Clean Planet Inc. Hosts Symposia on Future of Cold Fusion in Japan

Clean Planet, the Japanese company that is partnering with Tohoku University in the formation of the Clean Energy Research Lab, has reported on its Facebook Page about meetings it has recently held.

They write (translated from Japanese):

We are pleased to report that we hosted symposiums, Future of Cold Fusion, at 2 national universities in Japan, Tohoku University and Tokyo Institute of Technology, on 13th and 14th May.

Over 160 opinion-leaders in industry, government and academia of Japan joined the symposiums.

We felt very honored to have such great minds be a part of our dream!

Thank you!

There are a number of photos on the Facebook page, mostly of people I do not recognize — but I see in a couple of pictures Dave Nagel, one of the founding members of LENRIA, the recently-formed industry association for LENR.


  • Ged

    A nice turnout from research leaders. So good to see. We’ll have to keep an eye on the progress going on in Japan, as they seem serious about this like Russia.

    • malkom700

      In Japan there is a lack of oil and nuclear power plants can not operate safely due to the earthquake danger. If nowhere else, they must certainly introduced the LENR.

  • Gerard McEk

    A very good development! This should happen in every country. Did the media report on this?

    • Omega Z


      “Did the media report on this?”

      No more so then in any other Country with any other such LENR meetings.

  • GreenWin

    So far we have Japan, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Russia, China, India and (begrudgingly) the USA officially researching LENR. But official USA continues to obfuscate – hiding behind a tattered curtain of denial.

    Imagine the progress we would make if Ernie Moniz could bring himself to publicly acknowledge failed DoE fission/fusion policy? All it takes is rigorous honesty.

    • Gerard McEk

      I agree Greenwin, in our Western world LENR is too much digged under the dreadful cover of pseudo science. If you want to want the LENR revolution, then start it at the bottem. The ivory tower occupants have plugs in their ears and they will never listen and admit their faults. Tell your story in schools and smaller companies and you will find a willing ear. Start the LENR revolution at the bottom!

      • clovis ray

        No need for all that , soon all will be revealed, and E-cat will be in the market place, just save up your money, they are coming, quicker than you think.
        something this important MUST be done correctly, and that is now taking place as we speak

        • Gerard McEk

          That is what I thought woud happen about four years ago. I hope you are right that it will be revealed soon, but I continue to enforce the route from the bottom as well.

    • Alain Samoun

      failed DoE fission/fusion policy

      • GreenWin

        Perfect image Alain. 🙂

    • georgehants

      GreenWin you may be showing just how powerful the dictatorial western democracy’s have become in threatening the media in general and even small fringe Websites if they allow that “rigorous honesty” you mention, that criticizes the establishment.
      They have many means of censorship, I think.

      • GreenWin

        Indeed George. But, in the immortal words of Scotsman William Wallace:

        ” They may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!” 🙂

      • Alberonn

        democrazy, ha…

    • Alan DeAngelis

      “..heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.”
      Lord Kelvin 1895

      Apparently he never looked up into the sky to see one of those flying meat machines.

    • US_Citizen71

      The tattered curtain of denial is likely more to hide a black program into cold fusion. The US defense department has been on the cutting edge of things nuclear for awhile. They brought us such hits as the atomic bomb, the H-bomb, the neutron bomb, fission power plants, fission powered ships and a laser grid powerful enough to trigger hot fusion. Only competition from cheaper and more reliable ICBMs prevented them from building the fission powered airplane. I seriously doubt with the money thrown at them every year they haven’t been actively researching all means of cold fusion we have heard of. The cloak and dagger denial and lack of official support is to throw off rivals.

      • Omega Z

        You may be right. I have come across evidence that they have been studying LENR since the late 50’s, early 60’s(Nano-Tech also). Probably done in the darkest of dark projects. This would definitely fall under National Security concerns. They would want to know all about it long before it escaped into the wild.

        Things like can it be weaponized like conventional weapons or “nukes”. You have to admit, It would be very worrisome if it could. Even if the process is complex, it would be very cheap in comparison.

        I think they know what they need to & I believe they have decided to allow things to take it’s natural coarse. Some think if they have it they should just turn it over. I don’t think that would turn out so well. People would have many questions that would be very hard to answer & people would also want to know what else they were withholding.

