Rossi Working to Fit E-Cat X Within US Patent, Predicts 150 Patents Pending This Year

As Andrea Rossi continues to monitor the 1 MW plant inside his container, he is also working on the E-Cat X, and seemingly writing patents continuously. Here are some comments on his activities today from the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Andrea Rossi
September 23rd, 2015 at 7:34 AM
Sarah Huskey:
Yes: 64 patents are pending, but I think we will arrive to about 150 patents pending within one year, due to the ones I am working upon, obviously all related to the E-Cat.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
September 23rd, 2015 at 7:13 AM
Now it’s 08.10 of Wednesday September 23 inside the computer container.
The 1 MW E-Cat is stable, the E-Cat X is very promising. We are working hard on it; it is very important that we make it fit to be totally and exhaustively covered by the US Patent that has been granted to us: for us it is now like a commercial requirement.
Warm Regards,

It’s interesting to read in the second comment that they are actually designing the E-Cat X around the US Patent, rather than writing a new patent to cover it. He says it’s a ‘commercial requirement’ to do this, so this indicates that they are going to try to get it out into the marketplace fairly quickly, now that the US Patent has been granted. If the E-Cat X was a significantly different technology they would have start with a clean sheet and go through the whole process once again, which could take years.

This does make me wonder about how the patenting process is going outside the United States. Rossi has said that they are gearing up for worldwide commercialization, but so far there is patent protection in place only for the United States and Italy. Those are large markets, of course, but the demand for the E-Cat is likely to be much wider.

  • Nigel Appleton

    That is one huge investment in intellectual property! It ain’t cheap to get a patent these days, and maintaining that number of patents isn’t cheap either

    • Bob Greenyer

      My brothers world wide patent cost around $500,000 to secure.

      Somewhere, someone thinks this is worth it.

    • Mike

      Is it possible to get a list of all these patent applications?
      Why not have a few patents covering the process instead of a stack of patents that must concern a lot of details?

      • Omega Z

        Because in today’s world, you need patents to protect your patents. Layer upon layer. It’s a lawyers world.

    • Axil Axil

      Any material expressed in public can invalidate a patent. How can the writer(s) of a patent know about all the public data from anywhere in the world that has preceded the patent that may bear upon the patent they are preparing?

      • radvar

        They can’t know all that. They just do a lot of research and hope for the best.

        There’s a certain sorting that occurs: If it’s a valuable idea, and it’s been published, it will probably be republished, and so findable. If it’s not a valuable idea, then it’s probably not worth patenting, so won’t be looked for.

        Also, US (and most international) patent law is based on “first to file” vs “first to invent”. I don’t know exactly how strict that it, however, I believe it means (and happy to have any one correct this)…

        If person A invents the same thing as person B, without knowing about person B’s work, and if B hasn’t taken steps to make the work findable, then if A files first, he/she gets the patent, regardless of the timing of when the two parties did the invention. My intuitive feeling is that’s not fair, but most of the world uses it.

        Also, my understanding is that if you publish in some way that should be obviously findable (like at a big conference) to make sure you can claim “first to invent”, then you have X months to file, at which point the idea becomes public domain.

        Patent lawyers make lots of money.

  • to survive in that market he is creating, Rossi&his partners should occupy the market fully , not 1% but 95%.
    otherwise his competitors, patents or not, will find a way to do the job.

    the war will not be in technology, but in industrial power.
    will he be able with China, Darden &al at provide Terawatts per month, as the market demand ?
    will someone else be able to do it faster ?

    if someone can harness and industry infrastructure that can deliver terawatt faster than Rossi&al, Rossi will be marginalized.

    Think of that before investing.

    • LuFong

      Rossi’s strategy of cheaper may not work. Others won’t have to do it cheaper, just faster as you say. With global warming concerns cost may not even be a factor anymore.

      • Owen Geiger

        But it seems Rossi/IH have a good lead, good business contacts, etc.

        • HS61AF91

          yes, and a great head start.

      • Omega Z

        At any given time, there is a set amount of capitol available for investing. Cost will always be a factor. There is also the human capitol. There is already a 10 year waiting list on new power plants. There is a major shortage of skilled personnel to build them.