New Report: Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions (“We Ignore This New Capability at our Technological, Environmental and Commercial Peril”)

Thanks to Gerard McEk and AlainCo for bringing my attention to a publication titled “Condensed Matter Nuclear Science” published in October, 2015.

The authors of the report are Pamela A. Mosier-Boss (US Navy SPAWAR-Pacific, San Diego, CA) and Lawrence P. Forsley (JWK Corporation, Annandale, VA Global Energy Corporation, San Diego, CA University of Texas, Austin, Austin, TX).

The document is described as a “Synopsis of Refereed Publications on Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions” and can be accessed here:

Here is the conclusion from the Executive Summary of the document:

“This comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed papers clearly defines the existence of, and many of the parameters associated with, condensed matter nuclear science. The palladium/deuterium co-deposition protocol has shown itself to be robust, replicable and repeatable. As such, it provides an accessible doorway to investigate this novel, nuclear phenomena.”

“It has the promise of controllable nuclear reactions without ionizing radiation; compact, green nuclear energy sources and a means to remediate existing nuclear waste. We ignore this new capability at our technological, environmental and commercial peril.”

This would seem to be an excellent reference that could be used to share with people who are looking for studies in the peer-reviewed literature that validate the reality of LENR phenomenon. It seems, however, that another acronym could be used as an alternative now: CMNR.

  • GordonDocherty

    CMNR – Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions

    Well, there is already a CMNS – Condensed Matter Nuclear Science:

    and the LENR we have been talking about all involves condensed matter, with theories such as Rydberg Mater, Widom-Larsen, Metallic Hydrogen, Hydrinos, and so on all fundamentally looking at condensed matter or, put another way, how unusual configurations of matter can change relationships and scale effects…

    • Ged

      It does fit a bit better, particularly given the ambiguity of the “low energy” part of LENR.

      • Alain Samoun

        I still like Cold Fusion CF, for historic but also for description of the phenomena.

        • MasterBlaster7

          Don’t worry. Cold Fusion…LENR…and possibly ‘the new fire’ aren’t going anywhere. Those names are popular, if slightly misrepresentative, in our little culture. If this took off tomorrow, in the media, I guarantee that those 3 names WILL be used. Its the ‘Xerox copy’ phenomenon.

  • Zephir

    /* that another acronym could be used as an alternative now: CMNR */

    IMO multiple LENR reactions can share common introductory and final step via lattice Mossbauer effects (i.e. low-dimensional collisions and entanglement of multiple atoms, which decreases the activation energy barrier). This mechanism is able to accelerate quite wide spectrum of nuclear reactions (from cold fusion to beta decay) and also decelerate/thermalize their products.

    We could also call it solid phase collider (Astroblaster/Gaussian gun) effect. In most of systems the line of inert atom nuclei (like the nickel) serve as an anvil for nuclear reactions between limited number of active atom nuclei and to dilute the reaction in such a way, it cannot propagate further.

    But we could apply this principle into solid lithium deuteride systems with no inert atoms and after then the cold fusion could run away into hot fusion. It’s sorta tickling the dragon’s tail. We should face the nonzero probability, that the future progress in cold fusion research could enable to construct and initiate the thermonuclear weapons in a way accessible for nearly every amateur.

  • Gerard McEk

    Well, this is an important publication and I would be very happy if all labs that have done so much reseach in the LENR field would do the same, not just SPEWAR.

    • Ged

      Really nice to see SPAWAR continuing to be a leader in this field.

      • Andre Blum

        Yes. Had not they announced termination of theit lenr activities quite a while back?

        • psi2u2

          I always thought that was a feint, or else a chill came down but it did not dissuade the practical scientists, who are now regrouping. I wonder which it was?

  • mcloki

    The genie is out of the bottle now. To many companies are looking for any advantage. LENR gives you an economic advantage. I just wonder how many Container E-Cats it would take to power a condo building. That market would be huge. Taking an office or residential building off the grid would be a game changer.

    • clovis ray

      Hi, Mcloki.
      like all technology, it changes constantly , my view is that the container will not be used after the test, things will be much more compact and more powerful, think the E-CAT X,

      • mcloki

        The container appeals to me. They can offer off site building and quality assurance. Then drive the container up and plug in the E-Cat and power a building. I see the e-cat as being a very distributed electricity and heat solution. It’s would be great to drive up to a constructions site unhitch the container and all the power generation is available right away.

        • Anthony Richards

          Yes, this is what Lockheed is working on, isn’t it ?

