E-Cat X Fix Requires Making New Material that ‘Does not Exist in Commerce’

After over a week of running the E-Cat X, Andrea Rossi’s new domestic E-Cat design, Rossi reported on Tuesday on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that it had, “burnt, as the first one”, but that they knew what the problem was, and how to fix it.

Today, Rossi explains that they will not be able to start it up again until next week, because they do not have a commercial source of the material needed to make the repair. Here’s his post to Gerared McEk on the topic:

August 20th, 2015 at 7:40 AM
Gerard McEk:
As I said, to repair the reactors and other parts of the plant now and again is the normality here, due to the fact that this is the first industrial real application of LENR in the History of technology.
We will start up the new E-Cat X probably at the end of the next week, because we have to produce a new material that does not exist in commerce to resolve the problem that popped out.
This attitude to make materials that do not exist is a legacy of a visit I made in the NASA concern od Huntsville, Alabama, during a meeting with their scientists: I saw their laboratory where they told me they make things that do not exist in commerce, because they have particular problems that cannot be resolved with the existing materials. I thought ” This is exactly the kind of lab I need”.
The technological characteristics of the E-Cat X will be published when the R&D on it will have been completed, and at that point will also be explained why it is more fit for household applications.
Thank you for your kind words,
Warm Regards,

For a brand new product of this nature, it’s not at all surprising that you would have to come across problems as described here. When it comes to manufacturing this E-Cat X, it sounds like it won’t be able to be manufactured using easily available materials; there will have to be a means of making this new mystery material in significant quantities if there is going to be mass production of this domestic power product.

  • BillH

    Maybe that’s just as well, since AR can concentrate on repairing the 250KW unit. As for the E Cat X that’s just another +5days till OTS, as he might say.

    • Omega Z

      I don’t think Rossi actually builds the X-cat reactor as he is always in the container watching over the 1Mw plant. He has implied that the positive outcome of the pilot plant is vital to future plans, thus, the X-cat is of secondary concern..

      I believe he relegates this to others to build at his instructions.

  • Jimr

    Somewhat off topic but can someone explain , by what methods the cat X can directly produce electricity. I am at a loss to understand how it would be accomplished without additional equipment.

  • rocky172534

    i retract my last comment after rereading article.idiot(palm to forehead)