LENR Produces Eternal Cosmic Inflation (Axil Axil)

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Because of the breakthrough experiments performed by Leif Holmlid, LENR has taken on a very serious and profound implication. In these experiments, billions of subatomic particles are produced containing strange quarks that have only been seen in the particle collisions produced by the largest particle accelerators. The nature of LENR may be far more profound than was ever suspected before these new results were revealed.

Holmlid now joins R. Mills and Ken Shoulders at defining LENR as a cosmic force.

The nature in which these subatomic particles are produced suggest cosmic implications. These creation of there particles violate CPT symmetry. This breaking of symmetry CPT symmetry is thought to be central to the mystery of how matter was created in preference to anti matter during cosmic inflation. This brings up a possible connection between LENR and cosmic inflation. For background on this subject, we must first look toward Alan Guth, the father of the inflation theory for insight.

Alan Guth: “How Does Inflation Work?”

I will begin by giving a quick rundown of how inflation works. By starting my explanation at the beginning.

The key idea – the underlying physics – that makes inflation possible is the fact that most modern particle theories predict that there should exist a state of matter that turns gravity on its head, creating a gravitational repulsion. Gravity does not always have to be attractive.The possibility of repulsive gravity arises because, according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, gravitational fields are produced not just by energy or mass densities, but also by pressures….

The gravitational repulsion caused by this peculiar kind of material is the secret behind inflation. Inflation is the proposition that the early universe contained at least a small patch that was filled with this peculiar repulsive-gravity material.The name for this peculiar gravitationally repulsive state is not well-established. A false vacuum is a limited patch of vacuum with a finite energy density. There are a variety of theories about how this might have happened jusy after the Big Bang based on ideas ranging from chaotic initial conditions to the creation of the universe as a quantum tunneling event. Despite the ambiguity of this aspect of the theory, there are two things to keep in mind. First, the probability of finding a region filled with this repulsive-gravity material need not be large. I will come back to this point later, and argue that it is only necessary that the probability is nonzero. Second, the resulting predictions do not depend on how the initial patch was formed. Once the patch exists, inflation takes over and produces a universe that ends up inevitably looking very much like the one that we live in.

The initial patch can be incredibly small. It need be only about one-billionth the size of a single proton. Once the patch exists it starts to rapidly expand because of its internal gravitational repulsion. The expansion is exponential, which means it is characterized by a doubling time, which for a typical inflationary theory might be in the neighborhood of 10^^-37 seconds. So every 10^^-37 seconds the diameter of the patch doubles, and then it doubles again and again during each 10^^-37 second interval. The success of the description requires about a hundred of these doublings, but there could have been many more. In the course of this expansion, the patch went from being a tiny speck to a size at least as large as a marble.

So the patch of repulsive-gravity material expanded by a huge factor. Whenever a normal material expands its density goes down, but this material behaves completely differently. As it expands, the density remains constant. That means that the total amount of mass contained in the region increased during inflation by a colossal factor.

The increase in mass probably seems strange at first, because it sounds like a gross violation of the principle of energy conservation. Mass and energy are equivalent, so we are claiming that the energy of the matter within the patch increased by a colossal factor. The reason this is possible is that the conservation of energy has a sort of a loophole, which physicists have known at least since the 1930s,R. C. Tolman, Phys. Rev. 39, 320 (1932).but haven’t talked about very much. Energy is always conserved; there are no loopholes to that basic statement. However, we normally think of energies as always being positive. If that were true, then the large amount of energy that we see in the universe could not possibly have gotten here unless the universe started with a lot of energy. However, this is the loophole: energies are not always positive. In particular, the energy of a gravitational field is negative. This statement, that the energy of a gravitational field is negative, is true both in the context of the Newtonian theory of gravity and also in the more sophisticated context of general relativity.

So, during inflation, total energy is conserved. As more and more positive energy (or mass) appears as the patch expands at constant density, more and more negative energy is simultaneously appearing in the gravitational field that fills the region. The total energy is constant, and it remains incredibly small because the negative contribution of gravity cancels the enormous positive energy of the matter. The total energy, in fact, could very plausibly be zero. It is quite possible that there is a perfect cancellation between the negative energy of gravity and the positive energy of everything else.

For the theory to be successful, there has to be a mechanism to end the period of inflation – the period of accelerated expansion – because the universe is not undergoing inflation today.Actually there is strong evidence that the expansion of the universe is accelerating in the present era, and the mechanism for this acceleration is believed to be very similar to that of inflation. This… Inflation ends because the repulsive-gravity material is fundamentally unstable. So it doesn’t survive forever, but instead decays like a radioactive substance. Like traditional forms of radioactive decay, it decays exponentially, which means that the decay is characterized by a half-life. During any period of one half-life, on average half of the repulsive-gravity material will decay into normal attractive-gravity material.

