Congress Views Brillouin Energy’s LENR Wet™ and HHT™ Boiler Reactor Systems For Generating Thermal Energy (Press Release)

I received the following press release and photos today from Capstreamx, Brillouin Energy’s public relations agent.

Brillouin Energy Meets Congress News Release 18.11.15 (1)

[pdf] [/pdf]

Robert Godes demonstrates Brillouin energy’s LENR core module on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.


_DSC0530 (2)
Dr. Michael McKubre discusses SRI’s latest tests of Brillouin Energy’s LENR technologies


Robert W. George discusses the commercial opportunities for Brillouin Energy’s LENR technologies
  • Buck

    Information on Rep Anna Eshoo’s participation with select committees and caucuses. Most important IMO is: House Committee on Energy and Commerce


    I would really like to see the available photos from Brillouin . . . I am curious on who else from Congress chose to gather information at the demonstration of Brillouin’s Cold Fusion device.

    • ecatworld

      I’ve asked if they could send me any more than the three posted above.

    • GreenWin

      There is probably no better Committee in the House for LENR to debut in. This Committee:
      “… oversees multiple cabinet-level Departments and independent agencies,
      including the Departments of Energy, Health and Human Services,
      Commerce, and Transportation, as well as the Environmental Protection
      Agency, the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration,
      and the Federal Communications Commission.”

      Keys are in DoE, Commerce (USPTO), and FTC. Since Dr. Rossi has been awarded a patent for his E-Cat process, the Department of Commerce and DoE are now aware of LENR. IF Ms. Eshoo can get Chairman Fred Upton on board, LENR could be fast tracked for industrial and (eventual) home certification. Brillouin’s success is a success for all LENR.

      • Alain Samoun

        Nothing wrong to get money from the gov. Military do that, all the time, in larger scale…

      • Corky

        Can you imagine overseeing such? I can not. Hopefully someone can. Like the folks listed as the ones in charge of overseeing these matters.

        Position does not equal aptitude. Meanwhile, the Kosmos await.

  • artefact

    With the COP 4 the Wet Boiler could replace a good heat pump and also save space.

  • Mats002

    McKubre: “To my knowledge this had not been achieved before in the LENR field” also says (or at least I hear): To my knowledge I can not endorse Rossi/IH claims, therefore they do not exist.

    • Warthog

      Then you hear wrongly. McKubre talking Brillouin is “eyewitness testimony”, as he has tested the Brilliuin device himself at SRI. McKubre talking about Rossi is “hearsay”, and a much lower level of evidence. His position is strictly correct. If he had participated (for instance) in the Lugano test, then he could legitimately endorse Rossi as well as Godes. Just for the record, Godes himself has always maintained that Rossi’s devices are real and work, but that Rossi’s approach has problems of both startup and control (and I agree with that position…). Rossi may indeed have overcome them, but real evidence is lacking.

      • deleo77

        It’s interesting that Industrial Heat, who has invested in both Brillouin and Rossi, said on their slides that ” A number of LENR technologies are demonstrating significant progress;
        one in particular may be ready for commercialization.”

        My hunch is they are talking about the e-cat being the one that may be ready.

        • hempenearth

          Hi Deleo77,
          What’s your source for saying Industrial Heat has invested in Brillouin? I couldn’t find it in Darden’s speech at ICCF19.
          Thanks in advance.

          • deleo77

            I am having trouble pasting a link but if you Google “Darden Brillouin” you should see some references to it.

          • Omega Z

            I can’t find the specific link, but Darden invested in Brillouin along with another LENR developer prior to investing in the E-cat. I think he is much more invested in Rossi’s E-cat then any other LENR project.

        • Albert D. Kallal

          No, Cherokee investments has put money into both IH and Brillion. It not IH putting money into Brillion.

          • Omega Z

            It is the same investors of which Tom Darden is the primary investor.

        • Edac

          From web page

          “Darden admitted that he was not backing either Peter Hagelstein of MIT who is working with Jet Energy or Brillouin Energy. Instead he hinted that others were backing those projects. He described those efforts as somebody else’s children. Darden did not say if he knew who was backing those experiments.”

      • Omega Z

        I can’t help but wonder what would result from a collaboration between IH/Rossi and Brillouin/Robert Godes.

        However, That is better left until latter. Separate approaches from multiple parties expands the knowledge & different approaches to the technology. A Much better understanding. With this vast knowledge, even better LENR devices will be possible later on.

