What’s Important is the Rossi Effect has Arrived (Hank Mills)

The following post was submitted by Hank Mills

The question as to the validity of the Rossi Effect has been answered – at least to anyone who is not a hardened cynic. Various teams and individual replicators from around the globe are successfully replicating the anomalous heat that results when a combination of nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride (LiAlH4) is combined in a reactor and stimulated (with heat and/or electromagnetic fields).

Although not ever test is a success and not everyone has achieved massive excess heat or self sustain, Alexander Parkhomov, Songsheng Jiang, and the recent Russian team of replicators (Lenz and Co) have obtained positive results. My sources indicate a second Russian team is preparing a separate report that will detail additional successful test runs – although it may not be published for a few weeks.

We have heard that the Lugano team (who conducted the month long test on a hot cat reactor provided by Andrea Rossi) is also working on a replication. My understanding is that they may have already seen excess heat. However, they are taking their time to perform additional testing. There can be no reasonable doubt that this amazing cold fusion effect does indeed produce excess heat.

Since this effect is indeed a reality, it means that a truly enormous energy breakthrough has been made. This discovery is not simply the discovery of how to make a solar panel a few percent more efficient or a method to optimize the geometry of wind turbines.

The high temperature E-Cat is simply a total, complete answer to the energy needs of mankind. For ages, scientists have dreamed of a solution that would provide a near limitless supply of cheap energy. Due to their urging governments around the world have spend billions of dollars on “hot fusion” research and improvements on traditional fission reactors. As an example, India and other countries are looking into the Thorium cycle as an alternative to Uranium in nuclear reactors. But the truth is that the Ni-LiAlH4 technology supersedes all these technologies. Even if magically a “hot fusion” reactor could come online tomorrow and start pumping electricity into the power grid (at best this will not happen for twenty or thirty years), the E-Cat could provide the same power for a fraction of the cost, size, and fuel.

Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corporation, Industrial Heat, and Cherokee Investments hold the hottest of all potatoes in their hand. It is a real life, honest to goodness miracle on the order of the Red Sea being parted by Moses. The technology is not really “supernatural” in anyway, but the ability to induce fusion between hydrogen and nickel/lithium at such lower energies and temperatures is simply impossible according to “mainstream” science. If the scientists at MIT who originally conspired to squash cold fusion in 1989 had been exposed to the E-Cat producing kilowatts of power from grams of fuel (compared to perhaps watts from palladium deuterium cells), they would have simply fainted.

Now, due to the great success Andrea Rossi is reporting, certain individuals in the LENR field are attacking him and the technology. To be blunt, every single statement by Andrea Rossi about his technology has turned out to be fact since the beginning of this saga. For example, Andrea Rossi stated he would build his first one megawatt plant – and he did so. If he has stated his new low temperature plant is producing exceptional COP numbers and extended periods of self sustain, then I’m certain that is the truth.

I don’t any details of what exactly is going on inside of Industrial Heat other than the fact they are continuing the 350 day trial of the one megawatt plant (with the four 250 kilowatt reactors and the backup group of 15 kilowatt reactors) and testing various designs of the “hot cat.” However, to a certain extent, I don’t care. What matters to me most is the technology. From what we have been told the technology has evolved into something far beyond what is required to change the world. My general feeling is that a COP of 10 is where the technology goes from very useful to game changing. All my sources have indicated this COP has been exceeded.

Right now, we shouldn’t worry about bits of speculation about the inner workings of Industrial Heat. What matters is that the Holy Grail of energy technology is HERE. Most importantly, it is being replicated. My feeling is that in the weeks and months to come many additional parties will come forward showing successful replications. At some point, we will be able to figure out the critical parameters that allow for excess heat production. Once we know them and can present a “recipe” that is virtually guaranteed to work, there will be hundreds of teams of scientists around the world working on this technology.

Right now it can be difficult to fathom a global race to master this technology and it being the buzz of every news channel. But when the world recognizes this technology does indeed work, a technological and industrial revolution will begin that will stun everyone. The steam engine, the internal combustion engine, and electricity all brought about advancements to human civilization. When the “Rossi Effect” reaches critical mass, the revolution it starts will be second to none.

