European Patent Office Approves Patent for Piantelli’s LENR Method

Thanks to Alainco on the LENR-Forum (here) for this interesting news: The European Patent Office has granted a patent on Francesco Piantelli’s “Method and Apparatus for Generating Energy by Nuclear Reactions of Hydrogen Adsobred by Orbital Capture on a Nanocrystalline Structure of a Metal”.

The documentation of this patent, which was granted on July 24, 2015, and published on August 26, 2015 can be found here:

In the claims document (see here), the patent refers to using hydrogen and a transition metal (Piantelli has traditionally used nickel) to obtain energy via nuclear reactions — and in claim 2. it refers to “A method according to claim 1, wherein said secondary material (28) comprises Lithium, in particular said Lithium comprising predetermined fractions of 6Li and 7Li isotopes.”

Nickel, hydrogen and lithium are all essential components of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, who has a patent approved in the US, and now Piantelli has one in Europe. I am not sure if the methods described in each patent are close enough to be in competition or conflict with one another, but I would expect that there will be close scrutiny on both sides of the Atlantic taking place. I am not familiar with the name of the applicants on the Piantelli document — but one looks to be a family member. Nichenergy, based in Milan, Italy is the company that is set up to commercialize Piantelli’s invention — but it is not named on the patent.

  • It is not so clear, but there is many more claims than 1-2 …
    last document just update 1-2…

    the patent may interest replicators as there is many claims about alloys, alternatives, need of amorphous material, … this patent is rich.

    note that another is under opposition of Rossi, and that Piantelli answered with some measurement results and a long lasting experiment…

    • clovis ray

      Hi, guys,
      This trying to trash Dr. Rossi, want work, we all knew he would start getting this kind of static,

  • With all of the recent revelations in the patents replications far and wide should be possible now.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Congratulations Francesco – Your intense life sacrifices are being recognised.

    • Fyodor


      Is there information in the patent that goes beyond what you’ve learned from Mr. Piantelli? Is there any progress on replicating his work?

      • Bob Greenyer

        Due to other MFMP engagements – I have not had time to fully read the patent. I will respond on that part of your question when possible.

        I am in regular contact with Francesco – we are at the mercy of his health, energy and other factors. We are doing what can be done.

        We will be looking for Helium in Bob Higgins’ experiment – if it is there, then it supports Piantelli theory over bound Neutron transfer theory (University of Upsalla)

        • Da Phys

          Both reactions lead to He therefore the experiment will not support one theory over another.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Not the favoured one of Upsala University

            7Li + xNi > 6Li + (x+1)Ni

            No helium in that one.

  • Daniel Maris

    Excellent news. Very positive.

    • Kevmo

      Let the patent wars begin.

      • Paul

        Perhaps for Rossi Europe is game over now

        • clovis ray

          hi, Paul,
          Why would you say that, pantelli has nothing, if he did he would have already had it out there, nope, when i see a working model that ss, like Dr. Rossi has been showing a working model of for years, no,it just all talk, nothing else,
          The first working model you get will be from leonardo corp, there will be a few that tries to steal his discovery, but i would guess,Dr. Rossi is way smarter than anyone in this field, bar non, sure their will be a few garage mechanic’s that will try,and build , i may try myself, just for fun, once all is known, but you and i will be able to pick one up late next year, maybe a little later, for a song and sing it yourself, first we get a hearer, that is what is most needed, then electricty, and cooling, what a great plan, and one we can see,a world saving product from.

          • Paul

            Hi Clovis, Piantelli had and has self-sustaining Lenr reactors, but most important is that he owns the first patent, prior to Rossi’s. For this reason, Leonardo or IH tried to buy his company, according to my sources. If his patent was not a key patent, why the American would be so interested in it? This second patent for Piantelli closes the circle. His company owns what is most important, the patent and the priority.

