a week since it was posted that he was starting a test.
    The more tests that different people have that show positive tests, the more difficult it will be for MSM to ignore this.

    I would think that after a week, he would have something to report… “positive or negative” 🙂

    • Obvious

      If we are really lucky, he is still calibrating.

  • ColdFusionVideos

    The guy who was responsible for the research behind this program, Marcus Hansson, was actually invited, free of charge, to visit a real lab, and bring engineers to do real measurements.

    Not by the Lugano Team, or Andrea Rossi, but by a Russian lead team.

    Marcus Hansson was not interested in that, and turned down that offer.

    • Interesting. Not surprised he declined…

      • Mats Hilmersson

        Have you ever considered to make a story like 60 minutes did? Find a new Robert Duncan, a well respected sceptic from the establishment. Find the best measurement technician/engineer from SP or Intertek. Team up and visit Parkhomov and make a measurement. Elforsk could pay the tickets.

        • GreenWin

          I think you are correct LookMoo. In fact, essentially ALL “Green” organizations have turned a blind eye to LENR because it empowers the individual – and NOT the State or Central authority. IF human beings are allowed to return to the independence of the single family farm of a century ago – collectivism suffers — or dies.

          • Gerrit

            I have noted that many people do not want to hear that “cold fusion is real”, because they think only idiots could believe that. They have lost their capability for reason.

            Other people simply don’t care, they have more important things in their lives. I think that is a valid point of view, because there are numerous very important things in the world that I don’t really care about.

            There are not so many people who are capable of questioning their own point of view.

            This is just tabloid journalism pretending to be investigative journalism. Feed the masses.

          • Chris Reid

            My old Grandad used to tell me ” There’s a lot you can do with a box of eggs and a big stick

          • bkrharold

            Your old Grandad was right, you can get in a world of trouble dabbling in the occult. But there is nothing supernatural about LENR, this is a real measurable physical effect, even though there is no scientific explanation yet.

      • Chris Reid

        Cheer up Mats, look on the bright side, it’s his loss, not yours by a long chalk ! Together on this site we can really get our heads together and go to town….. Of course the E-cat damned well works ! Also it burns next to no fuel without degrading the catalyst…. Neither does it defy 1st 2nd or 3rd Laws of thermodynamics ! ( Not strictly speaking. ) I’ve been digging all the juicy bits out on Wikipedia !

        I just need a copy of your book now to help in my studies ! I’m a bit skint at the moment, family problems, life hasn’t been treating me too kindly, I can wait… Not for too long I hope

        • Gerrit

          no no no, that’s not covered. Covered would mean that they talk to Dennis Bushnell, George Miley, Peter Hagelstein, Mike McKubre and ask them about LENR.

          Asking an incompetent science journalist about a topic she has not the faintest clue about is not equal to covering a story.

  • Andrea


  • Billy Jackson

    honest skepticism is healthy for an on going debate and incremental research. If we are never questioned then we may miss answers that lead us to new insights.

    I will restate my stance. Blind refusal to accept and process the evidience is as bad as blind adhearance to all things Rossi. Neither has a place in the debate. We must be willing to question our own knowledge and test it against the evidence presented. Failure to do so is a disservice to your own honesty and your professed support for Mr. Rossi.

    Passion has its place, I for one will be more than happy to pop a champagne bottle and dance a jig by the highway with nothing on but a pair of pom poms and a smile, if we see multiple conformations soon. Yet until then this is a numbers, calculations, and assesment game that has us holding the edge of our seats waiting once again.

  • Right!

  • William D. Fleming

    Gold shovels are showy, but for digging out the truth steel shovels are needed. They missed the mark. It’s a minor thing–let it go.

    • Nicholas Chandler-Yates

      nickel or palladium shovels methinks. possibly titanium.

      • Chris Reid

        Much stronger and lighter

  • Obvious

    If you want to see if the tiger has any teeth, poke him with a stick.

    • Omega Z

      I will provide the stick,
      You can have the honors… 🙂

  • Thomas Clarke

    It is unhelpful to personalise science. That applies to those who dismiss LENR because of its past history as much as to those who believe LENR is not taken seriously by scientists because of an exaggerated conspiracy theory.

    As science – LENR has a very high barrier to surmount because the “expected” experimental evidence for it has never been shown in a replicable form. By that I mean clear evidence of nuclear transmutation, or high energy particle emissions.

    Were such evidence available scientists would need to explain it and LENR would be pretty well the only possibility.

    There are enough people convinced by the “there must be something from all these experiments” that at least we now have a very few people working to generate replicable data (MFMP, a few others). Who have so far not succeeded in replicating anything, but have in the process discovered a good number of false positives.

