Rossi: Relationship Between Leonardo Corp and Industrial Heat ‘as Perfect as Always’

Andrea Rossi has responded to a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics which asked directly about the relationship between him and Industrial Heat. There has been some speculation recently that there might have been some change in the relationship, as Rossi has written numerous about Leonardo Corporation’s position as the owner of the E-Cat’s intellectual property.

The question was: “can you explain how is now your relationship with your American Licensee , to dissipate the rumors or give information about them?”

Andrea Rossi responded:

August 22nd, 2015 at 7:19 PM
Lakisha Madkin:
I am not a rumorist and I am spamming the B.S. I am receiving on the matter. The relationship between Industrial Heat and Leonardo Corporation is perfect as always and my work with my great Team grows up in harmony. I will spam all the next comments that will arrive on the matter, because there is no reason to talk about B.S.
Warm Regards,

Once again Rossi mentions Leonardo Corp — so it does not sound like he is simply an employee of Industrial Heat, as once was the impression. Industrial Heat seems to be a licensee, but an important one, as it appears that they have provided significant funding and personnel to help Rossi with product development and commercialization. We don’t know the details of the relationship, and probably never will. Rossi once mentioned signing a “mammoth contract” when he made the deal with IH — and he is careful not to reveal confidential details.

Rossi says that his plant and workshop are located on the premises of an IH customer, and that he has Industrial Heat employees as team members — and now he says things are perfect and harmonious, so it seems that things are on an even keel as far as Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat are concerned.

  • Sanjeev

    Its not convincing and has very little info, but I think its best to not to read too much in between the lines. His “angry tone” and “spamming” of comments is an everyday affair 😀

  • US_Citizen71

    I have a different read on his comment. To me it is more like the answer a parent would give after being asked for the hundredth time ‘are we there yet?’, while on a road trip.

  • Paul

    The details of the agreement between IH and Leonardo are clear, they’ve been discussed here in the comments of a previous post and there you can find the whole truth. What is not clear is who has the control of Leonardo because if Rossi has the control it is a very bad news. It’s quite clear that other investors entered in Leonardo but not in what measure… This is the open question, perhaps a control in the companies database from a US expert could give an answer…

    • Omega Z

      “because if Rossi has the control it is a very bad news.”

      Explain why that would be bad news?

      Rossi’s intent would be to bring this technology to market, Else he would never become involved to begin with.
      All others involvement could be suspect. Possibly with the intent to bury such technology. However, with less then 50% control, this would be very hard to accomplish.

      If Rossi retains 51% control directly or indirectly kind of assures all other investors have intent to bring this technology to fruitation. Whether for the good of society or self enrichment, All involved would want the technology developed. Such arrangements tend to work well because of mutual interests. A product will come to market when all parties think it is ready.

      • Bob

        Because Rossi has been unable manage the business end of a technology.
        All the relationships he has had outside of Leonardo Corp have ended badly.
        He may be very good at edisonian development, but he does not seem to be able to make a stable business plan. Reference the Petrodragon problems, Home Depot statements, the 13 reactor statements, the previous two public reactor visit opportunities, the Navy demonstration, the licensee program, etc.
        Yes, if the relationship with IH has diminished or was never what it seemed, the eCat has a very slim chance of making it to market if the business end is controlled by Rossi.
        I hope IH and Rossi are “as perfect as ever”. I really hope that Rossi’s role is only the “Chief Science Officer” (his own words) and not the CEO making the business decisions. But that has all seemed to have changed. 🙁

        • radvar

          “All the relationships he has had outside of Leonardo Corp have ended badly”

          “All”? Please ennumerate.

          • Bob

            Certainly not to state that all were Rossi’s fault nor that I am privy to every relationship he has had.
            I do stand corrected.
            However, most of the relationships that were made public by him or published via eCat website etc., however have not been positive.
            Such as Stremmenous
            Certainly Defkalion
            Aldo Prioa and Prometeon (A very competent entity)
            (?) Green from Austraila and several other license holders.
            Italian Local / state government (Petrodragon)
            U.S. Navy *
            Seimans *
            National Instruments*
            Brian Ahern – (My understanding there has been some issue. I could be wrong)
            And while there may have not been a falling out, I cannot understand why any of the Lugano testers have not made ANY defense on their test or Rossi? Complete silence. Something must have happened.
            *(While not necessarily negative at one time the relationship was hyped and now not ever mentioned. Indications that any relationship has now ceased, thus somewhat negative. )
            Do not get me wrong. I am not saying Rossi is a fraud. I do believe he has something. I also believe he is not very good at business. I hope he lets Darden direct that portion so the eCat will come to commercial reality.

          • Omega Z

            The situation involving Petrodragon was not of Rossi’s making, but of outside interests looking to stop his technology. Considering those involved likely influenced Rossi to bring his E-cat technology to the U.S.

            There’s no issues between Rossi & Stremmenos, Only Defkalion(DGT) & their shenanigans of which Stremmenos publicly denounced them for.

            The biggest business mistake one can make is having to much trust in his fellow man. I believe Rossi learned well from the (DGT) experience. And thus it would be naive to think Rossi didn’t have several offers prior to his selecting Industrial heat/Tom Darden.

            National Instruments & Siemens were of a consultative nature. (Control instruments & Turbine requirements). Neither were derogatory towards Rossi & National Instruments went so far as to publicly post that consultations had taken place.

            License holders, This involved Industrial heat in some way. Word is they had suggestions for Rossi including dumping some of his associates & Rossi obliged them. However, several License holders are still engaged & I believe that includes Roger Green.

            Navy, NRL I assume. See it for what it was. It was exploratory in nature & a means for a Government agency to channel funding to technology of national interest that appears promising. DARPA did the same by funding SRI tests of Brillouin’s device. Such arrangements take place all the time.

            “Brian Ahern”- Snarking is common among competitors, But I note that Rossi has given props to Ahern on JONP that some of his LENR work has merit.

            As to Rossi’s business acumen, He is aware of his weaknesses(As he has indicated on JONP) & has others to deal with much of the business end. Even tho this effects us, It is really none of our business. The E-cat is his creation. Not Ours.

            If Rossi has majority control or final say is actually Business 101. If one forfeits control, Others can do as they wish with your creation. Recall what happened to Steve Jobs in 85.

            Don’t Kid yourself, Industrial Heat is in reality, Venture Capitalism. The coup d’etat of VC is gaining majority control of any investment. If Rossi has retained majority control speaks well for him.

            Lugano: I believe they inadvertently released more info then intended. Regardless, I believe they have been silent, because they are still trying to understand the results themselves. Thus, they are building their own LENR device. And note that they’ve had discussions with Parkhomov. We haven’t heard the last from them. Stay tuned. Just don’t hold your breath. It will still be a while.

        • GreenWin

          “Catastrophizing is an irrational thought a lot of us have in believing that something is far worse than it actually is.”

  • LuFong

    The quote should be “perfect as always” and not “perfect as ever.”

    • bachcole

      And I thought that I was a grammer nazi. This is a nuance of grammar that completely eludes me. (:->)

      • LuFong

        This has nothing to do with grammar. It’s about quoting someone correctly. And just because something eludes you does not mean it eludes everyone else.

        • ecatworld

          Thanks, LuFong. You are correct on the quote. I have fixed the title.