          • clovis ray

            Well, i guess a guy, like mr. P, can dream, because i think Dr R will cut him down to size real quick, lol

          • Omega Z

            Paul: I think these early patents are just a basic framework & are not defensible in themselves, i.e., You can’t patent LENR itself. You can’t patent nickel, hydrogen or lithium.

            However, once a basic framework has been laid out, they can ply additional patents covering a specific or unique process. Rossi’s patent doesn’t really cover the fuel, but everything apparatus. i.e., Replicate his device & face patent infringement. Look for additional patents to cover unique processes to make the fuel viable.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I understand also that IH / Rossi are trying to find someway to buy the patent(s). Is simply does not make sense for them to want to do this and to continue to contest Piantelli’s patent applications if there is no point in doing so.

            I would rather that there was a patent sharing agreement. Because everything owned stateside might allow the US to invoke their “strategic” laws that would prevent anyone that trades with the US from using the tech if it was deemed strategically important – and well, I think that the most important invention ever might qualify – so it is of paramount importance that one doesn’t wish for this outcome but rather one that allows faster worldwide adoption of the technology.

          • psi2u2

            “I would rather that there was a patent sharing agreement.”


        • clovis ray

          Congratulation for the goal, a milestone for energy production and the enviroment. I’m following the story from the beginning, the steady progress but also the difficulties.
          Now there is patent protection. Good job.
          I’m asking Andrea Rossi when you feel your device can hit the market in sizes 50 to 100 kW. That size would be useful for heating buildings. Would it be possible in a couple of years?
          Giuseppe Castrogiovanni

          Andrea Rossi

          September 4th, 2015 at 7:50 AM

          Giuseppe Castrogiovanni:
          The modules of the industrial plant in operation in the factory of a Customer are 250 kW modules. From here to modules of 50/100 kW the step is not high indeed.
          The answer is: yes.
          Warm Regards,

  • Bob Greenyer

    Not much above 200C for the Nickel Bake – Significant oxides will form above 250ºC

    Pelletise the fuel like shown in the video here –

    this will make it easier to load and increases fuel density whilst avoiding separation when tapping cell. It will allow a much lower area to volume ratio and you can put your dead volume elsewhere in the cell.

  • Paul

    Congratulations to Piantelli, because with Focardi is the father of Ni-H reactions. Very sad for Focardi’s family, and especially the daughter who is a physicist, shamefully forgotten by both Rossi and Piantelli. Smart people but not from the human point of view…

    • psi2u2

      Rossi has NOT forgotten Focardi, but has often spoken with great fondness of Focardi’s essential role in the discovery process. Rossi hired Focardi to try to disprove some of is earliest positive results. When he could not, they became close collaborators.

  • The patent text is quite outspoken on nuclear reactions. I wonder if EPO has taken a more open position with regard to LENR in recent years. At least compared to US Patent Office, but thats an easy target to beat… Note in any case that Piantelli describes the reaction. Rossi doesn’t. But then, on the other hand, Piantelli might be wrong.

    • Mats002

      If the underlying process is SPP:s as Axil advocates…

      • Mark S.

        SPP:s ??? What’s that mean?

        • Omega Z

          From the “Pseudo Urban Dictionary”
          Superior Phlatulence Production System. 😉

        • Mats002

          SPP mean Surface Plasmonic Polaritons. LENR research show quite clear that LENR is a surface phenomenom at the outmost layer of a metal lattice (and possible other structures of atoms, but that is another story),

          This short article and the few first comments describes it:

          And this short video from Simeon Hein visualize it vividly:

          • Private Citizen

            Simeon Hein, if you do read E-CatWorld, please don’t use the W. Bush ignoramus mispronunciation, “nuke-you-lur,” it should be “nuke-lee-ur.”

            Call me pedantic, but that just grates.

        • Dods

          If i have done my homework correct I think I first heard of SPP from the Widom Larsen theory.

          • Bob Greenyer

            See above… Martin Fleischmann has his hands all over this.

