Steorn’s Orbo has New Page — and a Product Name: The O-Cube

Since Steorn announced they were going to put on a series of webinars to demonstrate their Orbo technology, I’ve been trying to keep an eye on things as we lead up the the first webinar that will be held on October 28th.

They haven’t said too much about what to expect, except that according to the announcement on the website, they will be demoing a product and answering questions, but there is some behind-the-scenes stuff going on which appears to be in preparation for a product launch of some kind.

The Steorn website ( now redirects to this Facebook page, which is simply titled “Orbo” — no mention of Steorn at all.

On the About page, the page is described as an “Orbo User Page” with the description as “A place to hear about Orbo from the guys who made it and for Orbo users to share their experiences”

And the product described as the “O-Cube” — that would likely be referring to the device shown on this profile picture, which Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy has sometimes referred to as a “never-die battery”


  • Jarea

    Is this magic? Never ending battery?

  • HiggsField

    I’ve got ants in my pants, or are those free electrons. Ah well, I hope there is some substance to this event. Got my credit card ready to go!

  • ecatworld

    Interesting choice of name — I wonder if they were thinking O-Cube vs E-Cat.

    • Private Citizen

      Interesting choice of logo design too. Looks like a winking monkey face to me.

      • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

        Reminds me of the Arduino logo on a skull… but the monkey is a far better similarity

        • Roland

          Striking graphic, should have good ‘stickiness’; it’s primitive simplicity is suggestive of characteristics of the underlying design, ‘child’s play’ to conceive and build, slightly menacing.

          Is creating a viral fad amongst the young a marketing parameter?

          • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

            I agree that creating a fad causes a product to be ‘sticky’ in the mind of prospective clients.
            A visual representation is as permanent as the mind perceives it to be. It must be easily identified; ‘Orbo’ (funny, in Italian it means ‘blind’, in one or both eyes, like its + – wink) has a clearly identifiable, prominent, design.

      • Albert D. Kallal

        Actually it not a problem – it is simply how our human minds work, and changing that will require re-wring of the human brain – something you cannot achieve with a simple post.

        I will simply state given my excellent track record on
        such matters, that at this point in time given what I seen so far, I remain a HUGE skeptic. If any reasonable evidence that can pass the method of Socratic debate and logical reasoning can be presented to me in a well thought out intelligent fashion, then my legitimate skepticism can and will be reduced.

        What I read on this matter that is public available is
        not sufficient to convince intelligent reasonable people like me who have a great mind and certainly one well above average in determining the legitimacy of such technologies.

        And logical reasoning can be rather nasty. You see if
        you REALLY believe that people should NOT make comments about things they don’t know about, then why make comments about me? If other words, you are rendering an opining here but then stating that without knowledge of the subject, you should not render an opinion!

        So why are you skeptical of me then?

        And why are you therefore not applying YOUR rule to not comment
        about something you don’t know about? (in this case me!) You have ZERO idea if my lack of due diligence is still not 100 times better then what you done on this subject so far!

        So you don’t know what my level of due diligence is
        compared to yours, but YOU ARE the one with THIS rule

        Thou shall not render an opinion on something one knows little
        about – so why break the rule and render a opinion about me then?
        Why then are you skeptical of me when you telling everyone not to be skeptical of something you don’t know about?

        Don’t you just love logic? However an appreciation of
        logic means you need to apply that logical reasoning process to your own statements you make here!

        If you honestly don’t believe in being skeptical of something you know little about, then applying your rule and logic means you should not be skeptical of what I state here!

        Albert D. Kallal
        Edmonton, Alberta Canada

        • “You see if you REALLY believe that people should NOT make comments about things they don’t know about…”

          Gee, I don’t recall posting this point. I do remember posting that people should not be “very skeptical” when they admit that they have not done their due diligence, but, if you want to lean, slightly, towards the negative, for the time being, then I can live with that.