    • Omega Z

      McKubre has not been given privy to Rossi’s E-cat.
      His statement is just being honest. He has not witnessed it.
      However, he is well aware of Rossi’s work & it’s possible he is aware of more then we here at ECW are.

    • Agaricus

      To my mind such ‘dissing’ of Rossi/IH is faintly encouraging – the kind of behaviour that could be expected from competing fairground barkers: “Don’t look over there – look here!”

  • GreenWin

    While it may annoy our good friend George H, it looks like capitalist competition is breaking down the walls of those opposed to LENR. Of particular note is McKubre & Carl Page presence as Technical Advisory Board members. Historically when silicon valley finds a new hot button, there is a stampede to commercialization. Question is, will Congress step up? Or knuckle under special interest lobbyists? Let’s hope enough traction is gained to make this an issue in the presidential election.

    • georgehants

      Morning GreenWin, one must take into account that without capitalism there would have been no incentive to hide Cold Fusion for 30 years.
      I must ask you if you can think of any reason why it would then have been hidden?

      • GreenWin

        Point taken, George. Remember however, “the market” and barter is as old as civilization. Monopoly is the corruptive element here; and that seems to be a result of tribal conflict.

  • Crickets from the Main stream media.

  • Mats002

    As far as I know the difference is in control; Brillouin use electric pulse, Rossi use heat and some secret sauce that could be an electric pulse but so far Rossi has never given such a hint.

    For all the rest: same recipe.

  • clovis ray

    what demonstration, did i miss something, smile

  • builditnow

    Brillouin is already funded by “private funding” in Silicon Valley California.

    I met several of the Brillouin team and the SRI team a couple of weeks back, spoke to Godes, McKubrie and others, all very real and demonstrated excess energy in the multiple KW range. No doubt about it.
    The lamestream media is of course ignoring this discovery of the century.

  • builditnow

    Nothing in the lamestream media, here is the search

  • Jag Kaurah


    Please ask Andrea Rossi what he thinks of this

    • ecatworld

      It is not something I would ask him because I know what he would say:

      “I never comment on the work of my competitors”

    • radvar

      You can can always ask him yourself

  • Herb Gillis

    Does anyone know if they gave a similar demo in China? That might get faster funding (if it works).

  • ecatworld

    I think he would not go to Congress for funding — he takes pride in not having had any government funding for the E-Cat.

  • R101

    Fantastic news. I wonder if oil prices might take a little tumble since this news release. BTW, I’m loving that term “Lamestream Media” 🙂

    • builditnow

      Add nonScience, nonScientist etc.

  • Zack Iszard

    The real question regarding media attention: how many other “promising new energy sources” have been presented to the U.S. Congress with a high-brow demo without coverage? The mainstream doesn’t understand the distinction between LENR and mechanical perpetual motion, so my guess is a big fat NO.

  • LuFong

    It may not be for funding purposes. It could be for regulatory purposes since this device, while nuclear, is a bit different and should require different handling. Or it may be for funding but to impress private financing entities. Who knows.

  • LuFong

    I would love to see the report describing the 4x performance. I would be interested in how long the test ran and at what power level.

    • builditnow

      Godes told me about 2 weeks back that they had a hydrogen Nickle unit that ran 30 days (my memory on the days could be off a little), then they moved it to SRI but damaged it in the move so it only ran a few days at SRI. I’m expecting that SRI has had a second unit running now for a few weeks before going to congress, but I have not confirmed this.

      • LuFong

        Thank you. Do you know at what power level BEC devices current run?

  • bachcole

    I did not see anyone other than BEC employees identified. Who was the audience, and “Congress” won’t satisfy me?

  • kenko1

    Nice to see some other than IH-Rossi news. Maybe that will speed things up a bit as far as product development and introduction is concerned. The world needed this back in 2011 and before.

  • Omega Z


    Brillouin is working to obtain private funding which is not an easy task.
    You see, Unfortunately, Robert Godes has already bartered off all but 5% of his IP to (VC)Venture Capitalists to get where he is today. Obviously, He has learned it is much harder to develop LENR then he ever thought.

  • Gerard McEk

    I hope they get some funding. If they have a real good story, it should not be difficult to get money, even form the private sector or crowd funding.

