Airbus Representatives to Attend LENR-Cities Event on April 10 in Milan — Another ‘Very Big Group’ interested in LENR Research

Earlier today on the LENR-Forum, AlainCo posted that he had heard from LENR-Cities CEO Michel Vandenberghe who had “just confirmed me that Airbus Group Chief Scientist, Jean-Francois Geneste, will by at LENRG “G-Day” conference in Milano this 10th of April. There will be also a German Airbus representative.”

After reading this I chatted with Michel Vandenberghe about how things were going with his organization, and some of their plans and goals.

I mentioned to Mr. Vandenberghe that some people have surmised that Airbus submitted a patent application for LENR just to cover their bases in case it turned out that down the road LENR was a valid technology — in other words this was patent ‘trolling’ by Airbus. I asked if Airbus was seriously involved in developing LENR technology, and he said they were. He also said that he was aware of another ‘very big group’ that was seriously interested in getting involved in LENR research.

Mr. Vandenberghe said that at the meeting in Milan on April 10th, they would be making an announcement about their ‘G-Day’ program which he believes will be of interest to all large companies, and will announce several LENR large programs which will be open to industrialists. They will also make an announcement about a proposal to use LENR technology for the purpose of nuclear remediation.

He said that he has been invited to speak in Germany in June to speak about how LENR can be adopted in a smooth way using an ‘open business’ model.

Mr. Vandenberghe said the details would be announced next month in Milan, and referred me to their updated web site for an understanding of their overall approach. See here:

  • EEStorFanFibb

    I think this is going to be a very fun year for LENR enthusiasts (and EEStor fanboys).

  • Andreas Moraitis

    My first guess for the „very big group“ is ABB. In terms of market capitalization they are comparable with Airbus, like LENR-Cities they are located in Switzerland, and Rossi mentioned them as one of his competitors.

    • Buck

      “ABB is the world’s largest builder of electricity grids[6] and is active in many sectors, its core businesses being in power and automation technologies.”


    • Bob Greenyer

      Probably EADS

      • Sanjeev

        According to wikipedia, EADS is now a part of Airbus group. The third name in the patent (Astrium) gave away the name of EADS anyway, so there was no need to keep it secret, it must be some other group.

        • artefact

          EADS was the name for the company which includes Astrium, Eurocopter, EADS defence and space and Airbus.

          Now the new name is Airbus for all of them. Many did not know EADS so Airbus is a better name.

  • georgehants

    I have little to say except Wonderful and cannot understand why there have not been a hundred comments by now.

    • Mats002

      I am stunned by the developments :!

      • georgehants

        Mats, “stunned” is the word, is this IT. “nuclear remediation.”, somebody please tell me that means Transmutation of the elements just to really make my day.

        • Mike Ivanov

          I think it just meant to replace old style uranium and plutonium reactors by more safe (and cheaper! ) LENR systems. Kind of unusual usage of word “remediation”

        • Maybe LENR could be used to transform unstalbe isotopes of atoms to stable ones (radioactive to non-radioactive).

          When MFMP is able to reproduce the Lugano results, they should give a try, and put a small piece of radioactive material (a non harmfully amount) into the reactor and let it run a few hours or days. Then check if something changed to the material. Maybe it improves the reaction also due it’s high energetic neutrons.

          • Gerrit

            That is what Mitsubishi is doing. That is why they are researching LENR. Remediation of nuclear waste.

        • wpj

          This is now well established in research laboratories and will soon be done on large scale. “Soon” though is a very vague term when used in the nuclear industry- in the US, they are still using extraction processes developed in the 1950s.

          The fission process results in production on small amounts of lanthanides and actinides which are the major problem (uranium and plutonium are readily recycled) as the actinides have a half life going to 100,000+ years. The mixture has to be separated using very expensive chemicals and then the actinides can be bombarded with neutrons which reduces the half life to about 30 years.

          Unfortunately, the mixture cannot be used as the lanthanides absorb neutrons giving longer half life products!

          • georgehants

            wpj and all, my real feeling regarding transmutation is not only the benefits to the World but the errors propagated continually for many years by science that the Alchamists where fools.
            They where the Wonderful guys that started scientific Research chemistry and discovered many of the things later claimed by others.
            I once asked Mr. Rossi if it where possible that the Alchemists could have stumbled across Cold Fusion and he confirmed that it was “possible”

          • blanco69

            I think we have to bear in mind the the actual process of anomalous excess heat production hasn’t been proven or clearly defined. Pre 2012, this process was called cold fusion and from that term you can understand why a classical case of fusion/transmutation at low temp is met with some skeptism. However, now we have LENR where there’s a possibility of swapping out the Nuclear part for nanoscale. Well, that’s something different. Rossi implies that there’s no new physics in the ecat so it cant be fusion in the classic sense. So when we talk about saying “I told you so to skeptics” we’re really saying “Ok it’s not what I said I was 2 years ago, it’s something else.” That’s fine but the goal posts have moved for both believers and skeptics alike.

          • GreenWin

            Yes, we can safely ignore the skeptics except as you point out in your featured post – these attitudes evidence the failure of Big Science or BS. The result of this is great societal damage. It is important IMO to pay attention to the causes of these failures. And to the avenues of manipulation that allowed them.

  • Sanjeev

    Mitsubishi holds a patent on transmutation of radioactive waste via cold fusion. That was granted 2 years ago, so not exactly new. Actually its all going on under the radar since many years. Rossi phenomena brought it all in public view when more people started taking interest.

  • Gerard McEk

    This is huge! Now that big and ‘very big’ comanies are gathering to start further LENR development, that means the following: First of all that scientists of these companies now are convinced that LENR has potential and that they have been able to convince the board of directors that they can put serious money in it. Secondly this will give LENR an enourmous push to commecialization. Thirdly it should make the denyers trambling now in their ivory towers and worry that things are really going to change now. Even Cern, who helped to ban Pons and Fleischmann seems to have started to look seriously at Cold Fusion. Interesting times!

  • Steven Irizarry

    what will really excite me if virgin galactic or spacex were to research this