Rossi on Tesla Motors and Elon Musk: ‘We are in Contact’

A reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today shared with Rossi a link to Tesla Motors’ Powerwall technology, and suggested that the Tesla battery could be used as means of starting the E-Cat’s reactions, and also to store energy produced. And then asked: “Did you ever considered to start some kind of co-operation with Elon Musk?”

Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi
May 7th, 2015 at 12:52 PM
Rafal Krych:
Very interesting as a storage of energy too.
We are in contact.
Warm Regards

This is a typically brief response which could be interpreted in a wide range of ways. At one extreme it could simply mean that once upon a time there was an email exchange between someone at Industrial Heat and someone at Tesla; on the other extreme it could mean that they are talking regularly at the highest levels. One can only speculate, but it does seem likely that each organization is aware of the other’s existence, and there has been some level of communication.

At the recent product launch event for the Powerwall battery, Elon Musk referred to the sun as a ‘handy fusion reactor in the sky’ which produces ‘a ridiculous amount of energy’ — and the Powerwall and Powerpack battery systems are designed to use solar. There was no hint from Musk that he was thinking about another source of power (LENR) to charge his batteries. However he’s a smart man, and I would imagine that if there was a chance that LENR could be shown to be a more effective energy source, he would be interested in making modifications in his model.

In addition, Rossi has mentioned in the past that solar-powered E-Cats could work in certain circumstances, so there may be ways for Tesla/IH collaboration to take place using solar as the energy source to drive E-Cats.

I don’t think Rossi will elaborate on his statement about being in contact with Tesla — but as always he seems open to ideas that are presented to him by his readers.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    For now I think “we are in contact” means “we have sent an email inquiry”

  • Alan DeAngelis
  • Buck

    BuBu Bear,

    he also provided some clarification on the importance of reaching out in the blog exchange below.
    Andrea’s response implies that IH actively reaches out when there is a strong enough reason.


    May 7th, 2015 at 4:47 PM

    Dear Andrea,

    What does “being in contact” with Elon Musk mean? Have you exchanged e-mails? Or met in person? Or is the communication on behalf of Industrial Heat and not you personally?

    Best Regards,



    Andrea Rossi
    May 7th, 2015 at 6:12 PM


    I cannot give information about these details, but I can confirm that it is important to have every available option for integrating into the energy infrastructure and to explore all available sources of synergies.

    Warm Regards,


    • Imposer

      Says who?! Manage your own life. It’s their life and not about what YOU feel a 19 year old be thinking about.

  • Cuthbert Allgood

    > Does that mean he’s completely discounting ultra capacitors and LENR and everything else?

    Ultracapacitors have poor energy density and the problem doesn’t look to be fixed on the horizon, and LENR doesn’t exist in any form, as far as the mainstream world is concerned (and, practically speaking, as the non-mainstream world is concerned since no one can get a working model).

  • Warthog

    Thanks for proving my point. And you are wrong on the rest of your points. With concentrated energy, most of the eco-problems can be remedied without any such draconian massacre, and at the same time actually reduce humanity’s eco-footprint. For just one example, see “vertical agriculture”. Jed Rothwell has a book which contains many other examples..

  • Musk’s cars and batteries are not cost effective and they are not “green” environmentally because they cause too much pollution to manufacture. Super capacitors made with carbon or ceramics show allot of promise, but those technologies are not yet available for sale as far as I know. Musk will have to develop cost effective products to stay in business for the long term. Right now he is riding a fad, not producing efficient, world saving products. LENR should be both cost effective and relatively nonpolluting.

    • Sanjeev

      More “Rossi says” stuff –

      By the way, the test on course on the Hot Cat adjacent to the 1 MW E-Cat
      are going well, and it is the core of what will be the domestic E-Cat

      So there will be a domestic e-cat? Plans have changed it seems.

      • GreenWin

        That is certainly where the money is in distributed energy. Couple years ago NASA’s Joe Zawodny speculated on LENR appliances in home owner basements. A market of 3-4B units puts this product above iPhone numbers.

