The History of Things to Come (Axil Axil)

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It is true that the U.S. scientific community, government, patent office, U.S. based global oil and gas companies, and so on, have a very hostile attitude toward the goals and methods that Rossi has employed in the past and wants to employ in the future. His “too cheap to copy” strategy comes from the Chinese industrial method of market segment monopoly building. This method has been employed to make China the unchallenged manufacturer of solar cells and wind mills worldwide.

Industrial heat and Rossi are on the same page here. The purpose of both Cherokee LLC and Rossi is the cleanup of the pollution caused by fossil fuels. China is the top candidate for a clean out and restructuring of their energy sector. Industrial heat will partner with China in the manufacturing and sales effort of the E-Cat. China will build a city to manufacture the E-Cat. The head of the communist party can make things happen and overrule regulations. The U.S. on the other hand will get its attack dog, the NRC, to keep the E-Cat out of the U.S. and all the countries that the U.S. dominate. The resistance to LENR will not be easily reversed in the west. But during this time of adjustment to the reality of LENR, the E-Cat will dominate in China and over time China will become an unchallenged military, cultural, and commensa l world power.

The power for LENR to change the world is truly awesome. China will come to dominate in science and there will be a brain drain of the best and most open minded to China where a new era of science will flower. Chinese will become the global language and in the do course of time, China will colonize the outer solar system. The arrogant western science that had rejected Rossi will wither away and those who opposed Rossi will become unemployed as the great centers of learning move to the east. The relics of pompous certitude will eventually pass from the memory of science as a result of lingering spiritual and physical starvation. Stupidity is a cardinal intellectual sin and has a terrible price of retribution to be paid. The time of the judgement of civilizations is at hand. The U.S. and all those who advise her will pay a terrible price for their pride and arrogance.

Axil Axil

  • Nigel Appleton

    Over-dramatisation does not help the cause, Axil.
    Why have the “attack dog NRC’s” black helicopters not swooped on Rossi, Darden, IH, and all their doings and disappeared them?
    Why, indeed, did Rossi choose to work in the USA and not China?
    What makes you think you know what is or isn’t going on in labs all over the world that choose not to publicise their activities?
    And what the dickens is a “commensal” world power?

    • pg

      I agree with you.

  • Warthog

    “No one but they know what their motives are.”

    Not so. Both parties mentioned have repeatedly stated their environmental motives. Now their business strategy motives ARE a mystery to all but them and their NDA-signed partners.

  • pg

    If nothing else, this post has allowed us to read really good comments.

    • Mats002

      Agree. I can understand the frustration of people that been around CF/LENR/RE for a long time, but let’s keep up the balanced view of what really is happening.

  • Alain Samoun

    I have always be surprised how the US can adapt to a new environment, economical and political. I think that can happen again for LENR/CF, even if in this case it has far more important consequences on the structure of the society. Beside China economical and political structures as well will have to adapt to it too.

    • mcloki

      Once the money is there. The US will really more capital into it. Also with new manufacturing techniques like 3D printing, It will make it easier to set up manufacturing in the US.

      • Alain Samoun

        Not only the money but also the will – See how Elon Musk is starting to put up side down the space industry,the auto industry and the solar energy industry. Not like the others billionaires who play casino at wall street.

  • Kim

    Energy is the the control point.

    Elites (Media) are not willing to let go of the control at this time.


    When or if they do, ALL free energy devices ever conceived of will be released.

    The E-cat will just be one many options among many.

    The real issue is when?


  • William D. Fleming

    My opinion is that eventually various versions of the Ecat will be developed and manufactured in different places around the world. Regardless of where they are made, all the world will benefit.

