Alexander Parkhomov Poster Session at ICCF-19 (Video)

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for sharing the following video which was uploaded to YouTube by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project.

This is the poster session at the ICCF-19 conference where Alexander Parkhomov presented his research findings, and answered questions. As you will see from watching the video there was a lot of interest in his presentation from conference attendees who gathered around.

Of course the language barrier makes it rather slow going at times, with a lots of back and forth, and assistance from Bob Greenyer, but with the translators’ help most of the many questions that were put to Parkhomov were dealt with. You’ll see a number of familiar faces in the LENR world paying close attention to the presentation.

Some of the material covered will be familiar to people who have studied his reports but some interesting details about the Parkhomov experiment are covered, such as the thickness of the heater wire used in his latest experiment — which was 0.56 mm. Also in this experiment used a home-built thyristor which provided a pulsed AC current. There were two cubic centimeters of ‘dead space’ empty space in the reactor.

  • Tom59

    historic – just downloaded

  • Obvious

    Did anyone take clear photos of the posters?

    • Bob Greenyer

      I took a full set quickly – can’t be certain they are clear to read as many of them had minuscule text, hard to read when just a few feet away!

  • Bob Greenyer

    New Facebook post may be of interest to replicators.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    At 32:10 Jean-Paul Biberian asks where the chloride comes from. I know that lithium aluminum hydride is made by adding lithium chloride to a solution of sodium aluminum hydride in tetrahydrofuran to form
    lithium aluminum hydride and sodium chloride. The sodium chloride precipitates out of the solution and is filtered off leaving a solution of lithium aluminum hydride in tetrahydrofuran. Perhaps there is a trace of sodium chloride that remains in solution.

    NaAlH4 + Li-7 Cl > Li-7AlH4 + NaCl

    Here are the details.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      It should read:

      NaAlH4 + LiCl > LiAlH4 + NaCl

      The above was my suggestion for making LAH with ~100% Li-7 instead of natural lithium.

  • This video is precious. Cold Fusion passion, CF veterans, Celani and Parkhomov, two heros of the people.

  • Bob Greenyer

    MFMP publishes SEM/EDX of Dr. Parkhomov’s LiAlH4 and Berlin-Chemie Ni via Ubaldo Mastromatteo and confirm everything that Alexander claimed about his fuel and it’s processing needs.

    It also confirms the source of Chlorine in his fuel and that of the Lugano reactors fuel.!Cal1_temp_transient

    • Obvious

      Spectrum 3 (LAH sample) is the sticker to which the sample is adhering?

      • Bob Greenyer


        • Mats002

          I can’nt believe her name is Ecaterina, that is too much! This world must be a hologram looking back at itself. George H may have an answer to this situation?

          • Bob Greenyer

            You cannot imagine the freakiness of the time in Padua.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Since it is now confirmed to be in the fuel, I have added Chlorine to the bottom of the reaction sheet.

    Chlorine (Cl) will deplete and there will be an increase in Potassium (K) initially, that will tend to Calcium (Ca), there will also be small amounts of sulfur – all of this is supported by Parkhomov’s elemental shift patterns.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Pardon me, but I’m having another crazy thought that I want to record here before I forget it.

    The oxygen from the air in the tube will be reduced to water, the thyristor provided a pulsed AC current and the nickel provides the nuclear active environment. Déjà vu: This has me thinking about microtubules. Could what is happening in Packhomov’s reactor be somehow related to what takes place in microtubules?

    Anirban Bandyopadhyay talks about superconductivity in microtubules and (if I didn’t misunderstand what he said) how certain AC frequencies change DC resistance. I’m just wondering if the biological
    transmutations that are seen in yeast and bacteria are taking place in the water channels of microtubules and if what takes palace in microtubules might help us to understand what is taking place in Packhomov’s reactor (and vice versa).

  • Bob Greenyer


  • Bob Greenyer
  • AlbertNN

    Has there been any comments or explanation of the strange artefacts on the measurement curves discussed before?

  • Paolo Savaris

    I can confirm that chlorine is present in lithium aluminum hydride because originated
    from the chemical process…

    This was my
    guess when i performed (few year ago), a series of test on Nickel LiAl-Hydride

    I attached a SEM analysis of a “predominant
    hydride” on ash powder.

  • jousterusa

    They should name this video “Through a Glass Darkly,” as it is valuable but very, very difficult to follow. What a shame that they didn’t as suggested go to a conference room and make a more formal, professionallly translated presentation. The importance of the subject matter demands that.

    • Bob Greenyer

      It was somewhere between a mosh and a bear pit – slightly frightening and exciting at the same time, there was a lot of good will and energy though making it a truly unique experience. The intention was to go “to a side room” as instructed, but the will of the delegates prevented it and Alexander preferred the location.

      Given that practically every minute detail had already been made public about his work, most questions that were asked were already answered in the public record – whilst there were intelligent arguments placed that challenged the COP results in a round about way, clear responses given deflected the critique.

      Ultimately it was the printed revelation of the first analysis on isotopic and elemental changes from his 3 day run that literally exploded the meeting, people frantically took photos and then scuttled off into little pockets of feverish debate, groups of people stood squinting at smart phones and scrolling around digital camera shots. Fascinating to experience.

      • AlbertNN

        Did he comment on the strange artefacts i the previously published plots?

