Fulvio Fabiani on Andrea Rossi

Fulvio Fabiani is Andrea Rossi’s right-hand man when it comes to engineering connected with the E-Cat. I understand that he’s worked particularly on the E-Cat’s electronics and control systems. He has worked for a number of years with Rossi, first in Italy and now in the United States where he is working inside the containers where the 1 MW E-Cat plant is going through its long term testing. I presume he’s also involved in the development of the E-Cat X.


Fulvio Fabiani — Source: Andrea-Rossi.com

He recently joined the Facebook group Cold Fusion, LENR and Andrea Rossi where he has made some comments about his work, and about Andrea Rossi, his boss. Here are some excerpts:

“for everything to do with all the news, you need to wait for Rossi to make public on his blog scientific.
I have an agreement of non-disclosure to the information relevant to the project ECAT.”


If you are courteous, I try to answer without disclosing sensitive information or under industrial secret.

I hope not to be too tight, but if I can’t answer I will call your attention with an animated icon.

If it is accepted you will find me here always to read and respond to it (sometimes..).

Unfortunately someone in a previous post has already started to not understand the difference between a simple question and a continuous demand of intimidation in order to misrepresent the work of a person who I consider a genius (Andrea Rossi, and I assure you one day you too will understand all of which level is the mind of this man).

Thank you again for the welcome and I hope to meet you all in person some day in the future


[AR] is a man who has overcome many limitations, the most important of all the limits of thought, which many scientists still.


Only passion, concentration, insight, superior intelligence can lead to extraordinary results.

It’s clear that Fulvio Fabiani is not going to be revealing any sensitive information on Facebook, but I do find it interesting that he has chosen to publicly join the LENR group and interact with people there. It’s also clear that he holds Andrea Rossi in very high esteem, which is not terribly surprising if all that Rossi has been talking about on the JONP and elsewhere is true.

If the E-Cat is all we have been told, Mr. Fabiani will have been in a unique position in history, working side by side with Andrea Rossi, working on the E-Cat’s development and playing an important role in this technology coming to light.

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    I guess I will have to come to terms with my abhorrence of FaceBook. I have an allergy to mass superficiality, but Mr. Fabiani can be my safe-harbor against the FaceBook storm of stupidity. (:->)

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  • Bob

    Perhaps someone could ask him about how many engineers and scientist are working on this project from Industrial Heat? Even an approximation, such as > 20 and < 50 for example. This surely would not breach any NDA. Yet it would give us an improved picture of how committed IH / Darden is with this project.
    If only Rossi and Fabiani are the only full time personnel, then I am afraid that would be a severe blow to the credibility of the eCat. It is almost unimaginable that Darden would apply only two relatively unknown people to such a potentially world changing project. Not only could this change the world, it could be worth billions! Darden would only limit this project to two people unless he saw little evidence that warranted the large capital investment of scientists, engineers and facilities. (I.E. a world changing technology most certainly would not be constricted to a converted shipping container). Darden might however, fund a small project based upon more of a curiosity, hoping that something might come of it. This seems to fit the story more than anything. Unfortunate, but seemingly fits the picture.
    So I would ask that someone on facebook ask Fabiani the following :

    1) How many are working on this project. Of what background and expertise do they have. Even in general terms.

    2) Is Darden involved daily? Does he see him much? Is Darden excited about what he sees?

    3) How is he enjoying the USA? Is the weather similar to his home in Italy? (A good reason for this question!)

    4) Can he state if the NDA is with the secret customer or Leonardo Corp? This would be very interesting.

    5) Has he had or heard of any cooperation with any other LENR researchers?

    6) After six months of the eCat operation, what words would he describe his experience?

    I would not think any of the above would be in violation of a reasonable NDA. The response would certainly be interesting, after all, he is the one who has volunteered to answer reasonable and polite questions. These should be a problem.

    • Omega Z

      I’m building a 50,000 sq-ft mansion.
      There is but a handful of people involved at this time.

      I find it’s a great waste of resources having the cabinet makers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, carpet layers & HVAC all there at the beginning. It’s wise to wait until the foundation is complete. Otherwise, all those skilled tradesmen tend to just stand around scratching their arse.

