If You Were in Andrea Rossi’s Shoes, What Would You have Done? (Andy Kumar)

Thanks to Andy Kumar for this suggestion for a thread

While we are waiting for the commercial release of the e-cat, I was wondering if the e-cat followers here would have taken a different path than what Dr. Rossi has chosen.

Admin could start a separate thread on the topic.

If I were in Rossi’s position of having invented a world changing technology at age 60+, I would have cashed in my Nobel prize and openly published the details so that the best minds in the world can work on it. I would like to hear the regular followers’ views on it.

Andy Kumar

  • Bob Greenyer

    Exactly what Matsushita did with VHS – licence to anyone. Then those that can make a buck – because they produce good competitive products, do so. Lead on tech – derivative tech to be passed back to licensor.

    He should have made a design patent on the reactor or control system. Much of the rest is not patentable. This would be the basis for the licence.

    • Nigel Appleton

      I agree – although I shouldn’t be surprised if the final fuel composition is patentable.

      I’m pretty sure in my own mind that the fuel as supplied to the Lugano group was an early, functional but not optimal, recipe; and that Rossi is working with more efficient formulations now – easier to “ignIte”, and to get to SSM.

  • Guest2

    If I was Rossi , I would release a little bit more info to help replication easier. This will help him earn a Nobel prize and at the same time speed up commercial process.

    • Observer

      Why do people think that getting Nobel prize is a greater accomplishment than what you did to get the Nobel prize?

      • Christina

        Because they don’t want to think it through and want only the glitz, not the blood, sweat, and tears behind it.


      • Bob

        I think looking to the past is quite interesting in reqards to this question:

        Edison, admired today, was ruthless during his life. He pursued patents endlessly and fought tirelessly to protect his ideas or discredit competitors. e.g. the famous elephant debacle. He stopped at nothing. From my readings, he was not a very nice man when it came to business.

        The Wright brothers spend much of their money defending patents and trying to prove their product. Initially to the scientific crowd and then to the patent office.

        While many have heard of Tesla, he is not even close to renown status as Edison. Only in the last few decades has his name become more known to the general public. Of a different mind set, he died almost broke. What was the difference? Was Edison smarter, more deserving?

        One or two others possibly had working planes before the Wright brothers, but I cannot name them at the moment. Why?

        Edison did not invent the light bulb, but simply one that lasted longer. Who invented the first one?

        Alexander Graham Bell is credited with the telephone, but many think Antonio Meucci

        is the true heir apparent. Scores of lawsuits was filed over patents and the like over this.
        I personally think that if Rossi would have freely gave his knowledge away 4 years ago, we would not be talking about him today. The secret to LENR would have been scooped up by a mega corporation or entrepreneur like Elon Musk and Rossi would have been some foot note in history. His discovery and earned rewards would have been handed to others while he may have been left with poverty.
        I am not sure whether his approach is best, but I sure do not blame him for trying to protect his life’s work, legacy or satisfaction.

        • Jouni

          Most I like are those hints of his.
          Like listening to the Cat with a stetoscope, please replicators do implement frequency analyzers ?

        • Billy Jackson

          Well said.

      • Mytakeis

        Like Obama?

  • Owen Geiger

    Rossi is really smart, so I wouldn’t rush to judgement thinking I could do better. His current path has given him enough financial and technical support to greatly enhance the performance. Go back through the last few months of blog posts here at E-Cat World to read about his latest reactor improvements. If it’s all true (I have no reason to doubt him), the progress has been mind blowing. It’s worth compiling all these improvements into a new blog post.

  • Billy Jackson

    The question seems simple, unfortunately the answer will be different for each of us. Its easy to say “oh i would just release it to the world for free and watch it grow”, but at times things just are not that simple.

    How much of your own money and time did you sink in to the project?
    Where are you at mentally, financially, or even emotionally at the same stage?
    how does the reactions of your fellow peers affect your decision making process when they throw everything you show them back in your face and call you a liar and a thief?

    I would like to say that i dont know how i would react being in Andrea Rossi’s shoes. I will say that i applaud him for trying in the face of persistent adversity. Yet humbly accept his decisions even if i don’t agree with all of them simply because i have not walked the road he has been forced to tread since going public with the e-cat.