          • Bob Greenyer

            The New Fire MK1 – A controllable reaction driven and moderated by heat, pressure, element ratios, phase states and morphology…

            by Bob Greenyer


          • Stephen

            Intersting ideas about the process it looks pausable I think. I like the Piantellis H- ideas and although I’m not yet certain about which of the mechanisms explain LENR I think Proton absorption best explains some of the data and evidence and is most likely occurring somehow.

            Regarding your analysis I wonder if the following is playing a part

            Regarding the ratio of Li to LiAlH4 2/3 in Andrea Rossi’s patent.

            In the patent he also mentions that LiAlH4 breaks down during heating in 3 phases.

            1. 3LiAlH4 -> Li3AlH6 + 2Al + 3H2 which occurs at about 150 deg C
            2. 2Li3AlH6 -> 6LiH + 2Al + 3H2 which occurs at about 200 deg C
            3. 2LiH + 2Al -> 2LiAl + H2 which occurs at about 400 deg C

            And that (3) is reversible at certain higher temperatures and lower pressures e.g. 500 deg C at 0.25 bar.

            I suppose these reactions happen at different temperatures at higher or lower pressures.

            The extra lithium seems to be just enough to mop up the Al releases in phase 1. I wonder if this is a coincidence. Would the Al be preferentially absorbed by the Li rather than the Hydrogen released in the same phase at the initial high pressures at these temperatures. if so perhaps it prevents the Aluminium melting and keeps it in place for later phases in the heat up.

            On a separate point I just read that certain amounts and types of nano nickel particles can prevent the melting of LiAlH4 before H2 Desorbtion occurs:


            I had a discussion with Ecco on Freethinkers Replication discussion on the LENR Forum and he found this more complete link


            It seems that milling the fuel with the right amount of nickel also changes the LiAlH4 somehow in particular stops it melting.

            Else where I have read that Iron has been used when milling LiAlH4 with similar results.

          • Bob Greenyer

            As I have said before, if you add more Li – you can get the melting point of LiAl down to 200-300ºC, see the LiAl phase diagram


          • Eyedoc

            Does it seem like the form of the extra Lithium matters ? ( ie wire, foil, powder, granular)

          • Bob Greenyer

            not sure it does – BUT having fluorine stabilised Li powder would allow the whole lot to be pressed into pellets which would then have good macro level homogeneity before the first heat up. Once the Ni is sintered – it stays that shape.

          • Paolo Savaris

            When you say “stabilized lithium fluoride” do you mean exactly?
            Maybe you’re making the assumption that lithium is in pellets or granules and not in the form of dust?
            In your opinion with a melting temperature lower than 200 ° C is actually required lithium powder?

          • Bob Greenyer

            In my opinion – no, except id Rossi Pre-Presses his fuel like the russians showed me and we published. I think it has merits as it will allow the nickel to sinter into a low surface area to volume pellet and having stabilised Lithium powder would facilitate having the Lithium evenly and proportionally distributed with the Al that comes from the LiAlH4 and which takes part in what I consider a key revisable process.

            When you have free Lithium and it melts, it readily flows away from the Nickel if allowed to and wets to any surface (like the inside of the reactor) that is available to it. This would leave a less than optimal Li : Al ratio wetted to the sintered nickel – something that surface tension (and other aspects) appears to hold in place.

            Open replicators have already reported that lithium is difficult to handle and put in to the mix. The stabilised lithium would make doing this simpler and would also allow the Lithium to be legally transported by air..

            From this:


            “SLMP is safe to handle in a dry room atmosphere. Studies conducted at -40oC
            dew point show less than 1% loss in metallic lithium content after 50 hours.
            This stability results from a precisely controlled passivation layer ranging from
            10- to 200-nanometers. SLMP is not pyrophoric. It can be safely transported
            by air and sea without requiring traditional safety measures.”