    • Albert D. Kallal

      Actually, I think all your questions would breach NDA.

      Companies like Apple sell millions of phones,
      yet no one at apple makes phones!

      A company can build an 80 story building – those people are
      not employees of the company (such work is contracted out).

      As noted there is an engineer that that designs and manufactures
      animated robots used in restaurants and amusement parks.

      His whole company is run from a one-room apartment. The engineering
      diagrams are sent to one manufacture to create and built assembly A. Then this
      assembled part A is sent over to the second manufacture where they fabricate
      and add more parts to the widget. This process of drop shipping off the assembly
      to the NEXT manufacture continues until the LAST factory simple ships the
      finished product to the customer.

      In effect the one man engineering owns no manufacturing
      plants, yet this intelligent engineer can manufacture almost anything you want!

      Today with the internet and modern CAD systems, then you
      can quite much manufacture near anything today and do so without owning ANY

      In fact you could use the above process to build a car
      without own a factory!

      As for the NDA? There are going to be ones signed by any
      contractor or employee of Rossi. Most such contracts have non-compete clauses,
      and certainly are not lifted after one year of time. (so such people cannot work in similar technologies for 1 year of time – this is common and I am under such NDA’s myself as I write this).

      As for the customer of the e-cat signing a NDA? No doubt
      they had to sign one also, but one needs to distinguish between Rossi and those
      working for him as opposed to a NDA for a customer.

      For customers, the NDA likely reads similar to a software
      license that forbids disassembly and reverse engineering. And many software
      vendors ALSO expressly forbid public reveling of performance numbers. Oracle
      and Microsoft I believe forbid public reveling of benchmarks of their database
      server products for example) And this is why you don’t see magazines and trade
      press showing benchmarks of SQL server vs that of Oracle server.

      However, NDA’s for contractors/employees etc. of Rossi
      are MUCH different than those of the actual customer. Little doubt that BOTH
      customers and that of contractors of Rossi had to sign NDA’s.

      As previously pointed out, Rossi not stated what if anything will be reveled after one year of running this pilot plant.

      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • Tom59

    Proposal: Mats Lewan signs a NDA and interviews Fulvio now on his contribution and view on AR and all the developments.. There will soon be a high interest in all this… And taming the wild e-cat through computer power, told by the trainer, will make a nice story – after Feb next year when the NDA could be lifted.

    • Albert D. Kallal

      Highly un-likely Fulvio has any choice in regards to the NDA
      and when such a NDA is lifted. There is NOTHING suggested by Rossi at ANY POINT
      in time that some kind of NDA will be lifted at the end of the test.

      And in fact Rossi NEVER stated what kind of information
      gathered by the existing pilot plant and year test will be made public. And I
      don’t even think ANY statement exists that says WHEN after the yearlong test as
      to WHEN such information will be released. So we don’t have statements from Rossi that anything will be released. We don’t have satements as to WHEN such information will be released assuming Rossi hinted that some information will be released.

      And even if some things are made public after a yearlong
      test (we have no guarantee), such a public announcement such as they plan to manufacture e-cats has NEAR ZERO to do with the fact that some engineer NDA or ability to talk about technology will be lifted in ANY way at all.

      What Rossi plans to talk about in public is VERY different
      then an employee or consultant bound by NDA with Rossi.
      In most cases, such NDA’s prevent one from public talking
      about anything learned under such projects. I am currently
      under several NDA’s, and some of those even prevent me
      from seeking employment in similar industries for 2 years
      after the contract expires.

      We have no guarantee that Rossi will reveal anything
      after one year, but regardless such reveling has ZERO to do with a NDA of those
      people working for Rossi. Such NDA’s usually never expire while under contract or employment, and often extend beyond the contract/work period.
      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

      • Omega Z

        Rossi has made many statements that details will be released that don’t concern IP.

        There’s the rub, Many things will be NDA because of on going IP applications. Also, WHEN is in question.

  • HS61AF91

    Good man, Fulvio, enjoying himself.