  • attaboy

    For one thing, we may not be seeing the big picture when it comes to trying to be in Rossi’s shoes. To see that, we may need to be in the shoes of the powerful corporate entity that Rossi’s invention will replace. Do you think this greedy entity is going to stand by and just watch as e-cat takes over our energy needs. Oh NO!! You can bet that Rossi has been under a lot of pressure from this entity, not to mention other powerful entities that have a stake in where the energy comes from. Personally, I feel that in a perfect world, the e-cat and perhaps other forms of lenr, should have been commercialized long ago. As I said earlier, I partly base this on my earlier experience as an industrial product development chemist. I’m convinced that powerful interests, such as the fossil fuel industry, are slowing down the introduction of e-cat.

    • Nigel Appleton

      How are these powerful interests slowing down the introduction of LENR? Rossi and others don’t seem to be starved of funds, or of facilities, or of industrial collaborators, or of routes to publish their findings. Too many people are in possession of the basic knowledge for it to be “disappeared”. There is a vast global desire and will to replace fossil fuels.

      Wicked Big Coal and Evil Big OIl will bitch and moan, but cannot stop LENR if it’s useful

      • clovis ray

        Andy, it is my belief that IH will sell licenses when they feel it’s time, on the other hand Dr. Rossi will have little to do with the commercial units,they belong to IH,
        You said,( it is not good for the credibility of the field that all the claims of success are secret recipes and the only open player, MFMP, can not seem to replicate any of them).

        the reason being no one that i know of has reproduced it yet, when Dr. Rossi says he has something he demonstrated it , and many dedicated scientist have seen it in operation,
        it must be kept quit until he is ready to reveal his device,no one has ever did this before in the history of mankind, and not likely to do so, with out Dr. Rossi permission, this is not to say he won’t give it, but if any money is to be made from it he will want his share, what ever that might be, but you can’t just come along after the fact and say, look what i have discovered when all you have done it replicate his baby, common scene.

  • oceans

    Rossi was able to smell a rat in Greece and was fortunate he was not fleeced of everything there yet once again he survived and ended up in Miami where he made good friends and contacts who wanted to share in his vision of Cold Fusion. Rossi is a survivor and a huge risk taker much like Edmund Musk we can expect to see a picture of Rossi on Time Magazine.

  • Mytakeis

    New paradigms come also from believing in intuition, hunches, that feeling of correctness in something. Sort of unconscious analysis bringing a gestalt conclusion bursting into your brain. Happens all the time, just not something that accommodates itself to a ‘show me repetitious proof,’ like in science. It seems like Rossi taps into such a source of inventiveness. Going to be an exciting next few months and years. May we all be around to witness/enjoy.

  • Mytakeis

    Believe the ‘marriage’ of Rossi’s invention with Industrial Heat’s deep pockets catalyzed progress to date. They share their common goal of humanity’s betterment. Maybe some higher designers are encouraging this path Dr. Rossi has chosen to earthly rehabilitation. Something is holding back forces, who disparage change, in the form of pollution free, near free energy, for any need. Patenting fights, and licensing processes somehow seems slower, or false paths for him to have taken.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Rossi cut the Gordian Knot by making the MW plant. It enabled others to get LENR patents.

  • Roland

    Having gone to the wall several times over ideas of much lessor import I have to ask Andy if he’s ever put everything, by which I mean everything you own and every penny you can borrow and the good will of friends and family, on the line for something you think is important?

  • itwontwork

    I’d give away everything and hide nothing. I’d ask for donations at most.

    • Omega Z

      Invest years of your life & every dime you have to create something. It always amazes me how easy it is for others to give away someone else’s life’s work. All the more reason in this world not to invent anything that’s usable beyond ones own use.

  • Mats002

    If this phenomenom is real, MFMP and other replicators will have success (they might already have but more is needed to be sure) and the LENR field will sour with or without Rossi/IH.

  • Omega Z

    Actually this is no more over unity then an ICE Car.
    You turn a switch that sends electricity that starts up the engine that burns fuel & it produces power.

    LENR: You turn a switch that sends electricity that starts up the E-cat which burns fuel & it produces heat.