No one can predict the future. I don’t know the details of the future that is to come. My hope is that Industrial Heat and Andrea Rossi make a fortune while allowing this technology to be widely implemented around the world in the shortest time period possible. I’m now resigned to the fact this is going to happen – I just don’t want to wait any longer.

I’m impatient. The world is a horrid mess, and sometimes I lose hope for a better tomorrow. However, the E-Cat represents a beacon of hope (second only to my religious faith in Jesus Christ) for a future worth living for.

So ignore the hostility. So ignore the attacks. So ignore the accusations. So ignore the speculation.

The technology is real and works: that is what matters.

Hank Mills

  • Observer

    Be thankful that Rossi is giving you a front row seat.

    Normally R&D is done behind closed doors and the history is lost to time.

  • G Whit Thomp

    I think it is best to keep religious beliefs form scientific discussions.

    • georgehants

      G, would you agree that —– what is the creator —– that science mistakenly has been brain-washed into believing is a religious question, is a very valid scientific subject, or do you believe that below the Quantum etc. establishment science should just give-up as it has done for many years.

      • Glenn Thompson

        I do not have any issue if you choose to believe or not to believe in some creator or abstract supreme being. But I do not think it is part of LENR.

        My concern is “second only to my religious faith in Jesus Christ” There are many religions that are not Christ centric. Should these reject LENR?

        • georgehants

          Glenn, sorry you misread my reply, I was asking if you believed that it is sciences job to Research our origin, I take it you cannot or do not wish to answer.

          • Glenn Thompson

            I believe you are extending the question far beyond the original post in a very leading manner.

            The original post stated “second only to my religious faith in Jesus Christ” I do not believe a faith in Christ is essential to accepting LENR.

          • georgehants

            Glenn, thank you I take it you mean you cannot or do not wish to answer my question.

          • Mytakeis


          • Mytakeis

            one can choose what one wants to believe, but if one believes in a negative anything, that thing will occur.

          • Albert D. Kallal

            I stated a few times here:

            Ok, we seen the plane fly – when can we go for a ride!

            The science community that so badly messed this issue up
            from the time of P&F until today is a sad picture of history. And while
            NASA is aware of LENR, they choose to continue their gravy train of HUGE
            funding to research global warming and simply provide PR material for Obama in
            place of announcing LENR to the world.

            Given what we ascertained about Rossi’s reactor, this is ALREADY
            a game changer, and likely ONE OF THE MOST valued technology we seen 2000+

            All that is required is ONE news organization to film and
            promote a reactor for a customer in operation and if correctly done, then such
            a video will go viral. (but even then, most will not believe it!!!).

            There will be that “historic” event or “day” when LENR
            breaks though that wall of silence perpetrated by the self-interest of groups
            like NASA.

            I cannot wait for such a day – and it not that far off!

            Albert D. Kallal
            Edmonton, Alberta Canada

      • Nigel Appleton

        Can I ask, George, how you would propose that science should examine the question of the existence (or not) of a creator?
        Is there a Popperian falsification test of the hypothesis?

    • Fibber McGourlick

      Actually, Mr. Mills declaration about he Rossi effect is now a verified truth and he underestimates the impact this tech will ultimately have on our world.

    • William D. Fleming

      It isn’t just a scientific discussion. The religious impulse drives all creative human endeavors IMO.

  • ecatworld

    I think he will only consider it positive if they can meet their contractual requirement of providing 1 MW of heat from the E-Cat for 350 days over the course of a year or so. There may be other stipulations, such as minimum COP.

    • Daniel Maris

      I think that is a more likely explanation Frank.

      The pilot study is unlikely to involve any risk of loss to the participant (which in any case may well be an associate of Industrial Heat).

      • Roland

        It has already happened. There is a perfect to-the-day correlation between the issuance of the Lugano Report and the start of a 50%+ decline in oil prices.

        • Omega Z

          The price of Oil has nothing to do with LENR.
          It is due to the world economy being stagnate or in decline in many areas & a huge surplus at this time.

          The U.S. has near 3 months of reserves in storage & China has been working on a 6 month storage reserve. This has actually held the price up & Shale oil production tho slowed has still increased. The shale fields have an additional 1 million barrels a day production just short of completion on hold that could be finished within a month if prices were to suddenly rise.

