Mats Lewan to Speak on Cold Fusion/LENR at the Full Circle Club in Brussels

Mats Lewan has informed me about a talk that he will be giving at the Full Circle club in Brussels, Belgium on the subject of cold fusion. The Full Circle club describes itself as an organization “For all creative and forward thinking professionals, interested in new ideas and committed to making a difference.” Here’s the Billing for Mats’ talk:

Friday 2 October 12.30-2.00PM Lunch Talk
An express trip with our speaker, during your lunch break. Simple lunch provided.

Mats Lewan brings to Brussels the remarkable story of an almost impossible invention that could change the world: Cold Fusion. This unparalleled energy source promises inexpensive, clean, and virtually limitless energy. Yet, it is as promising as the concept has been controversial. A dividing force within the scientific community and the media, Cold Fusion captivates even the most skeptic out there. Too good to be true?

Book here (Registration required)
Members FREE / Non-Members 10€ on the door
NB: Places are limited.

Mats is branching out professionally these days. If you go to his personal website (, you’ll see that he now is offering his services as a speaker and moderator at meetings and conferences on the topics of new technology — and he refers to LENR in particular:

“I help companies, organizations and individuals to understand this change, to prepare for it, and to see the opportunities. With deep knowledge of technology, I describe how several industries will be hit by digitalization, and how this will fundamentally change the ways of doing business.

I also give talks on the unbelieveable change that will hit the world with a new unexpected energy source – a true ‘Black Swan’ that you need to get ready for.”

Brussels, of course is the headquarters of the European Union, and it would not surprise me if some members of the Full Circle club attending Mats’s talk, will be connected with the EU in some capacity. This would seem to be an excellent venue for Mats to talk on cold fusion/LENR — and I hope it goes well!

  • Mats002

    Go Mats go! I can be your backup 😉

    • 😀

      • Samec

        It will sure unpredictable Black Swan (which You and Me already predict) in World economy.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Actually, I think Mats002 would make an excellent backup – he has a great Fedora also!

      • winebuff67

        Great book! Glad to see you capitalize on your knowledge of this fledgling industry

      • LookMoo

        Make sure your presentation is uploaded on youtube.

  • Gerard McEk

    Mats is doing well and I hope that he will reach those people who can make the difference and point their focus on cold fusion. It can really make the difference and looking at the comment below we have back-up for him as well :-))

  • Gerard McEk

    Mats is doing well and I hope that he will reach those people who can make the difference and point their focus on cold fusion. It can really make the difference and looking at the comment below we have back-up for him as well :-))

  • Julian Becker

    Great greetings to Frank Schwalba-Hoth in Brussels if he is somehow still involved in organizing those events. He could be a person to talk to there to spread the word. If he is not involved, Mats Lewan should get in contact with him, He is a former MEP of the Greens and THE multiplicator for anything that people need to know….For sure he must have heard about LENR as well…

  • psi2u2

    Congratulations, Mats!

  • I like this because Mats is one of the very few people who know the scientific method very well and has good verbal skills to deliver the main facts to the laymen. And he has also very good insider knowledge and contacts.

    I guess if he’s packing all this objective and with scientific facts, he could move very big players into this field.

  • greggoble

    Dry cell, nano particles, reversing polarity, maximum loading, pre-heating, lithium, boron… 1989 cold fusion… the ingredients are all there.

    Belgium has taken a unique stance in regards to cold fusion research. In 1991, the Belgium Ministry of Defence sequestered a series of technologically advanced (dry cell) cold fusion patents and all related research papers.

    Why did the Belgium Ministry of Defence sequester technologically advanced cold fusion/LENR patents and research papers?

    What affect would these cold fusion patents and related scientific papers have had, on the advancement of the art, if they had reached the cold fusion scientific community and media in 1989?

    How do these early Belgian cold fusion patents compare to advanced LENR patents emergent today?

    What was the state of U.S. and Belgium relations in 1989?

    What role, if any, did the U.S. have in the decision to sequester Joannes Van Den Boagert’s patents?

    “Belgium Missing LENR Energy and the Suppression of Cold Fusion”