        • Agaricus

          The ‘container’ solution is good for situations where hot water or LP wet steam is wanted, but most HT/HP steam systems (such as in power stations) would require a much more integrated approach. Many moons ago I was ‘predicting’ dedicated replacements for existing models of compact gas boiler designs, probably working in harness with the makers of such plant, and I’m still convinced that this will be the focus of phase II of the plan for introduction.

          • clovis ray

            Agaricus, Hi.

            I had the impression that, the containers were being used because many
            E-cats could fit inside it. and be combined to provide the requested power. now that a much more powerful 250 mw reactor is under test wouldn’t it be much more compart as well.

        • Omega Z

          A 20′ container would probably contain 5MW capacity using the 250kW reactors. If 1MW is all you need, think of something slightly larger then a side by side refrigerator. Much easier to cart around.

          If this is joined by a Super-critical CO2 generator, it would only be about double the size of the refrigerator in total & in the 50% conversion efficiency range.

          What you will probably see is several smaller systems at the cities edge providing a micro-grid and having multiple power systems cures the issue of requiring external power source for safety. They will provide power to each other. Precisely like the current centralized grid system. All linked together.

  • Brent Buckner

    Appears to me to be the report released as hoped-for in:

    I am especially glad to see the final referenced abstract #48 wherein we see the Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations.

    • MasterBlaster7

      I don’t think this is the report hoped-for in your link above. At least, not entirely.

      This appears to be more of a ‘chapter 1’ introduction to what we and your linked report have hoped for.

      Remember, referring to your linked report, DeChiaro said that they have only understood these processes in ‘the last few months’. I am not seeing the studies on composite materials. I am not seeing the ‘sisters’ and or the transition metal composites that enhance LENR.

      Also, in the present SPAWAR release, they say….”Our research and implementation is a few years ahead of what we have published. Contact us regarding our current work in hybrid fusion-fission reactors, energetics and compact power generation.”

      So, I think this SPAWAR release is a good beginning but I also believe this is the tip of the iceberg on what they COULD release.

      • Brent Buckner

        See reference #48 for a transition metal composites reference; so there’s that, at least. Perhaps if we read all the underlying papers we’d find more!

  • mcloki

    Interesting. I read over on NBF that China is investing in infrastructure while America essentially does nothing. So weird that America would let the world catch up by neglecting what made it strong.

    • GreenWin

      You can be sure the U.S Navy/DARPA/DTR have not dropped the LENR ball. But they work “in secret” since the 2011 Rossi demo, so little benefit to American commerce. We’ll expect a full and detailed explanation from Ernie Moniz at DoE when all is done. Not using the Navy/JWK patent for waste remediation R&D – is going to take some ‘”splainin.”

      • clovis ray

        I agree with you on Ernie M, he seemed whipped from the start, didn’t know anything about him when he got picked, i thought well, him being a scientist, through me, turns out he one of those, , kind of scientist . but maybe some of the groups named today might get some of that money for R/D.

        • Ernie is going to have a lot of splainin to do.

          • clovis ray

            Hi, Berry.
            We have to remember, that this very important, advanced device,must not be released all at once, too much disruption would ensue. Dr. Rossi and I/H are in control, and doing a dam good job of getting the E-cat out in commercial options first so as to serve as many people as possible, when this thing is in operation for a year you should see the electric bills going down to hardly anything at all. then with some time the individual home units will become available, to completely get rid of the grid, this would be my hope. we here in America will see to it that the reactors are safe, and durable, america is a shinning light to the world,a leader that will make this world, a safe and secure place to live. this is not an easy task, thank you Dr. Rossi, I/H, Frank Ackland, and AMERICA, for being there when you were needed.

          • Clovis, I’m looking forward to the day when I can power my treehouse with CF rather than electricity.

          • Omega Z


            This is where you go when your in the Dog House… 🙂

          • I’m putting up a sign Omega, “Man-Cave Tree-House”.

      • mcloki

        You may be right. But if LENR has it’s “Eureka” moment and the mainstream accepts it. China will put in place a 5 year plan and build a million LENR power plants, literally overnight. And then they will use that same LENR technology to gain a massive trade and commerce foothold in Southeast Asia, and Africa. I can see Africa building a high speed rail line from Bejing to Capetown in the next 30 years. Political realities not withstanding. All the while building LENR powerplants for anyone.

        • bkrharold

          The Chinese economy is now larger than the USA. They have leadership which has a vision for the future, and a plan to accomplish their goals economic, social, and military.
          LENR is deceptive though. It appears so simple, that anyone could do it, and yet some of the best and brightest are still struggling to master it. I believe that no real progress will come until the underlying physical effect is completely understood.

