Innovation Key For Clean Energy Breakthrough (Bill Gates)

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Microsoft founder Bill Gates has written an article on his personal website about how crucial he sees the need to be for lots of clean energy to come online as soon as possible. He cites climate change and poverty as being the reasons why the need is so urgent.

The article is titled “We Need Clean-Energy Innovation, and Lots of It”. Here are a few excerpts:

In addition to mitigating climate change, affordable clean energy will help fight poverty. Although the Gates Foundation does not fund energy research (my investments are separate), we see through our work with the poorest how the high price of energy affects them by adding to the cost of transportation, electricity, fertilizer, and many other things they need.

[. . .]

We need hundreds of companies working on thousands of ideas, including crazy-sounding ones that don’t get enough funding, such as high-altitude wind and solar chemical (using the energy of the sun to make hydrocarbons). No one knows which of these technologies will prove powerful enough and easy to scale, so we should be exploring all of them.

[. . .]

My own personal investments include companies working on new batteries and other storage methods and advances in solar technology. The nuclear design I am investing in would be safer than previous designs and would go a long way toward solving the nuclear waste problem. I spend a lot of time with the CEOs and scientists at all these companies discussing how to build a business around an innovative idea and take a product to market

[. . .]

In my view, innovation is essential to human progress. Some people would say that it is the lens I use to look at every problem, and I have to admit that there is some truth to that. But I believe it is justified by history.

We know that Bill Gates has looked at cold fusion, visiting the ENEA labs in Italy last year where he was briefed on LENR research the group was doing by Dr. Vittore Violante and others. However, since that visit there has been nothing further mentioned publicly by Gates or ENEA about any further interest in the topic.

If Bill Gates is looking at innovation to solve problems in the field of energy with the potential to provide clean energy inexpensively in amounts that will make a significant dent in the amount of carbon emissions, I would hope that he is paying close attention to the work of Andrea Rossi and those who are working on replicating the “Rossi Effect”. To me, this technology seems like an obvious area of focus for anyone looking for a clean energy breakthrough. We all know that there are not E-Cats on the market yet, but I think there is good evidence out there that the Rossi Effect is real, and it is worthy of examination by researchers and those who are hoping to fund the new energy solutions.

  • builditnow

    Don’t get too excited, all Bill has done so far is follow his rich friends advice. For example, supporting Monsanto to grow GMO foods in Africa that require expensive chemicals and fertilizer while cross fertilizing with the natural seeds. Monsanto then goes after anyone who has seeds that were “accidentally” cross fertilized and now have Monsanto GMO genes in them.

    Bill’s foundation is effectively supporting profit making businesses against the interests of the poor in Africa. Bill wants more energy so that the chemical companies can sell chemicals and seeds to the poor.

    I’m not seeing that Bill is an innovative thinker. His history is to drive a hard business bargain after the technology is established and proven by others. I doubt he will mention LENR until it is well established as a product we can all buy. He is supporting fission reactors that perhaps, if we are lucky, will blow up and spew their toxic waste a bit less often.
    If you were to contact anyone, contact the person who took Bill to the research lab in Italy, he is likely easy to talk to and you may find out where Bill is at.

    • Omega Z

      All crops are technically GMO’s. All grains were originally just a type of grass or weed made usable by selective breading. Having developed advanced selection technology, Most future GMO’s will be done with the conventional selective breading process. As to fertilizer, It is a necessity. Always has been. Native Americans use to place fish in the soil when planting corn.

      • Zack Iszard

        All well and good, since artificial selection is technically genetic modding, but the practice of suing people who’s alfalfa (or other-such crop) was fertilized by RoundUp-ready pollen from neighboring Monsanto land is just bogus. Not sure if this same thing is happening in Africa.

        • Omega Z


          To Start: I agree 1000% that such laws suits are Bogus & if it were I they were targeting, I would file a lawsuit against the seed company(Monsanto is 1 of many, They just happen to be a bully). I’ll give the grounds for this below.

          A crop such as corn has a tassel(produces pollen) at the top of each plant. Here is a Wiki link. The 1st paragraph pretty much gives you the basics & takes only a minute to read.