  • Mytakeis

    I wrote the following in a comment at and believe it relates here as well. I endorse your thoughts, but I think the future is more in flux than you may have perceived: Not all doom and gloom Let’s not panic on the side of coming chaos. Better things, also paradigm shattering appear on the near horizon. When the announcement and proof of near free energy, collectable, usable, and available to all people becomes acknowledged, an upheaval will take place. The monetary system we know will be turned upon its head. The interest generating based debt currency system dissolves. Corporate interests seeking to reinstate their dominance cause major battles with newly independent people generating what they need on their own. I think that the catastrophe-oriented picture clears to a freedom-oriented future, and Alex [Jones] has delved so deeply into the negative, that any other outcome remains hidden. So cheer up and follow e-catworld.

  • GreenWin

    Typical hANDY climate hoax. Like Algore in front of a giant screen reading: “We All Gonna Die!”

    • Omega Z

      I think we are only aware of the China connection because someone under estimated the awareness of Rossi’s work & the reach of the Internet.
      Anyway, In an interview when China was brought up, Tom Darden indicated the China meeting was just 1 of several Groups that discussions have been held with.

      Be aware, The China connection was *NOT* China per se, but an American concern that is operated by some Chinese Americans who have business interests in China. If I recall, this comes from Darden himself. This is a big Distinction. Such arrangements are common with 1st/2nd generation transplants to the U.S.. No different from you or I dealing with connections familiar to us.

      • MasterBlaster7

        Well at least it is under the nose of the Chinese. I think that is a good thing.

        • Omega Z

          There are a lot of people aware of Rossi’s E-cats.
          It just isn’t time to come forward. Perhaps a few months after the pilot plant test is concluded. If there isn’t issues to still work out.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      The question is if the global economy will continue or break up into blocks. LENR reduces shipping costs which supports globalisation. On the other hand LENR reduces the importance of energy trade which works against globalisation. Regarding other raw materials, the question is more difficult to answer. Take for example steel. LENR causes a building boom which increases the consumption of steel and other metals. On the other hand, in a little bit longer run LENR makes it possible to replace steel by aluminium, titanium, silicon, carbon and other raw materials which are abundant everywhere, but energetically expensive to extract.

      There are two economic motivations to globalisation: 1) access to raw materials, 2) amortising development costs by maximising volume. Presently 1 is more important than 2.

      I do not know if a global economy is a good thing or not. It’s good if it eliminates fatal wars. It’s not good if it removes diversity, since a monoculture is not robust against perturbations. At the moment is seems that the blocks are making a political comeback. The risk in a blocked world is territorial wars.

      • Omega Z

        There has been an intent to create Interdependence in the world since WWII lead by the U.S. Policy wonks tho it also has an International flavor. Think Bilderberg Group. You don’t really think they get together to chat about whether Pluto should be classified a planet or not do you.

        With Nations being Interdependent, they can’t afford to go to war over any little thing. Thus avoiding something that could lead to WWIII. Or so, It is hoped.

        The impact of LENR reducing the importance of energy will promote Interdependence. Third world countries will advance with growing economies. More trade, growing tourism & economies dependent on it.

        South Korea even tho an advanced society, the mers outbreak has had an economic impact. They depend on it.

    • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

      You are very right: LENR can be a wonderful opportunity, but like all tools (e.g. the internet), it depends on how it shall be used.
      What counts is the mind behind its use, and “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) – as much as possible.
      In our behavior, we, the humans, tend to forget history and to be sluggish in changing well established habits and comforting vices.

    • Omega Z

      “150 billion animals” A few to many ZERO’s me thinks.
      The major drive of deforestation today is for human consumption, not animals. Banana plantations in the past. Today is palm oil production.

      We don’t grow vegetables to feed livestock. We grow grain which a portion goes directly for human consumption. The U.S. could raise a lot of livestock just with the grains that don’t pass muster for human consumption. It would be dumped. It’s the nature of the business. note that 50% of fruits & vegetables are wasted for similar reasons.

      Plants have nervous systems. They suffer a sort of pain when injured. Hooked up to electronics, the frequencies they generate sound like a scream. They bleed, They suffer stress. Their even corralled in a bunch & slaughtered in mass. They both are living organisms. Your concern for animals is just a matter of perspective. For you to live, you need to eat something that was a living organism. Deal with it.

