Abstracts of Conference Paper for October LENR Conference in Soshi, Russia Published

Thanks to Peter Gluck for providing this information to me.

The conference outline for the 22nd Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation of Chemical Elements and Ball Lighting, to be held in Sochi Russia Sept 27-October 4 has been published. Happily, this document is in both Russian and English.

There are 35 presentations listed on a variety of topics dealing with cold fusion/LENR and ball lightning. One that might be of particular interest here will be the work of Alexander Parkhomov, K.A. Alabin and S.N. Andreev who will be presenting “Results of Isotope and Element Composition Analysis of Nickel – Hydrogen Reactors Fuel”

Their abstract reads:

Results of isotope and element composition analysis of fuel before and after 4-day work in the reactor similar to the high-temperature Rossi reactor are presented. Comparison to analyses of Rossi reactor fuel and others nickel – hydrogen reactors are made.

Some other titles that caught my attention are:

Erzion Interpretation of Rossi & “Lugano” Experiments with “Hot E-cat” Cell
Miniatoms of Hydrogen – the Key to Theoretically Explanation of Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions
Tectonic Conditions of Cold Fusion Preparation in the Earth Crust
Calorimetry and Temperature Monitoring of Ni + H2 System under the Influence of an Electric Discharge
Nuclear Fusion and Transmutations of Elements in the Earth’s Core
Development of Breakthrough Technology of Steam Turbine with Heat Supply Based on Clean Low Energy Reactions (LENR)

The full program schedule and abstracts of presentations can be found here

  • Gerrit

    Somehow it doesn’t make sense. If a isotope shift will be announced, we should have heard about it already, successful replications should have been performed already. It should be big news already. But non of that.

    We can wait until end of September to maybe hear about an isotope shift and apart from a few scientists in Russia and some spectators, nobody will notice. And the skeptics who do notice will dismiss it until it is replicated by a “real” research lab.

    And somewhere in 2016 some other “small” lab will report another isotope shift and this will still mean nothing.

    And this can go on even longer than it will take Rossi to actually show us a working ecat.

    I guess I am not in a good mood today and fed up with eternal waiting.

    • maybe it is in process only, and what I read is just a generic description of “some results”.

      positive or negative ? same or different as Rossi ?
      no idea!

    • I’m also very tired by all of this.

      So many very good people tried replications with very professional equipment but NOONE has yet seen any sign of excess heat, even with the famous parkhomov powder.

      I’m tired…

      • Ged

        No one? I guess the other Russian and Chinese replications were done by nobody et al. ;). Don’t be too glum, this field is progressing exactly like all other ones.

      • Jarea1

        I totally agree with you. My personal opinion. That stink bad and should be cleaned. The best way is replication through MFMP. They have a clear objective that is make it reproducible and open for all. Parkhomov can destroy his future in history if it doesnt have a clear reproducible method.

    • LookMoo

      MIT just announced that they will have their own Fusion (hot LENR??) WITHIN 10 years..

      This means that fusion energy and LENR will not be junk science.

      Do not invest long term in Oil, just an advice.

      • Ged

        That ARC (ala. Ironman movies) reactor they speak of (simulated, not actually made) is just a more compact ITER. Exactly the same Tokamac geometry and physics.

        But yeah, oil is a really bad investment right now.

      • Sanjeev

        MIT ? ;-D
        Most probably they are looking for more funds for the next 10 years. 10 billion should be enough.

    • Sanjeev

      He already published the isotope and element analysis in iccf19. I guess the coming presentation is simply a formal presentation of the same. But can be a new experiment with new analysis, however, the abstract does not say much.