Coverage of Rossi Patent in Media Sources (Brian Josephson and Tom Whipple)

There has been little mention from mainstream news sources of the US Patent office granting Andrea Rossi his patent — and really at this stage that’s not entirely unexpected, given the overall media silence on the topic of LENR in general. However there are couple of noteworthy exceptions.

First, in the Falls Church News-Press, a local newspaper published in Falls Church, Virginia, Tom Whipple has written an article titled “The Peak Oil Crisis: Cold Fusion Gets a U.S. Patent” which discusses how the new information contained in it should now be much easier for replicators to be able to demonstrate the Rossi effect, and show that this technology is not a fraud.

Whipple concludes:

For those of us who have been following this technology for over a quarter of a century, the granting of a U.S. patent marks a major milestone in the history of science for it offers the opportunity to get mankind beyond the age of carbon and nuclear fission fuels and all that they have wrought – rogue petro state governments, pollution, global warming, and dangerous radioactive wastes. For now, the major question is whether this or similar technologies can come into widespread use fast enough to slow and then halt the many adverse societal, economic and climatological trends with which we are currently beset.

Secondly, Nobel laureate Brian Josephson, a British physicist, has written a comment on the Nature website in the “Week in Science” news section for August 21-27:

“As flying pigs have so far not yet been spotted in these parts, you won’t be getting the following news from Nature itself! We are pleased to have this opportunity to keep Nature readers up to date: 1) “For the first time in two decades, the Japanese government has issued a request for proposals for low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research”. For details see 2) Andrea Rossi has been granted a US patent for his ‘energy catalyzer’, which claims to produce large amounts of energy from a nuclear reaction (however, the patent itself does not refer to this aspect, only giving details of the design).”

Brian Josephson has been a long time follower of Andrea Rossi’s work, and someone who seems convinced about the reality of LENR and the Rossi effect, and one of the few in the science community who has been willing to publicly speak out in support of this field of research. So far his support does not seem to have caught on among his scientific colleagues, however.

Personally, I’m not expecting too much of a media splash on this news. The mainstream media in general seems to take its guidance on science reporting from what respected mainstream scientists say on a topic, and so far precious few have said anything positive about LENR or the E-Cat.

My guess is that it will be people in the business community who will be more interested in the granting of a patent — this raises the visibility of the E-Cat in commercial terms, and is an important step in getting the technology into the marketplace. I do agree with Tom Whipple that the information contained in the patent should be helpful to replicators, and I know that already there are people getting ready to try new replications based on what is revealed in this patent. Some successful replications based on the E-Cat recipe in the patent could be quite convincing.

  • right, as i’ve heard the media are fully aware (when they are interested) that LENR is real, like E-cat, but they know that the first to talk about will be toasted by the mindguards… they are in “no speak, no hear, no see” mode… not even to criticize, because they are aware it is real.

    only the tinfoil hat like cassandra legacy or ethan siegel can still believe in the academic meme.

    however even if a minister of energy write a letter for an LENR business conference to say he cannot attend but support the effort, and if 2 economic journal are present, and the journalist are enthusiastic, …
    no article, no critic, no coverage.
    funny, is it?

    did you notice :
    – bill gates seen with Violante (I agree Bill Gates is not really a supporter, but journalist could toast him)
    – Elforsk the DoE/EPRI of sweden insulted by the national radio to fund a scam, is… ignored by all media even in sweden.
    – Tohoku university work with MHI on cold fusion with public money in japan …
    – science academy of India have a journal, current science, which publish a special issue on cold fusion… nobody to insult them.
    – Carl page seen at ICCF19, and nobody to say he is crazy…
    – Tom darden a local NC tycoon not even insulted
    – an economic journal put brillouin as “company to follow” and nobody says they are scamming their readers
    – something in UK… I let you find.

    so many nasty things you could say, and which are not said?

    when did you see journalist so kind, so forgiving, with something that is fraud, scam, bad science, according to the consensus, and not supported by any politician officially (by some in private, ok) ?

    of course they know it is real… and they know they cannot say it.

  • tobalt

    Josephson is a good example of happened to scientiest 15 years ago when publicly supporting LENR.

    from a nobel laurate to someone who is no longer taken seriously and smiled upon.

    Today, I think, the situation is different. While the image of the likes of Jospehson wont be repaired when LENR emerges, people stepping forward now are do find find the adverse conditions anymore that josephson had. The anti LENR peer pressure and much weaker today. So scientists stepping forward publicly today may actually push the consensus slowly towards the acceptance of the phenomenon.

    • Reality is the rule acceptance is optional, it doesn’t matter if they accept the fact that airplanes can fly or not, they are flying. Its like saying that airplanes can’t fly becasue they are not lighter than air. The scientist making such a statement is totally devoid of any understanding of aerodynamics… such is the case with LENR.

      • pg


        • Eyedoc

          Yes. Multiple patents will be flowing now for AR

  • I agree with you Frank — the business community will pick up all this before the science community gets out of its blocked position. Did you see this post on how Big Oil is probably following the development of the E-Cat technology closely, in silence?

    • LookMoo

      Saudi Arabia have started to borrowing money to cover daily expenses.. read this: NEVER HAPPEN BEFORE.

