Rossi Expects New Successful Replication Reports to be Published

There’s an interesting response by Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics in response to a comment by Hank Mills today.

Hank Mills makes the observation that no one in the open replication community is able to achieve the same kind of success as Alexander Parkhomov, and he thinks it is because no one is putting in enough time to work at getting the results, and there has been a wide variety of materials and setups used.

Andrea Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi
May 21st, 2015 at 6:14 PM
Hank Mills:
Thank you for your insight, but I do not agree: I know some od the groups that are making replications are making a good job with strong engagement and I think soon successful experiments will be announced.
Warm Regards,

This reply makes me think that Rossi himself knows of replications that have been performed — probably ones that we have not heard about yet.

For quite a while now there have been rumors that the Lugano testing team have been doing their own replications, and that this is the reason they have not yet updated the report they published last October. Rossi’s statement makes me wonder whether he is aware of this team’s activity. If so, he may be hinting here that he expects a report from them to be published before too long, and that they have been successful in their work.

That’s some speculation on my part — there may be others that Rossi is referring to, since he mention multiple groups in his comment.

  • bfast

    I am thirsty for more replications. I am thirsty for a truly open replication, like we would get from MFMP.

  • Mike Henderson

    The world of replications is complex. We need a central place (such as the wiki on this site) where the diverse bits of information can be pulled together in a common format. Toward that end, I have begun pulling information together in a Google sheet.

    For each initiative, we should be able to easily look up Team Name, Contributors, Dates, Reactor design, Thermal methods, Summary results, Links, Next Steps and more.

    Take this with a grain of salt, it is a draft.

    Once this is validated, I will transfer it to the wiki.

    If you’d like to contribute as an editor, you’ll need a Google+ account. PM me your email address on Facebook or user hendersonmj on

    • Wishful Thinking Energy

      This is a fantastic spreadsheet. Thank you for creating it. I think it would be helpful to add to the reactor configuration reactor dimensions.

  • Sanjeev

    That’s a good news. The groups most likely are Levi team and Parkhomov, as we know from the Rossi-Parkhomov skype meeting. But as a wild guess the other groups can be NASA or Airbus.

    Levi team will be probably the first to announce something, they were to start in mid May, its almost last week of May now.

  • The wording seems more to be a kind support to the various public tentatives…

    It does not seems like a prediction or a leak…

    For now we have nothing confirmed. Parkhomov have a preliminary result, with many weakness beside some good work. One possibility is that rossi have an unidentified trick.

    Anyway I hope that Rossi have leaked the key point to the swedish replicators, as now there is less fear to be overtaken by competitors, and having an open replication will ensure support from the “scientific method cargo cult”.

    I hope that once a team will have replicated and open the key tricks, some experiments like the G-day project supported by Airbus will convince the engineers around the planet…

    Academic are not important in a revolution, whan have missed for LENR was data to convince engineers… and engineers don’t move just because they are convinced by a reality, but because of practical opportunities.

    Academic will believe latter when the funding will flow, as usual. we should not care.

  • I cannot contact this website…
    is it down? I know other site down currently…. maybe something is happening on Internet.

  • note that the translation seems more a general statement

    “all takes more time than planned” (Allt tar dock längre tid än beräknat.)

  • theBuckWheat

    The more operating hours of experience from the more groups the better. My main concern for the Rossi device at the moment is that until the exact physics are understood and fully explored, a device might stop working without any explanation. Worse, a device might enter some area of the operating envelop that results in a runaway and emission of harmful levels of radiation.

    Until the physics are understood and translated into engineering and operating considerations, the only solution is as many hours of well-instrumented operation as possible.

    Having said that, the Rossi device and LENR in general is one of the the greatest advances in human history. And it will surely perturb the current world power dynamic that is heavily related to the flow of oil and wealth to oil producing nations. For example, what would change in the world should the Persian Gulf no longer have a chokehold on the flow of oil to the industrialized countries? Entire countries who presently must import most of their food and pay for it with oil revenues will suffer deep economic and thus social problems. Not a single well-credentialed analyst or even science fiction writer has anticipated this. We have no event in human history to look to for guidance of hindsight.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Western governments are in debt, which at the moment reduces their degrees of freedom to help with such problems. However, when and if the oil price collapses, governments can increase oil taxes to prevent the consumer price from collapsing. That would give governments some capital which enables them to e.g. temporarily subsidise the oil producing countries.

