Boeing Laser Fusion Engine Patent Accepted (Ian Walker)

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Hi all

Boeing have had their patent for a Laser Fusion engine accepted. They are not specific about the exact nature of the fuel pellets which are hydrogen or deuterium filled within some form of spherical shell.,068,562.PN.%2526OS%3DPN%2F9,068,562%2526RS%3DPN%2F9,068,562&PageNum=&Rtype=&SectionNum=&idkey=NONE&Input=View+first+page

This coming so soon after Airbus’s LENR patent leads me to believe the big players are beginning to position themselves for an LENR future.

Some time ago I mentioned that using radiant energy to initiate a reaction in preloaded LENR fuel might result in a vigorous reaction, this was in relation to suggestions of using Microwaves rather than heater coils. If LENR is phonon induced surface reaction in condensed matter as many theories predict. Then using light or microwaves to induce the reaction may be what Boeing are up to with hydrogen or deuterium within spherical shells composed of a carrier substance, a plastic or mixed with say preloaded suitable transition metal salted with lithium and using laser compression to initiate a more substantial hot fusion reaction.

My worry about this is hard radiation and weapons potential.

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More information can be found in this article from Yahoo.

  • Hi all

    Where it says “… a plastic or mixed with say preloaded suitable transition metal salted with lithium…” I meant to say “…a plastic or alumina shell mixed with say preloaded suitable transition metal salted with lithium…”

    Kind Regards walker

  • Guest

    It’s inevitable that LENR will be used as a weapon, regardless of whether you and I like it or not.

    • Omega Z

      Yes, It will be used for energy weapons & shields that deflect conventional ballistics. Both of which already exist, but are limited due to the need of a compact energy source. LENR, the third rail.

  • GreenWin
    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yeah, this brute force “real science” way of
      doing things vs. the E-Cat approach reminds me of this little story.

      • GreenWin

        Just excellent Alan. Suggesting a walk in the park can reveal more about the natural world than a thousand monstrosities like ITER. Thank you.

  • Alex Ruiz

    This has nothing to do with LENR. It is known science plus fine technology driving to expected effects after the (for the moment) valid Standard Model.

    • Hi all

      In reply to Alex Ruiz:

      As I said Boeing like Lockheed Martin and Airbus are positioning themselves.

      I refer you to the post I replied to GordonDocherty in.

      As I stated they do not describe in detail the nature of the all important shell of the pellet containing the hydrogen/deuterium, they descibe it as could be made from range of substances such as Teflon. This form of fusion has/is already being tried with the National Ignition Facility using a pure hydrogen/deuterium pellet and the size of the facility needed is beyond what could possible fit on an aircraft.

      Getting the needed compression is the problem.

      I suspect the use of a hybrid LENR/Hot Fusion reaction using an MFMP ‘bang’ reactor in runaway mode to reach the required compression and the use of U235 also reminds me of these people:
      Its potential as a fast breeder of Plutonium disturbs me, as do other potentials.

      Kind Regards walker