E-Cat World O-Cube Testing Proposal (Update: Goal Reached!)

Here are some thoughts of mine regarding the O-Cube that Steorn announced today. The biggest news to me was that Steorn was asking 1200 Euros for the device, and it will be offered for sale in December. I have said here before that I would like to get my hands on an O-Cube, test it out, and report findings here on E-Cat World. But the asking price is really not in my budget.

However, now sticker shock has worn off a bit, I come back to the fact that $1300 is not an unobtainable amount of money to try to figure out if we have an overunity device here — especially when compared to the $1.5 million tag that was put on the first E-Cat plant.

Since the search for overunity has been the main focus of this website, I will float this idea: personally I won’t be able to spare $1300 out of my own pocket, but I would be able to contribute $200 towards an O-Cube. If others here would be willing to chip in the rest, I would be willing to test it out for the interest and information of the readers of this site and make all testing results public. If it stops working during the 1 year warranty period I would send it back for a refund, and return all donations.

I would not be willing to tear it apart to figure out how it works. Just use it for its intended purpose.

At the end of a 1-year testing period, if the O-Cube has held up to its promises, I would like to find a suitable place to donate the O-Cube. I am thinking of maybe a school somewhere in the world where electricity is not readily available — perhaps along with some tablets. I think this kind of technology, if proven to be valid, could provide real benefits in places where there is a real need.

If you support the idea, let me know here, or privately via email ([email protected]). Don’t send any money now. I would only want to order when we know for sure that the O-Cube is available for sale.

UPDATE: So far, including my contribution, we have $400  $500  $1300 in pledges for this project. Our goal has been reached — many thanks to those who have pledged funds! I will keep everyone updated about this project. First task is to get an O-Cube — Steorn said they would be available in December.

  • ecatworld

    Total pledges for this project now have reached $500

  • EEStorFanFibb

    better get two!

  • Axil Axil

    Get a money back guarantee.

    • and a good (cheap) attorney

  • Sanjeev

    Thank you Frank for volunteering to test it for all. I’d certainly believe your findings, but I suggest drafting a protocol for the test. We have one month for it, so no hurry.
    BTW, what are the specs of this device ? How many volts, watts etc ?

    • Sanjeev

      Found it. Its 0.4 W at 2.1 A. But the actual output is via a battery buffer.

      • Gerard McEk

        Is that the only figure about its power Sanjev? (I can imagen that the output power can be higher at a higher voltage level).
        Regarding the test: include also a Faradays cage.
        What does it say as guaranteed energy supply? 3.504 kWh per year?

        • Sanjeev

          Its not yet clear to me. Its via a Li-ion battery, so the peak voltage can go up to 3 V but it will keep changing depending on the load and recharge voltage. Probably it means that you cannot draw more than 0.4 W at any voltage or current.
          It should be connected to a load and volt, amp and energy meters. The data can be noted manually, as its going to be a long test.
          If its a trick, then I don’t think steorn has made it so simple that any kid with faraday cage would detect it. Anyway a cage would be good just to remove any doubts.

    • ecatworld

      In the broadcast McCarthy said that in some cases you can completely drain the battery inside the O-Cube, but that the Orbo power pack will catch up and recharge it. I would like to find a device like a USB lamp or a fan that would not draw too much power that it would drain the battery, but be able to run continuously — if the Orbo tech is valid, of course.

  • ecatworld

    I agree about the price, Tim. Personally I am not interested in paying $1300, or $130 for a phone charger, when it is trivial to get any number of devices or cords that can do the job. What I am interested in finding out is whether it is possible that Steorn has found a way to get free energy from some source. The price is high to run this test, but some have decided it is worth doing, so that is what we will do.

    • Tim

      That’s a good goal; however, for the rest of us, buying one of these things is fiscally unreasonable.

  • Bob Greenyer


  • Stephen

    Wow that was quick. Good luck with the test Frank, I guess we are all very curious about it. Thanks to whoever contributed.

    • Jimr

      Before ordering I would try to get as much information on it as possible to see if this is a devise that has a cord/line that parallels an existing lamp cord etc. where power is just induced into the box. If so its not free energy.