          • clovis ray

            This is not a political forum, post it else wheres.

          • bkrharold

            I apologize for polluting this mainly academic site with politics. I have often felt the same irritation for others who misuse other forums devoted to science. In my defense LENR is so big and important a subject, it is already political. Witness the astonishing behavior of our Government and even respected Scientific Institutions, in blocking research, and denying patents.
            But I do come here mainly for the academic discussions, and would be be disappointed to see this blog descend into a Huffington Post.

          • Omega Z

            No, The U.S. economy is still the largest at the present. However, to truly be equal or surpass the U.S. it needs to far exceed the U.S. economy when you take population into account. They need much more to accommodate their population. Note the U.S. still has the worlds largest industrial base in the world.

            Aside from that, China has major problems brewing. A rapidly aging population & due to their 30 years of 1 Child program, far to few in the next generation to take care of them. Their Politicians are greatly concerned of major unrest in the future. Their interest in LENR is from dire stress of the situation at hand.

          • bkrharold

            The Chinese are investing $trillions in long term large scale infrastructure development through their Asian Infrastructure Bank. This Bank, which sounds so innocuous, will eventually become so large, it will control the worlds economy, with the Chinese Yuan as the main currency. They are building high speed rail in Europe, across Russia and the have similar plans for Africa. These efforts are not just to improve economic conditions around the world, but to multiply and extend their influence, and trading opportunities. Simply put, they have a long term vision for success, and they are implementing it, the USA does not. President Obama has proposed many ambitious plans for the future, but he has been blocked from implementing any of them by the Republican led Congress. We are in gridlock, and China is rapidly moving ahead.
            It is fortunate that the Chinese view the development of alternative sustainable energy as an existential imperative. They do not have the luxury of just sitting back and doing nothing, When they are able to successfully develop LENR for widespread use, they will exploit their advantage to the maximum, from other foolish countries who could have led the way. It will be a win for the planet, and hopefully for, humans and all other living creatures which are in danger of extinction. Better start learning to speak Mandarin.

        • clovis ray

          politics not spoken here.

      • Zephir

        Ernie Moniz boycotted the cold fusion at MIT already so I seriously doubt, he enforces the LENR in quiet.

      • Pekka Janhunen

        GreenWin: In this paper they write that their experimental work continued until 2012 when their patron (Gordon, someone) moved aside (probably retired). I assume that if some work was done in 2013-2015, they would have said so in the paper. That they are now writing papers openly and leisurely suggests that no secret follow-up effort exists.

        If you believe that some secret activity exists somewhere else, I certainly cannot prove it wrong. But I also don’t see positive evidence for it. If they (=some other team under Navy) bought Rossi’s device as some rumours went and are reverse engineering it, that shouldn’t be a reason to stop their Pd-D line of research, because although technically inferior, the Pd-D might (i.e. might) provide an easier route to the underlying science – and the science is what one needs to go further with it.

        To me, the simplest explanation is that they just stopped the experimental work in 2012 after 24 years of effort because the sought-for breakthrough did not materialise.

        • Hi all

          In Reply to Pekka Janhunen on the US Navy going dark,

          Actually we know the US Navy went dark because Steven Krivit of all people let slip about one of their secret meetings, for which he was castigated and probably lost his security clearance. So they were definitely still doing LENR research then 🙂

          And the recently permitted report from NAVSea shows the work is ongoing.

          Kind Regards walker

        • Omega Z

          The U.S. has been studying anomalous heat since the late 50’s & early 60’s. Papers were published under the LENR label in 1062 That they have been doing this in the dark is no surprise given the Entities involved. It is their job to stay ahead of the curve.

          Most of the technology used in the SR-71 Blackbird including Nano tech is still classified Top Secret. Over Sixty year old research technology. What have they been doing since then? A several Trillion$ in research since then.

      • Owen Geiger

        I believe they’ve been working on this in secret since F&P if not earlier because energy is so important.

        • Omega Z

          Evidence is they’ve been working on LENR since the late 50’s, early 60’s. As well as Nano technology. Nano technology is relatively new to most in the world, but is a major component of the SR-71 Blackbird. Late 50’s technology.

      • Hi all

        The Reason U.S Navy/DARPA/DTR went dark was that when SPARWAR announced it had working cold fusion experiments on the west coast, several years ago, the US establishment and in particular the Fox media empire went after them to cut their funding and wipe them out. The U.S Navy played possum and went dark continuing to fund LENR but no longer being open, when NASA started saying LENR worked they caught a lot of the same flak.