    The only difference is the fuel used…

  • Ivan Idso

    I fully support Andrea Rossi based on the respone of his early demonstrations. His first demonstration he invited the media and if the story would have broke then he would have had the funding he needed and it would be a different story today. Instead, all we got was Mary Yugo pissing and moaning on every webpage calling him a crook.

    After three rounds of this and loosing his home, IH came along and offered to finance him. He rightfully said that until he can produce a commercial unit he is wasting his time. I do believe he has a good heart and I believe in IH. The hints he is giving is a bonus. I actually volunteered to drive to Florida and help him after he had lost his home, so he could get his next demonstration ready.

    There are a lot of great people on this blog with good hearts, but no one can hold a candle Andre Rossi. He has worked so tirelessly and unselfisly toward perfection. He doesn’t give a damn about being rich because he could have cashed out a long time ago if he did. In the end we will see that the path chosen by Andre was the best path.

    • Roland

      Exactly; he put everything on the line to, among other things, get an outstanding partner with heart, big bucks and serious connections.

      If no one like IH had stepped up to the plate yet he’d still be doing the right thing by toughing it out some more. There is no substitute for good partners that are wise at business, and it’s very, very hard to succeed with an enormous venture without them.

      For example, Rossi getting flattened like bug on a windshield by powerful enemies (think of all the imperilled interests) is now very unlikely.

      Rossi has hit the big time with Tom Darden, an inventors dream scenario…

  • Ivan Idso

    I have been following Andre Rossi daily for 5 years now, so anything I say is hardly a knee jerk reaction. Andre obviously doesn’t think its ready to license yet because he has been criticized before when he demonstrated something that wasn’t beyond reproach. When he releases his product it will be ready for licensing and there will be no questioning the results.

    MFMP is only concerned with proving the concept as I understand their mission, they only want to make tea versus producing a 1 MW power plant.


  • Omega Z

    You don’t know if Industrial heat & Rossi may already have licensing plans. Tom Darden has already had meetings with People in China. From an interview, he indicated that this was just 1 of several.

    However, Being a controversial technology, Technical issues probably need addressed before any follow through. Besides technical issues, they would probably also want Proof that it can be harnessed in real work outside of a lab.

    On multiple occasions Rossi has said it is not his intent to build user products but that others would be using their reactors. Probably a couple pilot plants will be needed before it is passed off to others to build in mass.

    Rossi has also said that they intend to produce these cheap & in quantity to stay ahead of competitors. Industrial heat is not anywhere big enough to do that without partners or license agreements.

    And to Think Rossi/IH are the only players would be foolish. Michael McKubre from SRI has said there are several other players following the path to market that are close. Two of which he said few if anyone has even heard of. As far as we know, There may already be a couple other pilot plants in operation somewhere.

  • GreenWin

    Aren’t “the best minds in the world” already working on LENR? Academies of Science in India, China, Italy, Sweden, Japan? Secret government projects in a dozen nations? NASA, Boeing, Airbus, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Doosan, etc.; enlightened scientists in leading technical universities?

    None of this would have happened if not for Dr. Rossi’s tenacity. Sounds like Andy and friends are grumpy they’ve been left in the hot fusion money pit.

    • clovis ray

      I breath easier, when i hear the end to hot fusion, i live a short distance from one of these old dinosaurs,atomic generators i sure hope it stays together until Ecat takes it place,

    • Publius

      There are great minds and sophisticated operations working on commercializing LENR products that do not require themselves to disclose their existence for funding nor notoriety.

      • bachcole

        Are you trying to tell us the we the peanut gallery aren’t the center of the world?

        I’ll have to think about this one. What a concept!!!

  • Zarat

    In Andrea’s Rossi shoes I was for sure making a revision inside my own mind with annalist help … Any disruptive technology must be open source in nature. Because disruptive means that many interests will be damaged and groups forms to block any new technology that can compete with establishment. An E-cat device will never have a chance to enter the market using normal pathways, will never have any IP protection. If the e-cat is true revolution, (I don’t believe in it) Rossi will be forced to do the same thing Elon Musk Did, he will open the IP for free open sourcing it and then, millions of companies will start building E-cat or else, a market will form and then he can make money on developments over existing technology. This is what gonna happen, you guys can loose your saliva during the next five years or so talking about A.R. in forums, trying to keep the flame alive…But him, and also IH, will follow Elon Musk. He is even in risk that a true “Alexander Parkhomov” appears and take their dreams. I don’t see any difference between Andrea Rossi and Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, both are acting the same way, both are using the same strategy because they lived 60 years struggling to catch money easily with zero success, and now they don’t have anything to loose except time, their time and our time using investors money… It’s an strategic game from mentally ill people.