      • SG

        Apparently it works even in a Faraday cage. Of course, such claims need further verification. I’m guessing Frank might be willing to construct a simple Faraday cage for the testing.

        • ecatworld

          Yes, of course.

      • Jimr

        Someday I will learn to spell DEVICE

  • Bob Greenyer

    They have cited a no quibbles return policy (in the first year) to account for a 1 in 4 failure rate – is that per annum, like 1 will fail in every year – or is it 1 will fail in its lifetime. Given that it has a Lipo in the power train – this will always fail at some point so it is definitely NOT a “never die” battery.

    To do a full test on their terms, 4 units would need to be purchased and at least one that failed should be taken apart fully.

    • SG

      The video is openly available on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Orbo-217496297671/timeline/

      I think they want to control the message a bit and maybe drive people to that page. I’m just speculating.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Not the same video

        • SG

          I see that now. Nice sleuthing on that other video. It clearly was intended for the investor audience not the general public. But it certainly is revealing on what their current thinking and strategy are for bringing this to market.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I cannot claim credit, another MFMP follower found it this morning – in fact – until you mentioned the “20 minute video” I thought it was the one that was on their website – only after I checked did I see it was different.

  • Daniel Maris

    It does sound a bit odd. “No quibble” returns are never what they seem for one thing. You only need one clause saying for instance “do not place next to large magnets or transmission wires” and then when you try and return they say “this has obviously been placed next to a large magnet or transmission wires”! – what do you do then?

  • Patrik Wiksten

    Good Job Frank!

  • Bob

    If I were a betting man….
    While I do not want to make comparisons of Steorn and Rossi in general, I must do so in this case.
    …They have stated that the Orbo will go on sale to the public in December.
    … Rossi stated he was taking orders for the 1MW plant a few years back.
    …I may stand corrected, but I did not see where they stated that shipments would take place in December.
    …Rossi never shipped a unit back then either
    I place Rossi as much more credible than Steorn. While Rossi has not always had a “polished” public presentation, these guys seemed like a hacks. Who would use such language in an IPO?
    While this was not a stock offering, it was a Steorn presents itself to the world event. There manners was pitiful.
    While this does not mean they are not smart or even have anything, if they cannot understand PR or do not care, it is unlikely that they will go far. Steve Jobs was a hard person per reports. He evidently was difficult and was no choir boy. But his public persona was part of his success.
    The persona of this presentation turned me 100% away.
    So Frank, I look forward to this project. I did not see how to contribute, but will do so if you provide the info. However, my initial bet is that you will never obtain a device, not due to your efforts, but that Steorn will not ship. We will probably hear of “unknown manufacturing problems” or “vendor delays” or even “the demand is so high we cannot produce enough”, even though no one reports ever receiving their order!
    I could be wrong, I have been before! To me, the interviews I have seen of Rossi tend to make me want to believe him. He seems genuine and truly believes his story. These guys give me the impression that they send emails out stating “I have a bank account in Nigeria with $50,0000 dollars that is in your name”. 🙂
    Again, Who knows?

    • SG

      I agree that Rossi is more credible than Steorn at this point. Rossi has captured the attention of scientists around the world while Steorn have repelled them. As for their mannerisms, they have always been a little bit cavalier, light hearted… not sure what term to use, but if you have watched them for as long as I have, then you would know what I’m getting at. I still think they might have something interesting. As with most things, time will tell.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Found a link to download of the pulled Orbo recording – LOTS of juicy details


    They wanted it viral!

    Watch the video – a teardown of the innards – a discussion on their history, funding, marketing strategy – other products in the works!

    Discussion on the cost (500 Euros to make), number of shareholders (600) – and no, they will not get one for free, the fact they got permission to raise 2.5million Euros but have only raised 1million

    • Blue Energy

      Thanks for doing this, Bob. Say… I notice that there is a completely separate conversation going on in addition to the sound in the webinar. And that conversation is much louder than what’s going on anywhere near the microphone (which is visible). As a result, it often blasts out over the webinar. Do you know where that came from? To me it sounds as if there is a second open mic that the second audio source is recording that is in a completely different space. Aspects of their conversation are pretty funny in their being completely unrelated to the webinar.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Haha… yes you are right… maybe pulling the video was deliberate – like they closed their website… all part of the “viral marketing” they talk about at length in the video.

