Rossi: Leonardo and Licensees Preparing for ‘Massive Attack’ in the Marketplace

Andrea Rossi made an interesting comment today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics in connection with a question about whether E-Cat products would be available in the marketplace ‘massively’ if the current test on the 1MW plant is a success. Here was his response:

Andrea Rossi
July 29th, 2015 at 8:37 PM
Jack Witter:
Yes, if the results will be positive we will start a strong production. We are already organizing it. Obviously we need solid and sure results from the tests on course on the 1 MW plant. I sympathize with all the people that is waiting for the E-Cat for sale and I am deeply grateful to them, but I’m sure they are smart and understand that we can put for sale this product massively at two conditions:
1- we must be 100% sure of the success
2- we must be able to propose the E-Cat at a price that will make reverse engineering from our competitors useless. I am not decoubertinian and I am not oriented to give graciously to my competitors our technology for free, after dedicating my life to it, without saving a drop of blood.
When we will be ready, we will attack massively. Now we are not ready. A premature attack could be devastating for Leonardo Corporation and its Licensees in all the world and for the present and future investors, necessary to generate a real worldwide expansion. To obtain it the conservation of the Intellectual property is foundamental.The pressure we are getting to act prematurely comes mainly from our competitors, sometime disguised as “friends”.
Warm Regards,

We know by now Rossi’s philosophy about intellectual property — he’s not giving it away. And it looks like the timing depends on the successful performance of the 1 MW plant. When he talks about being 100% sure of success, I think he means that they have to be certain that the products put into the marketplace will operate as advertised. Otherwise, he is right — it would be devastating of after a period of operation, even if it was months, the plants started to malfunction and they had to do major damage control. So one year of successful running seems to make sense there.

When it comes to ‘attacking massively’ I asked some follow up questions to get a better idea of what he meant. Here they are with his responses:

1. When you talk about a ‘massive attack’, does this mean making E-Cats available around the world all at once? 1- yes

2. Does the ‘massive attack’ involved first Industrial E-Cats (before domestic is available), or both at once? 2- we’ll start with industrial that already are certified

3. Will the ‘massive attack’ begin soon after the current test is completed (if positive)? 3- yes

So the plan seems to be to launch all-out production of low temperature industrial heating units around the world quite soon after the 1MW plant is deemed to operate satisfactorily. As we’ve mentioned here before the market for such plants is vast, especially when you take into account heating and cooling needs (via absorption refrigeration).

It’s interesting to see again Rossi talk about Leonardo Corp. and its Licensees — rather than just Industrial Heat. It appears that Rossi himself wants to be in the drivers seat when this ‘massive’ commercial launch gets underway.

  • I wonder if I can bequeath my order for an E-cat?

    • Charles

      Go to it. Let your Executor and the courts work it out after your demise. I hope the evaluation is not $0.00.

    • Mytakeis

      pretty funny, when joking around.

  • radvar


    – Is Industrial Heat a “licensee”? Maybe, in some interpretation.

    – Is Leonardo Corporation the distribution front of Industrial Heat? Maybe, because it has the licensee network already signed up.

    – Has industrial product engineering become so commoditized that IH/LC could get that done with relatively low levels of time involvement from core IH/LC subject matter experts (e.g. Rossi)? Considering (for example) East Asian manufacturing I would not be surprised if the answer is yes.

    – Could IH/LC attain highly optimized product engineering through outsourcing? Why not?

    Designs + contracts + money = worldwide distribution? Ask Apple, I guess.

    • ecatworld

      1. Yes, I think IH is a Licensee. They have said publicly they have acquired ‘some rights’ to E-Cat technology.

      2. I don’t think so. Rossi is the CEO of Leonardo Corp, and I think Leonardo owns the IP.

      3 & 4. Rossi has said that outsourcing channels have been set up in different parts of the world, including the outsourcing of the E-Cats themselves. I doubt IH or Leonardo will be doing much in the way of manufacturing.

      Apple might be a good model to look at.

      All the above to the best of my understanding.

      • radvar

        My 2nd question could have been more clear.

        Is Leonardo Corp, through its existing licensee network, effectively the distribution front of IH, in the sense that the distribution (marketing, sales, order fulfillment) will be managed through Leonardo (which has the brand, service marks and salient reputation), in some way passing revenue to IH to compensate IH for its investment in LC? OR, will LC perform distribution, and IH ALSO perform distribution? OR something else.

  • Charles

    From the English Language Japan Times, July 31, 2015, edition (yes it is already July 31 in Japan even though it is only 4:00 PM, July 30, 2015 here in VA):
    “Shell to sell Japan refiner stake for ¥169 billion to Idemitsu

    Royal Dutch Shell also announced it plans to cut 6,500 jobs
    this year and reduce capital investment by $7 billion as it prepares for
    a “prolonged downturn.”

    “prolonged downturn” suggests that Shell sees the LENR hand writing on the wall. Yes?

    • GreenWin

      IMO, absolutely yes. And now they’re being quite public about it.

    • Warthog

      Since Shell was doing (apparently successful) in LENR many, many years ago, I suspect they know a great deal about it. When I worked for “ye gigantic chemical corporation” the ongoing research was inevitably years ahead of what the researchers were allowed to publish. The academicians tend to look down on “company” researchers. They don’t have a clue as to what the “state of the art” really is.

    • Buck

      More details and confirmation from the BBC


    • Eyedoc

      But what about Shell’s purchase of BG in April. Doesn’t fit the LENR picture there.big

      • Buck

        BG appears to be focused primarily on Gas.

