Communication from Etiam Oy

Recently I reached out to Etaim, a Finnish company that has previously submitted this patent application for a “Thermal Energy Producing System and Method”. Here’s the abstract:

System and method for producing thermal energy is based on a very large number of nanoscale particle accelerators in a volume accelerating electrons and hydrogen ions at very high local electric fields. Nanoscale particle accelerators comprise a dielectric material possessing electric polarizability and a metallic materialcapable of forming an interstitial and/or electrically conductive metal hydride and capable of enhancing the local electric field by the geometry and/or by the sufficiently small dimensions of the said metallic material. Low to medium strength local electric fields are utilized for the generation of Rydberg matter and inverted Rydberg matter in the presence of a material capable of forming and storing Rydberg atoms. Destabilization of Rydberg matter and inverted Rydberg matter leads to solid state physical reactions that release energy.

I have received the following communication from Pekka Soininen, the inventor listed on the patent in response to my inquiry about the current status of Etiam’s activity:

“Thank you very much for your interest in Etiam Oy.

“We are still working with LENR and evaluating alternative business scenarios for future actions.

“It has been a pleasure to notice that the LENR field is expanding.
More and more groups around the world are involved in constructing and testing LENR systems.
After all, only the use of the scientific method and hard work will pay off and form strong foundations.

“Warm greetings from Etiam to all readers of E-Cat World news.”

  • John Littlemist

    Thank you Frank for this. You did something that ca. 1000 Finnish journalists were not able to accomplish: Get an interview from Etiam Oy.

    • Omega Z

      After giving it just a few moments of thought, there is good reason that Frank succeeded in getting a response from Etiam Oy. Friendly waters.

      When dealing with the mainstream press, you have no idea how it may be portrayed or the commentary that they may included with it. We’ve seen far to many stories that at some point turns into a hatchet job before it’s concluded.

  • Dods

    Back at you Etiam. Nice to be recognised. This forum has definitely got one of the best communities on the net imho.