        LENR is a threat to anyone in an established conservative market because it is the mother of all market entrants. A conservative (note the small ‘c’ ) is one who wishes to “Conserve” what they have and does not want a new market entrant to take it away from them in competition, the establishment are those invested in the status quo. When LENR popped up on the monthly company SWAT report of established companies and conservative investors they crapped themselves, for it is the mother of all black swans, the last time anything like this happened IBM was almost wiped out along with many others, and every other industrial revolution has done the same; from the invention of farming, through the steam age, the mobile revolution etc.

        When you are established and making a steady stream of money your biggest threat is a small inventor in a garage. When they saw it coming sensible ones started to prepare, you saw big oil start to divest others followed suit the purpose being to free up as much capital as possible and make themselves more liquid, so that they can navigate the coming tsunami.

        The foolish frightened ones conservatively invested in the establishment decided to build dams of denial and do a canute, for that is the establishment conservative way, but this is a tsunami of an economic event, most of those dams will be swept away, along with some big names.

        Kind Regards walker

      • georgehants

        That sounds like our governments really care about it’s citizens.
        A technology that could save millions of lives and abolish much suffering,
        but we will keep it secret and create wars and kill people so that we
        seem important, ego’s gone mad, I think.
        Perhaps a little improved thinking may be in order.

        • clovis ray

          This is not a political forum, move along,

    • bkrharold

      America is at the mercy of a few rich billionaires. They are not interested in the economic prosperity of ordinary Americans, nor preserving our competitive edge in the world economy. Since they control both parties, there is little chance that any money will be spent on anything they deem irrelevant, such as infrastructure. Future historians will recognize the peak of American influence and prosperity, was in mid 20th Century. It has been in very rapid decline since the Reagan era. He hammered the last nail in the coffin of the “American Dream”

      • Charles

        Exactly bkr. We are governed by an Oligarch of career politicians, Wall Street Brokers, the FED/Bankers (especially international bankers) and Corporations Internationale. The political class consists of the President, Congress and the Supremes backed by Billionaire contributors. The political class has a ruling Democrat party and a phoney opposition party of Republicans.

        One must also contemplate the influence of the Pope/Catholic Church and the popes Bilderberg guru, Peter Sutherland.

        • Observer

          There will always be a minority of the population whose decisions have greater weight on history than those of their contemporaries. Their increased influence maybe due to wealth, popularity, theology, leadership, intelligence, pure competency or shear audacity. But do not discount the shared decisions of the masses.

          There are good intentions, and selfish and evil intentions. However, consequences do not always follow intentions.

      • clovis ray

        Don’t you believe a word of it, we americans have our faults, but so does the rest of the world, we will overcome our shortcomings, and be stronger for it. can’t say the same for the rest of the world, and you better start believing in America, because when she goes down the rest of you won’t be far behind, believe it.

      • clovis ray
      • Brent Buckner

        You wrote: “Future historians will recognize the peak of American influence and prosperity, was in mid 20th Century.” I think the peak of American influence came after the collapse of the USSR (so late 20th Century), and the same for the peak of (median) American prosperity (e.g. )

    • attaboy

      Americans have been dumbed down.

      • clovis ray


      • Zephir

        Or even worse – they’re becoming European…

        • Omega Z

          Ironic is it not.
          The Chinese way has been to follow & replicate the American way.

          I got it. The U.S. is trying to mislead the Chinese. Once they switch course The U.S. will do a quick u-turn./// Just trying to be Optimistic. It’s not working.

      • Andrew

        Idiot proofing breeds idiots.

    • clovis ray

      politics not wanted here.

  • It’s funny, this article seem the polar opposite of the Forbes piece “Why We Fool Ourselves Hoping for “Impossibilities” Like E-cat …

    • Owen Geiger

      Perfect timing. It makes the Forbes article look ridiculous.

      • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

        The Forbes article IS ridiculous.

  • Owen Geiger

    I’m sure it will be securely bolted to a concrete foundation, and other security systems will be in place.

  • georgehants

    Many of our scientist I think, spend their whole careers brilliantly debating what something should be called, only to try and make out how clever they are.
    The Pluto debate is a perfect example.
    Cold Fusion covers the whole bloody subject and annoys those that have debunked it for 30 years so Cold Fusion it is.
    NASA is up to it’s same tricks trying to scare people regarding meteors and comets hitting the Earth, nothing but holding out the begging bowl for more billions to put into the scientists welfare and recreation fund.
    NASA does not even have a transport that can reach the ISS and not the remotest technology that could change the course of a body bigger than a peanut, unless it was started beyond the Oort cloud.
    But put a little money into Cold Fusion for peaceful purposes and nothing but a deafening silence.

  • clovis ray