          This pollen is primarily carried by the wind. Obviously, A field next to this crop will be pollinated by the GMO crop to some degree(Note this is a 2 way street). This is just a part of nature.
          On what “Grounds” would I file a suit against the seed company. As a Primary suit- Their GMO cross pollinated my Non GMO crop thus hurting my sale as a Non-GMO. Or As a defensive counter-suit- It’s an act of Nature. Either way, this cross pollination is of little real consequence & can be easily prevented with cooperation among those involved.
          Note that this does not lead to an incidental proliferation of GMO(It’s a myth spread by people’s lack of understanding).
          Now, If I plant my Non-GMO corn next to Monsanto’s GMO corn, Then detassel my corn, Monsanto would have a legal claim. I am trying to ride off of their GMO crop with intent to sell it as such. And If I’m a seed company, I’m outright trying to steal their technology.
          As to the new selective technology. It is just a matter of being much better at determining plant traits with high confidence & planting only those plants & nature does the work. It’s just a hybrid technic that’s been used for 1000’s of years only better & faster(And should be cheaper)

          Round Up is a herbicide & properly applied & used is very safe. Misuse is the issue. The fact we could reduce it’s use by about 75% if properly used speaks volumes. This can be easily addressed at the Farm level. Home owners are the biggest abusers(Much excess). Not only does it kill plants but species that depend on those plants. All in the name of a picture perfect lawn. That is a crime…

      • bachcole

        My understanding, which may very well be wrong, is that non-laboratory genetic modification, that is, the modification that happens in the fields and in the wild, changes the genes at the end of the strand, but so-called GMOs are changed in the middle of the strand.

        • Omega Z

          Little known fact. Nature produces an untold number of GMO’s everyday.
          Pest resistant, drought resistant etc, all in a single field. Just not every plant

          You can transfer any trait from 1 plant to another. You just need to know which plant express the dominate gene. I believe the new technology allows them to determine this. In the past it was hit or miss & could easily take a decade or more & still result in failure. Note: This still requires lab work. Just no slicing & assembling. Also, this new technology will probably take at least a decade to become the norm.

          Nature also does interspecies plant breeding. You can add a trait from 1 plant species to another if you have enough knowledge through breeding. You’ve probably bought some not realizing it.

          Personally, I’ve always be fascinated with grafting. Go out and pick an apple from my apple, apricot, peach, cherry tree. I think someone has accomplished over 20 species on a single tree.

          Anyway, The GMO’s that make me nervous is splicing plant & animal genes. I don’t know that nature has ever done that.

      • builditnow

        A significant problem is the motivation of Monsanto and the type of genetic modification targeted. GMO typically splices in a gene that generates poisons for the insects and / or herbicide tolerance, nothing to do with human health. The splicing is very inaccurate with unpredictable results.

        The second issue is that prior to GMO and advanced selection, humans (and animals) selected each other with the plants such that each helped each other. The healthy humans / animals helped to spread the healthy plants. Healthy plants helped humans / animals be stronger and more successful. A positive feedback loop.

        The advent of GMO and advanced selection has broken this feedback link and you can see some of the results in the general health of the population of “advanced” countries, all sorts of diseases and most frightening is the high levels of autism particularly in boys. Some estimate 2015 autism rates to now be 1 in 20, with boys taking the major share, that could be approaching 1 in 10 boys. Such a problem could destroy the USA. If so, why would Bill Gates be backing such problematic approaches for Africa? If Bill Gates can’t see past his rich buddies foibles, how could he possibly see the future of LENR.

        • bachcole

          Autism was on the rise long before GMOs. Certainly GMOs is going to exacerbate the problem.

        • Omega Z

          You don’t think a decline in physical labor and activity have anything to do with western societies health issues. Today we live in a society that thinks 20 minutes on a treadmill 3 times a week will replace what use to be 40 hours plus physical labor 40 years ago. And then cheat on that. Being obese or overwieght create a lot of health issues.

          The average lifespan has increased by about 20 years so age related illnesses increase. Shingles would be an example. The number of cases has greatly increased in 30 years. However, it is still 1 in 3 people over 60 but millions more people over 60.

          Autism: A compilation of what was once many different diagnosis that have been compiled into a single diagnosis. Add to that an ever expanding definition of what qualifies as Autism and the numbers continue to grow. It shouldn’t be surprising that Health groups would use this as reason for increased funding.

          There are high functioning people all around you diagnosed with Autism & many high profile people as well & you are not even aware. Neither were most of them. Give them time. They’ll expand the definition to include everyone. My link to this is my girlfriend. It is one of the required areas of expertise for her job of which she is taking her annual refresher this week.
          They have been selectively cross breading plants for ever. Advanced selection is merely New technology that allows them to better determine what plants are naturally more resistant to insects, disease, drought etc & increase planting the seeds of those selections. It is the difference between grass seed several Millennium ago & kernels of corn today. Back then it was known as maize or grass.