        Sounds like the video is a knock-off recording – with an even more interesting conversation going on loudly over the top RIGHT at the critical info bits.

        • Bob Greenyer

          From what I can make out from the video, the ‘recharging’ component is:

          Two dissimilar metals between which there is some gunk (that looks a lot like contact adhesive) that needs to be heated on a hot plate before being exposed to an extremely intense electrostatic field ( I think they even mention a van-der-graff ) whilst it cools.

          This is then claimed to basically create a “permanent potential difference” and they claim this is the electrical equivalent to a permanent magnet.

          The Lithium based battery could be replaced in future models by a super capacitor – essentially its function is to store trickle charge such that higher current/power can be taken when the device is in use.

          • Obvious

            That is a neat and possibly original theory of operation.
            I like the idea of it.

          • Blue Energy

            If Orbo doesn’t work out, maybe Steorn is as prepared as ever to take a stab at audio and video engineering?

            I attempted to download the mp4 from your site. I got a finished file that is only 17k long. Clearly, it calls back to the mothership for the rest when you play it. My goal was to strip the audio out and then try to isolate the frequency ranges that contain the content we’re interested in (probably more or less a high pass filter). That won’t improve the clarity of the portions of the video where he’s holding something in his hands and referring to it – while the video is focused on the desk and his lower torso. And, whatever it was his partner periodically said during the last two hours, or his audience, is just likely lost to history. But, you work with what you can…

            Anyway, is there any chance of downloading the whole thing from you rather than just the header – like, via ftp?

          • Bob Greenyer

            as far as I am aware, it is on google drive – so you can download it using the button in the middle top of the frame.

          • nietsnie

            I get a 404 when I do that.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Try Firefox

          • nietsnie

            I’m using Firefox. I even turned off my anon server.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Yes – I think in the video, they say that part of their strategy is to get these Orbo power packs out in the market and proven by “the crowd” then this should get the interest of big accessory makers – they clearly say they are not interested in building every solution… they want to licence the tech to others… the right move… and one a certain man we all know and love should really consider.

        • Blue Energy

          Exactly – completely oblivious and RIGHT at the critical info bits. How coincidental…

    • nietsnie

      One of the interesting details I *was* able to hear is that they are counting on naysayers to cause a viral reaction. He seems to have a small local audience of investors who are there in his shop with him. And periodically he answers questions that the viewer, of course, can’t hear. At one point he reasons with them about the sanity of his promotional campaign. As it turns out, he’s counting on people like me to talk them up and spread the word. As a result, they intend to do no advertising whatsoever. He seems pretty pleased that the very mention of ‘Steorn’ on the Internet causes an immediate stir and a flurry of negative emotional discussion. Just associating ‘Steorn’ with a product is all they need to get the exposure to be successful. It’s like a special ‘Dark Side of the Force’ superpower. Clearly, I’ve done my part here at e-catworld. Buy them, they will. You’re welcome. At one point he mentions ‘seeding’ key sites. I wonder which of us is the stooge here? I have my eye on some of you…

      There’s another point where he mentions his opinion of the product. He says it weighs half a kilo and that half of that is the case. He thinks it’s too big and he doesn’t like the shape or the color. He demonstrates how it won’t fit in your pocket. He thinks it costs way too much for its function. He thinks it’s a bad product but a good demonstration of a technology. He says people won’t buy it because it will charge their device, they’ll buy it because it’s the first of its kind. He really thinks of it as the end of the battery. They have ordered 1,000 of them. He expects a 1 in 4 failure rate that he believes is typical in the electronics world (oddly, I get considerably better results than that on my electronics purchases).