In the process of decaying, the repulsive-gravity material releases the energy that has been locked up within itself. That energy evolves to become a hot soup of ordinary particles. Initially the decay produces a relatively small number of high-energy particles, but these particles start to scatter off of each other. Eventually the energy becomes what we call thermalized, which means that it produces an equilibrium gas of hot particles – a hot primordial soup – which is exactly the initial condition that had always been assumed in the context of the standard big bang theory.

Thus, inflation is an add-on to the standard big bang theory. Inflation supplies the beginning to which the standard big bang theory then becomes the continuation.


I now propose that LENR is the currently ongoing inflationary process that creates negative vacuum energy and a equal balancing amount of positive matter and energy.

Goth tells us here that the segregation of negative vacuum energy must be balanced by an equal amount of positive energy/matter. This is how most of the positive energy/matter in the universe formed just after the big bang.

Because of the driving force from the pressure produced by negative energy, positive matter and energy is born.

Because there is negative and positive energy balance in the process of matter creation, the universe walks on a knife’s edge between collapse and explosive expansion and that balance in the size of the universe between expansion and collapse is maintained by the associated balance between gravity and positive mass/energy.

Because of its peculiar characteristics, LENR produces a false vacuum where the vacuum is partitioned between a positive vacuum energy and negative vacuum energy on a mesoscopic scale and for a long period of time.

Cosmic inflation stopped billions of years ago, but a new type of inflation restarted about 5.8 billion years ago. This time long past is the epoch when enough open space formed to permit the formation of clouds of hydrogen gas and nano-dust particles thrown far and wide by exploding stars mixed to create the far flung LENR active regions that currently persist throughout the cosmos.

LENR is a process where positive matter concentrates negative vacuum energy in an eternal cycle. Paradoxically that negative vacuum energy produces more positive energy and matter when it decays. This new mass and energy begins the LENR cycle all over again. That negative vacuum energy will build and eventually decay within the SPP solitons produced by the dust and gas between the stars. And eventually this negative vacuum energy will decay and be converted into positive matter and energy in the same way that a positron is created from negative vacuum energy.

The vacuum is both energy and gravity neutral. But when the vacuum is broken apart on a large scale, both gravity and energy and matter are produced. But positive energy/matter produce attractive gravity, and conversely negative vacuum energy produces repulsive gravity or the so called dark gravity. The universe will expand in proportion to the amount of LENR activity that is underway at any given time withing the cosmos. That LENR activity segregates negative vacuum energy from the energy balance of the vacuum. Some regions of space are expanding because LENR is underway in those regions, and other regions are not expanding like the one we live in because LENR is not active in the dust that pervades our galaxy. Science is struggling to understand what is producing repulsive gravity and why it is distributed so unevenly throughout the cosmos.

In a nutshell, LENR is the ultimate cause of eternal inflation. Through that process the accelerating cosmos results where the universe doubles in size even 8 billion years in a ongoing process that so confounds orthodox science.

Axil Axil

  • pg

    Eternal inflation? Maybe the ECB and Federal Reserve are Rossi’s secret customer…!!!

  • Oystein Lande

    So, LENR may give us antigravity, the holy grail of interstellar fight 🙂 ?

    This is getting better and better, haha 🙂 🙂

  • Aether I can accept.
    But a vacuum is a vacuum.
    I think Tesla Had the right idea.
    Everything has its own sympathetic frequency.

    • Axil Axil


      Quantum spin-ice = aether, that realizes Maxwell equation
      and carries artificial light (ie artifitial photon)

      • two-in two-out spin configuration = two-string-in two-string-out
      = a configuration of closed oriented strings.

      • Quantum melting of spin-ice =
      quantum liquid of closed oriented strings

      → emergence of Maxwell equation
      and artificial photons

      • Magnetic monopoles in spin ice


      Experimenters have created photons from the vacuum by using the dynamic casimir effect.

      • How does that explain that a photon can be in different places at the same instant

        • Axil Axil

          Quantum superposition comes from the uncertainty principle.

          “The Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that for any given instant of time, the position and velocity of an electron or other subatomic particle cannot both be exactly determined.

          If the operators corresponding to two observables do not commute, they have no simultaneous eigenstates and they obey the uncertainty principle. A state where one observable has a definite value corresponds to a superposition of many states for the other observable.”

          It is this uncertainty principle that keeps the vacuum both, energy, mass, and gravity neutral. When LENR overrides this principle, matter, energy, and dark gravity are produced.

    • Roland

      The term vacuum, and your statement that a vacuum is a vacuum, is misleading in a very 19th century way with its semantic association with vacuum tube technology and the conceptual misrepresentation that the absence of matter in a volume equals nothingness.

