Parkhomov Reports on ICCF-19, Meeting with Lugano Testers (Who are Also Replicating)

Thanks to Sanjeev for reporting this information which came via LENR-Forum:

Alexander Parkhomov has made a post on the Cold Nuclear Transmutation and CMM site a brief report of his visit to ICCF-19, which includes some interesting news about meeting with some of the testers who were involved in the Lugano experiment.

He posts (Google translated from the Russian)

Conference ICCF -19 was quite successful. 470 delegates, 98 reports. This record performance. Characterized by optimism, a premonition of great achievements. The conference was held in the most prestigious indoor Padua Palazzo della Ragione, in the grand hall with 800 years of history, with frescoes by Giotto and Miret.

I attended the University of Bologna at the invitation of Giuseppe Levi, one of the experts who observed the operation of the reactor Rossi in Lugano. He showed his experimental setup and organize communication on Skype with the University of Uppsala (Sweden) with other experts in Lugano Peterson and Bo. They showed their devices to be launched in mid-May. Then our Skype – conference joined Rossi. The first time was able to talk with this extraordinary man. He plans to visit Russia.

So it seems that the contacts between Rossi and the Lugano team is continuing — and that they are working on their own experiments — and now Parkhomov is in communication with all of them. It will be interesting to see how all this turns out. Knowing the Lugano team, they will prefer to work quietly, but if Parkhomov is correct in a May release of information.

  • Sanjeev

    The word “devices” hints that there are more than one. (unless its translation error). I hope those in contact with Parkhomov will find out what this exactly means.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Good new but lithium-7 fuses with a proton to become beryllium-8 that in turn fissions into two alphas (helium-4).

      So, it’s still fusion.
      Li(7) + p > Be-8 > 2 He(4) 17.3 MeV
      And it’s 10% LAH and 90% Ni.

      • I agree.

        BTW I am very glad that Giuseppe Levi is still involved in LENR research. He has excellent credentials and a very big brain. I cannot think of any LENR researcher I would trust more than him. I hope whatever devices the Lugano team come up with will be made public with details of how to replicate the experiment.

        • Alan DeAngelis

          Yes indeed.
          With a researcher like Levi, there’s no hot fusion El Jefe who will be able to stop it now.

  • Buck

    I think Parkhomov’s statement about Rossi ongoing communication with the Lugano ITPR2 team opens the door to an important scenario.

    Scenario: The coordinated development and possible release of both ITPR 3 and a detailed economic and operational evaluation of the existing LENR Pilot Plant one year trial. Also, the updating of the patent application to the USPTO AS WELL AS a new application to the EU Patent office.

    This scenario follows from Tom Darden’s stated focus on the Legal and Administrative aspects from
    his recent interview. To my mind this includes the problem of gaining USPTO patent protection. And, I think it reasonable to suggest that this requirement is still very much on his mind.

    I can’t speak for what Tom Darden is doing to pursue his stated goals. I would like to believe that he understands the following: What is the impact upon the legal case supporting the granting of a USPTO Patent in front of a Federal Judge, when the USPTO has to explain why they rejected the patent application that included both the progression of ITPR1 – ITPR 3, AND the proof (financial and operational) of running a LENR plant for a year at an existing business, AND the EU’s granting of a patent. I am no legal expert, but I would like to think that the Federal Judge will privately call the USPTO a bunch of F**king Fools for defending the indefensible: another rejection of the E-Cat patent application that covers a safe, clean, near limitless inexpensive energy source.

    I think it appropriate to suggest that Darden/IH recognizes the value of presenting two types of knowledge as proof on the practical reality of commercial industrial scale LENR.

    First, the academic/scientific evaluation of LENR as with ITPR1 & ITPR2. As implied, the Lugano team is working towards something like an ITPR 3. If there still exists some guiding contracted arrangement, then the Lugano team might be building an E-Cat under the guidance of Rossi . . . but remotely . . . only via Skype . . . no direct contact with the E-Cat even during the actual test, where the only thing to pass between is knowledge born of experience.

