Infinite Energy Interviews Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy

Marianne Marcy of Infinite Energy magazine has written and extensive article about Brillouin Energy in which she has an in-depth interview with founder Robert Godes who she talked to at the ICCF19 conference in Padua, Italy earlier this year. Brillouin Energy has been seeking to commercialize LENR for a long while now, and it’s interesting to read about Godes’ early interest cold fusion and his work experience in the field over the years.

Godes’ interest started out in 1992 when he first heard about Pons and Fleischmann’s work. He relates how he says he ‘figured out the phyisics’ of cold fusion early on:

“When I heard about the Pons and Fleischmann news conference, I said, ‘Palladium—there is something about palladium and hydrogen.’ I spoke with fellow electrical engineer Steve Salkow and he said, ‘They use that to filter hydrogen and it was the PEM for the original fuel cells.’ I asked, ‘Helium will not pass through it?’ He said, ‘No, only hydrogen.’ Well, I knew helium was about half the size of hydrogen and to act as a proton permeable membrane,
the hydrogen was entering as just a proton, deuteron or triton. In an instant, I put that knowledge together with
the constructive interference of phonons, the Lennard-Jones effect, the Heisenberg uncertainty/Bose-Einstein effect and said, ‘I know what is going on!’”

Marianne Marcy also interviews Tom Claytor, a physicist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, who has carried out testing on samples of electrolyt that Robert Godes had sent him, from some of Brillouin’s experimental systems. Claytor was able to detect small levels of tritium in these samples, which are significant because tritium is nuclear in origin. Here’s a table showing a summary of the results:


Regarding Brillouin’s own commercial prospects, the outlook still seems unsure. Godes says Brillouin’s plan is to manufacture 104 kW boilers which will heat oil to 400 Celsius. The heat will drive a Stirling engines to generate 10 kW of electricity, and also provide cooling through absorption refrigeration. But building these products is going to depend on funding, which is not yet secured. Godes says “We anticipate that, pending a significant development contract/cash infusion, we are within 18 to 24 months from the integration of our technology into actual products. Products that we are confident will create breakthrough, ultra-clean, renewable energy.”

Regarding competition in the field, Godes is quite candid:

“Funny,” said Godes, “I think the reason that we have 500 people at this conference is due to a guy who’s not even here. Rossi. You can say what you want about the guy. You can say he is a showman. People say he’s a fraud. I think he actually has something. Maybe not commercially useful but I think he really does have something”

  • If that is candid ” I think he actually has something. Maybe not commercially useful but I think he Really does have something” Then Candid is a new word for sour grapes.
    Perhaps When you have a problem with size,then that is how you think.

    • Publius

      Brillouin is a lot more transparent and if you have the credentials, you can actually go see their technology in operation. Meanwhile, we don’t even know where Rossi is located, so I think it’s fair to say that the IH/Rossi operation is not so candid.

      • Credentials I have. Air fare have not.

  • It would be nice. I have been following Cold fusion Since 89.
    When I cheered loudly and told every one who would listen,
    that our energy Ship had come home.
    It was a great year as other walls were over come.
    I first heard of Dr Rossi back in 2009.
    I then was a 99% hoper and believer, with breath held and heart thumping.
    The breath is now released and the % is now 100.
    But I have to take a pill for the blood pressure.

    • Omega Z

      I’m pretty sure he did invest in Brillouin as it struck me at the time of whether this was a conflict of interest issue with all parties involved. But this was before Darden became involved with Rossi.

      However, I think Darden’s investment in Rossi’s technology was of a much greater commitment including financially. Simply because Rossi appears to have the holy grail within his grasp.

      Brillouin/Godes- 400`C temps- COP=4.
      The actual working temp will be around 240`C. Possible a little more depending on the setup.
      Proposed 104kW reactor. COP=4. Input 26kW.
      Sterling generator. 10kW electric output. The most efficient sterling generator is about 25% & 20% being more realistic. To make this beneficial, he’s depending on waste heat utilization or heat absorption and sacrificing some electrical conversion efficiency to accomplish an overall net gain.

      Brillouin simply doesn’t have high enough temps or COP to be economical just generating electricity. In the best of circumstances at this time, it would be a net zero.

      Rossi, at least COP>6, More according to rumor.
      Temperature at the wall at least 1200’C for about 600/700’C steam possible. This puts it in reasonable reach of 40%+ turbine generator efficiency. This would be seen as the Holy Grail.

      As to-defending Brillouin. I have no il will towards them nor any reason not to believe them. To my knowledge he’s not taken any cheap shots at legitimate competitors & has even offered to share his control knowledge with Rossi.

      And another point. Rossi says they intend to sell so cheap as to minimize competition. I believe Rossi, but others are also involved of which i don’t know. Brillouin as a competitor keeps them honest.