      Nobel Laureate David Bohm wrestled with this very conundrum and turned to quantum theory and mathematics for an answer. The resulting formalism yields a surprising, even shocking, result. The math says that a cubic centimetre of hard vacuum at 0 degrees Kelvin binds as much energy as a cubic centimetre of neutron matter from the heart of a neutron star times 10 to the 23 power.

      This led Bohm to radically rethinking the nature of the ‘vacuum’ and fresh terminology to describe the relationship between the physical universe, which he termed the explicate order, and an underlying ‘hidden’ order that binds vast energies of unknown origin and structures that he termed the implicate order. The metaphor he used to illuminate the relationship between the explicate and implicate orders derives from holography.

      A holographic plate is completely non representational of the encoded image; the encoded image can only be viewed under precisely the right conditions and has a number of other interesting properties.

      It may be helpful in our attempts to understand LENR to relinquish the ‘energy from the vacuum’ terminology in favour of a more sophisticated metaphor. If I understand Axil Axil, at least in part, we are attempting to elicit a response from the implicate order by setting up the necessary conditions, and finding some successes in disparate experiments, that allow manifestations of the implicate order to present in the explicate order.

      As Axil Axil points out, if this is indeed the case the implications are profound.

      • Roland.
        I qualified the statement that a vacuum is a vacuum.
        By first stating that I Could accept the Aether theory.
        But if a cubic meter of area containing no more than a few atoms,
        then that is the vacuum I refer to.
        I was aware of the energy contained in “free” space.
        Energy and matter though not divorced in relationship are vastly different.
        It is possible to pass through an energy field with out damaging physical effect.
        To pass through anything less than a vacuum at high velocity does have a physical affect.
        Since all areas of space vacuum are variables (due to gravitational effects).
        Then to discount the affect of a “pure” vacuums as I posit needs some form of
        deflection to be able to move at speed though said vacuum.
        The energy contained in free space would do quite nicely.

  • Axil Axil

    If LENR is an all pervasive creative force throughout the Universe, there is a possibility that a future spacefaring civilization could tap into that creative power of a Bose condensate of cosmological SPPs much in the same way that Rossi tickles his pride of Cat reactors with a Mouse.

  • Axil Axil.
    I am having trouble with your time scale.
    If as you posit that the last expansion event occurred 5.8 billion years ago.
    Do you also think that the expansion waves caused the formation of new solar systems?

    • Axil Axil

      My guess about how the universe produces new matter today would be that new hydrogen gas, helium, and some lithium are created in the same way that the primordial mass was produced during the original period of inflation that happened just after the big bang.

      • So does that tie in with the heavier elements.
        Research has gleaned that the material of our solar system has been through at least 4 reformations. I am reading the words but not getting the meaning.

  • Axil Axil

    It goes to figure…as the universe expands, matter and energy must be produced in equal measure to keep the density of the universe constant and in balance. Astronomical observation of the universe of 10 billion year ago and more shows the same makeup and behavior of the universe all around us that exists today.

  • invient

    Axil, please keep these posts coming. They are so fascinating and imbue us readers with such hope for a future not so bleak as that prescribed to us. Good luck in your ideas.

    • Zephir

      Some people just got a better weed than others…

  • Alan DeAngelis

    This sounds like “Subquantum Kinetics”

  • georgehants

    Axil, It sounds as if you are agreeing with our Wonderful Fred Hoyle and his steady state theory that has been dismissed by our betters since 1949.
    Even if Guth is correct and past him we arrive at a beginning from zero energy, we are no nearer explaining the genesis of that event, it would only be the beginning of something originating before it that allows the conditions for said event to occur.
    Hopefully some of your ideas turn out to be correct and it is Wonderful reading such good thinking science.
    Do you think if you where in charge of a national science administration you would change things in light of the Cold Fusion saga?

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Axil, perhaps you should bring this to Paul LaViolette’s attention. He might find this interesting in light of his ideas about “subquantum kinetics” (second part of the video).

  • Mats002

    Beware a giant blue container! Undernieth you might find a steam needy industry ^^

  • oaklandthinktank

    “The universe, like a bellows, is always emptying, always full.
    The more it yields, the more it holds.” – LaoTzu :J

  • When you start from a false presupposition (an ancient, billions-of-years old universe), you’re lucky if you stumble upon a grain of truth. You may well have stumbled upon something, but please, stop with this insistence that the universe is billions of years old, and speaking as though it is fact. Go on with true science and open your eyes to other possibilities, quite often they yield surprising answers you never expected.

    • Axil Axil

      Some people think that the universe is 6000 years old. Are you one of them?