1MW Plant and Hot Cat Continue Stable and Self-Sustaining: Rossi [Update: July 9, New data point]

A pattern of questioning has emerged on the Journal of Nuclear Physics which is perhaps the most accurate way for us to presently gauge how work is going on the ongoing E-Cat tests taking place in the shipping containers where Andrea Rossi is currently working. A reader will typically ask what is the status of the E-Cat test at the very moment the question is asked — and Andrea Rossi does not seem to mind giving the latest update.

Here are the most recent three entries from Rossi when asked this question:

Jun 25, 2015:

In this moment it is 07.40 p.m. of Thursday, June 25.
The MW E-Cat is in ssm and stable.
The Hot Cat is in ssm too, stable.
Fingers crossed. F9.

July 2, 2015

11.45 a.m. of July 2nd: situation substantially stable, in this moment we are in ssm both with the 1 MW E-Cat and the small Hot Cat. I am finishing my working shift, will return here at 6 p.m.
I go to sleep.

July 4, 2015

It’s 3.48 p.m. of Saturday July 4th ( Independence Day for the USA). The 1 mW plant is stable, in ssm, the Hot Cat is stable and in ssm too. In this moment we have not particular problems, just stay alert.
Warm Regards, from inside the computers container

It’s important to remember that there are now two tests running concurrently: the 1 MW low temperature E-Cat plant which started about six months ago (by my estimation), and the Hot Cat (high temperature E-Cat) reactor test that Rossi says began more recently.

These brief updates lack many details, but they may be the best information we can get for now regarding the performance of the E-Cat. I think it’s significant that all mention “ssm” (self sustain mode) for both tests; Rossi has said that both the Hot Cat, and low temperature E-Cat can operate in SSM for very long periods of time now. Andrea Rossi has said that we will not get precise data on the testing until it is completed, but these occasional glimpses that he provides opens the window a little bit into what is going on at the customer site.

It’s also interesting that there have been sources other than Rossi who have confirmed to Mats Lewan, Torkel Nyberg (Sifferkol), and the Norwegian newspaper Aftenpost that testing is going well. This all adds up, in my opinion, to a picture of something potentially historic taking place, as we speak, inside two shipping containers somewhere in the United States.

UPDATE: A new data point has been given today by Andrea Rossi:

Now it’s 1.25 p.m. of July 9th.
The 1MW E-Cat is in ssm and stable. The Hot Cat too. I must say tht in this period She is not generating troubles. So far.
Warm Regards,

  • Owen Geiger

    What did you mean?: ” as we speak inside two shipping containers somewhere in the United States.”

    Fix and delete.

  • Mike Henderson

    It seems odd to me that the secret location has remained secret for so long.

    This is the internet, after all, and cyber-snooping is rampant. My favorite example is the way the folks on reddit.com/r/spacex and on nasaspaceflight.com forums track the comings and goings of SpaceX’s ships and barges used in their attempts to land and re-use a rocket booster.

    If the industrial site has many employees, somebody would surely brag or post something on their Facebook page. Especially if someone were terminated or otherwise held a grudge.

    Perhaps we need to step up our game? 😉

    • Omega Z

      Actually Mike, Those aware of the E-cat are but 0.1% of 0.1% of 0.1% of the world.

      There is a facility close to me that could probably make use of the 1Mw pilot plant. If it were, employees in general would not have a clue. Put an image of a cat on the door & the word E-cat, And they wouldn’t think anything of it. It is just an Electric steam generator. Discussed at lunch time, they determine E- stands for electric and the Cat probably means it is produced by Caterpillar Corp. Probably along side their Caterpillar Gen-sets.

      The few who are aware out of necessity will keep their mouth shut for many legit reasons if not for NDA. Consider what would happen if an Apple employee had inside knowledge & leaked it. The best employment opportunity he could expect for many years would be in the fast food service. That’s the way it works.

    • builditnow

      A starting point is somewhere close to Raliegh Durham, North Carolina. Start at Darden’s address and work outwards. 111 East Hargett Street, Suite 300. Raleigh, NC 27601.
      Start with satellite images to determine likely factories. It would also be a “friendly” business, i.e. one that has some connections to Darden / IH / Rossi.

    • Eyedoc

      I think it best that we all just let A Rossi bring his baby to full bloom at his own pace. To interfere or undermine him at this point is not good. I think its really close now…..I just hope he has the sense to keep some other (close family or friends aside from IH) intimately informed of the exact procedures and research he currently has . (so he & LENR can’t mysteriously disappear)

  • malkom700

    If we can not quickly introduce LENR it will be another failure of the whole society. Gives reason for optimism is the fact that in a year full breakthrough in the issue of global warming happened.

  • Alan DeAngelis
    • Göran Jansson

      A good saying! Though not from the Greek philosopher but from a guy named Dan Millman.

      • Alan DeAngelis


        “The main catalyst of his spiritual journey was an attendant at an all-night gas station who became his mentor in 1966. Millman gave this enlightened counselor the nickname “Socrates”,” I like that.
        OK then, let’s have some of the old Socrates with a New Age twist. (7:00 min.)


        • Göran Jansson

          “With a twist”. Yes indeed. I followed Leary’s writings closely in the sixties and seventies and found his ideas interesting. I did never try LSD, which I in a way regret.

          • Leonard Weinstein

            Solar energy is touted as free, wind energy is called free, but both have capitol cost, operational costs, lack of storage problems, and many other problems, making both of limited use, and actually more expensive than conventional generated energy. LENR may also have a low cost source of energy, but capitol cost, operational cost, and possible need for some auxiliary source of electricity (even if it is powered by e-cat, you need generator, etc.), means it is not free energy. Until all information and development are determined, it may turn out it is still an expensive source of energy for many uses. The main advantages I see are potential energy independence on local or even individual basis, and probably somewhat less cost than present small scale systems. There clearly would be, as shown by the current e-cat plant test, significantly cost saving for a plant level heat source. I doubt the giant scale water purification use. Nuclear is far better for that use at very large scales.

  • Omega Z

    The LT E-cat doesn’t get anywhere near hot enough for Brick manufacturing. However, there are multiple food processors in the vicinity where the LT temperatures would be pretty much perfect.

    Of course, we must keep in mind that the customer could be located anywhere. It requires that Rossi live out of a hotel room.