E-Cat Commercial Rollout: Leonardo in Europe, Industrial Heat in the USA? [Update: Rossi Estimates $3 Billion in Pre-Orders]

We don’t have much detail about the commercial rollout of E-Cat technology, but it appears that plans are well underway for getting the technology into the marketplace, providing, of course, that the year-long test run of the 1 MW plant goes well.

Tonight Andrea Rossi was asked if there might be a small Italian flag in the container where he was now working. Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi
September 16th, 2015 at 11:49 AM
Italo R.:
Leonardo Corp is preparing a very strong and important action in Europe, concerning the manufacturing and the sales of the E-Cat. F9.
Warm Regards,

I asked a follow-up question about whether it was fair to say that Leonardo will roll out the technology first in Europe, and Industrial Heat will do the same in the USA (licensing from Leonardo Corp.) Ross responded simply:

Frank Acland:
I think it is fair.
Warm Regards,

I’m not sure whether to take that as a confirmation, but it would seem that Industrial Heat are not are going to be directly involved in the European marketing of the E-Cat. Roger Green of E-Cat Australia has said that Industrial Heat holds commercial license for the USA and China, but not Europe.

But this does bring up a question that I have thought about quite a bit which is: who exactly is involved in Leonardo Corporation? Andrea Rossi is apparently CEO, but I believe there are others who make up the Leonardo team.
Going back to February 2012, Andrea Rossi announced that Leonardo Corporation had “become the property of a trust of investors.” This was before we had heard of Tom Darden, Cherokee, or Industrial Heat who announced their acquisition of E-Cat intellectual property in January 2014. It’s possible that Darden was involved in this investors’ trust, but we have no confirmation of that. Rossi has not mentioned this investors trust for a long time, but I think it’s likely that it still could exist.

Regardless, it does sound like there are plans for E-Cat commercialization afoot, and I think whoever is involved, a new era in this story will begin once this technology is openly operating in the marketplace.


Andrea Rossi has just responded on the JONP to a question about the total amount in dollars of pre-orders he has receives. His response:

Andrea Rossi
September 17th, 2015 at 7:55 AM
Hugh Lee:
About three billions, based on the supposed price of the domestic and the industrial E-Cats, but we did not accept and we will not accept a single cent from the potential Customers who made the pre-orders until the product will be ready for deliveries, which means until the tests on course will have been completed positively (F9), our manufacturing lines will be operative and, for the domestic E-Cats, the safety certification will have been achieved. As you see, an enormous work remains to be done, but we are already working on it.
Warm Regards,

  • Gerard McEk

    It would be interesting to know how quick the home market will follow the industrial commecialization and whether it will be heating units, or heat & electricity units or both. F9 as AR always adds.

  • Rigel

    If Mr. Rossi’s tests are successful, 3 Billion dollars will be the least of his worries. While we talk about the money spent on hot fusion please remember ‘they’ are following what they believe in. If his tests are proven, he will have an entire world (1% ers) spending whatever it takes. When Einstein published his unheard of theories the same thing happened. Old Albert was not accepted for sometime until others reviewed and proved his work. AR has the same path to follow. He is the primary advocate for the new fire and will go down in history. At his age it would be a better legacy than money. But he will see his work continue regardless.

    • GreenWin

      Rigel, hot fusion scientists follow what “they believe in” because they have had little or no alternative. We have hard evidence the MIT hot fusion cabal sabotaged the results of cold fusion replications back in 1989-1990. Dr. Robert Bussard Asst. Director of the U.S. hot fusion program told us years ago the tokamak was a make work-program destined to fail.

      Now the former Director of the U.S. hot fusion program Dr. Robert L. Hirsch has written a scathing review of ITER claiming it a commercial failure. Rossi and the LENR team will not have to wait long since they are not selling a theory – but an actual commercial product. Commerce trumps academia. Academia is in for the a$$-kicking of a lifetime. Deservedly so. http://issues.org/31-4/fusion-research-time-to-set-a-new-path/

  • VisionandWisdom

    What has happened to all the replication attempts that were happening fairly regularly for a while?
    Have people been silenced?
    Has their funding been cut?
    Have they given up as they don’t know what Rossi and team know?

    I still have a healthy critical skepticism that it was too easy for Rossi to give out some enticing tit bit of evidence from years old failed experiments to other the scientists in order for them to waste years on the same failed routes of exploration and allow Rossi to get closer to a patent etc.
    IF indeed it actually is what he claims it is and IF it works reliably for LONG periods of time without breaking or expensive servicing.

    Only time will tell…………….

    More replication attempts anyone?

    • the replication attent are happening, in public, and in private.
      I know some under preparation…
      I’ve heard many critics on many attenpts. it is not easy, and there is probably many unknown mistakes to avoid, and many unknown tricks to use.

      it tooks many years for Rossi to make his technology reliable.
      it started before 2009.(even before in the 90s?)
      it seems to work unreliably in 2011.
      it was still risky in ferrara with a reactor burned (scientists say by accident, rossi says on purpose)
      it seems reliable with the 1MW powerplant

      my position today is that no replication is confirmed.
      Ferrara is positive because of flawless calorimetry.
      Lugano is questionable from calorimetry,but not from the isotopes.
      Parkhomov calorimetry and thermometry are intriguing but not solid. I expect better work with colleagues and funding.
      Biberian still have nothing sure. (but he works at different temperature)
      Brian have negative (but he used different ingredients).
      Songsheng did a nice job but broke probably not 1 but 2 Thermocouples.

      • Daniel Maris

        We’ve only just come out of August – holiday season in the northern hemisphere. I would expect some more attempts to be reported in the coming weeks.

    • ss dd

      It takes some time for experimenters to adapt after the new information that came out in the patents. Secondary experiments are happening if you know where to look (hint: lenr-forum).
      Alan is testing his his new power meter; me356 is playing around testing different LAH powders and playing around with pressure while waiting for lithium powder to arrive. Freethinker has found that lithium powder creates breaches in his reactor.
      Overall we are learning more about lithium, how it lowers pressure in reactors, and how to contain it.

      So no public replication attempts recently, but several preliminary runs that are not as much in the spotlight

  • Daniel Maris

    File under Andrea’s Faith?

  • LilyLover

    I consider CERN as a jobs program. It conCERNs me that CERN does not have the fortitude for truth. BUT I love CERNists and ITERists in that, at least I get to see a multibillion dollar hologram and that they are wasting money to have a good life as opposed to engaging in murders with uniformed unconCERN or exploiting average population with 30% interest rate.
    Let the ITERnal people have family fun. I’ll go to even further extent and say… keep them at home fully paid for existing … they may at least have some fun … why even pretend to expect something out of their “efforts”.

    Minimum income for white collared, is the primal step towards minimum income for all. In the end even the thieves will be awarded minimum income. And I really wish to switch the term to maximum income… yay.

    I.e. all you need to do is test the blood – desirable lines? – right to luxurious life. Undesirable blood? Eternal Slave. If that’s how the world works, anyways, let’s stop the attacks against the “good blood” is entitled to best life as heavenly will. For works matters not, the lineage only does.

    Happy now?

  • Omega Z

    Probably more of an inquiry nature.

    Whether a sale would be made would depend on many variables.
    I notice many with unrealistic expectations due to a lack of understanding of the technologies actual functionality.

    Note that some of the literature on Hydro Fusion was for 24/7 operations. That’s where it is most efficient. Otherwise, you’re dumping a lot of excess heat. It’s not so cheap if you don’t make use of it.