Rossi Reports Online Meeting with Parkhomov, Plans Visit to Russia in Future (1MW Plant Stable, Hot Cat Efficiency Improving)

Andrea Rossi reported on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today of an interesting communication he has had with Alexander G. Parkhomov. In a recent response to a question about Parkhomov’s work, Rossi posted that he thought AGP’s work was important, and that they had something in common: they are both hard workers.

Then today, he added this new comment in connection with the first.

Andrea Rossi
April 17th, 2015 at 8:41 AM
Quinton Heri:
I want to complete my answer with an update regarding Dr Parkhomov.
Yesterday I, for the first time, had a direct conference with him on Skype. He was in Italy for the ICCF with his niece Ecaterina ( nomen omen: Ecat-erina) who translated from Russian to English for him.
He explained to me the scheduled replication he is organizing with more reactors he is preparing and I have been positively impressed by his professionality and his intellectual honesty. He is humble, doesn’t speak too much, has all the signs of a strongly working person. Typical Russian. He honoured me inviting me in Russia, where I will go as soon as I will have completed the 1MW E-Cat test.
Warm Regards,

It’s good to hear that the two men seem to get along well, and they plan to meet up in person to discuss work. I wonder if Rossi is giving him any tips!

PS: In another comment on the JONP, Rossi gave a brief status update on the 1 MW plant, and his Hot Cat research:

Update: She [the 1 MW plant] is working nicely, stable in these days. The work on the Hot Cat here is going on also, with a R&D that is substantially improving its efficiency.

  • Teemu Soilamo

    E-caterina – LOL

  • Nicholas Cafarelli

    A very interesting development. Unexpected and promising. What next?

  • Ged

    Good to see collaborations heating up. The field has really livened this year, it is incredible.

    • Omega Z

      Remember the mood in October.
      It is going to be a very long boring year ahead waiting on the pilot plant outcome.

      Well, We have 8 or 9 months to go, but, so far, it hasn’t been that boring.

  • Bob Matulis

    Dr Parkhomov sounds like a very decent fellow. Rossi’s insights into Dr Parkhomov actually reflect rather well on the character of Rossi: “He is humble, doesn’t speak too much, has all the signs of a strongly working person.” Perhaps he can hire Parkhomov some day 🙂

  • Gerard McEk

    Quite unexpected to see these two nearing each other. I hope it will be a fruitful basis for further development. Also the improvement of the Hot Cat strikes me. I shows how much Rossi knows more about his Ecats than us who are just struggling to get it work.

    • Omega Z

      Reality Check
      Rossi has very much yet to learn.
      He is years ahead of us.

  • Matt Sevrens

    Didn’t Rossi discredit Parkhomov at first?

    • ecatworld

      I don’t think he ever discredited AGP. Was impressed from the first.

  • Sanjeev

    Pleasant surprise. Nice to know that Rossi is so open towards AP. It seems he is no longer worried about the tech being reproduced by others, rather sees it as “important work”. It seems its clear to him that independent tests and replications will only boost his credibility and help in commercializing.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Rossi respects and trusts him, unlike the California VC people Rossi ran away from as fast as possible.

  • builditnow

    To offer Parkhamov a job or a contract? Bring him into the Industrial Heat fold?
    Industrial Heat’s recent behavior could be to consolidate their position as a major player in the new LENR / Cold Fusion energy space. It could be that Industrial Heat is on a buying and hiring spree. There is one unconfirmed report they have invested in Brillouin. If they can bring Pakrhamov into Industrial Heat, it brings a talented person onboard and slows down further leakage of the Hot Cat design to the “LENR Community”. If you successfully replicate the Hot Cat, you may get a good job offer.

  • Roland

    Is it just me or does the prospect of having Rossi meet Parkhamov in what appears to be an increasingly aggressive semi-totalitarian state with a lot at stake, the entire economy revolves around oil, seem to entail a degree of personal and commercial risk that could be circumvented by meeting in more civilized surroundings?

    • builditnow

      Roland: There is much more support for LENR in Russia than in the USA. Parkhamov is publicly giving talks and collaborating at his university. Putin has said that oil could go to $10 / barrel. How could Putin say that unless he knows that LENR is coming. Also, LENR could be a huge boon for Russia, it could open up all their cold areas to development. All sort of mining etc. etc. Like the Saudis, it looks like the Russians consider that arrival of LENR is just a matter of time. Interfering with Rossi visiting Parkhamov could make for world press and an early launch LENR, only speeding it’s introduction.

      It also looks like the Russians could be interested in being leaders in the LENR energy field, but, also, to keep the oil income going as long as possible, in the meantime.

  • builditnow

    Bachcole: I’m thinking it is more defensive that predatory for. More about being as certain as possible that “this time” it’s a successful announcement and launch. Darden and Rossi seem to have their heart in the right place, and … they need to be strong, bullet proof, in the face of the eventual onslaught from all directions when they introduce LENR to the world. Better to have a very solid basis for a launch, products ready to manufacture on scale, already approved if possible, hundreds of demo products to show large numbers of people, at once, all over the world. 100 years-of-use in a manufacturing plant shown by the 1mW unit(s).

