Long Term 1 MW Plant Test to help with Next Generation of E-Cat Industrial Plants

While the one-year test of the 1 MW E-Cat plant may seem like an interminable wait for some of us who are looking forward to getting the end results, it seems that it is proving to be a beneficial process for Andrea Rossi, Industrial Heat and Leonardo Corp. One of the main benefits that will likely come out of it will be an improvement on the first generation of E-Cat plants that will be made available to the wider market.

We have heard from Andrea Rossi that there have been occasions when reactors have had to go offline for repairs, and that there has been at least one week of downtime to deal with various technical problems. Yesterday Rossi posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding the status of the plant:

Now it’s 09.45 inside the computers container, on Thursday Sept 24: situation stable, for the 1 MW E-Cat, even if we are continuing to record corrections to be make in the next plants to improve the technology

I asked on the JONP about how different the next generation of plants would be compared to the current model, and Rossi responded:

Surely this long and thoroughly test has taught us many things and gave us many informations. For obvious reasons I cannot disclose particulars that also will substantiate new patents.

I then followed up asking whether the current plant would continue to operate at the customer site after the test is completed. His reply:

I think she will continue to operate here, because we are making all the necessary reparations. Obviously this issue will be decided in collaboration between the Customer, IH and Leonardo Corporation on the base of the situation at the end of the test period. In a nutshell: if a new Corvette is produced every year, this does not mean that the Corvette of the year before has to be retired, if it goes well and respects the EPA requirements!

So even though the plant has had its problems, it sounds like the repairs that have been made are anticipated to be strong enough to allow the plant to continue to operate successfully into the future. I believe Rossi is something of a car connoisseur, and so his reference to the Corvette might tell us something about the regard in which he holds this E-Cat plant Mk. I!

  • Warthog

    This sort of thing is precisely what goes on with ANY “pilot” plant. It is often the case in the chemical industry that a pilot plant is kept up and running even after a full-scale production plant is up and operational. The small plant is then used to troubleshoot problems and research different operating conditions to be implemented in the production unit.

  • William D. Fleming

    I doubt it. Doesn’t sound like Rossi’s style.

  • MLTC

    I hope it is!

  • HS61AF91

    I use adblock plus firefox add on and did you know that you now have 20 trackers! Lots of interest in this paradigm changing thing we all love.

    • kenko1

      Probably most, if not all, from host ‘Disqus’.

  • GreenWin

    It is my sincere hope that the use of the word “reparation” is not an error of Italianish.

    Reparation: “the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.”

    Recognizable amends for one’s transgressions is a foundation of spiritual maturity; and an ethical path toward healing emotional mayhem.

    • Ged

      Probably meant “preparations” and just missed the “p”. But who knows! Amusing to think about.

      • ecatworld

        I think he means repairs.

  • Jarea

    In the article http://oilprice.com/Interviews/The-Limitless-Potential-of-the-E-Cat-An-Interview-with-Andrea-Rossi.html Rossi said he was building 13 1MW factories. What happened to them?

  • Bob

    I sure wish IH / Darden would make some type of public comment. Even Elon Musk makes comments about his new revolutionary battery and factory.
    On Vortex-l, some very respected posters have stated that they do not expect a report of much if any value from this 1mw plant test, Jed Rothwell being one of them. I respect his views to a very high level.
    https://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg104761.html
    I too am very concerned about the talk of new models (eCatx) and next generation plants etc. etc. Is this just setting the stage for … another test…a new model…a new secret customer…another year?

    I must say, while I want to believe and have in the past, I am tempering my excitement to a very large degree. I hope to be proved wrong, but I am now starting to become very troubled by IH/ Darden’s silence.
    They certainly have more than enough data. Durability will be simple engineering. This is not about having a reliable 1mw plant to sell. This is about a paradigm changing technology that could very well change the current socio-economic structure of the energy industry. They do not need to know if this first prototype plant will last one year or not. Darden/IH would be starting to pave the road for an energy revolution similar to Elon Musk in some ways.

    I do not believe the conspiracy theories, government censorship or even big oil draconian mobsters. Darden gave a short speech at ICCF19. He clearly stated what his goals were…. to help solve the world’s pollution problem. He is not doing this by keeping quiet.
    He must not yet be convinced. 🙁

    • I know a government (in G7) who work with LENR company.
      A nuke corp too.

      no conspiracy, just academic delusion, and industrialist realism…

    • Omega Z

      Bob, I’m one who’s posted multiple times that I don’t hold out hope of a big public announcement from IH/Rossi when the pilot test is concluded. Aside from much of this being R&D, No one wants to freak people out & create any unnecessary panic.

      There is in fact no need to panic as this will take decades to roll out. However, society tends to overreact, so they will probably continue to be low key & awareness will be gradual. When the masses are fully aware, they will see LENR like electric cars. The cars of the future, that wont happen overnight.

      As to new model & next generation.
      The Pilot plant is much like a Beta version of software. Not meant for mass distribution. All the problematic issues experienced during this test will be eliminated & incorporated into the production model. It will be smaller, simpler & cheaper to manufacture & market. This is not a new model, but an evolution of the 1st Industrial product.

      The E-cat X is next generation after the Lt-E-cats. Note the E-cat X is also just an R&D evolution of the Hot-cat.

      In perspective,
      You have Lo-temp Generation 1, model V.01 in final development.
      And Hi-temp Generation 2 R&D, model V.01 doesn’t yet exist.

      There is no benefit at this point for Darden/IH to say anything publicly. It could actually be counter productive & disruptive to their needs.

      Tom Darden is very connected. He could easily arrange a meeting with any Corporate heads or Government wonks any time he chooses & not be bothered by news media or any other unwanted disruptions. With this in mind, what need does he have to make a public announcement? NONE…

  • Omega Z

    The 250KW reactors would more then suffice for safety certification for home use. It would be comparable to the commercial microwave making it into the family kitchen.

    Commercial/Industrial is the common path of such technologies. They are profit oriented thus more able to justify higher prices that new technology tends to require. Consider a new microchip at several $1000 each that a year latter we can obtain for $100 or less. The Major upstart costs are borne by business & industry as are initial problems.
    The end result is better cheaper products for the masses.