        • *”our addiction to oil”*

          You are using the talking points of misguided, politically motivated group-think. Oil is the only transportation fuel that works right now. We are dependent on oil because without it we would all quickly starve to death. The renewable energy fad is very childish. It never talks about life the way it really is. It only speaks in term fantasies that don’t hold up to analysis. Give up oil, spit on the hand that feeds you, and you will die. First we have to find a authentic replacement for oil, and that replacement has to be reliable, portable, and with a very high energy density. Unreliable, intermittent, diffuse and low low energy density solutions cannot work. The field of energy has been politicized by people who cannot understand basic mathematics and science. Our politicians have created many vampiric fad energy industries that suck money out of our economy without producing any beneficial products. The USA is bankrupt, and we don’t have any real money left to spend, only money we borrow from other nations. Our collapse is near. LENR is the only hope of getting us out of this mess. Energy mandates and subsidies just make us poorer. We need to stop repeating hollow slogans that do not represent the true, provable facts of life. We are not “addicted” to air and water because we need both to live. Today, oil is literally as essential to our survival as air and water.

        • builditnow

          So, for instance, Mike McKubre at SRI has reliably produced excess heat many many times, that’s just one lab with credibility that can do it. There are many other such credible top scientists and labs also able to reliably reproduce clearly positive LENR results in lab experiments.

          Clearly you have not even taken a close look at the SRI work, just for a start.
          When and if you decide to actually read the reports and evaluate the results, let me know your evaluation then. Any competitent scientist can evaluate the SRI results for instance. The question is, why don’t they bother.

          If you don’t do your own evaluation, your become a non thinking repeater station of old and out of date information.
          (SRI is Stanford Research International, associated with Stanford University, right in the middle of Silicon Valley. Mike McKubre’s team has over 100 person years of research into LENR over 26 years.)

      • Andy Kumar

        Do I sense a bit of skepticism sneaking in? By now, we now that “Rossi says” is the Gospel Truth. I say, let the man work in peace. You can not hurry technological revolutions.

        • Sanjeev

          No one said that whatever he says is gospel truth. So its your own delusion or fertile imagination as usual. 😀
          Most of the Rossi statements have been proven true, but not all, so I do not guarantee that this will happen 100%. As with all start ups and cutting edge techs, nothing is fixed in the LENR world.
          I do encourage you to keep finding whatever little negativity you can in anything positive you read here, its good for a laugh for us all. At least you are brave enough to always step up to be the clown in the lenr room.

        • Yeah August, with my track record I advised him not to get married until he was fifty-one.

          • Gerard McEk

            If an E-cat or Hot cat is interated in this Heat and electricity home unit:
            and combined with the Tesla motors Powerwall, than we may have an ideal power/heating unit to make you totally independent from the grid!

          • builditnow

            Think ahead to self flying cars

      • ecatworld

        I think the domestic e-cat has always been in the plans. The certification is what has been what’s been holding it back, from what AR has told us.

  • Warthog

    “There are indeed too many people on the planet. We need a plague to take out about 90% of humanity.

    So the above quote agreeing with the radical green mega-death agenda proves the opposite??? Strange logic there. Unless there is a “not” missing from your text, I don’ think so.

    Inexpensive, pollution-free concentrated power allows 100% recycling and access to “non-earth” resources. And much more.

    It is a proven sociological fact that once a poor society gains wealth, that the birth rate goes DOWN…voluntarily. The neo-Malthusian meme is bogus.


  • Warthog

    “I don’t know where you guys come up with your erroneous belief system about environmentalists..”

    From direct statements made by them. “Most” RATIONAL environmentalists would fit your picture, but there is a radical subset that is “full-Malthusian”. The members of that element have said repeatedly in many venues that their goal is to kill off 90% or more of humanity.

  • Albert D. Kallal

    I don’t think it is a question that they “can’t” use them in their cars, but they simply have more battery capacity now then what they need for their cars.

    So the car production is constrained, but with the new mega battery plant, they do have excess battery capacity, but certainly not excess car production capacity (they are selling everything they make – and have a waiting list).

    So yes, I do think this is a business play to utilize the excess capacity they have for batteries. I mean, you think they would sell batteries to consumers in place of selling a car for $100,000?

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada
    [email protected]

    • EEStorFanFibb

      I think I can correct a couple misconceptions. The giga factory is under construction and hasn’t produced a single battery. It don’t think it’s scheduled to until 2017.