    • Omega Z

      Elon Musk did a great sales job. Did he Not.
      Here’s a Free car, However, there is a $50K fee for title transfer.
      What he did was make an attempt to make his technology the universal one. Everyone will except his standards. Promote his battery technology & increase his cars sales. It was not free. Those who don’t except those terms must still pay for it.

      Rossi is from another time “they lived 60 years struggling to catch money”
      Yes And your apparently from a time that you think everyone Owes you.
      When People like Rossi say enough & quit contributing, People of your attitude will become extinct. You will not know how to do nothing & can not provide for yourself.

    • Brent Buckner

      You wrote: “Any disruptive technology must be open source in nature.” I think the transistor was disruptive, and it was not open source. If you want to challenge your thinking about your “must be open source” I think you could quickly google other counterexamples.

      • Francis

        The first field effect transistor was invented in 1925 by physicist Julius Edgar Lilienfeld. Since he did not publish (in his patent) any information nor example about how he made it there was no chance for anyone to replicate it. This delayed its adoption by at least 20 years. What did Lilienfeld gain from his secrecy? Nothing. No one could use his patent. He just managed to delay progress by 20 years. This is a good point for the original poster. Whoever finds something amazing (such as LENR) and keeps it secret for personal gain (such as Rossi) is not doing a favor to the rest of us.

        • GreenWin

          No Francis. Lilienfeld filed several apps for a theoretical FET – but never constructed a device. Nor were the semi-conductor materials available to build a device until the late 1930s. There was no device, no prototype, no demo, thus there was no way a person skilled in the art could replicate it. But he had the right general idea.

    • Roland

      I’ll be charitable and assume you’re not a native English speaker. The automobile, aeroplanes, solid state electronics and the internet are disruptive technologies; building a car from existing technologies isn’t.

      As to what you ‘believe’ some folks are still struggling to get their heads around the moon landing.

  • Omega Z

    I’m also not a fan of Big Pharma, But I’ve learned overtime that not all is as it seems. They are a government pawn just like the rest of us. They also have the highest research funding from profits averaging 20% or more. Without this, the type of research they do would all but cease to exist.

    Our Government doesn’t fund this type of research. They only fund basic compound research. Someone involved in such research are limited to what they are allowed to publish. If inadvertently by fluke you discovered a certain compound wiped out all cancer cells in a petri dish, you can’t publish such a finding if it is not in the purview of your research. You can’t even direct Big Pharma to look at it. It could lead to being banned from funding & research all together. I would point out that the researcher who posted this answer to a question said, This does not mean what is found is a cure. Just a direction to look into. Still, they are not allowed to point anyone in that direction.

    Another thing to be aware of, If you develop a drug that can be manufactured & sold for $10, You will be directed to sell it for cost or even a loss to people in other parts of the World. In return, your allowed to sell it for an exuberant price in the U.S. to offset losses of profit.

    At 1 time I wondered how poor countries could afford certain treatments, And I 1st became aware of how with Bill Clinton’s African aids drug deal. $50 a patient for what costs $1K or more a month for U.S. patients. It is cost shifting & it is practiced on a regular bases with all expensive drugs. It’s also not a U.S. exclusive. All western nations do this to some extent.

    Even Tho I’m still not a Big Pharma fan, I do have a different perspective. Much of it has to do with Government policies. The same policies that prevent investigation of non traditional medicine.

    In the G7 thread Merkel says we need to start the 100 Billion$ a year funding. Follow the money. To the U.N. who will distribute it to smaller impoverished countries for GW mitigation. A couple months ago 1 of those Island leaders was screaming he wanted his 2 Billion$ promised & the U.N. needed to ply the pressure on Western Countries to pay up.
    We know how this will work. A lot of Rich Politico’s & still impoverished people. It’s a pattern…

    • bachcole

      You still are a big fan of (exclusively) reductionistic, (exclusively) anti-naturalistic, and (exclusively) greed corrupted thinking that you share with Big Pharma. It is this bias that is killing so many people. Anyone who does not think like this, but rather thinks holistically, naturally (or paleo), and “cheaply”, is marginalized, demonized, de-funded, ostricisized. and basically has their career destroyed by Big Pharma and their minions. Think not? Remember Dr. Linus Pauling. It turns out that he was right. Ultra-high levels of vitamin C do absolutely nothing harmful and kill cancer cells. This example doesn’t even qualify as the tip of the ice berg. I have healed myself without any pharmaceutical drugs whatsoever. I was crippled. And now I walk normally.