    It is important to recognize that this team has built up a very significant knowledge base . . . materially improving the quality of ITPR2 from ITRP1, incorporating the valuable criticism of ITPR1. The same can be said of the evolution of the protocols going from ITPR2 to ITPR 3. I don’t believe any can argue to profound impact of ITPR2 in moving LENR forward . . . even Darden pointed to the compelling nature of the isotopic changes. One can only guess what ITPR 3 might say.

    Second, the demonstration of a commercial LENR at a disinterested third party business. The vast majority of the World functions in the realm of practical reality. Most don’t understand how a microwave oven works, but they buy them by the 10’s of millions each year because they are more convenient, faster and cost less to run . . . .

    If a business, which uses large $$$ of energy in their production process, sees that their variable costs associated with energy consumption drops by some large %, say 50-80%, they will be COMPELLED by the profit motive to change their energy source no matter their concerns. This assumes that the capital cost expressed as depreciation does not erase the efficiency gain.

    Of course the above scenario is pure conjecture on my part.

    • Mytakeis

      great conjecture, oft compels reality!

    • hempenearth

      If the E Cat power plant is leased then the customer has no up front capital costs and won’t need to depreciate it. And Industrial Heat, retaining ownership of the plant, has better protection of their IP (with inbuilt tamper alarms)

      • Buck

        Your perspective makes sense . . . no one really knows the “economic life” of a LENR device. So, it is hard to establish a reasonable life over which to spread the cost.

        Also, I believe leasing addresses the real fact that LENR products will be evolving rapidly for many years. IMO, a lease eases the transition from one version of an E-Cat to the next without giving the competition a leg up on the rapidly evolving technology.

        • Omega Z

          no one really knows the “economic life”
          But after the 1 year test, they will have a view point of where it is going.

  • Chris, Italy

    Confirmation! I scarcely doubted the Lugano team would have been working on Parkhomov’s recipe.

    Pity I had to come down with such an awful flu staring last Sunday evening. Tody was the very first I briefly ventured outside, due to dwindling food supplies. LOL wouldn’t you know, being within walking distance from P.zzo d. Ragione… all cooped up under my blankets with hardly any wits about me. Rats!

  • Sanjeev

    Did you miss the part that Levi called Rossi on Skype and introduced Parkhomov ?
    Can you see that Rossi is well aware of the situation ? How is this a breach of faith ?
    How did you come up with such twisted logic ? Was that intentional or are you really incapable of logical analysis ?

  • Sanjeev

    You mean that Rossi is collaborating with them for unethical use of his own tech ?
    If this is your understanding of “morals” and logic, you need more education.

  • Good. This reflects what I’ve heard from Uppsala. My understanding is that their reactor is ready and that they are now starting careful calibration. I guess that what is referred to in mid-May would be start running with a loaded reactor.
    I think the reason for them to do an independent experiment is that they don’t see much possibilities to add insight doing further black box experiments with Rossi’s reactor, even if he would let them, which I doubt by the way — Rossi doesn’t seem to be interested to have more third party tests done now, when concentrating on the MW trial. Makes sense to me.

  • Ophelia Rump

    I do not know of intellectual property rights for anything which preclude experimental work.
    They are physicists asked to show interest, they have shown interest. If thet ceased to show interest after the Lugano test, then Dottore Rossi would have something to be unhappy about.

  • Sanjeev

    Rossi and IH provided the reactor to the team. They tested and made it public. They are using their experience with it to replicate just like anyone else. Its good to know that they are still in contact with Rossi. As Rossi has said many times that the replication work is very important, he is not really opposed to replications.
    Welcome to reality Andy, of course, if your whole purpose of coming here and posting is to spread lies and disinfo, I can’t help you any more. I can supply the info and help is logical thinking, but I can’t change a person’s character.

  • Omega Z

    Rossi was included in the Skype conference. Do you really think Rossi was not aware. There have been rumors that the Lugano team has been working on a device since shortly after the publishing of the report.

    I imagine it has been done with Rossi’s approval. And as I posted a long while ago that Elforsk may be involved with this as well. Possibly you are not aware that Levi was 1 of the original skeptics who ran many tests on the Lt E-cat in late 2010 early 2011 trying to find error in it.