      Also the giga factory is to supply batteries for the Tesla Model 3 which they plan to sell hundreds of thousands of starting in mid 2017. It’s still in development.

      The selling price of the model 3 will be in the mid 30ks.

  • Freethinker


    You claim to be open minded and yet you see no problem with comparing UFO sightings with 26 years of scientific work in LENR, with plenty of replications. “LENR is only tantalizing anecdotes”” is a clear indication of that you are clueless as to what the field entails. This is classic trolling garbage. The only thing missing for a perfect BS bullseye is a reference to Yeti.

    You, in your claimed ambition to inject “reality”, lack the aptitude to embrace fact, as you so quite obviously disregard them. So no, you are quite the opposite of being “entirely open minded”.

    Please go troll elsewhere.

    • builditnow

      Humm,,… yes … associating UFO with LENR is classic troll behavior. Clearly no attempt to look at the actual results. Perhaps a cut and paste job from a Maryugo sighting.

  • bkrharold

    Perhaps LENR will become the perfect source of energy. It is now in its infancy, and it will take a lot of research and development, before it reaches its full potential. I truly hope that it does. In the meantime, green energy is a much better alternative to the fossil fuels which are destroying our planet. The situation is urgent, CO2 has now exceeded 400ppm. At the current glacial pace of development it could be years before LENR is ready for prime time, solar wind and wave power are here today.

  • EEStorFanFibb

    i don’t think the successful commercialization of lenr will hurt the solar, wind and energy storage industries very much at all at least not for a couple decades.

    the heat will be useful for sure but whether it can produce electrical power effectively remains to be seen.

    either way it will be at least several years before it could even think about stealing any market share from the exponential juggernaut that is already wind and solar.

  • EEStorFanFibb

    European Union Electric Car Sales Up 58% In Q1 2015

  • Omega Z

    There is a difference in subsidies, tax breaks & tax deductions.
    If your employer spends $10K on your health insurance & the Government doesn’t tax it as corporate profit, it is a tax deduction to encourage the employer to provide this coverage. A subsidy would be the Government kicking back a portion of that $10K to the employer. The fact that the government also doesn’t tax it as part of “your” income is an out right tax break to you.

    Elon Musk is getting a 1.5 Billion$ tax break spread over 10 years on his Mega Plant. I don’t have an issue with that. He wouldn’t build it without these breaks & the jobs & income tax revenues would be lost without it. This is a win for the Government. Tho the Government paying for a portion of the finished product is a Subsidy.

    There are very few Subsidies in the fossil fuel industry. Most are tax deductions. As in, Wages paid out or equipment purchased are not taxed as profit.(As with all business) It is an expense. A tax break or tax deduction. You best hope the people who twist this don’t prevail because nearly everything will increase by 50% or more in costs to the consumer. Note that equipment investment will still be taxed as a Capitol gain.

    In Essence, A subsidy is when the Government Actually gives you money directly out of pocket. Like paying 1/3rd of the cost of solar or wind production costs. Not “applying” a tax is a tax break or deduction.

    Note that the U.S. Government gets 16% of all gross revenue sales of coal, gas & oil from federal lands plus many other fees & are considering raising that to 25%. That means your cost will increase making so called green energies cost competitive. Not because they are cheaper, but because fossil energy is artificially being price inflated.

    State Governments are also in on this game. Usually labeled a separation tax. And this doesn’t include the average 50+ cents a gallon tax at the pump. You could legitimately claim who subsidizes who.

    Coal is dirty & harms and Kills people. No Argument here. How many would have been harmed & have died without it. When I was very young, my parents burned wood & coal in a pot belly stove. Without it, we would have froze to death.

    Life is about trade offs. Vaccines kill or cripple a small percentage of every 100K people who receive them. But the number is much smaller then the diseases they prevent. This is a positive outcome. It doesn’t mean we should stop looking for something better.

    A Modern Coal plant can capture over 95% of all the pollutants. This is a great improvement from the past. It doesn’t mean we should stop looking for something better. LENR will also have it’s own negative impacts tho it will be another great improvement. But we should continue to work towards something even better. Always….