      The government doesn’t dictate to Big Pharma. Big Pharma dictates to the government.

  • Omega Z

    Rossi said he had a discussion with a car manufacturer that said it would take at least 20 years due to developing the technology for that use & getting through Government red tape. Don’t recall which one, but the person he spoke to pretty much confirmed that since then.
    I took that as a positive note. At least the manufacturer didn’t say it was impossible.

  • GreenWin

    Give it up Zarat. You’re just wasting your time with negative comments.

  • bachcole

    We have seen enough to know that Rossi has the goods. If you want to criticize him, you are welcome to go to http://maryyugo.com I am sure that she/he will welcome you.

    This is a matter that I have already concluded in my mind. I don’t want to be bothered with sniping. If some thing real turns up, like the whole thing was a scam engineered by Bill Gates, then I will listen.

  • Axil Axil

    Rossi has set a very high bar for humanitarian behavior. IMHO, none of us can do better. Rossi wants to give all his profits to children with cancer and to help autistic children. IH has also agreed to distribute their profits to the same purpose.

    Rossi is reported to have receive a great deal of money for his intellectual property from IH. If Rossi has been faithful towards his early intentions, he would have given that money to many children in distress directly. If you say a thing, you should do it. Has there been any indication that these intentions are being acted on? Such positive news about these actions would be great to reveal that LENR is all heart and not just centered on making money. Of course, these children may be held silent under a NDA to protest Rossi’s modesty..

    A few of Rossi;s intentions are listed below:

    Andrea Rossi

    July 6th, 2014 at 7:51 PM

    The E-Cat detractors are making a wonderful work: they do not know, but I read carefully all they say and write. Their critics sometimes are right, sometimes are not, but in both cases we learn from them. You have noticed that the more they fight against us the more we grow up and a scientific observation should put a ratio cause-effect between the criticism and our growth.
    About your paragraphs:
    1- no neutrons exit from the E-Cats
    2- quite difficult with the first and second thermodynamic principles
    3- we will see from the next Third Independent Party: maybe it is true, maybe not
    4- the patentability has nothing to do with the question if it works or not
    5- this is a very important paragraph, let us analyse it; first of all we must put a distinction between the objective and the subjective aspect of this issue;
    a- objective aspect: if the so called Rossi Effect works ( and let me remind to all that the results of the tests could be positive, but also negative) it will be useful for everybody, also for the children or all the world
    b- subjective aspect: I repeat what I wrote in another comment today: I gave my honour word that a relevant part of the profits of our work will be spent to fund the healthcare of children whose families cannot afford proper healthcare. I said it, my Team and I are doing it, we will do it. Do not ask me anymore about this issue, because this is an issue I want not to trumpet around.
    Thank you for your trust.
    You ask: what they will come up with next ? Whatever it will be, we will take advantage of it. In my life I had to overcome many, many, many very, very negative events and to survive I developed a skill to turn into positive a negative event: for example, when I have been put in prison for crimes I never made, I told to myself: ” what a wonderful occasion to study the LENR: now I lost everything I had, all my time can be dedicated to this”. It worked.
    Warm Regards,

    Andrea Rossi

    July 6th, 2014 at 2:08 PM

    To the Readers:
    There is one thing that disturbs me, that is circulationg in minor blogs that have been reported to me: I am accused not to respect my honour word to spend relevant part of the profits produced by the Rossi Effect for the healthcare of children that cannot afford proper healthcare. I gave my word on this issue, and I always do what I say, even if this will not be trumpeted around.
    In due time and in due sites we will give information of this endeavour of us. I am very upset to have to write about this, but, unfortunately, the mother of the imbeciles is always pregnant and we must take care of what pops out.
    Andrea Rossi

