Program for ICCF19 Conference in Padua, Italy Published

The program of speakers has been published on the website for the ICCF19 conference which will be taking place in Padua Italy, April 13-17. Here’s the link:

There are a some familiar and unfamiliar names to me on the program, and some interesting topics — it looks like the will be a mixture of discussion between palladium-deuterium, and nickel-hydrogen LENR systems, along with some more broad-based topics.

A few presentations on the program stand out to me particularly:

Violante Vittorio: “Heat Production and RF detection during cathodic polarization of Palladium in O.1 MLiOD”  — (I wonder if he discussed this with Bill Gates at ENEA last year)

Kidwell, David: “Observations of RF Emissions and heat in electrochemical loading experiments” — (More on RF emissions)

Hubler, Graham (of the Univ. of Missouri SKINR Institute): “On a Possible Cosmological Explanation for the Anomalous Heat Effect” — (Andrea Rossi has said that astronomical observations inform his LENR theory)

Iwamura, Yasuhiro: “The Launch of a New Scheme on CMNS at Tohoku University” — (This new program for the study of LENR was recently reported at

Grimshaw, Thomas: “Integrated Policymaking for Realizing LENR Benefits and Mitigating Its Impacts of LENR” — (A discussion on public policy to effect a smooth transition to a world with LENR power available)

Goryachev, Igor Viteliavich: “Technology of Environmentally Clean Remediating Radioactive Waste Based on Low Energy Transumation of Radioactive Nuclides” — (LENR to clean up nuclear contamination — if it works well, this would be an extremely popular application, I would guess)

Vandenberghe, Michel (CEO LENR-Cities) “Society and New LENR Technologies” — (This will follow the LENR-Cities meeting in Milan on April 10, where Michel has said they will be making some important announcements)

Katinsky, Steven: “Industrial Association for LENR” — (Perhaps the announcement of an Industry group?)

Alexander Parkhomov is not yet listed as one of the speakers, but he does have a poster session listed: “Research on High-Temperature Rossi Heat Source Analogue”. I am sure he will be busy answering questions about that!

Today, here on E-Cat World, Bob Greenyer posted that the MFMP are planning to run an ‘off-off-broadway’ replication attempt at the place where they are staying. So that will be interesting to follow too.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this conference, but looking at the list of speakers it looks to be a very interesting program and I look forward to catching up on all the news coming out of Padua.

  • there are many presentation around RF/laser question :
    Vittorion Violante, Peter Hagelstein, Kidwell, Mastromatteo

  • GreenWin

    Steve Katinsky and David Nagel (George Washington Univ /NRL) have written an interesting proposal to form an association of industry for LENR businesses.

  • Sanjeev

    List of abstracts:
    Here are some papers that are in my short list:

    Poster Presentation

    03 Bazhutov
    Plasma Electrolysis as Foundation for Russian E-Cat Heat Generator
    07 Biberian
    Experimental Evidence of Excess Heat by Mass Flow Calorimetry with Ni-LiAlH4 Powder
    19 El-Boher
    Final Report on calorimetry-based excess heat trials using Celani treated NiCuMn Constanan Wires
    24 Godes
    Brillouin Energy Test Results of CECR Hypothesis
    33 Houwelingen
    LENR Market: Update and Opportunities
    46 Parkhomov
    Research on High-Temperature Rossi Heat Source Analogue

    Oral Presentation

    10 Huang
    A Study on the Excess Heat Generation in Ni-H Gas Discharge Systems
    16 Kitamura
    Effect of Minority Atoms of Binary Ni-Based Nano-Composites on Anomalous Heat Evolution under Hydrogen Absorption
    19 Li
    Lithium-An Important Additive in CMNS
    21 McKubre
    Cold Fusion-CMNS; present and projected future status
    24 Nagel
    High Power Density Effects in Lattice-Enabled LENR Experiments and Generators