Russian Scientists Propose Full-Scale LENR Research Program

Thanks to Peter Gluck for sharing the following announcement from the Russian site Cold Nuclear Fusion and CMM made by a group of Russian scientists.

Dear colleagues!

A group of enthusiasts initiated the process of developing a full-scale research program LENRR in Russia. Those wishing to join this process may send their proposals in the format of the proposed template below to the address: [email protected]
The template 4 categories:
– the Matrix
– References
– Table of developers
– Annex 1: Summary of R & D
can expand the matrix or offer R & D within the existing order in the matrix
do not forget to fill the developers table.
Your articles with links or pdf-copies are welcome

Here’s a quote from the template:

Type: near-5 years
It covers organizations throughout the territory of the Russian Federation

Objective: To expand in Russia at the state level, full-scale basic research of a new physical phenomenon: nuclear processes in condensed media or low energy nuclear reactions (LENR)

Objectives: to coordinate research in the different organizations to repeat successful experiments with LENR, to develop experimental and theoretical base w prepare school professionals on LENR develop prototype models s future installations, start the initial training of specialists: bachelors, masters and PhD students to develop a medium-term (15 years) and dalnesrochnuyu (30 years) of the program of basic research and development construct Orsk engineering design, to organize an annual conference for the exchange of knowledge in the field LENR, LENR accelerate the introduction of technologies into commercial practice.

Here’s more evidence that there is more interest in the scientific community in Russia, than in most other parts of the world. There have been regular scientific seminars there on LENR, and some interesting papers and reports published by LENR researchers there.

The apparent leader of this movement is Alexander Prosvirnov who works at VNIIAES, the Russian nuclear power research institute.

  • Obvious

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    • GreenWin

      “Total Charitable Giving [USA alone] in 2014 was a record $456.73 Billion – up 9.3% over 2013. Individual donors account for 74% of all U.S. giving. This extraordinary sum was fueled by favorable economic factors that drive giving, an increasing number of nonprofits, the impact of donor advised funds and new and more effective fundraising technologies and techniques.”

      While most of the 74% may not qualify as “hippies,” they do qualify as “do-gooders.”

      According to Kellogg’s 2013 official online acounting, charitable giving in 2013 reached a grand total of $60M. A rather Obvious disparity.

      • Omega Z

        Actually, The U.S. is & has been the most giving in the world for a very long time. Officially, the U.S. is not supposed to toot it’s own horn. International entities feels it gives the U.S. an unfair advantage in world opinion.

        A deal was struck in the 70’s by Jimmy Carter. When responding to a disaster, Made in the USA or Grown in the USA couldn’t appear on products or bags of grain. Many in the time of disasters took note that everyone seemed to be helping except the U.S.. Bush Junior was the 1st to break that protocol. I think Obama has continued to break protocol. If I recall, The Japanese were very aware of all the goods coming ashore with the U.S. labels stamped on them after Fukushima. I fully agree with this. Others should see both sides of the coin. Good, Bad or ugly…

      • Obvious

        $60 million in donations. Very impersonal and mean-hearted those Kellogg’s folks…

        I am very impressed at the level of individual donations, however. More than an average of $1000 per person in the US is quite amazing.

        Since Kellogg’s employs about 30,700 people worldwide, then the company donates about twice as much as their employees do, if the employees donate the average amount that the rest of Americans do.
        I will leave the hippies out of this from now on.

        • bachcole

          You can’t quantify true charity. If Bill Gates gives away $1000, that means far less than the poor person who sacrifices a lot to give away $1000. The quality of charity lies with the giver, not so much with the receiver.

          • Obvious

            I disagree. The value of the service that the money allows to happen, not the status of the giver defines the value of a donation.

        • GreenWin

          Kellogg Co. Inc. reported $4.8 billion gross profits in their annual income statement ending April 4, 2015.

          • Obvious


      • Mytakeis

        Sometimes I think tax breaks as an incentive to give, over altruistic values, weighs on corporations.

  • Roland

    Kellogg’s Corn Flakes were originally intended, by the Puritanical Kellogg, to induce sexual abstinence not heath; in fact they do neither.

    Compromising the heath of children with their other sugar and chemical laden confections, masquerading as breakfast, for profit is, as you point out, a corporate moral low point and Kellogg would be aghast.

  • Alan DeAngelis
    • Alan DeAngelis

      “red mercury” is at 29:30 min.

  • georgehants

    Roger, you seem to be talking about Stalin as if his existence was a Fact, strange because you have been arguing with me below for days that there is no such thing.
    Please also clarify for me is Epigenetics a True line of Research or does it not exist.
    Please clarify your position for me.

  • attaboy

    If we’re going make that up we’re going to have to move a lot faster than we have.

  • Omega Z

    I got your point.
    I was pointing out that the Amish are not locked in time, but merely slower to change. A persons perceptions usually aren’t reality. Their lifestyle also only works because they are few. 7+ billion Amish burning firewood for cooking & heating would be a disaster. Trees would become extinct.

    Diogenes post below is based on perceptions. They like money as much as the next person. Their milk is sold as class(B) suitable for cheese is money related(Greed seeps in). That’s another story. They are more self-reliant, but less so then many think. They buy groceries & goods just as we do(Their cart will look no different then yours except in volume). They don’t sew all their own cloths nor raise all their own food.

    They mislead the public & take advantage of peoples perceptions either directly or by collusion with others. That Amish hand made furniture your proud of probably came as a kit from China & they merely assembled it. Remember that when you see that TV ad electric fireplace with the Amish built mantels. (Word play, Built-Assembled)

    Many are hard working, But they too have those among them that work hard all day avoiding doing any work. Just like the rest of the world. I know some of them. I’ve done work for some of them. Believe me. I don’t need National Geographic myths. They are little different then the rest of us.

    You probably wont read this in National Geographic. A few years back, they were offering $25K-$50K to recruit young men to the flock. They have a blood line issue.

  • Omega Z

    A similar view could be taken of the U.S. as/is now is looking for the ways to show this technology to the world? The U.S. started studying the anomalous heat phenomenon in the mid to late 50’s with the 1st I’m aware of research papers published about LENR in 1962.

  • Daniel Maris

    Well you may have a point. Though I think Lysenko assumed direct environmental effects rather than via an epigenetic process.

  • Omega Z

    Bush & Obama breaking protocol means they allowed shipments of food to be labeled with point of origin when helping out after a disaster such as a tsunami. For 30 years this was not allowed.

    In the past, a 1000 pallets of rice & flour dropped in to help would have point of origin labels from those who donated. Unless it came from the U.S. in which case it was left unlabeled. Obviously, those in dire circumstances wonder why the wealthiest nation contributed nothing. Not realizing 25% to 50% of the aid came from the U.S.. People have a right to know. It impacts how they think of you. People judge others on the good & bad they do & look at the balance. Seeing only 1 side is not right.

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda