Upstart Business Journal Covers Darden, E-Cat

Thanks to Sanjeev for posting a link to this:

An article in the Upstart Business Journal by Lauren K. Ohnesorge from April 17 covers the topic of the E-Cat, and particularly focuses on Tom Darden. The title of the article is “This entrepreneur wants to save the world, and he’s getting worldwide attention”.

Ohnesorge covers Darden’s recent speech at the ICCF-19 in Padua, and covers some key quotes from the address, but doesn’t go into much depth about the technology, only to mention that cold fusion, and Andrea Rossi, are both controversial.

She writes:

But it’s controversial science. Rossi’s low-energy nuclear reaction technology, dubbed the Energy Catalyzer or E-Cat, is a black box that purportedly produces industrial levels of heat through a system that uses nickel and hydrogen. Believers say it’s a cheap source of clean energy. But skepticism of the science is frequent, evidenced by criticism of a third-party analysis of the device in 2013. And its inventor, Rossi, has been the subject of global scrutiny.

It’s really difficult to get into the intricacies of a topic that has generated volumes of material over the course of decades, and I don’t know whether a reader of a short article like this, who is unfamiliar with the subject, will come away with much to make a judgment. One can hope that some will be motivated to dig a little further — and the debate continues in the comments (thanks to Bachcole for putting his perspective in)

  • Ben

    A French mainstream journal has also published a detailed article in its April 2015 issue about the 1MW Plant and LENR in general; I’ve sent it to Franck along with a translation.
    The journal is “Science & Vie” and the article is remarkably open about the subject (for a very mainstream publication I mean).

    • snowvoardphil

      Interresting ! Science & vie is what got me in LENR forums from a first article on Rossi back in 2011 or 2012.