    I’m comfortable, from this, that weird phenomena that no-one believes are being pretty well investigated. Where I’m less comfortable is that the last 30 years LENR research has thrown up many claimed positives but no-one who has stuck with just one positive and cross-checked the experimental methodology, adding alternate instrumentation etc, until the results are undeniably positive. Either no-one was interested in doing this, or those who did it found negative results. The lack of checking is annoying. The fact that LENR has been so elusive experimentally should give everyone pause for thought. Whatever the mechanism nuclear reactions are intrinsically very easy to detect.

    The current interest in massive Ni/LiAlH4 excess heat is encouraging. It is easily replicated and either will have definite positive results, which would be very exciting, or show negative results, in which case that will help those who pin hopes on experiments without very careful cross-checking (and that includes all Rossi’s demos, which are not cross-checked and all have known possible error mechanisms) to be more realistic.

    I disagree that skeptics specifically are not questioning their point of view. Some, no doubt, are not. And many, no doubt, have just lost interest after so many years of no results. I’d like to see those here who accept positive results without question, dismissing possible error mechanisms without detailed analysis, to show more of an interest in the science, and more openness to the possibility that those working in this area (e.g. Rossi) may be thoroughly self-deluded and therefore deluding others.

    • friendlyprogrammer

      The argument “Rossi may be self deluded” might have merit if he was the only proponent of LENR.

      With dozens of high ranking corporations and scientists (Mitsubishi/Toyota/Honda/NASA/etc.) all claiming they have seen positive LENR results, then we should be able to remove Rossi from the equation entirely.

      Everyone “researching” LENR fraud immediately comes upon the website of Steven Krivit who endorses LENR (in his own books) but vehemently describes Rossi as a fraud.

      – Andrea Rossi was very rich before worth $30 million USD. He did not run to hawaii (his Visa handed to him by The President of the United States), he continued environmental science. If his only concern was money he could have retired rich in his 30’s.

      – When Italys mafia took his waste management business by making his storage illegal (Apparently “The Mafia” reaches as far as Italy (who knew?), and they apparently like to control waste management in many countries) Andrea Rossi faced and beat all his Environment charges, when he could have hid in the U.S.A. (remember the VISA the President Carter gave him.).

      – All of Andrea Rossi science is common theme of environmental science.

      – Many scam corporations think to raise money (scam) by selling shares. This scam was common with mining companies. Tell everyone you found a rich vein then sell shares then pay yourself a million in salary and go broke. Andrea Rossi has not sold or tried to sell any shares in Leonardo corporation. This would be easiest scam opportunity.

      – Andrea Rossi is immigrating to the US where anti fraud laws are extremely tough.

      – Andrea Rossi funded the first 5 years of this from his own pocket including hiring Focardi.

      Scammers have a history of using other peoples money for scams, and Andrea Rossi has used his own.

      Since Andrea Rossi made the Nickel/Hydrogen version of LENR popular in 2011, we have seen many unrelated labs confirm this is indeed possible and very effective. So he is on the right track according to many.

      So why should Rossi have anything to do with it? His “self delusion” did not cause Toyota to verify the LENR findings of Mitsubishi as was presented at the CERN LENR presentation a few years back. Toyota (I will remind you) hired Martin Fleischmann (as in Pons/Fleischmann) after he was tarred and feathered in 1989 for suggesting Cold Fusion seemed possible even though they could only replicate it about 0.5% of the time back then.

      At least you are not pointing at the criminal accusations against Rossi,

      NASA (National Aeronautic and Space Administration) has sent vehicles out of our solar system and has landed cars on mars. It is likely they hire scientists who are not self deluded, and yet here is a letter from THE CHIEF RESEARCH SCIENTIST AT NASA LANGLEY (Dr. Dennis Bushnell).

      We also know NASA is funding LENR from Freedom of Information Act, and also…
      “In early 2013, The Aeronautical Systems Analysis Branch of NASA Langley Research Center received $150.000 in funding for research on the concept project of a Low energy Nuclear Reaction [LENR] Aircraft.”

      I could go on for hours describing MIT Professor Peter Hagelstein who runs LENR and teaches LENR at MIT and dozens of others who are on the front lines of research in this field.

      The notion that we are BLIND FOLLOWERS of LENR is absurd at best. Accepting results without question is not what is occurring. Common sense dictates (as in the Dennis Bushnell letter) that LENR does exist. Is Dennis Bushnell, and peter Hagelstein among hundreds accepting results without question?

      Bit absurd.