          • Stephen

            There is something potentially interesting about Flourine. It’s naturally occurring isotope F19 like Lithium 7 has low level nucleus energy levels. Although a bit aside topic from your discussion here This might be interesting if gamma absorption is important especially for low energy gamma is produced and absorbed. If this plays a part for Lithium 7 it may also play a part for Fluorine. Of course on deeper reflection more factors need to be taken in to account such as probability of encounter, energy state resonance, and conservation of states such as parity and spin in the nucleus etc but if sufficient encounters of diverse or tuned States can be made more probable it may play some part. Note in the Andrea Rossi and Norman Cook paper they mentioned that the Lithium 7 nucleus needed to be already excited to its first energy state above ground state in order to absorb a Proton and split to 2 Helium nuclei. They did not mention how it was energised to this state though so they did not imply it was necessarily energised by gamma. Interestingly for Li7 the first energy state is about 477keV and spin parity of about 1/2 – (and a ground level spin of 3/2 -) which is below 511 keV for positron annihilation. I’m not sure if the remaining 34 keV could be accounted for some how so the gamma is still absorbed or if a spin of 1/2. – make absorption of a proton more likely or if it is just the geometry of the nucleus. Flourine low nucleus energy levels are about 110 keV and 197 keV, much lower than 511 keV so I suppose it will be harder to to see how this can achieve resonance in this case unless thegamma is already down converted somehow or some mechanism allows the remaining energy to be accounted for somehow.

          • Stephen

            Note that like LiH, according to Wikipedia LiF using enriched Li 7 and in particular a variant including a mixture of Beryllium Flouride FLiBe is also used in nuclear reactors as a coolant I understand it is also somehow efficient at abosrbing neutrons.

          • Bob Greenyer

            haha, I’m not offended and I deeply believe in my insignificance!

            I respect your right to disagree, we’d get no where with a continuous stream of group think.

            Thanks for you too.

          • Bob Greenyer

            dependent on system and circumstance (hmmm – that sounds like the title of a period drama)

          • psi2u2

            I have been convinced (as someone without the technical training to understand all the details) that what we are looking at is probably an entire class of new reactions, not a single phenomenon. For what it is worth, that might explain the diversity of observational data. Do you agree, Bob?

          • Bob Greenyer

            Yes – it is certainly a very complex system

        • Bob Greenyer

          Well – and your gonna love this… it came out of work that Martin Fleischmann did at Southampton University in the UK – a paper that according to wikipedia has been cited over 2400 times.

  • Bob Greenyer

    The Fuel>Ash of all studied Rossi runs and that of Parkhomov, Celani, Mitsubishi, Piantelli, Focardi, Mastromatteo, Mizuno etc etc show transmutations. That is Nuclear, we can avoid talking about it, but we can’t deny the evidence.

    A way to counter the fear of the ‘N’ word is to educate about how it is all around us, in bananas, in the soil (like Kerala) and more specifically and in direct correlation with Ni base LENR, drives the heat that keeps the earth warm inside. It is over us, under us and we eat it. We live in a Nuclear world and we need to be comfortable with that.

    Bashing things to gather at high energies is just nasty and that is the nuclear we should stop.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Piantelli had not let his patent run out, it has been awarded.

    People fear the unknown – this will be known in time.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Oh, trust me – I know I am no body.

    My kids remind me of it.

    I knew it when I helped the Occupy movement in London St. Pauls with their communications and broadcasts, I was made to feel like a worthless idiot by authority.

    I was also reminded of it when I made presentations for amazingly influential people that have made huge fortunes and gained influence by nothing more than moving other peoples money around.

    I’ll die like everyone else and it will matter little.

    Right now, I am just trying to help.

  • Harold Blair

    I have always said that Nickle & H & Li were essential elements in LENR- this has always been sort of assumed by experimenters-

  • Bob Greenyer

    Wonderfully philosophical and true. Thankyou.