    Andrea Rossi

    May 27th, 2013 at 2:38 PM

    Dear Tony Mc Connell:
    Of course our work is more important than the dirt play of mafious persons and organizations, but today I found on wikipedia a page headed with my name in which is falsely reported that I have pending charges in Court and that I have been convicted for crimes for which I HAVE BEEN ACQUITTED, and when I politely sent a correction the correction has been published for 5 minutes, after which the corrections have been cancelled and returned the text with the falsifications, and after that my corrections have not been accepted: I cannot stand this. Obviously I cannot take off the time ( 16 hours per day) that I have to dedicate to my work, so I cannot compete with the wikipedian mafia, but nevertheless it is unavoidable that I get nervous for some hour…now the issue is in the hands of my attorneys. I WANT TO BE REFUNDED AND THE MONEY I WILL GET WILL GO TO HEAL A CHILD FROM CANCER. So all this mafious bullshit will have had a sense. I have no more time to subtract to my work: today I will finish to work at 3 a.m. of tomorrow to recover the time I spent to struggle against this mafia and see my corrections published again, with no results…I will spend no more time on this, but be sure the more they will stay with that bullshit published, the more they will pay. Now the issue is completely in the hands of my attorneys.
    Again: to know my past, please go to
    Warm Regards,
    Andrea Rossi

    Andrea Rossi

    December 16th, 2012 at 10:13 AM

    Dear Frank Acland:
    The philosophy of our USA Partner and of us is based on the following 4 pillars:
    1- this technology has to be consolidated and put at the service of Mankind
    2- industrialization of the manufacturing must reach low prices to lower the cost of energy in the World
    3- give back the money we earn as much as possible to cure cancer in children in the World
    4- produce good jobs
    Warm Regards,

    Andrea Rossi

    August 31st, 2012 at 3:56 AM

    Dear Bernie Koppenhofer:
    First of all, the certification process must be completed in Europe or in the USA at least before we make an installation, and this is valid also for Africa: it is deonthologically unacceptable to install a not certified apparatus in a Country just because in that Country the safety issues are not addressed.
    We have no experience in desalination yet, and this operation can be made only after we will know exactly the problem. After that, there are many problems to think about, first of all the problem of the defence of the technology, that in those situations can be very critic: who makes secure the place? That is an action that will be possible only after our plants will be already diffused, the Intallectual Property well defined and our experience in desalination consolidated. We got the idea and we will take in account it: when we will set up our system of charity we will think about this and will look not for charity organizations, but directly to the utilizers, as well as we will give the money for children cancer care directly to the families, to avoid to pay wages of “non profit” organizations managers, secretaries etc instead of paying healthcare
    Warm Regards,

    Andrea Rossi

    December 24th, 2011 at 5:15 PM

    Dear Doug Hulstedt MD:
    Your pre-order has been accepted, of course: thank you.
    Yes, all the E-Cats of the first generation, which will produce only heat, will be retrofittable to produce also electricity.
    I want specific names of autistic children who need help: we are ready to help, but I want to be sure that the money goes to them.

    Andrea Rossi

    May 2nd, 2011 at 1:54 AM

    Dear Doug Hulstedt, MD:
    1- I prefer a simpler and more specific way: get the address of the children, make a check that all is true, pay the hospital, get the specific healthcare. I think this is the only way to be effective in a practical way, otherwise money will be diluted in many ways and, substantially, wasted.
    2- I have good help
    Waerm regards,

  • Francis

    I perfectly agree with you. While i am a Rossi supporter i don’t like his “strategy” and i don’t pretend it is good as many do here (which, quite frankly, is sadly beginning to look very much like the fanboyism you can see in Apple users).

    The whole point of patents is to release information to the rest of the society WHILE still having profits for a reasonable long time (20 years). All what Rossi has to do is release all his informations so that whoever is in charge to confirm his patent can replicate it and prove to himself it is a real thing. Then whoever builds and sells it doesn’t matter anymore… Rossi still gets his good share of profits which will be more than enough to spend his whole life in a house made of gold and emeralds.

    So why is Rossi keeping all these secrets? What is it exactly that he wants that he cannot have with the mountain of money that is waiting for him if he only opens up a bit? He already has a huge advantage over any third party… why doesn’t he release the basic “recipe” to make a simple E-Cat?

