Norway’s Aftenposten Newspaper Covers Brillouin, LENR

Thanks to AlainCo on the LENR Forum for pointing out this new article in Norway’s daily newspaper Aftenposten by Kristian Bjørkeng titled: “1 glass of water = energy to Hamar for a whole year?”

The article focuses on the work of Brillouin Energy, one company developing LENR technology, whose officers have recently visited Norway. There is now a company in Norway called Black Swan Innovations which is trying to generate investment funds for Brillouin. Robert Godes and David Firshein of Brillioun are quoted and they say that they are still lacking the funds to commercialize their technology, and any marketable product is at least a year away. Godes states they need up to $20 million at this point for materials research.

According to the article, Brillouin is working on developing a water heater that will operate much more cheaply than conventional heaters. The heater will cost two to three times more than regular heaters, but will pay off over time through lower energy costs.

The newspaper article also covers the physics of LENR and interviews professor Dieter Röhrich at the University of Bergen who thinks that while Godes and other LENR researchers are well-intentioned, they are overlooking some realities of physics that make their claims impossible, and are engaged in wishful thinking. Regarding Godes’ theory, Röhrich states:

The concepts he says exists in physics, but he takes them out of context and combines them in an odd, speculative and incorrect manner. In physics, we have no indications that the free protons are unstable, as he describes it. If he was right in that protons so easily be converted into helium, the world would be full of helium,

Godes responds by saying:

Stable operation with four times more energy yield than what we submit, confirmed by independent reports, is not a measurement error. It is sad that such people say that science should be driven by data and results, but at the same time refuse to look at the actual results

This is the second major article Aftenposten has published covering LENR — the first was in June of this year where they reported on Rossi’s E-Cat, and I’m glad to see this new article. I think that Aftenposten is doing an important service to Norway and the wider world by covering this topic that I think deserves more attention than it is receiving.

  • bachcole

    Elsewhere I read that Aftenposten is Sweden’s largest newspaper. Is this true?

    If so, this is big, especially since Godes got the last word.

    • EmTee note .se

    • Mats002

      Did you call me 🙂
      Sweden have four large newspapers; DN, SVD, Expressen and Aftonbladet. The last one can be mistaken for Aftonposten but is not.

      Norway have Aftonposten and Verdens Gang, possible some more but a leave that to a norwegan ECW reader.

  • Uncle Bob

    $20 million for materials research? Tell him he’s dreaming.
    I’m amazed they can ask for so much when they have so little evidence of anything real on offer. It’s still just promises of possibilities.
    They have been going long enough and spending more than enough to show something real and conclusive by now.
    I thought Rossi showed much more promise four years ago and even that has turned out to be disappointing.
    If it’s ok by Brillouin, I will pass on their request.

    • Warthog

      Independently verified by SRI (Stanford Research Institute). How much more do you need?? Publication by “Science” or “Nature”?? You need to do a reality check on the spending by the “hot fusion” side, which amounts to $150 BILLIION dollars (and still increasing) with less energy out than produced by Brillouin. I would think a ball-park FAIR spending level would be about $150 MILLION.

    • GreenWin

      “I’m amazed they can ask for so much when they have so little evidence of
      anything real on offer. It’s still just promises of possibilities.

      Exactly my sentiment Uncle Bob. Of course I am referring to HOT fusion. Let’s see, hot fusioneers have taken $250B taxpayer dollars over the last 65 years. And they have yet to produce even ONE Watt of useful energy. Hot fusion is just one consensus science boondoggle and tax payer fraud. There are others. 🙁

      As I recall Dr. Rossi has taken ZERO tax dollars to develop the E-Cat. And he’s been active on the job 4-5 years!

    • colodude

      @Uncabob, It’s $2.4 million US. Conversion rate from NOK (Kroner?) is in a note posted before yours. It wouldn’t change your decision, to be sure, but the request is an order of magnitude more reasonable

      • Axil Axil

        Why doesn’t LENR happen all the time? Why is the earth not full of Helium?

        I would appreciate your attention to a theory of LENR that covers many of the characteristics seen in LENR experiments and also addresses the hard to create nature of LENR.

        LENR is a reaction that involves the formation of an electromagnetic Black Hole to combine two dissimilar particles and/or atoms together in the same volume of space time.

        The kind of LENR that does not demonstrate neutron and gamma emissions uses a special type of entanglement to connect two or more particles and/or atoms involved in the generation of the reaction. But that entanglement is a special kind of entanglement. It is the Multiboundary entanglement that involves multiple particles and atoms as produced by a Black Hole. Since the Surface Plasmon Polariton(SPP) is a acoustic black hole, it produces this special type of entanglement. So there is a special linkage between SPPs and LENR involving Multiboundary entanglement.