        • Ecat

          It’s strange, that Bob Greenyer or anybody else, didn’t asked that legitimate question to Parkhomov or maybe they asked and he refusing to answer.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I have asked, and reported here and elsewhere, that I have asked 3 times.

            I have had no response, I have also said that publicly before.

            It will only be relevant to keep bringing it up, over and over, until one or more people see similar isotopic (preferably) or elemental shifts. We hope to distribute his Nickel to bring forward that day, that is assuming it can happen.

            It is positive that having specifically said that we were going to distribute his Ni, he brought us some for that purpose.

  • Bob Greenyer

    How about a home made cloud chamber

    My point being that – since no radioactive elements are put in, if there is apparent excess heat, then you have a little time to crack out the cake and get it into the cloud chamber – see one trace and you have shown a transmutation, record the type and distance of trace and you have an idea of the particle and its energy

    might have even more time if your reactor has been a big success.

    capture the take down and test as one continuos video for strong evidence

    question is – would on of these make a clean system

  • Bob Greenyer

    It is unfortunate, however, the absence of explanation may become irrelevant in short order – it all has to do with if his elemental shift results can be replicated.

    At least we know his pressure curves are based on reality given our 3 experiments that have shown pressure data with the same ball park trends as his reported data.

    Osmo Laarksonen made this nice graph from the Padua experiment. Essentially the same shape on a qualitative basis as his results.

    Add to that that we now have 2XNi and 1X LiAlH4 SEMs/EDXs that match his reported data released at ICCF19 – and the confidence is growing. He is a well respected nuclear scientist, I just don’t see the point of him making material stuff up at this stage in his life.

    • Ecat

      “I just don’t see the point of him making material stuff up at this stage in his life”. Maybe, 15 minutes fame?

      • Ecco

        Social experiment…?

        • Bob Greenyer

          If that is so, it is a damn good one!

        • Bob Greenyer

          Tobe fair, In his house he had all kinds of chemicals in old containers (with a note on them). Some of these chemicals/powders come in big containers – if you have a pill container that had to be sterile and had only a few gel capsules in, it is not a bad thing to re-use when on a budget. Hand to a friend and say “can you get me a few 10s of grams from the lab”.

          • Sanjeev

            Yes, thats what I thought. He simply distributed the powder in whatever bottles that were available at his place. No lab, no funding, no equipment…. how can one blame him for the sloppy work, which is sloppy to tell the truth (no offense, he is in no situation to do tidy work).
            If one wanted to do a social experiment, one would simply make up raw data in excel and plot it, instead of image manipulation.

            We must however conclude that he did “fix” the graph using photoshop etc, which has injected a lot of doubt and disbelief in the overall lenr scene. Moreover, no data… perhaps he is now ashamed. Anyway, the replications will provide the answer.

      • Bob Greenyer

        The truth will out, this is science. We are testing the claims and enabling a raft of other independent third parties to do so also, so I wouldn’t loose sleep over it. If there is a 1 in a million chance he is right, it must be verified, it is too important.

        Those that choose to comment and make aspersions have every right to do that also but I am not sure what the real value of the action is. When something is real and based on nature, if the conditions are the same then the same result will occur.

        So far, we can verify the SEM,EDX of his fuel and the qualitative nature of his pressure curve. As per Piantelli theory, the Chlorine transmutes as expected – and we did not know that was going to be in his fuel, but have verified it as coming from the LiAlH4. Independent researchers such as Sergei Godin, Jack Cole and Brian Albiston are showing indications of excess heat with a similar mix and macro conditions.

        If he was trying to fake all of this – he deserves a medal!

  • gregha

    Looks like Bob Godes of Brillouin next to Hagelstein at 7 and 22 min.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Parkhomov Replication in Russia LIVE NOW?

    []=Project Dog Bone=[]

    • Sanjeev

      Thanks Bob for the link.
      From the chat messages it looks like they are replicating the E-Cat. How and where, no idea. But I’m glad to see the live open science spreading in Russia in MFMP style.

      • Bob Greenyer

        The more the merrier, we need data – and I like the note that they pre-dried their Nickel, that is worth the run alone.

        if we have 20 replicators all feeding their experience into the collective knowledge, progress will be rapid.

        I think I will do a video explaining how to do composite streams

        • Sanjeev

          That will be nice. The experimenter is online in chat it seems and is giving out the time, temperature, and VA readings every few minutes. I’m taking some notes.

          If you wish to post urls in chat you will need to remove http and the dots from it (use * for dots).

          • Bob Greenyer

            Thanks for the tip Sanjeev on URLS.

            If you can take the image and the comments and annotate the screen grab, that would help

          • Sanjeev

            Some notes:

            Test of Rossi analog. Red digits are temperature, digital multimeter below shows current. Design of the reactor is unclear and difficult to comment.

            The experiment is a repetition of the reactor Parkhomov. Silicium tube with fuel. It took 5 hours. Hourly statistics shows

            fuel the nano Ni pre-dried + LiAlH4. 400mg of Nickel and LiAlH4 45mg

            0.4mm diameter nichrome, wound 20 ohms, wound 60 turns, tube diameter 10mm, 7.6mm inner

            baked at 100-200C for ~ 2 hour

            The tubes are sealed with plugs from clay model based on cellulose and Al2O3 as a filler

            Additionally, the ends are filled with epoxy resin

            Only a few things so far, I will update when there is more info. See this screenshot.

          • Bob Greenyer
          • Sanjeev
          • Bob Greenyer