“Energy Revolution Close”: Swedish Business Magazine Dagens Industri on Leif Holmlid’s Muon Fusion

Thanks to Robert H for sending this link from Swedish business magazine Dagens Industri, which is a widely read business publication in Sweden, regarding the fusion process developed by Leif Holmlid, professor emeritus from the University of Gothenburg. The article mainly cites this article from Ny Teknik that was published last week.

The title of the article is “Energy Revolution Close Following Swedish Research Success” (http://www.di.se/artiklar/2015/9/28/energirevolution-nara-efter-svensk-forskarframgang/)

Google translation of key excerpts:

“In Gothenburg researchers have discovered a new type of nuclear fusion process.
Scientists now hope the new technology will provide clean energy at low cost within a few years, says Ny Teknik.”

“The researchers fired a laser at ultra-dense heavy hydrogen, deuterium, which led to the quantities of particles at high energy being formed, that is a nuclear fusion occurred. Instead of neutrons formed, which the researchers had expected, was formed muons. Muons are much less dangerous than neutrons that can cause severe radiation injuries, said Ny Teknik”

Leif Holmlid says that breakeven has already been demonstrated (more power being produced than is input), and hopes to have a prototype working in three years.

It’s interesting to see an alternative to the E-Cat hitting the headlines in Sweden, where there has been more press coverage of LENR than in other countries. Three years to a prototype is much closer than ITER is projection (decades away), and even the Lockheed Martin fusion estimate (ten years away). It’s good to see more competition in the field — hopefully this will help speed up the development of new energy sources.

  • Nice!

    As you can see, knowledgeable scientific work is covery by media.

    That’s the problem LENR has. Even other good scientist working on Ni-H, but don’t publish experimental results in peer reviewed journals. So it’s not taken seriously.

    • there is problem to publish peer reviewed article, but hundred are published and this is ignored.

      even if like Current science you peer review, it is ignored.

      It is a problem of media incentive, not of evidences, not of review, not of method.

    • Warthog

      Oh, please. Reputable LENR scientists from top organizations have tried for years to “publish in peer reviewed journals”, but have been refused, even to the extent of denying people like Nobel Laureate Julian Schwinger (who believed that there was no theoretical barrier to the reality of LENR).

      The anti-LENR politics within the physics peer review process is very real and has prevented publication. Anyone who actually follows LENR knows about this, and the “witch hunts” instigated against those who dared to actually continue to work (Bockris), as well as the actual science fraud perpetrated by those who claimed “not to replicate” (MIT), when analysis of the raw data showed positive experimental data for excess heat.

    • Curbina

      Barty, you know that the problem is not that they don’t want to do so, but that no journal will publish a LENR article. That happened even to Julian Schwinger and he wrote copiously about that, of course, in non in peer reviewed articles.

    • GreenWin

      BS. Those responsible for ordering journals to refuse publication will be uncovered. They will be held responsible for their actions.

  • Gerard McEk

    Excellent, the muon based fusion is attracting some media interest.
    Frank, would it be possible arrange a contact with this Leif Holmit, so we can ask him some questions?

    • what is funny is that the evidence are much thinner than for PdD LENR…

      Really anything that work like LENr but is not like F&P Cold Fusion interest the media…

      that you read nothing on E-cat, PdD, NiH, Tohoku&al, just mean it is general ban.
      Not coordinated but emerging from incentives.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Right, and isn’t it a coincidence, F&P technology is a direct threat to enrgy/money interests? Amazing coincidence.

        • I don’t think the opposition is corporate, or even energy…
          Energy corps replicated LENR, as industry corps.
          Currently they fund LENr research, either for hope, or for fear.

          They have 2 choice :
          1- wait and enjoy their current good business and die like Kodak
          2- embrace revolution, fund it, destroy their business, rebuild their business, and survive

          blocking a revolution, now people know it is impossible.
          you die comfortably or embrace painfully…

          To be clear the only important opposition is academic and their media parrots.

          • Curbina

            I have recently come to the conclusion that at least some degree of the so called “supression” of LENR in the media stems from over zealous but mostly ignorant people in key editorial positions that simply won’t dare touch a matter that has been deemed non approved by orthodoxia. As an example, the NASA announcement of fluid water on Mars, which is something that anyone with interest in this topic knows since at least the second half of the 1990s, caused a lot of stir, an just now, with this “official confirmation” many are daring to say that water flows on Mars. LENR will have this day, but for us will be a “Duh!!!” moment.