        In the spectrum of fossil fuels, I think most if not all would point to Gas as being the cleanest in terms of air polution. And ignoring fracking for Gas, could be considered the least toxic of Coal, Oil, and Gas.

        Just a thought.

    • Omega Z

      There are multiple economic situations at play here. China’s economy is stagnating. If the Iran deal is approved a couple million more barrels will hit the market. U.S. Oil production is still increasing.

      AND, Several independent Oil wells are just waiting in the wings for prices to increase. Their done drilled, just need fracking & 1 Million more barrels could be on the market within 1 month. Low Oil prices could be around for several years.

      Current prices are low because of a 2% daily over production. Imagine if that jumped to 10%. You have a 90 million barrel a day market with the capacity to provide 100 million in a short period of time.

  • Daniel Maris

    Great. Let’s hear it repeated by Darden and co. at Industrial Heat.

  • BroKeeper

    (I think you meant 2016.)

  • Gerard McEk

    If AR wants to attack the world with affordable Ecats, than his manufacturing facility must be in preparation and ready for millions of Ecats in 2016. I wonder where such a big facility is located.
    Until now he seems to be able to develop every half a year a new type of Ecat. That does not help if you have a automated facility, which will be prone to delays due to the constant improvements.

  • blanco69

    I sort of understood the reverse engineering not being worth it premise when we were confronted by a simple hot cylinder with few parts and control mechanisms. However, if Rossi is talking about a shipping container full of 50 odd ecats and 100 odd computers with loads of parts and controls being considered as a complete system, then there’s exponentially more scope for worth while reverse engineering. You’d need Apple-like resources to flood the market with these things only to find that someone’s come up with a better option within 6 months. Nope… not positive in my view.

    • f sedei

      It should not be too difficult for Rossi to prevent replication of the industrial E-Cats. But, those manufactured for home use will be another matter. How is it possible to prevent replication of the “magic sauce” distributed throughout the world?

  • Paul Smith

    Rossi has confirmed today that the plant is composed with only 4 reactor, 250 kW/each.

    • oceans

      THIS is interesting news 4 Reactors are much easier to manage than 20 in one container.

    • ecatworld


      Now at 08.30 a.m. of Thursday July 31st the 1 MW E-Cat is going stable, presently in ssm. Today at 03.12 a.m. we had a problem in one of the 4 reactors, I can’t disclose the nature of. It has been repaired in about 4 hours and at 07.12 the repaired reactor has been put again in operation. During the reparation the power of the plant has been reduced down to 750 kW.

  • bkrharold

    Brillouin appears to be the only major competitor at this point. Based on some statements made by Defkalion, they may have infringed on Rossi’s intellectual property rights, and could face legal challenges if they attempt to sell. After the last disappointing test, Blacklight power seems to be very far from having a practical working device that can be brought to the market in the near future.

    • “After the last disappointing test, Blacklight power seems to be very far from having a practical working device that can be brought to the market in the near future.”

      Do you have a link to the test? All of the tests I have seen on YouTube look like nothing to me, and are thus “disappointing.” Exactly which test are you talking about? It seems to me if you could produce energy by hitting water with high voltages, then whenever a lightning bolt hit the ocean it would start a chain reaction explosion. What about lightning hitting raindrops? I just find it difficult to believe.

      • bkrharold

        I was referring to the most recent tests that were reported in ECW. It is a little while ago. But my recollection is the same as yours. The apparatus produced a series of electrical sparks, which they claim contained more energy than was input. Even if it was over unity as they claim, it is difficult to see how this could be put to practical use.I know that Randell Mills has been developing his technology for quite some time, and he has his devoted followers, I doubt we will see a practical working device from him anytime soon.

    • telessar

      What intellectual property rights are you referring to? I saw that Rossi was granted a patent in Italy, but I was not aware that he had any other (infringable) IP.

      • Probably DGT infringed nothing.
        From info i gathered they probably believed they have something (at least the boss) until someone realised it was an artifact and continued claiming success to be funded.

        My bet is that in that affair there is many victims, first Xanthoulis, then Luca Gamberale…

        If DGT finally have something real, it will raise even more ethical questions…

        I think people analysing what happened in details can guess who fooled who. (PS: Rossi not involved)

        Note to franck: please don’t make it a news… I speculate and you have all data.

      • bkrharold

        This was during the time that Rossi and Defkalion were supposedly working together. Somebody at Defkalion made a statement that they had clandestinely inspected the test ecat unit and discovered Rossi secret. Rossi was not amused and threatened legal action if they abused their agreement. Things rapidly unraveled and the partnership was dissolved.

  • Omega Z

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  • Bob

    Unfortunately, my concerns exactly.

    I am also confused about the reactors. There were posts about 30,000 components and also that it had to run 360 days. If a change over from 100 reactors to 4 happened, that surely would have taken considerable down time. Also would be considered a major design change. So when did this happen? Did the 360 day clock get reset at this point and now we are looking at mid 2016 for the secret customer test to be over?

    I shake my head in bewilderment.

    • ecatworld

      According to Rossi’s comments, the current test with the four 250 kW reactors started on Feb 20th, so today would put us at day 161 of the test.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    For many months Rossi played up Industrial Heat and hardly mentioned Leonardo.
    In the last few days he seems to have reversed that priority and now he
    claims that Leonardo owns the intellectual rights to e-CAT. It was
    my understanding that Leonardo sold its rights to IH.