          • Albert D. Kallal

            Yes, that is the “result” of your public position. It is not
            about comments (or email, or video, or voice mail) etc.

            Change “comments” to email, or letters or a web blog. The issue
            was never comments or the “means” of the communication.

            The issue is being skeptical when no due diligence has been done.

            Since you not done due diligence against me therefore you
            should not be very skeptical of what I state and claim here. Is this not the basic point you are making here?

            In other words you not explained why you are being skeptical
            of my statements here, and yet you are preaching it is bad to be skeptical of someone’s claims until such time YOU HAVE done that due diligence.
            Simply asking you to apply your own claims and logic to yourself.


            Albert D. Kallal
            Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • Albert D. Kallal

    The only issue here is how long such a battery takes to
    re-charge. Nothing magic about a Radio that don’t require batteries – we had
    those in the 1930’s. They run forever and don’t require batteries and never

    I never doubted that this device works, the issue of
    course is that if you have to leave it sitting on a table for 1 month to get 3
    minutes of runtime for your cell phone, then you likely are FAR better off to
    purchase a small solar charger in place of this device.

    If the USB out port can be used to continuously power a
    cell phone (while it is on – even) or any kind of USB device, then we certainly do have a miracle here, but so far we seen nothing that suggests the device can power anything of use continuously.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • ecatworld

      Details are hard to come by right now, Albert. The best info we have at this point comes from someone working at Slattery’s pub in Dublin where one of these orbos was placed for some field testing. He wrote:

      “So its 9.20pm. I’ve fully charged two phones today from below 5% to 100%. I’ve also 1/5 and 1/2 charged phones. The ‪#‎ORBO‬ has continued to deliver. The Battery is designed for two full charges per day of a typical phone. For now it seems to be capable of more then that. Tomorrow night a staff member of Steorn will download some data from the diagnostics attachment. This will be recorded on cctv to prove that there is no refueling being done.”

      More on this thread:

      • Albert D. Kallal

        As I said, we need more info.

        Plugging in a USB cord is a great way to charge up this
        thing, right?

        If they are plugging in a simple small JUMP drive to
        download data, then fine. However any larger kind of device being plugged in on
        a daily basis is also a means to daily re-charge the device on a daily basis!

        And anyone can walk in with a cell phone that they ask to be pugged into the device that actually charges the device as opposed to the cell phone actually be re-charged!

        Albert D. Kallal
        Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • GreenWin

    You might like this self-charging flashlight ELFE:[dot]com/watch?v=9VYC8K77MSc

    • nietsnie

      I’d like to encourage anyone who buys one of these to report on it after they use it 12 hours a day for a week.

    • Private Citizen

      ironically the power scavenging technology stops working in a widespread blackout, when you might need it (i call BS on them saying it powers itself from the earth’s weak magnetic field or non-photovoltaic solar EM–it’s the “other” sources of EM that are most abundant)

  • Pekka Janhunen

    The guys don’t claim that there would be some nontrivial physics involved. They only insinuate and subtly invite the listener to think so. It’s a marketing trick which has something common with stage magic. It’s not illegal, some might question the morale, others may find it entertaining. I see no reason to think that there would be some connection with LENR.

  • HiggsField

    I wonder what something like this device is worth retail price wise? As a novelty device I’m sure that there are quite a few early adopters who wound pay what ever, and of course there are those who will want to pull it apart to see how it works. But, loner term I think you are looking at something that is sub $100? If it can be reduced to a chip or very small sub assembly the sky is the limit royalty wise for Steorn.

  • Barbierir

    If I remember correctly the second time they showcased a working device but with hardly any explanation or third party review, it could win the prize as the most worthless possible demonstration

    • ecatworld

      That would be the demos they did at the Waterways visitor center in Dublin in Dec 09-Jan-10. They were hard to follow for non electrical engineers like me, and I don’t think they convinced too many people. I hope the upcoming webinar is different.