Rossi ‘Will Never Sell Leonardo Corporation’

I had not seen the rumor that Andrea Rossi was selling Leonardo Corporation, but apparently there has been something circulating to that effect, and a reader on the JONP asked him about it. He replied:

Andrea Rossi
October 19th, 2015 at 7:53 AM
Mariana Tsutserova:
It is totally false. I will never sell Leonardo Corporation, because I think it has a great future. Obviously we are not sure that the tests on course will have a positive output, but I trust in it. I strongly hope we are making a great company, with a great intellectual property, a great and advanced manufacturing concern, jobs and a great future and I will never leave this ship. If she will sink, I will sink with her.
Warm Regards,

We hear a lot about F9 from Rossi these days — referring to fact that the tests and R&D in process could still have negative results — but Rossi does seem to have plenty of confidence in the future of his work. He says here that he ‘trusts’ that the tests in progress will have a positive outcome, which should mean something, and it does not sound from this post like he has any plans for retiring, or relinquishing the helm of his ship.

  • Brokeeper

    “Hmmmm, let’s see now. Do I want to sell Leonardo Corporation for $5 Billion to the rich Petroleum Companies or make a $5 Trillion profit and save the planet? Such a hard decision.”

    • Billy Jackson

      i would say for a young man that decision would be a no brainer… for someone of rossi’s age… 5 billion now vs 5 trillion sometime in the next 20-40 years… might not be as attractive as we think it is.

      • Brokeeper

        If money is his primary concern.

        • Billy Jackson

          true. motivation is a tricky thing sometimes.

          • Brokeeper

            So true, it almost tricked me not go to work this perfect morning to earn another day’s salary. 🙂

    • Sanjeev

      Probably the net worth of LC is much less than 5B, I guess may be in thousands only 😉
      So there may be no takers. The main thing for LC is IP, and as they build up IP with patents and all, it will gain value.

  • Zephir

    Has Rossi something to sell at all? He has some profit warrented, but USA company already controls most of his technology, even the HeptaHeat’s patents are more detailed. He’s just a head of research division – nothing more.

  • If Mr Rossi is not just in for the money.
    He wants vindication.
    He has been used and abused in the past.
    There is great tenacity in the man.
    There was the sale of his house to finance the on going experimentation.
    This man Is in the mould of Tesla and Michael Angelo.

    • georgehants

      twobob, so agree, if F9 is successful in even the most rudimentary way, then Nobel Prizes and much more need to be awarded within a year or they will come under suspicion of wrong doing.
      The one thing that history will (I think) hold against Mr. Rossi is his failure to reveal the basic recipe for a consistently working device, no matter how crude, by refusing to do this he runs the risk of being judged as just another profit seeker.
      If the basic knowledge was freely available, then with thousands of small workshops such as MFMP etc. one never knows what new unknown possible discoveries would be made much sooner.

      • I would almost agree…
        But F&P need to be sorted first.
        The fact that for the last 27 years LENR was Fiction.
        That to even try to research into it meant vilification.
        Then Mr Rossi actions of playing cards close to chest,
        Would only seem reasonable.
        He has to F9.

        • georgehants

          Again Agreed, the problem is that the Nobel can only be split three ways ( I think) they need in this case to announce a special year where everybody that has contributed importantly to the development of Cold Fusion receives a medal, also one has to be living to receive an award, for Cold Fusion this should be changed.
          When lives are at stake, then (I think) there is never justification for delay of any kind especialy profit.
          In this I except I am out on a limb against many.

          • Sir I concur.
            How ever the Blame for the lives at stake,
            Does not lie a Mr Rossi door.
            The universities that said it could not be done,
            Should hang their heads in shame.

          • georgehants

            You and I will put the World to rights very quickly, Ha.
            Best to you

          • TTFN.:-}

  • roseland67

    What is the known or estimated net worth,
    What is cash flow, what is debt, and what are you buying?
    Who would buy it?

  • clovis ray

    Hi, Guys.
    I would only be guessing, but i would say doctor Rossi,after replacing his loses, and a respectable, return on those loses, he will, like bill gates, spend a great lot of the profits on the betterment of humanity, it’s just the kind, and thoughtful,type a guy he is at heart.