      • mcloki

        Or they will tax Electricity, driver miles/per KM. Increase income taxes, add a financial transaction tax. Add municipal, state and Federal sales taxes.

        • GreenWin

          Crazy thought. Governments learn to live on less.

          • Omega Z

            When Government has already done calculations on how much the kiddies have at home in their piggy banks, I don’t think learning to live on less is in their plans.

        • Omega Z

          “Everything” in your post.

          What do you mean they will etc, etc, etc,
          Already done in the U.S.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        “temporarily subsidize the oil producing countries.” I cannot see that happening!

      • Omega Z

        The truth is nearly all Nations are in debt. Two major exceptions are Norway & Saudi Arabia each with north of 3/4’s of a trillion$ invested.

        Most of the world is like I owe you a Trillion$ & You owe me a Trillion$. It is 1 big Ponzi World. And note that China is no exception.
        Oil prices will not collapse. At least not for very long. They will merely drill wells at a greatly reduced number until demand exceeds supply & prices will rebound. The only reason prices are where they are today is due to middle east politics.(Saudi vs Iran) The number of new oil wells needed every month is insane.

        • debt is not a bad thing, and is good as it mean investing before you have the income. It is a crime not to invest in a good business plan.

          like many people I am indebted of nearly a decade of income for valuable assets like my house.
          Some are because of their business.

          some are indebted because of their government.
          I’m so surprised when people moan that it is a tragedy when the debt is above 1 year of income.. In itself it is meaningless, but I agree that if that debt is just to pay the daily bill as in most governments, and there is no real return on investment associated, then it is tragic.

          when it is bad is when it is done not for productive assets but for just consumption.

          One rule of islamic finance is that you don’t borrow else for a productive asset.
          another is that you don’t pay fixed rates but dividends.

          of course modern finance guy can get around those rules, but that is what was supported in the old time.

          • Omega Z

            Debt for a home is acceptable.
            But most of our World is now upside down.

            Used to be, Having credit cards hurt ones credit.
            Now, Not having credit cards hurt your credit. In fact they say you have no credit. Today you must have debt in order to borrow. How crazy is that.

            I do differentiate between U.S. debt & China’s debt. China uses debt to put people to work building things(Investment). The U.S. uses it to pay people not to work(divestment).

    • Sanjeev

      Entire countries who presently must import most of their food and pay
      for it with oil revenues will suffer deep economic and thus social

      No they won’t. They can simply use LENR to be self sufficient like every one else. Those countries that are very cold can do indoor farming for almost no cost, and those that lack water/soil etc can desalinate the sea water using LENR plant and grow food again at minimal cost. Its the dependency on oil and coal that makes us poor.
      I have seen the view that oil producers will suffer so many times here that I wonder why people do not use common sense and think about the full implications of a cheap and clean and abundant source of energy.

      • radvar

        Yet it is interesting to contemplate the technical and social challenges of migrating a system that converts money into food to a system that converts heat into food.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        The transition you describe will take decades, theBuckWheat describes what will happen it the short term.

        • Sanjeev

          The transition will take decades, but most likely LENR will have no short term impacts on economies. People will not immediately stop buying oil and coal, it will take many years, may be 20-50, enough for all countries to switch their basic needs to LENR. Implementing LENR will be dirt cheap. So the idea that whole countries with trillion$ economies will collapse overnight is only an imaginary fear.
          Other scenario is, lenr turning out to be just experimental error and earth running out of oil. In which case all will switch to solar, the real free energy source, again taking many decades.
          In both scenarios there will be an extraordinary growth of technology, which will be a marvel to watch, if we live that long.

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            Oil Companies and Oil countries are valued based on the value of their oil reserves. It will not take decades for the value of these oil reserves to be revalued downward. This will mean these companies and countries will be a lot poorer faster, in less than a decade. It might have started already.

          • Sanjeev

            Devaluation of oil does not mean that they will just sit there and do nothing to counter the effects of it. A good strategy will be to use the the excess oil to start producing energy for their own use. Energy=food, as we know well. Free oil means free transport, and therefore cheap food. A lot many industries can be set up to produce cheap goods, because most of the cost of goods is energy cost, which will be free with free oil.

