The Lugano Transmutation Mysteries. (Axil Axil)

The above referenced analysis describes the amount of increase or decrease in the masses of the various components of the fuel change. Certain components of the fuel increased and others components decreased. This analysis also speculates about how these changes in masses of the various fuel and ash components might be brought about by movement of material from the hot parts of the reactor to colder regions, and also how lithium migrates to the surface of the nickel particles for transmutation and then when processed are somehow transported to other parts of the reactors volume.

All this movement must be happening through some means of chemical transport. But the mix of fuel and ash forms a solid mixture that seems incomparable with the movement of elements in a transport medium.

I see one possibility to explain how the moment of these elements and chemical compounds might be possible. These fuel and ash components could move around in the hydrogen gas atmosphere as nanoparticles. What is hard to explain is how the mass of nickel component of the fuel can increase in the ash to double it weight as originally configured in the fuel load. The nickel particles had a very intricate surface tubercle structure that makes it impossible to structurally modify the particle without affecting the tubercles.

But the isotopic composition of the nickel particles originally in the fuel changed throughout their entire volume as if subatomic particles traveled through the volume of these particles. A hydrogen negative ion as postulated by Piantelli cannot penetrate into the center of the nickel particle to produce isotopic transmutation. The active agent in this isotopic transformation must be a subatomic particle.

The other type of nickel particle found was the smooth surface kind that must have been formed by gradual accumulation of transmuted Ni62. What and how this type of nickel particle is produced is an open question. The same type of gradual accumulation must have had to produce the iron micro particles.

Axil Axil

  • Nicholas Cafarelli

    Let us hope that material science, or clever experimental design, can shed further light on these transmutations – and the process in general.

    Human beings are very visual, so being able to somehow see inside the reactor, while it is running, would be very, very helpful.

    Imagine if a microscope could be designed to watch these processes in real time.


    • Warthog

      Well, it’s not a gas-loaded Rossi cell, but the SPAWAR work by Mossier-Boss and Spivak includes video photomicrographs of an electrolysis Pd/D2 cell taken using a thermal imaging device that are “vvveeerrrrryyy eeennnttteerrreesstttiiinnnnggg”. Video is linked on another thread here at ECW, but I haven’t run down the direct link to it (and am too lazy to do so).

      Here IS a link to a similar video at

      The link actually goes to an article that includes links to two different format video files.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Two suggestions (as speculative/derivative as the original ones and only to be considered as a thought experiment)

    1. Some H- from the Li+ H- gets passed around in the bulk nickel before descending into the shells.
    2. As per Piantelli theory, some of the H- do not get partially absorbed into the nucleus, instead, a proton is ejected which is quite likely to travel into the bulk, if it does this, it could interact with other Nickel Nuclei.

    As more Ni isotopes etc become 62Ni, my conjecture is that they are happy enough to only eject rather than absorb the protons, so the process accelerates.

    • Axil Axil

      The complete conversion of a 10 nm diameter nickel particle might provide supporting evidence that protons find their way into the center of these massive particles by teleportation…like in star trek. A proton does not need to find its way through large amounts of nickel by bumping and grinding their way through all that nickel. These protons just appear like magic inside the micro particle.

      If the protons did physically penetrate the nickel particle, we would expect that the outer layers of the particle would experience more nuclear reactions than the center of the particle. The outside of the particle should have some copper and/or zinc content, and the inside should have still some lower Z isotopes of nickel.

      But NO, the particle is pure ni62, completely humorous Ni62, utterly pure Ni62. It must be that the protons see no resistance to the penetration of the nickel. The entangled protons mated with with each nickel atom.move via the 5th dimension directly through the nickel bulk to its entangled nickel mate into the center of the micro particle or to its edge with equal probability. This looks like proton teleportation to me. .

      Yes, this is impossible to believe, If it weren’t for logic and the result s of experiment, what other answer could there be?

      • Bob Greenyer

        nature is trying to tell us something – when we understand what that is we’ll all be better for it.

  • Thomas Clarke

    Correction to my post below

    Re the resistance anomaly mentioned below. Obvious (on another thread) has suggested a change in reactor wiring from Wye to Delta as the reason for the lower resistance. This is an excellent suggestion and resolves that anomaly leaving:

    (1) possible experimental uncertainty of up to +/- 20% due to phase asymmetry (the 3 vs 3.3 resistance change implies there is this) and possible calculation of power from single phase, with this uncertainty possibly giving different results on dummy and active runs.

    (2) possible incorrect calculation of joule heating due to external wire changes necessary to change configuration being missed when the calculations are done (easy to do this). That most likely would be change in joule heating from 40W to 20W in active tests and give a very small 2.5% decrease in real COP. Insignificant given other large experimental uncertainties.

  • Guru

    Some parts of fuel mass going into plasmatic state.
    During plasmatic state these mass parts transmutate.
    Later You will see ways for producing mass.
    Yes, producing mass, not only transmutate.
    Most close hypothesis to these phenomenons has no Hagelstein,
    no Ahern. Most close is Keshe. His followers are now producing
    zinc and copper at temperatures far less then 1100°C.

  • Stephen

    That’s an interesting observation. Assuming the measurements are accurate and truly random which should be the case then it begs the question where the excess energy cold be going. Do we know if there was full spectrum monitoring of the emitted EM radiation, including hard and soft X-rays and UV and RF? Was the radiation meter that was used for measuring gamma capable of measuring X-ray radiation? This might be produced by bremsstrahlung radiation, Compton scattering or some other mechanism as part three LENR process?

    • Stephen

      Another alternative would be if the energy was removed by neutrinos, which if this is the case might tell us something about the kind of reactions are going on.

      This kind of quantitising and cross checking of the data could be very good information to help look at this.

      I wonder if the experiments could be run next to a neutrino detector.

    • Stephen

      I hope the experimental teams are taking care to protect themselves against this kind of radiation just in case X-rays are present etc.

  • Stephen

    Thanks Axil Axil, you certainly find things that get me thinking. Would gamma radiation, beta radiation, electrons ejected from the photo electric effect/ internal conversion be able to penetrate these particles? Coluld energised protons enter? It’s a good point that atoms and ions are unlikely to enter into the particles. I wonder if it is possible for some kinetic or other excitation effect on the outside of a crystal could propagate energy into the particles.

  • Agaricus

    The ultimate extension of this idea: the ‘expanding earth’ theory:

    I must admit I have a soft spot for this concept, as it not only answers some perplexing problems, but also tends to send a broad range of establishment scientists into apoplectic fits of rage.

    • GreenWin

      This fits well with my “expanding human” theory. As the decades tick by, this corporeal vessel keeps expanding. It has my MD concerned.