      He says he has his first customer – a producer of vape rigs. A little Orbo in them topping off the battery will arrange for you to never have to charge it. He’s working on a ‘battery’ replacement for iPads. The one they have is still too thick to be practical. All of this, though, is to drum up licensing interest. That’s the big goal. Someday they want to power iPhones and get a click on each one – that’s the dream: no manufacturing – just raking in the profits. Is the possibility of Orbo-powered automobiles reasonable? No – (“At least not by us…”) although the ‘why’ wasn’t clear to me. No-one asked him about powering homes.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Wow, that is a pretty good summary there.

      • EEStorFanFibb

        thanks for this summary. much appreciated.

      • EmTee

        Thank you!
        The power density (W/kg) would be very interesting to get it compared with “the battery”.

  • EmTee

    When it comes to free energy, think of solar and wind and start to compare the pricing. A solar cell of 1 W in central Europe can produce an energy yield of ~ 1 kWh a year. You can get this for ~ 1 euro. (You have to install some 100kW to get this pricing!)

    The Orbo produces 0.4 W, 8760 h a year giving you 3.504 kWh.
    So an equivalent size solar system need to have an installed capacity of 3.5 W,
    which would cost 3.5 euro!

    This means the price of the Orbo technology has to decrease by economy of scale ~ 342 times.

    The biggest advantage would be if the device could be used in extreme conditions, like underground, underwater in cold dark climate or in space far away from the sun.

    Or to charge small devices like RFID tags, smoke detectors or emergency lights, so you do not need to replace batteries. May be the use in remote systems like beacon lights, would be very useful.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Or you can have this

      Solar charging, human wind-up charging, torch and radio …. oh, and it will charge your mobile phone when you are desperate


  • I wonder if E-catworld could do the same with the Magrav-Power systems, from the Keshe Foundation. With a “donation” they will send one, any controversy could be put to bed by buying one and reporting what it can do here on e-cat world. Check it out here: http://www.keshefoundation.org/

    • Bob Greenyer

      it is cheaper in fact… and claims it will produce kW!

    • ecatworld

      At the moment I’m not interested in supporting a funding appeal for the Keshe Foundation. I don’t really know what they are claiming.

      Magrav-Power Universal System http://www.keshefoundation.org/shop-et-livres/product/view/7/147

      I don’t know what this product is supposed to do: “With this product, you are able to support the main outlets in your house. This allows the system to increase the supply that you are receiving and meet the demand that you are using at that point.”

      No warranty as far as I can tell, either.

    • SG

      Having to listened to some of Keshe’s “teachings,” and as much as I’d love to give him and his organization the benefit of the doubt, I’ve neither seen nor heard anything of substance. Steorn have more credibility in my book. And Rossi more than either of them.

  • The Magrav-Power Universal System is listed here: http://www.keshefoundation.org/shop-et-livres/kf-products

  • MasterBlaster7

    A second one would be good. But you should also get this…


    …specifically this one, because it is one of the best and most sensitive in the industry

  • Bob Greenyer
    • Sanjeev

      I get 404 not found when I click on download icon.

  • Axil Axil

    jim rohner sold “Popper kits” to people interested in the Papp engine. The kit was a fraud. Buyer beware.

    • Allan Shura

      The kit worked. Russ Gries of RWG research received an original popper replicated the popper and shared some results. The force on ionized noble gases is exponential to the
      increase in current. This is not the last of this technology. His brother was closed down for collecting investment on an unworkable engine design.

  • georgehants

    I have not checked everything on page so if this is just a repeat, sorry
    From Vortex
    New video reveals internals of Orbo PowerCube

    • Oystein Lande

      Well I’m rather “pathosceptic” of this one…..”………heating them up to just beyond melting point, and then very slowly cooling them, which allows them to retain an electric field. The result is that permanent electric fields are “frozen” into the two magnets. These two electric fields then interact with one another to generate an electric current, …….”

      • Obvious

        This means they know how make a magnet fall off of the refrigerator….

  • Good on you mate. It’s a delight to see your Orbo plans moving ahead. I hope you’ve put your order in. Post the details we are all watching with great interest.