Andrea Rossi With Trademarks Approved for Leonardo Corp. (Photo)

We noted recently that Leonardo Corporation had been issued a trademark from the US Patent and Trademark Office for the wordmark “E-Cat The New Fire”. Now a new trademark has been issued by the USPTO for an image of a silhouette of a cat with a ball:

cat and ball trademark

The text of the trademark approval can be found here.

Below are two photos of Andrea Rossi with the two new trademarks issued to Leonardo Corporation.




  • No one can ever say Rossi did not earn his success through hard work and long hours. Over time, people will appreciate all the crap Rossi has had to put up with through the hard and difficult years. That will all come out in the movie about his life.

    • Jarea

      Yes i also want a movie about him. That would show the people how corrupt is our mainstream science and mainstream media. Maybe they get inspired and request these corrections to our current science model.

    • HS61AF91

      Could be he took heed of the treatment and outcome of Mr. Tesla’s interaction with corporate and governmental entities, and found his way to squeeze out from under their thumbs. Anyway, it is a great time to be alive, and see the means of this orb’s restoration come to fruition. The man is legend.

      • TomR

        A legend and a Hero to me.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yeah, what an epic movie that will be. It could open with a young Rossi running a marathon… The eureka moment when he burns is finger… It could end with a panoramic view of the of the nickel filled asteroid belt to give a hint about what the future could be.

  • Observer

    In case you were wondering about the certificate on the wall…

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, observer. I was wondering about that. AR said this was the flag that Tom Darden gave him.