          If not for building up reserves in storage, Supply would need to immediately drop 3 million barrels a day. It is coming. Storage capacity is near full & finished product storage is beginning to fill up. Within in a few months, 3 million barrels a day of production will have to cease. There will be no where left to store it. Depending on the port, Tankers are waiting 6 to 12 weeks to offload in the U.S..

  • Roland

    The phrase is typical of commercial contract language, in the disclaimer section, where the reader is advised that the information provided does not imply any legal liability for actions that second and third parties may take based on that information.

    For example; you sell your vast holdings in the carbon business at a substantial loss based on information provided by Rossi, then it turns out that the test is a dud for some unforeseen reason and you’re locked in to your losses. Because you have demonstrably been informed with each release of information that there is no guarantee that the result of the test will be positive, and could still turn out negative, you have no basis for a legal case that tries to make Rossi responsible for your losses.

    Given the scope of the economic dislocations implicit in the technology either Rossi’s or IH’s lawyers will rightly have insisted that every communication about the technology by Rossi bear this disclaimer.


  • J Storrs Hall

    The Wrights first flew in 1903; the public and scientists remained skeptical until their demo flights in Le Mans and Fort Meyer in 1908.

  • Daniel Maris

    A lot more is required before we can say anything has been confirmed. As things stand, nothing has been confirmed and the longer the clock goes on ticking, the more that fact becomes an issue. However, Rossi has given us something like a timetable, so we should be looking to see some further information in early 2016. In the meantime it remains to be seen if any of the replication teams can come up with something convincing. So far we haven’t seen that (including MFMP unfortunately).

  • Hank Mills

    To the faith bashers on this thread: I’m unashamed to speak about my Lord and savior Jesus Christ in any article I write or in any conversation. All I was trying to say is that this world is a horrible, tragic place with poverty, disease, violence, crime, suffering, etc. The two things that give me the most hope that one day this world will be a better place to live in is the existence of the Rossi Effect and the fact Jesus Christ has a plan for humanity. God is working to save the lost and one day destroy this world and replace it with a new one. If you don’t consider yourself a Christian, then just ignore anything I say other than the Rossi Effect.

    • Ted-X

      I think that you are right, this world may be destroyed, for example by the so called “pole/crust shift”. The crust is floating on liquid magma, from 5 to 40 km below the surface. A book by Hapgood (with a preface by Albert Einstein) discusses evidence for the previous crust shifts. Antarctica is still accumulating the ice (now at about 4 km high) and there is a tectonic pressure from the Antarctica on the Australian Plate (giving earthquakes in Indonesia, India and Japan). The question is when the crust shift will happen (10 years? 100 years?), not if it will happen. The crust shift would reduce the population to about 1 billion, or about that number.

    • Billy Jackson

      Never be ashamed of your convictions. Stand proud for what you believe in and don’t let others sway you.. I find that sometimes for a nation built on toleration and freedom of religion there can be an awful lot of intolerant people that profess they love their fellow man with one hand while condemning them with the other when they don’t believe as they do.

      I also am a self proclaimed Christian and frankly could care less what someone thinks of my relationship with god.. its between me and him and frankly they don’t have a say in the conversation despite how loud and rude they may get.

      They ask for you to respect their beliefs or agnostic belief yet turn around and go just as crazy as some Christians when they find out you don’t believe as they do. To each their own be at peace with what you believe and stay out of others if you don’t follow it.
      As for the article I enjoyed it very much. I have read it twice now just to make sure I caught all the nuances or what you were saying between the lines.. while I may not agree with every particular I am a fan of the sentiment in which it’s meant. 🙂

    • Stephen

      Your a good person Hank and the world needs good people like you.

      You were talking about LENR being a beacon of hope comparable to your faith. It is for me too. LENR is certainly bigger than just the science both the story of its discovery and the way it can be used. it can be potentially world changing on so many levels and is a gift that I hope is used well.

      What ever ones belief Faith can help achieve amazing things. Andrea Rossi strikes me as such a person and that is one of the reasons I respect him. His personal faith and dedication is part of the story. Different people have different expressions of faith and or sense of trying to do right and good things. that’s ok but a world with out it would be a lesser and sadder place.

      I’m looking forward to the next months seeing each new piece of information come to light. As you say it seems the basic phenomena is there and it is only a matter of time before its potential is realised.