        In order for radiation free LENR to occur, SPPs must form as the catalysts of the LENR reaction.

        As a second LENR causation mechanism, the high powered electromagnetic SPP can also produce a monopole magnetic beam like a rotating gravitational black hole and that beam can grow strong enough to instantiate mesons from the vacuum. These mesons and their decay products (muons and Pions) can catalyze nuclear reactions involving nearby atoms such as muon based fusion and fission.

        Muon induced fission

        Prompt muon-induced fission: a sensitive probe for nuclear energy dissipation and fission dynamics

        LENR can result in the fission of heavy elements: uranium and thorium as a result of Muon induced fission. Neutrons are not required to generate fission in heavy elements. Because these elements are also connected to the SPP by entanglement, the LENR reaction proceeds without neutron and gamma emission and immediately stabilizes the radioactive byproducts of the fission reaction.

      • Omega Z

        I believe it’s around 8.4 million USD.
        This will constantly change.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      I hope you are also against hot fusion and the Billions upon Billions spent with nothing to show.

  • Gerard McEk

    Why is it that the news papers in Norway publish these articles in a fair and critical way, whereas in many other countries LENR/Cold Fusion is simply ingnored. Are the only sensible journalists living in Scandinavia?

    • Gerard McEk

      To expand on this: I found in Peter’s EgoOut the following article of an influential German site (KOPP Online):
      (I hope you can transtate this sufficiently in English. It is also quite positive about this site and Frank Acland is cited several times).

      • kopp verlag is unfortunately a conspiracy news publisher.

        Not taken serious in germany.

      • Timar

        (Un)fortunately, KOPP is far from being an influental media outlet. It is a notorious platform for all kinds of paranoia and right-wing conspiracy theories.

        No sane person is taking them seriously.

        • Frechette

          On reading the Kopp report I must say it is balanced and informative article. It leads off about Rossi having been recently granted a US patent and gives background on his work. Nothing conspiratorial about it all.

          The mainstream German media is of course dominated by Left wing scribblers who are no better than mouth pieces for the Government. In other words media prostitutes. Der Spiegel is a prime example leading the the pack. One can hardly expect anything positive about Lenr developments to be reported by that crowd. It is no wonder that a large fraction of the German public refers more and more to the MSM as Lugen Presse (Lying Press).

          Unfortunately when Lenr finally takes off Germany will be left in the dust with its windmills and outdated solar panels. Armes Deutschland.

          • Timar

            What a bunch of nonsense!
            Your political fanatism oozes out of every word you write.

          • Frechette

            Did you even read the Kopp article on LENR? There is nothing conspiratorial in it. Zip. At least they have had the courage to publish which few of the left wing German media dare.

            Just because Dr. Joseph Goebbels coined the term is no reason to claim it does not apply to today’s German press. A significant number of Germans use the term quite freely with good reason. The PEGIDA demonstrators are a fine example. Furthermore TV and Radio are supported by government hand outs which hardly makes them unbiased. I’ve observed how the Deutsche Welle reports certain stories and compared them with other news sources. The bias comes through loud and clear.

            As for freedom of expression we witnessed that in action in the case of News Anchor Eva Hermann. She was fired because she claimed it would not be a bad idea if Germany had a higher birth rate.

            You claim: “Your political fanatism oozes out of every word you write.”

            I might say the same about your intolerance for opinions other than your own PC

            Incidentally, fanaticism is not spelled “fanatism”.

  • Warthog

    Depends on whether you pick “just US” or worldwide. No question, though that it is one heck of a bigger number than $20 million.

  • Axil Axil

    Thanks for this reminder. There was a presentation at the last CCF conference where a presentation involving biological transmutation postulated that the surface of bacteria acted like a nano particle in serving as a mechanism for amplifying surface charge. When a number of these bacterial aggregate they may produce SPPs. Entanglement of these EMF black holes are gentle enough to keep the gut bacteria alive through transmutation.

  • Axil Axil

    In my opinion, only one mechanism can produce transmutation without producing neutrons, gamma radiation, and unstable radioactive isotopes.

    • Mats002

      Sounds reasonable and implies that both metal-hydride systems and other structures of atoms (such as in biological configurations) share the same underlying process which for now the best candidate is SPP amplification. How to prove in experiments is still to be answered I think.