      18,000 liters of water per 1kg of meat. Come on. Where do they get these numbers. It’s propaganda. Even if you count the water per kg of grain, those numbers don’t hunt. Not even close. In the “U.S.” Beef livestock will gain about 1.2 to 1.5kg weight per day & will take in on average 25 liters of water per day averaged in it’s 6 to 8 month life span. Calf in the spring & steak on your plate in late fall. Livestock like people obtain a lot of their water intake from the food.

      Perhaps they double count to make their point with silly numbers. I doubt most people realize that in the U.S., Beef are still fed huge amounts of hay. Just a type of grass. Speaking of which, oats, wheat & corn. are just domesticated breads of grass. According to their numbers, it requires 16,000 liters of water per 1kg of almonds & cashews. I don’t believe that either.

      I can send 1 truckload of meat or 15 truckloads of tomatoes but the total calories delivered will be about equal. Transport energy needs accounting. Point being if you want to compare, the only right way is by energy in verses calorie out. You’ll find little difference between food groups in this manner. Everything else is agenda driven.

      If you choose to be vegan, It matters not to me. I choose to be an omnivore. Afford me the same courtesy. For the record, no good farmer would intentionally cause harm to his farm animals. If for no other reason then the margins are so slim a single loss can break the farm.

      Just know that if they develop a lab factory to grow meat that’s acceptable, domesticated animals have no place in the world. They will cease to exist. Added to the extinct list.

  • MontagueWithnail

    Just read this quote on another article: “the expected never happens; it is the unexpected always” John Maynard Keynes.

    Applies here, and the only prediction I would be willing to make is that this thing will play out in a way that none of us expects todays.

  • Omega Z

    “Using his theoretical model”
    There’s the problem. By simply changing any of a number of unknown variable, they can predict anything.

    I predicted rain 1 day & was right. In the name of full disclosure, I should point out that it had started 5 minutes before.

  • Omega Z

    I think many here make posts on ungrounded assumptions like the U.S. is not paying attention to this. Why? Because the U.S. Government or some major entity isn’t yelling about it from the towers. I would have to say your probably Very Wrong in your assumptions.

    There are several U.S. Entities besides Industries whose job it is to watch out for such technologies. We have seen evidence of many who are aware. They are just waiting. It isn’t time yet for them to go public. It hasn’t progressed enough for that. But you can be sure they are watching. If you don’t know that, YOU haven’t been paying close enough attention.

    NASA, NRL, DARPA, Bill Gates, Elon Musk on & on & on—

    • psi2u2

      I think we may hear from the US federal government on this point in the not-too-distant future.

      • Omega Z

        Possibly spring 2016. If Rossi’s pilot plant passes muster, word will leak out. It may become unavoidable at that point. But I think they will play it down initially as just a supper efficient form of producing heat.

        Be like your car still requires a battery to start & still uses fuel but gets unbelievable mileage.

  • charlie tapp

    I think the US patent office and the government both don’t pay any attention to lenr because as of right now it is pretty much perpetual motion . And just like perpetual motion no one has shown a working model that other third party’s can evaluate fully. There is not one I am starting to think I am following this to much. When Rossi calls up quantum heat to show them everything even if they have to sign something that they cannot replicate him or tell how it works, then I will really believe it. Because I trust them. I am starting to think that Parkhomov and Luguano testers did some wrong math because mfmp would have made it work by now. So I challenge Mr. Rossi to call up Robert Greenyer invite him to the container and show it off !!!! And I really don’t think China will be ahead of us no one in that country has money except the Chinese government so yes they will be makeing them but I will be buying them. (They will still be on the grid I won’t) and with that much extra American money flying around how could they possibly leave us anywhere except for in line to buy the new time machine they invented because we couldn’t? Maybee someone bought that already and went back to suppress lenr in the u.s.. plus it does not matter if we buy everything from China that just means all the good rare metals like gold platinum Palladium silver nickel copper and so on end up here . Same with oil buy everyone else’s first save ours for later you know how much fuel a tank uses? So in the end we have all the oil, all the rare metals, extra land because of state parks(aka future military bases) all the money because we will just make more and call it inflation. And unlimited happiness it’s a win win if you ask me. Hurry up China.