      Oil nations like Norway have investment Funds that are a major player on NYSE, Norway can basically liquidize the assets over night. Saudi Arabia does not seems to have that flexibility. Saudi reserves seems to be tied into assets that can only serve as security for loans.

      Within 2-3 years they have to “give away” the oil almost for free. USA will lose interest in the region and the situation will go from bad to worse.

      • Omega Z

        Saudi Arabia has around 700 Billion$ in international investments. With a 40 billion$ annual shortfall, they can do this for a while.

  • Michael W Wolf

    Brother you could not have hit the nail on the head more squarely. Bravo!

    • Jarea1

      Yes i can only join you. Thanks Brian Josephson!. You are a real and honest scientist!

  • GreenWin

    Consensus academics claim authority due to “academic expertise.” It is then reasonable to suggest the present few who write about LENR for public consumption utterly lack “expertise” in journalism. Journalism is, in best case, the origin of skeptical review and political oversight. Yet, since the firing of Forbes’ writer Mark Gibbs in July, 2013 – we have seen absolutely NO journalists report the LENR story. Why is that?

    Instead we have seen a series of managed “bloggers,” like non-journalists Bailey and Borwein, opine about the state of alternative energy. B&B are NOT journalists. They have NO expertise in journalism. They are, by consensus definition, a couple of math geeks without credentials to report on anything but integers.

    While some here are disinterested in how the media reports this story – I ask them to broaden their view. The preponderance of evidence proves LENR. LENR will change nearly every element of human existence. Why then should we accept the opinions of a couple of math geeks? More importantly, why would we allow ANY authority to suppress public knowledge of something as obviously revolutionary as LENR?

    I want someone to come forward and ‘splain to us simple peons why it is we must live in an Orwellian dystopia. Or, a dysfunctional simulation? Read us in, please.

    • Agaricus

      GW – the question you pose is clearly rhetorical. However I’ll take it literally as this will allow a quick rant.

      It seems to me that Edmund Burke had it right:
      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

      We are living in a world in which all the frogs have been boiled so slowly for decades that most didn’t notice, and those that did – and tried to warn the others – were ignored or silenced. Now its probably too late for the frogs to revolt, but in any case most of them are still tied up in the ‘daily grind’ and buried in ‘normalcy bias’, and will not even feebly object as their rights are taken away, their wealth is destroyed and they are slowly poisoned by GMOs, toxic geoengineering, adulterated food, and dangerous drugs and vaccines.

      After a lifetime of conditioning they have neither the inclination or even ability to apply critical thinking to what they are told, even though the most cursory examination will see the controlled narrative unravel. This is because perceptions are managed worldwide through media that are complicit in the deception by commission or omission. For many, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the idea that their governments are not beacons of freedom, doing their best under difficult conditions, can’t even be entertained, and a constant stream of synthetic threats and manufactured wars serve to maintain such naive dependence and voluntary subjugation.

      The almost total control of information fed to the frogs allows the proliferation of ever greater lies and stage management, and acceptance of the lies allows ever greater manipulation. What was once covert influence and silent acquisition of power is now utterly obvious, blatant, in-your-face corruption and abuse of all sectors of human activity, because the psychopathic manipulators now know that they can get away with virtually anything, and that no-one will challenge their scheming, manipulation and utterly destructive goals.

      • GreenWin

        An excellent answer Agaricus. If somewhat disheartening. But then there are wonderfully ironic moments in what you write. For example:

        ” Now its probably too late for the frogs to revolt, but in any case most of them are hogtied by day-to-day financial survival…”

        Admittedly, I revel in the image of genus Rana bound by genus Suinae. An image rich enough to make William Golding jealous! Should any of these species flock together, the PTB shall suffer a zoological maelstrom. But as you note, individualism is given way to somnambulism – and there a few if any able to act. We approach a stage in which even the most tenacious of us must call upon the services of a caped crusader. Or perhaps just Iron Man…

        • Agaricus

          Mmmm, pigs and frogs ‘flocking’ together – that is certainly a surreal image! Using a metaphor from another culture is always a potential pitfall, but my understanding was that to ‘hogtie’ something was to bind it in a way that prevents movement, and doesn’t require any intervention on the part of pigs!

          I also wanted for obvious reasons to introduce references to sheep but the analogy is strained enough already, so frogs will have to remain the sole proxy for the mass of unaware people.

          Despite the fact that the deceived outnumber the deceivers by millions to one, it seems that our only reprieve must come through an individual or small group that can lead an effective fight-back. Of course, widely available free or cheap energy would probably also help to bring the control edifice down quite rapidly – which is why I foresee unexpected ‘problems’ to come in the introduction of cold fusion and other possible free energy technologies.

          • GreenWin

            Thanks for the link. Was not aware of GcMAF. Found this link which helped update me – you may already know it:

            You might find this Russian flashlight that accumulates EMF rather than using a battery, intriguing. Marketed as world’s first “free energy” flashlight:

    • there was journalists at all LENRG events, of 2 finance journal at least at Oxford.
      at Oxford they were enthusiast have wrote articles.
      never published.

      it was bigger than what he hear here.