    It also gives time for the big players to position themselves so they won’t resist LENR and perhaps will come on board. For instance, Slumberger (SLB) is the biggest oil drilling supply company. Take a look at the stock sales of the insiders for the last 2 years and you will see that the insiders have sold off about $100million of stock and now own very little. (Retirement / mutual funds remain invested so the little guy is at risk). The Saudis are looking beyond oil to things like aluminum manufacture and technology. Aluminum has the potential to replace steel if it can be smelted much cheaper so it could be big.

    If Industrial Heat gets to control the launch of LENR, they will do it when they are ready. They also need to be ready just in case the launch happens outside of their control.
    What I observe is they are not pushing for a launch now, rather, they are playing LENR down for the meantime.

  • James Andrew Rovnak

    Yes two tenacious researchers I admire both! Am happy to see the cooperation, wish we could do as well on the Ukraine!

  • Alan DeAngelis

    I hope they can spend some of their time together thinking about the best way to interface the reactor with an alpha voltaic cell that could convert the energy of the alpha particles from

    Li(7) + p > 2(He) 17.3 MeV
    directly into an electrical current.

  • Omega Z

    It will be after the pilot plant test is done.
    I just think Rossi is getting close enough to market that it is much less a concern.

    Note: Everyone will have to run pilot tests & jump thru all the safety hoops that Rossi is now.

  • Ophelia Rump

    It is very encouraging to see so many researchers beginning to reach out to one another.
    Something vital has changed for the better.
    The tide must be rising for LENR, all the boats are lifting.

  • you arte mostly rght, but I KNOW there are serious people who follow the news of LENR, where data are…
    on our social network of LENR cult.

    we are like the cult of internet in 1993…
    some corpsl like telcos will not care, but some others are anxious to adapt to the new world…
    I say anxious, because it is disruptive and can break their business…
    fear drive the rich world.
    ambiton drive the new world.

    at ICCF19 I have seen ambitious Russian, ambitious Asian, and many ambitious individuals from all the planet.

    The reason why , at last, I think LEN-Cities have the good plan, is that I have understood that in the rich world, we adre driven by fear, and their model is thar to insure rich companies from the fear of being alone doing the revolution.

    note that people I’ve met who follow us, don’t contribute in comments.
    their contribution is when lauching a startup, attending ICCF, launching a technology assessment project… they are the silent majority here.

    • bachcole

      Although I agree with your general outline of rich vs. new, I think that it is too simplistic or too much stereotyping. Rockefeller was very well established as the world’s richest man when the light bulb came about and the automobile came on strong. At first he did make feeble attempts to stop the light bulb, since his business at that time was kerosene, mostly for lamps. Then he just switched to making gasoline for cars; he was already using gasoline to power his refineries. He didn’t miss a dollar in switching, but he did demonstrate some of that “rich” fear.

      BTW, when the government stepped in to break up his monopoly, he fought it tooth and nail (fear), but after the break-up, he was making even more money (but less control) than before, because although he did not have control of all of the baby-Standard Oils, he still had shares. And with all of the baby-Standard Oils competing, he got to about $660 billion in today’s dollars. He is actually living proof that breaking monopolies is good for everyone, even him.

      • very interesting history.

        ” He is actually living proof that breaking monopolies is good for everyone, even him.”

        Similarly in the 70s, the increase in anti-pollution regulation increased the performance of chemical industry because it triggered update of their technology and pushed more efficient process.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I can validate that there was a Skype call between them, Alexander had told me the same before Rossi made it public.

  • Sanjeev
    • Omega Z

      This does not surprise me. I’ve strongly suspected that the Lugano team was building a replica of sorts.

  • Charles

    One of my last chores, 1989-1991, with the company I worked for was helping Dauphin, a commercial spin-off from the Russian Space Inertial guidance program establish global marketing.

    In charge of Dauphin. was a gentleman named Bogomolov. I, myself, was a rather capable electronics engineer specializing in production of Inertial Guidance Systems, the last being that used by the US nuclear subs and the NATO navies. I believe Bogomolov was, without question, the smartest man I ever ran into.

    The Russians I dealt with were exceptional brilliant people. Parkhomov is undoutedly in the same category.

  • Obvious

    Maybe Rossi wanted to know more about Parkhomov’s isotope changes that Rossi mentioned in his and Cook’s paper, but we’re actually Rossi’s isotope analyses that Parkhomov was discussing…

  • psi2u2

    This is great. It is wonderful to see the generosity of spirit that I believe has always motivated Dr. Rossi, in welcoming the ‘competition’ of another hard working and dedicated scientist to the adventure. Also I note that he seems to be getting some first-rate assistance with his English composition. Well done all around.