    • Warthog

      “And just like perpetual motion no one has shown a working model that other third party’s can evaluate fully”

      Simply not true. Several researchers have demonstrated working models, but those are small devices of low output not on the scale of the E-cat. The real problem is science politics…the “powers that be” have declared LENR to be “anathema” and outside the pale of legitimate science. .

    • Omega Z

      Enough Government research has been done by the Alphabet agencies among many Governments that they know it is a real phenomenon. That is not questioned. Even Al Gore is aware.
      Consider they also know for a fact that Meat can be grown in a lab. There was even a sample tasting event.

      This is a huge accomplishment with all kinds of implications. Yet no Government is parading around shouting about it. WHY? Because it hasn’t been proven yet that it can be scaled up for any beneficial use. It is a Lab novelty. When a meat growing plant is operational at economical value, they will talk about it.

      If you scour the Internet, you will find 100’s of developments that are amazing. Things taking place like growing or printing human organs. But still just Lab novelties. Governments are not shouting about it.

      If Rossi’s pilot plant proves positive(Has Economical Benefit), Then they will talk about it. But Not before.

  • US .gov entities absolutely know and care. Their situation is complex though for geopolitical reasons, so their strategy at the moment is insertion of doubt and delay, although not deny. Since .gov entities more or less equals the Banks (FED GS JPM etc) the best way to analyze is to look at the money. There are some clues that I try to put in perspective in my report here:

    • Omega Z


      Big Oil thinks decades in advance. Everything in the next 10/20 years for them is pretty much set in stone. Oil field leases for production 15/20 or more years out are not, tho leases from Government auctions have already been concluded.

      Based on this fact, without a blackswan, you can assume they paid premium prices for these leases. Note that Government times these leases for maximum value. Everyone knows without a blackswan, that this oil would market for at least $150 a barrel if not much more. Thus, they are willing to pay much more to assure they have a supply in he future.(Note some have speculated on 200/300 dollar oil in the future)

      Blackswan. Big Oil becomes aware. It’s easy to conclude they’ve paid way to much for these future lease agreements. Likely the Oil will sell substantially cheaper then they paid for it. You can also bet that Big banks are also aware.

      This is where the shuffle begins. These leases will be short sold among & with certain entities taking tax write downs & will change hands several times. This is just damage control. Once the Blackswan comes to market, this process will continue minimizing losses.

      A little shuffling may be coincidence. I think we’ve witnessed enough to say it isn’t. But, ultimately, these leases will end up back in the hands of the Oilco’s. It will be needed for a long time yet. Just at a reduced value/price. The real loss will be in expected future returns, but not an actual loss. Investors will still get a return(Tho less then originally expected) on overall investment. Investors will adapt/adjust their investments.

  • Omega Z

    At least we kill our food before we eat it. Many species in nature prefer their prey still kicking.

    Just know that if they develop a lab factory to grow meat that’s acceptable, domesticated animals have no place in the world. They will cease to exist. Added to the extinct list.

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    We can change flawed thinking through collective reasoning; individual reasoning often is flawed, when not confronted.
    We eat hormones (heavy meat eating children as young as seven begin to develop into adults, besides becoming obese and diabetic because of fizzy drinks), antibiotics (low dosage given to animals to speed growth and keep them alive in their horrifying living conditions cause increased viral resistance and threat), pesticides, we breathe and drink chemicals of refinement and colouring.
    Until these points are openly discussed and published, we live a comfortable individual ignorance. To few, a profitable one.
    It is the psychology of the human being, the behaviour, which makes a difference in the use of technology and science.
    The use of LENR can be positive or negative; the way in which it shall be used shall depend on human behaviour, on psychological choices.
    Open source is a form of collective discovery, one of collective control and continuous, free improvement.