        • US_Citizen71

          It likely grew out of research the defense department was doing into materials to salt nuclear weapons with for area denial attacks. They spent a ton of money bombarding the periodic table after that was proposed. With so many nuclear physicists available at the time and only so much bomb research available I’m sure they got paid to play with promising reactions. I’ve seen research from the 1930’s that appears to have touched on some of the currently reported anomalies associated with LENR like heat and helium production. With money, labs, high priced toys and a mandate to defeat the red scare who knows what they tried to duplicate or just what if into an experiment.

          • Omega Z

            Actually, some of the evidence indicated that as military hardware became more electronic, they were having issues with anomalous heat where there should have been none.
            I also discovered reference to a published paper in 1962 on LENR-Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. However, it is behind a pay-wall
            Theory of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

          • US_Citizen71

            Very interesting!

          • Omega Z

            Note I have come across some other info, tho most is over my head.
            They compiled info, data & research going decades before P&F including palladium/hydrogen loading. They scraped the bottom of the barrel for every hint of anomalous heat effects. They were doing things & using techniques 60 years ago that we all know as relatively recent developments.

            Note While industry is struggling to perfect 5th generation F-35 fighter jets, Someone somewhere is struggling with the 8th or 9th generation in the dark. Most of the F-35 technology is merely slightly improved SR-71 tech from the late 50’s. It is nearly 60 year old technology. Nano-tech was used in the development of the SR-71… The link I provided in the former post is just 1 of many…

        • GreenWin

          Omega, of course you are correct. However, the lack of vision on the part of DoD and the ABCs is meant to be balanced by the Executive and Judiciary branches. AND a free press. For the past 40 years we have seen no such vision from our Commander in Chief, our Courts, or the press.

          This is due to corruption in national security enterprises supporting fossil/fission/MIC interests. Vision comes from people able to rise above fears that secrecy is necessary. The greater the vision – the less fear and secrecy needed. The U.S.A lacks this balance and leadership.

  • Daniel Maris

    Japan certainly has the incentive to crack cold fusion/LENR.

    Let’s hope we see some verified progress soon (above and beyond the somewhat limited successes reported to date).

  • Omega Z

    Anytime there is a symposium or ICCF conference Etc, There is a backlash towards the U.S. about suppression.

    Keeping things in perspective, I don’t see any real difference in the treatment of LENR in any Country. What I do see is many more higher institutional involvements in the U.S. then nearly all other Countries combined. But, Put that into perspective. The U.S. has more higher Institutions then nearly all other Countries combined. The point here is a 2% penetration of institutional awareness is a 2% awareness regardless of what Country your speaking of.

    I also see a similar amount of resistance with maybe? “2 PARTIAL” exceptions. India & China. It is a little harder to get a read on these 2 Nations, but if the resistance to LENR is to a lower degree, it is only because their situations are a little more dire then others & some among them may be a little more open to outside the box possibilities.

    In essence, You will find resistance from all Countries & most of it comes from a select few individuals in the Big Physics arena. Note even in that arena, you will find many willing to at least listen. Are they just less invested in Big Physics?, or are they just smart enough to know that this will open up a vast new expansion in the field of Physics? It will you know…

    As to general acceptance & awareness of LENR, It is not yet time. There are many amazing technologies in the realm of research. And like LENR, many have been mentioned on occasion in the Mainstream Media with a little snicker from the anchor person & any guest pundit they have access to. Just as happens to LENR.

    You also wont find politicians or people such as Elon Musk Or Bill Gates Etc ready to go public. Even if they believe the technology has merit. LENR is to controversial at the present. They will need at least 1 indisputable working industrial plant to point to & don’t be shocked if a 2nd is necessary. Nobody wants to come forward & be mocked & ridiculed. Especially when the technology hasn’t yet been proven to be viable for real world work.

    Just know that most technology we take for granted today was at 1 time ridiculed. Not just the Wright brothers. Robert Fulton’s steamboat-‘Fulton’s Folly’. The horseless carriage & many more. LENR will just keep chipping away the resistance & if it’s what as claimed, It will prevail when it’s time…

  • Sanjeev

    I disagree. LENR will make everyone prosperous including those who might oppose it. The countries or corporations who refuse to adopt LENR will be left in the dust and smoke of coal and oil. When a superior technology appears, there remains only two options – adopt and benefit or become extinct.