          • GreenWin

            Good point Curbina. Another “Duh” moment is due for the 1976 Labeled Release Experiment on Mars. Dr. Gilbert Levin deserves the credit. http://pds-geosciences.wustl.edu/missions/vlander/lr.html

          • Curbina

            Indeed, have been aware of this for some years now, and is also way past due the “Duh!” moment 🙂

  • If I were a presidential candidate, I would explain to the American people that only some form of nuclear energy can replace fossil fuels because only nuclear energy systems can be turned on and off at will, can run 24-7-365, and have the ultra high energy density needed to replace oil, natural gas, and coal. I would then say that we need a nuclear power source than can be used by all nations around the world, which rules out fission nuclear power because of the weapons and contamination risk. I would even handedly embrace simplified hot fusion and LENR, and explain that only a modest amount of money is needed for basic research, and that energy production mandates and subsidies will be forever banned and abolished. The free market will decide what what is the best product at the lowest price, not government.

    • GreenWin

      You raise an interesting point Chris. When and who of the candidates will be first to make LENR a plank in their campaign? It would not surprise to see Trump be the one. He is a businessman if nothing else. I would add to your position that LENR transmutation can help eliminate the 66k TONS of radioactive waste the DOE (Ernie Moniz) is utterly befuddled by.

      • HS61AF91

        I fear Trump trumpeting LENR would be a melody of Taps, rather than and explosion of excited new paradigm acoustics. Let the free market sell energy devices that no other product or process can touch, and present the established powers in energy production and sales with a fact they can not refuse.

        • GreenWin

          Agreed HS. However the excitement over energy production may drown out the practical application out LENR transmutation potential. At this point only Mitsubishi has announced oftentimes to enter this market. LENR may be there best friend the No Nukes campaign has ever had. Not to mention the shameful behavior of DOE toward cold fusion.

          • GreenWin

            Pardon the mobile autocorrect.

          • Omega Z

            GreenWin, Maybe you recall many moons ago, I thought there was a divide in TPTB.

            The DOE is a good example of that. There are several people involved with LENR work in various forms that have a History with the DOE.
            Employed by, Management position & ongoing involvement even when they leave the DOE. Actually, this can be found with all the Alphabet agencies.

        • Omega Z

          I’m confident Trump is already aware.
          Trump & Tom Darden have had business dealings before & since Industrial Heat came into existence.

          Ain’t Nobody going to say anything before June 2016 at the earliest.

          • HS61AF91

            Interesting prediction, Omega, June 2016, aye? Maybe so, but if the robots start putting out e-Cats 24/7, predictions will become wildly unpredictable.
            I do believe Trump is only a glitch in the process. As a rich business man, he should already have contributed to IH’s treasury in Trum/Darden business dealings. Don’t know, but doubt it.

          • Omega Z

            “Trump/Darden business dealings”
            It’s a Fact.
            Trump Steps In as Partner for Troubled Meadowlands Project

            Triangle Business Journal
            Trump rides to rescue of Cherokee’s Darden-Nov 19, 2007

            Darden’s Raleigh-based Cherokee and Trump’s Manhattan-based Trump Organization have signed a 50-50 deal to move the troubled project forward, but with a caveat: It will follow Trump’s overall vision and design.

            The Meadowlands Project eventually failed. My best guess is the Meadowlands EnCap side of the partnership was greedy/corrupt & brought it down. EnCap founder William Gauge was already under investigation by the time Trump came into the fray to help Darden out.

            Note: Tom Darden also got involved with-
            Hurricane Katrina induced- Make It Right Foundation
            Founded by Brad Pitt in 2007,
            Tom Darden(III) Executive Director “Tom Dardens son”
            Cradle to Cradle inspired-William McDonough

      • psi2u2

        I bet Obama beats him to the punch.

  • bfast

    This muon thing strikes as interesting. One puzzle of the e-cat is that it doesn’t appear to release any harmful radiation. I wonder if it is generating muons.

    • Holmlid thinks so. He says they are difficult to detect.

    • Axil Axil

      I believe that muons are at the root of how the “Mouse” drives the “Cat” the self sustain mode, that together with Bose Einstein condensation. As Rossi states, the Mouse tickles the cat. It is muons that the mouse uses to stimulate the cat.

    • Rob S

      Reading ‘Large excess heat production in Ni-H systems’ by Focardi et al (http://www.lenr-canr.org/acrobat/FocardiSlargeexces.pdf) it says “Very clear evidence of neutrons and [gamma] rays has been reported by us.” Why do you suppose this is, when the E-cat does not?

      • question is first the quantity.
        very clear for a scientist may be very small but precisely.

        It is also known that neutrons, tritium, and energetic gamma seems to happen mostly when the reaction is not producing much heat.
        It looks like soot in a gas stove… if you have much , there is a problem.

        Rossi have reported some neutron burst when heating the reactor.
        Airbus patent is based on the “well known” fact that plasma triggered reactors produce neutrons and energetic gamma when activated too cold.