    While i believe that the E-Cat is real and i never, not even once, called him a liar as many did, i still don’t understand this silly behaviour. I perfectly understand that he had very bad experiences in the past, but he can quite easily prove his worth and prove the society wrong if this is what he seeks… without making us wait for years as he has done. Every single day he delays it someone keeps dying for lack of energy (and food and water) all around the world and our planet gets more and more polluted. He has the idea/knowledge that could stop all of this right now, or at least it could help a lot… so why is he delaying it? Does he really want the whole pie or no pie at all? Does it look like something that should be praised of him?

    This is what i would have done differently from him, and i think this would be the most sensible thing to do if anyone was in his shoes.

    • Allan Kiik

      Old timers here surely remember Defkalion who did exactly that – started selling licenses (40 Million EUR each) before they had working and reliable, well tested design.
      As Rossi has stated many times, the e-cat is much more advanced tech than most of observers can imagine. And this sophistication is not only in the ‘charge’ composition and geometry, it is about taming the reaction and keeping the charge live for long run times, fast removal of excess heat etc. There is a lot of problems to solve and most of them need long string of experiments to explore the vast parameter space, to be sure about the commercial success. That is what Rossi is referring to, when he is talking about possible negative outcome. If you do not have reliable design, but you have something what is enough to convince big players that the effect is indeed real, then, without IP protection, you are in the worst possible position – the winner takes it all.

    • Mats002

      Hi Clovis, yes for shore 🙂

    • BillH

      I can suggest a few answers, 1) Releasing the design of a product which has such a high energy density could be ever so slightly dangerous, and result in people blowing themselves up 2) Mr Rossi hasn’t worked out the physics yet and doesn’t want someone beating him to it. 3) The one who can get the first patent approved will scoop the most money and fame. 4) The E-Cat might not be as simple as you think.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    I would have either stayed at home to watch Jerry Springer reruns and throw empty beer cans at the TV or looked for a way to interface the Hot-Cat with an alpha voltaic cell to make electricity directly from the MeV alphas coming from the reaction, Li(7) + p > 2(He) 17.3 MeV. See 00:40 min. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy0kHQASsX8#t=20

    • GreenWin

      I recall George Miley suggesting a grid between plasma electrodes could provide the equiv of this alpha voltaic cell. I would also look to STMicro to adopt their LENR patent to an energy producing semiconductor. Nanoplasma -> Vi.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Ah yeah, and we’re probably just seeing the tip
        of the iceberg.

  • Tobben

    If i Were in Andrea Rossi’s Shoes i would try how fast they are 🙂

  • GreenWin

    You underestimate human ego and greed. It’s all but guaranteed should Rossi reveal proprietary details… there will be an “explosion” in an LENR lab. Likely it will kill one or two people. Those people will be accused of crackpot science endangering the human race.

    A couple more incidents of the like and LENR will be relegated to basement bomber status, just above suitcase terrorists. Rossi knows the game. These pleas for altruism before there is a commercially viable product are driven by ulterior motive.

    Put simply; most people in this program are untrustworthy.

  • GreenWin

    BTW, the entire “personal computer” ($1.5T) business was built on proprietary IP. But somehow that seemed to place near-zero limits on PC cloning and reverse engineering. The personal computer business may be the fastest adopted technology in human history – in spite of it being ringed with patents, NDAs, trade secrets, and proprietary IP.

    Conclusion? If A.R. can do it – why not US??

    • Roland

      And you’ll note that the survivors are still hacking away at each other, in the courts and otherwise, decades later over the liberties taken by most all and sundry during the frenzy.

      Transgress first, litigate later…

  • GreenWin

    Andy, you continue to labor under the impression LENR resolves around Andrea Rossi. And that he owes US yet another demo; or needs shark money. That’s not how commercial products launch. Especially one as disruptive as this.

    There are a thousand cold fusion papers in the CANR library. How ’bout our best and brightest do some homework?

    BTW, didn’t Apple steal from Xerox PARC??

  • Warthog

    You’ve got it precisely backwards. Those who made the RF measurements had no idea why it was there. It was wholly an experimental discovery with no theoretical basis whatsoever at the time. IIRC, the most popular theory at the time was the “steady state universe”,

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