Report on LENR Presentation to Scientists and Engineers (Gerard McEk)

The following post was submitted by Gerard McEk

Already 3 years ago, shortly before my retirement in 2012, I was allowed to give a presentation for my colleagues about LENR. At that time Andrea Rossi’s Hot-cat had not been tested by a third party, but he frequently vaunted his progress on the internet. Brillouin and Defkalion existed and looked promising. Nevertheless there was little hard evidence (except from hearsay) that LENR really had a future for high level energy production. You had to believe Rossi, Godes and the others that they were really making progress.

I worked in the nuclear sector in the Netherlands and my colleagues are highly qualified engineers and scientists. It was difficult to convince them that their future was threatened by this new development in the energy sector.

Now LENR gives me a lot more confidence that something real is going to happen soon. That is for me the reason to actively promote LENR and I am proud to have succeeded in convincing a professor and four university students to do a Hot-Cat replication. Soon they will start to build the reactor and I hope some results can be reported before midsummer.

For the same reason I volunteered also to organize a presentation about LENR for my retired colleagues.
I used the same format for this new presentation as I had used for my colleagues 3 years ago. I hoped for 20 to appear, but 40 turned up on Tuesday, 28th April 2015. The education level of these had a wide range which forced me to keep things relatively simple, but all of them know what isotopes and atoms are.

My presentation started with Fleischmann and Pons and what happened to them. How they were treated and what Eugene Mallove discovered at MIT and how scientists of CERN acted to belittle the discovery of these honest electro-chemists. I continued to explain that further research went underground and that there was build-up an overwhelming and peer reviewed evidence report pile about excess heat, transmutation, tritium and helium production and isotope shift.

Then I obviously mentioned the enormous progress Rossi and others made into the kW and MW powers. I touched the second third party review of the Hot-cat and showed them the power/kg vs. energy/ kg graph and the remarkable isotope shift. This made huge impression on one of the physicists in the group, who asked me later if I wanted to present it as well to a group of retired professors and told him that I would gladly accept this if the formal request would come.

I told my audience about the student group I am coaching for a LENR replication and had a lot of questions about the shown reactor drawing and fuel. At the end we discussed the impact of LENR on the world and on our former company. My two hour presentation was very appreciated and I am awfully pleased that I did it. I hope it will inspire many others to do the same.

Gerard McEk

  • pelgrim108

    Gerard, please keep us informed about the university Hot-Cat replication build.

  • Andre Blum

    Gerard, Nice! Which university is this? Let me know if you ever do another talk like this. I live in the Netherlands and I’d like to attend if it’s public. Also, let me know if I can be of any help (broad software engineering skills)

  • Josh G

    Gerard, this is exciting. Hopefully you are coordinating this with MFMP. And of course you should consult their replication guides and the one that Hank Mills drew up. You might also look at this book that seems to make a serious attempt to imaginatively reverse engineer the e-cat:

  • Valeriy Tarasov

    Great work !!!

  • Axil Axil

    The discovery of radioactivity over a 100 years ago heralded a new and exciting age for humankind: the atomic age. Over more than a century the rules of the atomic road have been defined and inventions using these rules have be invented. This atomic technology is as solid and reliable as any knowledge that there has ever been. Nuclear reactions require neutrons, radioactive isotopes, gamma rays, half lives, chain reactions, neutron moderation, transuranic elements, and all the other tools of the nuclear trade.

    And then cold fusion came along and there apparently was a complete renunciation of the nuclear paradigm. Even the people who had created the cold fusion effect were frantic for the longest time to prove that neutrons, gamma rays and unstable isotopes came from the cold fusion reaction. The people that have spent most of their lives learning how the nucleus works, the nuclear enegineeers and scientists, just can’t believe how energy can come from the atom and not conform to all the rules that they have studied from the earliest days in their dedicated youth as brilliant and exceptional students and grown to love as a mark as their elite academic achievements over their long, productive and distinguished careers.

    It seems even now, that are beloved pater familias A. Rossi avidly studies these nuclear rules of the road to pass the time in those long and lonely hours in his shipping containers and invents atomic mechanisms that conform to the old time tried and true nuclear paradigm, He is so entranced in the old ways that he ridicules theoretical attempt to explain cold fusion using quantum mechanics as things that are science fiction and silly. Not evey the best of our best can believe that the solutions to the greatest mysteries of cold fusion are at hand.

    Unless we begin to turn the minds of these gatekeepers of the old time nuclear flame to the new quantum mechanical reality, we will never succeed in convincing people that cold fusion is real.

    • GreenWin

      Good points. It all begins with rigorous honesty from our sim’s programmers. Acceptance their understanding of human behavior is deeply prejudiced. And refusal to preach that which they do not practice. Healing begins with the guilty as charged, making amends and restitution. Else,

  • hempenearth

    Great work Gerard, can’t wait for more info!

  • Bob Greenyer

    Fantastic Gerard!

    If you want to hop on a less than 2 hour flight to Brno from Eindhoven, perhaps you’d like to help run an experiment here or, alternatively, its only about a 10 hour drive. If you plan to be open, I should have some Parkhomov fuel for you in any case.

  • Omega Z

    The Real, True, Honest-History of Pizza

    Who Invented Pizza?

    Pizza was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in Menlo Park NJ in 1880. After inventing the incandescent light bulb, Edison became hungry and…

    Okay, that’s not it. 🙂

    The real history of pizza starts in Italy. Or Greece. Perhaps Egypt or 1 of many others that predate Italy?(600BC)
    It depends on your definition of pizza which for me doesn’t matter. The pizza we all love with marinara & cheese originated in Italy. Nothing else really matters. I just eat it,

    The same issue concerns LENR/CF. Someone always comes up with a previous mention of it a hundred years back. This also doesn’t matter.
    Should Rossi be the 1st to make a marketable product, LENR will be credited to an Italian. In the scheme of things. It will not matter. We will just use it.

    • orsobubu

      > It will not matter. We will just use it

      as an internationalist, I say this is absolutely true also in the political economy scheme

      Omega Z, I always answer to your critics to me, but I’m costantly moderated by admin

  • Axil Axil

    Gerard McEk,

    Being familiar with nuclear reactions, didn’t someone in the room state that LENR was impossible because it does not produce neutrons, gamma and/or other types of radiation, and radioactive isotopes? If so, how did you explain these contradictions to your group?

    • Gerard McEk

      Axil, there was one physicist asking these kind of questions. I explained your theory with energy teleportation and the Cook-Rossi’s ‘pre-theory’ where they mentioned that a proton may be fused with Li7 -> Be8 and then split in 2x He4, without gamma. I also replied that according to W-L the surrounding atoms absorb the gamma photons, but also said that there is no accepted theory at this moment in time yet.

      • Axil Axil


        It is always important to have a response when faced with this type of skepticism. You will find that these guys will become silent when faced with science that is over their heads.

      • bachcole

        Did he continue to talk to you when you said that, or did he roll his eyes and walk away?

        • Gerard McEk

          In fact, he is very intrigued by LENR and especially the isotope shifts and wants to do some theoretical work. I have had several emails since my presentation from him. He will have a hard time because he is nearly 80 and possibly not very up to date with the latest quantum mechanics, but one never knows.

  • HarryD

    Gerard, sounds like you are from Netherlands too.
    If you read this today (sunday 3rd may) there is a event in Amsterdam in Felix Meritis and it deals about reforming the academic world/university.
    I think you would like it.
    It sounds like it would be interesting to see how we can team up as LENR evangelists and perhaps more.