Open Power Association Starts “Parkhomov-Like” Experiment Today

Thanks to Sanjeev for posting about an experiment by the Italian Open Power Association which has started today. They are calling the experiment “Parkhomov-Like”, so this will obviously be an attempt to replicate Alexander Parkhomov’s replication of the Rossi Effect.

Pictures and live video streams are available at the OPA’s website at these links:

Video A:
Video B:

Ugo Abundo of the OPA has posted his announcement about this experiment in this thread at the LENR Forum: He says that he will be posting updates about the experiment in this thread. He states:

“After months of tuning, now the actual set-up assures behavior under severe experimental conditions, ranging from high temperature, high pression, highly corrosive operation also under High Voltage pulsed discharges and very strong magnetic field.

“Safety measures include shielding against eventual alfa, beta, x, gamma and neutron emissions, as well as internal coatings of reactor surfaces by Boron Nitride layers, to protect it against corrosion. However, emissions will be continuously detected by Geiger counters , gamma spectrometer and neutron detector. All the reaction devices are contained in a pressurized, anti-shock safety box, controlled in temperature and pression, with filtered atmosphere.”

Here’s a picture of the reactor:



  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    Altough we have had several more or less successful replications, all of them leave questions on the table or are different enough to question the validity of the replication. This replication at least sounds as if it’s very well thought out and prepared so I hope it will give use some convincing results.

    Here’s wishing all involved the best and hoping for good results and a great time!

  • Mats002

    It makes me very happy to see more live open science on the NiH LENR system. The quality of measurements and lessons learned over time seams to be incorporated in this new round of experiments – yey !

    Good luck Ugo et al!

    About “Safety measures include shielding against eventual alfa, beta, x, gamma and neutron emissions, as well as internal coatings of reactor surfaces by Boron Nitride layers, to protect it against corrosion.”

    Interesting that in Rossi patent WO-2009-125444 from 15 oct 2009 at page 6: “In particular, the inventive apparatus is coated by Boron layers and lead plates both for restraining noxious radiations and transforming them into energy, without generating residue radiations and radioactive materials.”

    I also note that Rossi in this patent show his respect for both Focardi and Piantelli: “The most intelligent work performed in the fusion field, which work has been accurately studied by the present inventor for practicing his invention, is a study of prof. Sergio Focardi and Prof. Francesco Piantelli”, followed by references to 6 documents written by them.

  • artefact

    Is there a link to a live stream? I can not find it on

  • Leonard Weinstein

    How are they measuring output power?

    • Sanjeev

      I couldn’t find the protocol at a first glance, but if it is like Parkhomov, then no direct measurement of output power will be done, just temperature measurements.
      Comparison with calibration will provide the estimates of output power.

      • Ged

        It -looks- like it could be pretty amiable to turning into a water flow calorimeter.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Looking forward to these tests.

  • Oystein Lande

    Just asked Rossi If there are more secrets we don’t know about since replications have low COP results
    so far. And His answer:

    “Oeystein Lande:
    The replications have reached the COP and the situations that we had originally. The eventual evolution is a matter of industrial refinement of the technology, that takes a huge amount of work.The eventual inventions that have allowed the improvement of the E-Cats are now the subject of many patents that are either pending or in preparation.
    Warm Regards,

    So: the secret lies in “refinement”. Some serious refinement required I would say going from some COP=2 to 6 to 20+…… 😉

    • Wishful Thinking Energy

      This was an excellent question and I’m amazed Rossi was willing to provide as much information in his answer as he did. Thank you for asking.

      • Agaricus

        There may be a further overtone to Rossi’s reply in the mention of patents – i.e., even if replicators do one day succeed in achieving high power gains, they will probably not be able to commercialise their work without being sued!

    • Fibber McGourlick

      “Industrial Refinement” or fuel development? There’s a world of difference.

      • Bob Greenyer

        That is the right question.

        The patent says 1:6 ratio – no one has got close… ok – so could be down to SSM – but barely anyone has claimed that.

        I think there is a symantic / terminology trick in the patent – more on that later.

        Meanwhile our next experiment will actually be a closer replication to Lugano fuel – and the first we know of… watch out later today for information.

        • I agree Bob. I could accept Rossi’s explanation more fully IF the low COP was the primary problem at the moment. The low COP is almost irrelevant compared to the result that is by far the most frequent — no excess heat. Sadly, the relatively higher COP’s (2-3) come from groups or Parkhomov that have not been widely replicated despite similar methodologies and materials (in several cases the exact nickel and LAH used by Parkhomov). We certainly owe gratitude to Parkhomov for some of the methods he developed for experimentation, but his silence regarding any recent experimentation raises doubt (it is just as important to report negative results as it is positive ones).

  • Bob Greenyer

    Does anyone know if these guys can spare a few nickels out of their $80million in Noah’s Ark Replica donations for open research projects that have the potential to save humanity and the biosphere from a range of worst case scenarios?

    • Ged

      Wow. That’s an impressive sum, no way it’ll take even a tenth that to build. Unless they use mahogany I suppose.

      • Bob Greenyer

        What’s more, it is all tax free.

        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          Right, WE are paying for it!!!

    • Jarea

      That is something i can’t understand. They are able to invest in a boat museum that will not solve anything. Ok, maybe in case of a flood some people like the museum director will have a nice boat to surf some minutes.

      • Agaricus

        As a culture we seem to have a very poor sense of priorities.

    • GreenWin

      Bob, have you considered approaching the Anthropocene Institute? They are the only members of the climate gang that appear to support LENR. Carl Page of silicon valley is their Director. He might be able to help.

      • Bob Greenyer

        I have spoken to Carl Page a number of times at length, on phone, email and in person. He is very likeable. He is invested into Brillouin and that might be seen as a conflict of interest – but Brillouin have offerred us a Q-Pulse generator as a black box which we may consider if there is an opportunity to fit that into the experimental schedule.

        Having said that – I shall touch base with him again and see if there is some way that a mutually beneficial arrangement could be made. The next phases of experimentation will have significant up-front costs which will become clear over the next week, but the reasoning is sound.

        • Sanjeev

          This is a great news. Even a black box would serve the purpose.
          BEC has no shortage of funds, I guess they will be able to sponsor the test. You will need some strict protocols to avoid the allegations that mfmp is a “partner” of BEC, and the results are made up.

  • Bob Matulis

    What were the results of this test. I have been unable to find them. Thanks

    • Olle Welin

      Testing If X-Ray ~100KeV ocure Woolf be intressting when runnig a sharp current pulse througe a thin nickel wire where the wire also are common mode coupled as a cathode in a bath of electrolute. I was test in My garage summer 2012 when I have build a Q-pulse generator after read Goodes patent some bright white/yellow light occur when overdrive Q-pulse setting, but I have no equipment to measure X-ray. Is such spectrometer equipment expensiv ?? Best Regarding Olle Welin
      [email protected]