  • Sanjeev

    Is it only in your fancy imagination that Rossi does not like it, or you have spoken to him personally ? Where is the proof? I suggest emailing him and informing him about the “betrayal” you are so worried of.

    I can see that behind this sympathy, you are hiding a jealousy and just trying to come up with some ridiculous reasons to protect your negative beliefs, just like a religious fundamentalist. You think that by spreading doubt and negativity, you will appear “superior” but it only makes you look idiotic.

  • Omega Z

    This is either a FUD attack or you need to sharpen your reading & comprehension.

  • Buck

    I agree . . . that is in part why we are where we are today.

    I believe Darden recognizes this weakness and is diligent is his pursuit.

  • builditnow

    You have a good nose 🙂 Think of it as a scouting exercise for Industrial Heat, looking for talent to hire and startups / IP to buy, as well as keeping tabs on when LENR might break out into the awareness of the general public.

    Other than that, Industrial Heat is behaving and Rossi is saying that they need more time to finish up their products, and so do not want to go public yet. Perhaps next year after the 1mW plant has a successful year of operation, or, later.

    If there are many independent replicators around the world, this takes the pressure off Rossi and Industrial Heat as being the only one’s with the magic black box, so, if replications progress is slow, timing could fit IH’s plans for next year and Rossi could start dropping hints to help replicators succeed in preparation for IH’s product launch. IH will own much of the patent and intellectual property and can purchase / license what they don’t have, so the replicators don’t matter much to their business plans.

    independent replicators could make things happen more quickly, so, crank up your reactors folks.

  • builditnow

    Think carefully. It’s very likely to be part of Industrial Heat’s business plan for their product launch.

  • I have the impression things are far from being well understood, so there’s a need for a large number of experiments, even if all data is shared, before the situation will become clear. If data isn’t shared, of course, it will take far longer to figure out what’s going on.

    Most discoveries are the result of smart people bumbling around, and it’s likely that a very large amount is yet to be learned, so a lot of bumbling around is going to be needed.

    At this stage, Rossi stands to gain like everyone else by what gets discovered in these imperfect replication attempts.

    In addition to just figuring out how to get the reaction to take place, we need to figure out how to control it safely and efficiently. If the reaction becomes self-sustaining, and we don’t need to supply external heat anymore, what keeps the reaction from running away, dumping say a year’s worth of energy in a millisecond (or whatever)? We all really have a lot to learn yet.

    Anybody know what’s up next? Where did the online apparatus from Padua go? Was that the Santa Cruz tube? Will the tube be opened and examined, or will it be re-heated?

    • clovis ray

      HI, Dave. I agree not all is understood, about the Rossi effect , but the control issues seem to be working well in deed, from last report, with cop’s of 20-80.
      Dr Rossi’s work is a lot more than just bumbling around , as you put it, it was years of his younger life, sticking to the program and not giving up on first failure, along with lots and lots of his own money, he is a real scientist, not just a talker he is a doer, to answer your last question, cop of 20-80, shows proof of his control.

  • MontagueWithnail

    What physicist on earth, once properly aware of FPE, could possibly be expected not to study it? No other field in physics (maybe any science) can touch it either in terms of fascinating virgin territory, or in potential value to society. You would have to lack even the tiniest sense of intellectual curiosity, ambition or vision. In summary, you would have to be a useless scientist.

  • Warthog

    “… why has NO one ever
    reproduced his device or any other lenr, cold fousion, or other such
    devices, for that matter,

    If you think this, it simply shows that you are simply ignorant of the topic. LENR devices have been reproduced multiple times, including the original P&F wet cell. See the bibliography of science papers at That the anti-LENR war to stifle that knowledge has succeeded as long as it has, simply so some physicists can continue to “suck the government teat” for big bucks is the travesty….not anything LENR researchers have or have not done.

  • Warthog

    Depends on how you define “from the first”. I’ve been following LENR since 1989.

    I am referring to scientific proof, not commercial-scale plants. There is plenty of third-party data available for the science.

    And I seriously doubt that you know “all about what has been replicated”. Even with my efforts I won’t even think about making such a claim. There is simply too much data available to be aware of all of it. Even now I still find new facets dating from the early days of CF.