            In worst case, if the governments fail to implement some strategies to keep the nation well fed, a lot of relief will be sent by other countries, who will have no shortage of food and other basic needs.

            US is the largest producer of oil and gas and I see no sign of it getting poorer. I see no sign of panic as lenr is being revealed there.

            In short, people fail to see the big picture and assume small things, as if the world is a simple and static place. They always assume that only one thing will happen and it will happen only in one way. That’s a lot to assume.

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            Wall Street is not rocket science. When they see the value (oil reserves) of an oil company or oil country drastically reduced, it will become very simple. That company and country will become a lot poorer.

          • US_Citizen71

            The results being +/- is nothing but legalese fixating on that is a waste of time and effort. The results of any experiment by anyone could be +/-, Rossi’s use of that phrase translates to ‘I can say no more’. Both those who whole heartily believe Rossi and those that believe it is some type of nefarious scheme are basing their opinions on an incomplete data set. The resulting opinions and how they are expressed are more telling of the person expressing them than the data itself. Nothing in this saga is conclusive yet. Filling in the data with ‘passive construction’ is required for either view.

          • pelgrim108

            “It is fair to point out that tests without proper reporting are a self-indulgence – of no use to others.”
            It is not fair and it is wrong. Obviously wrong. You are acting like a bully.
            Maybe you are obsessed with formal science and think that everything outside of that is rubbish, that would excuse your behaviour.

  • pelgrim108

    If you cant do it yourself, why not try to be a help to the guys who do put in their sweat and tears. Dont be so demanding and entitled, its demoralising.

    • Wishful Thinking Energy

      I totally agree. Many of us trying to conduct these experiments have limited time and resources. If I have to choose between writing reports or conducting further experiments I will always choose conducting further experiments. That said, I understand the importance of reports and if someone would like to help I’m happy to make my data available for analysis.

      • Thomas Clarke

        WTE – I think the issue is that the data can only be interpreted with quite a lot of extra info about how the experiment was conducted, so the whole process is quite long and interactive.

        I appreciate that writing stuff up properly is a lot of work. You might however like to consider that unless this is done neitehr you nor otehrs can properly evaluate your results.

        I guess if you are going for a simple obvious excess or null result, with writeups only attempted on the apparent positives, that would make sense. It is probably what most though not all LENR people do.

        Anyway I’m not trying to tell you what to do – I have no right to do that and indeed would not want to do so!

  • GreenWin

    Home brew experiments are great. Jobs and Woz home-brewed Apple. However, LENR relies on precise nanometric NAEs. Without the ability to control NAE geometry — home brewers are limited to pure chance their “fuel” meets required specs. Lacking nanoscale manufacturing knowledge and equipment – replications will suffer.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    I am surprised how slow technology seems to be progressing. Considering a mere 25 years ago our main method of garnering information was The Library or ordering books, I have hopes for us to shift gears somewhat..

    • GreenWin

      With you fp. I’m a little POed how long it takes to make a piece of toast!

    • mcloki

      Exactly. I was promised flying cars dammit. lol

      • friendlyprogrammer

        Yeah….. and phones where we can see the people we are talking to… Oh Wait!?!$&

  • Wow, thanks. Inspiring!

  • Sanjeev

    If you do not see any detailed info how could you rate anything at all ? Did you just made up the summary ?

    Its only fair to not allow your biased posts here, since you consider all experiments to be negative. I’ve not seen any negative result. At most all experiments were learning experiences for those who are doing it.

  • LCD

    One main problem right now is that the activation or steady state temperature is going up against chamber stability. That is its too hot!

    And dealing with those problems is taking up too much time. Unfortunately we don’t have a “lower” temperature replication.

  • GreenWin

    Andy, any such space would likely be filled with transitional poltergeists. Even brave believers would hesitate to make such TRIP.

  • GreenWin

    On the contrary. Dr. Rossi seems as focused and jovial as ever. Where does he get such magical energy?

  • US_Citizen71

    I do not think that such an area is needed. I do not believe anyone here is against skepticism. It is when skepticism becomes mocking cynicism or worse that moderation happens. Saying you believe someone to be wrong or that an experiment appears to show a negative outcome I do not believe would trigger moderation. It comes down to using a civil debating style instead of just plain spiteful arguing or denigration of others.

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