          This new technology will replace most GMO’s in the future as there will be no slicing, dicing & reassembly. It’s not quite as fast as Genetic modification process, but wont require the years of safety tests. It’s nothing nature doesn’t already produce by itself.

          “The splicing is very inaccurate with unpredictable” 20 years ago. Today it is has become very accurate and predictable. However, the new process will negate this issue.

          “nothing to do with human health.” Not true. It just doesn’t make the news. They’ve increased certain nutrients in some crops making them healthier preventing blindness & malnutrition in some parts of the world. Potatoes have a natural chemical that when visible is a shade of green. It’s a carcinogen. They recently learned to suppress that gene & even remove it. A source of cancer removed. There are many other healthy improvements.

          Imagine planting 30 seeds of corn. 50% don’t germinate, the other 50 percent grow taking about the same nutrients out of the ground & only 50% produce a crop. Now plant 15 seeds of corn, 10 germinate & 9 produce a crop. Your cost is down, your crop is up & no difference in the nutrient uptake. Less cost, more food.

          Soybeans naturally take nitrogen out of the air & the ground but affixes more in the ground then it takes. Corn takes a lot of nitrogen out of the ground & puts none or little back. It has a similar gene as soybeans but isn’t turned on. Turn that gene on & you drastically reduce the need for added fertilizer. This results in enriched fertile farm land.

          I’m not saying some problems don’t need addressed. But you don’t want to go backwards 80 years. Some of the best farmland in the world 80 years ago.
          Average 15 bu. soybeans or 35 bu. a corn per acre & soil being depleted.
          Average 90 bu. soybeans or 250 bu. a corn per acre & soil enriched today. The difference over a billion deaths by starvation avoided.

          • I escaped from “specialized education” after kindergarten (without much problem)…
            Today I would probably be diagnosed as slightly Asperger…
            I prefer to say shy and curious.

            note that there is more and more argument to consider Autism is influenced by stomach fauna, and thus by food regime…
            the problem is that many sect of food try to make people believe it is clean, organic, no milk or no-gluten which is the solution, while it is more probably just balanced fruit, vegetable, stinky cheese, meat, fish, not too clean, not too sweet, and not too processed, with much physical activity (in dirty place).

            same for depression and overweight and allergies.

            the hygiena hypothesis seems confirmed since long, but like LENr there is a huge resistance to that devilish idea.

            we need dirt and sport, and as much meat as vegetables

        • Having spent the last decade or so studying this; my take on the growth in high functioning autism diagnosis including ADHD/ADD and also some aspects of bipolarity and other neighboring diagnosis is that MANY of them do not have anything to do with dicease but fits nicely in among the personality types defined by Jung and the widely used MBTI scale. Neither of these “personalites” can be diagnosed unless the person involved are having problems, ie. not feeling well in some or many ways. This to often comes from unability to fit in the social context, very very often school, but also workplace and other parts of sociaty. So basically we are talking about the sociaty labeling people that /feel bad/are bullied/dont fit in/ because they are different. The way to “cure” is actually as simple as creating social environments that accepts 2-sigma personalities, which is rare.

          My pet explanation is that the human race actually is not genetically coded for the society we live in. Our brains has not changed as much as the world around us when it comes to communication and daily physical labour etc. the last 10k years or so. Chemically there are signs of lower levels of some signal substances like dopamine and noradrenaline in people diagnosed with ADHD. Kids with ADHD actually moves around the classroom because they are low on energy and tired, not the other way around which to often is stated. Kids with autism needs more mental activities and can be very sensitive to sounds, etc etc. And might easily fall asleep in the classroom… Etc. etc, (this is the reason why ritalin/amphetamines are such an extremely successfull medication. It actually raises the level of noradrenaline and dopamine chemically for a couple of hours making the kid beeing able to sit down and listen for a complete schoolday, which is otherwise impossible)

          Food is of interest as well. We overconsume fast carbos (suger, wheat, etc.) any kind in relation to what we need and what we used to do 10k years ago. And certainly considering how much physical work we do. Sugar and amphetamine are not very different. They sort of do the same thing with the brain, allthough in different concentrations… So many get addicted to sugar… surprise…

          Well, an interesting fact is that Bill Gates actually himself is widely considered to an undiagnosed high functioning autist. This is also the case with Einstein, Newton, Darwin, Jefferson, Orwell, etc,

  • Mytakeis

    I took the liberty of using your words; “… innovation to solve problems in the field of energy with the potential to provide clean energy inexpensively in amounts that will make a significant dent in the amount of carbon emissions, I would hope that he is paying close attention to the work of Andrea Rossi and those who are working on replicating the “Rossi Effect”. – to tie in LENR at the end of a comment about oil’s involvement ( by Loveday Morris of the The Washington Post, which Stars and Stripes published on 10 August ) My comment was:

    Turkey bombing Kurd populations and shipping Kurd oil. Does the oil pay for the bombing? Does the bombing stay away from oil producing targets? What’s the deal between Iraqi government; Shiite, Sunni, and Kurd with Turkey? Do the Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq have a different arrangement with Turkey? There is no understanding between Kurds and Turks about bombing. How could there be? Does not matter, that oil gets pumped out of Iraq into Turkey, amidst the explosions. What’s causing Turkey to bomb and buy at the same time; an untenable situation. And who’s bankrolling the Daesh? Need to cut that money’s umbilical cord. They’re rampaging around in stolen US armor, killing, enslaving. Most of all, and because of blow back from decades-long US intervention, the Daesh recruit lots of volunteers to loot, kill, rape, and pillage. Where are they getting their funds? Cut that off, and you may see a diminution of much Mideast/SW Asian difficulty. Of course a non-intervening USA would also go a long way; negotiation instead of military operation. Besides, that oil is no longer a US national security interest. Innovation is happening now to solve problems in the field of energy with the potential to provide clean energy inexpensively in amounts that will make a significant dent in the amount of carbon emissions. Check the work of Andrea Rossi and those who are working on replicating the “Rossi Effect”. That’s the new energy breaking out.

    The military who put their life on the line to defend our land, should not have to do it for oil, and I try to persuade others to this end. To ‘environment’ and ‘poverty eradication’, add no unnecessary military adventures for oil’s sake.

    • Omega Z

      “who’s bankrolling the Daesh?”

      Selling antiquities, Oil, ransom, and everyone under their control are forced to pay a tax of some sort. To cut their bankroll can only be accomplished by depriving them of turf.

      As to Oil. It is the economic blood that supports society in many ways include sustenance. Without it, most of the 7 billion people would die. If/when LENR comes to the world, don’t be disappointed when wars continue. There are people who want you gone just because you’re different from them. And this doesn’t need to involve religion. Just being different.

      • Mytakeis

        Understand, perhaps the persecution Daesh inflicts produces revenue, but there has to be more to it than that, and I think it’s sponsor/s. The Americas produce a lot of oil, surly enough to sustain the gradual transition to e-catalyzers, without Mideast contributions. Yes enemies abound, that’s why we have a defense, to fight and win. Still we do not need to continue to aggravate the situation, and make enemies, by non-stop intervening in other lands. Diplomacy needs to replace military operation first. Hopefully no more than mutual agreement is necessary.

        • daech sell discount oil they produce to Turkey, Nato Member, who resell it to EU who close the eyes (theyer is some people moaning but media block the campaign).

          It is clear today that daech was supported (by inaction and some tiny helps) by US and thus by EU subordinates.
          there is currently a scandal in US about someone of DIA explaining USA did not react (in fact passively support) Daech to attack Assad. US people may be more aware.

          Turkey do the same with PKK, using Daech to kill kurds.
          Emirates (mostly private sponsor) used daech to help Al Nosrah against Assad, and kill non religious rebellion…

          Israel fund Al Nosra (Al Quaeda, don’t laugh). I imagine they support daech too, like Staline who supported Hitler in the hope to destroy the zone and be free to invade it. (it worked but later than expected).

          Even a French deputy admitted France gave weapon to terrorists on LCP TV.

          all that stink, and I’m ashamed of Western countries….
          By Calais too…

          • Omega Z

            The Enemy of My Enemy is, not necessarily a friend but exploited to an end.

          • Mytakeis

            You nailed it, Alain. That general, Michael T. Flynn is a retired United States Army lieutenant general. He was director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, and chair of the Military Intelligence Board from July 24, 2012, to August 2, 2014.

        • Omega Z

          Believe it or not, The Iraqi Government pays money to those in the Daesh zones of control to avoid ill will from those people. Daesh in turn collects a tax on that money. The Daesh actually run those zones much like any other government & collect revenue in similar fashion. However, if people don’t pay up, swoosh. Off with your head among other things.

  • Zack Iszard

    He supports a molten-salt fission reactor system through the company TerraPower, which is in many ways intrinsically safe (versus the solid fuel designs we have seen reach a catastrophic end in Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima, among others), but still uses radioactive fuel which cannot be switched off. It is designed to use first- and second-level byproducts of uranium fission, meaning it is powered by what is considered to be nuclear waste. Someone will find a link