    • GreenWin

      Hello Clovis, it looks like builditnow has talked with key personnel and confirms some form of the device is working as claimed. Their VC funders understandably will not go down a public demo path at this time.

  • Gerrit

    OT: siliconrepublic “7 fascinating reads for the STEM enthusiast in your life” mentions An Impossible Invention by Mats Lewan.

    Whether you think it’s the alchemy of science, or mankind’s greatest hope for survival in a future without fossil fuels, cold fusion energy is certainly a hot topic in the science community.

  • Publius

    I believe they are working on small scale prototypes and working out all the engineering bugs BEFORE even thinking about mass production and scaling up. They are an IP firm, not a manufacturer.

  • This would have more impact if anybody had any faith in congress.

  • radvar

    Might jeopardize certain u$eful relation$hip$

  • radvar

    “event, which was sponsored by U.S. Representative Anna Eshoo”

    Ms Eshoo’s district = the lions share of Silicon Valley

    So, perhaps worth as much as a couple of other congress-persons from other parts of the country

  • radvar

    “event, which was sponsored by U.S. Representative Anna Eshoo”

    We can count on Rep Eshoo to pursue the interests of her constituents; that’s how she’s held office since 1993.

    Her constituents are in 18th Congressional district, which includes the lion’s share of Silicon Valley. Their interests are making large piles of money, having more and more high paying jobs, creating world-changing products and being leaders in innovative technologies.

    They are in direct competition for the money, jobs and fame with Austin Texas, home of Robert Duncan and National Instruments, and another major technology innovation hub. So there are multiple motivations.

    Rep. Eshoo is highly focused on alternative energy. From WP: “In 2005, Eshoo worked with Nancy Pelosi to develop the Democratic Innovation Agenda, which calls for America to achieve independence from Middle East oil over the next ten years. She has led efforts to raise fuel standards for automakers, and pursued reliance on alternative energy sources both in California and nationally.”

    Rep Eshoo knows about LENR. She was willing to sponsor this event. Since she’s interested in promoting alternative energy, it is relatively certain that the entire California Democratic Congressional delegation knows about LENR (she may have even told the Republicans), Senators Feinstein and Boxer know about it, probably the local California state reps know about it (and are already anticipating California regulatory approaches), and it then follows that Governor Brown knows about it.

    And then of course all the major technology players in the Valley know about it.

    I would say that we just heard a large ripping sound from the curtain hiding LENR being torn down. However, at this point it’s more like a tattered veil falling of its own accord.

    • GreenWin

      Great comment radvar! Your last para is an LOL summation. You forget however the aggressive tech community of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina represented by David Price (and others.) This is of course where Industrial Heat / Cherokee Partners is based. Which means we have three high tech regions vying for New Fire jobs and $$.

      Interestingly the once leading tech area around MIT sounds like crickets. I guess the PhDs over there are lunching at ITER Headquarters’ new cafeteria. 🙁

  • kdk

    I’m thinking that it’s time to write my representatives and local energy company again.

  • Stephen Taylor

    So, from this we can conclude that Brilllouin welcomes publicity. From the recent photos posted at we can conclude the same about Rossi. If either of them had a moderately reliable and robust system capable of COP greater than 4 and steam generation at 540C or higher then the obvious way to demonstrate the technology beyond sceptical critique is to run the steam through conventional electric generation equipment. This would either prove or falsify their claims definitively. So far it seems to me definitive proof or falsification at this level is being avoided intentionally (because it’s so obvious and has been suggested so many times).
    So I think they are not quite there yet and need more money and time for development. I just hope someone gets it figured out soon and comes forward with an impressive prototype capaple of driving a turbine or producing electricity “directly”. We wait.

    • GreenWin

      As you note Stephen, much of the reveal is intentional. Both Brillouin and IH/Rossi are introducing steam and heat as immediate products. This lowers perceived threat to electric utilities where pension funds rely on stable income to support the financial infrastructure. Electric generation comes after the world groks LENR replaces essentially all energy sources including fossil/fission, wind and solar.

      • Monty

        @GreenWin: … replaces essentially all energy sources… ?
        Didn’t Rossi reveal to us that “all energy sources must be integrated”?


  • Mats002

    Yeah – that is bad!

  • Blacklight Power has apparently changed their name to “Brilliant Light Power”

    I am 99% skeptical on this company, but would love to be proven wrong.

    Forbes article on BLP

  • GreenWin

    Monty, this world’s “groking” ability is marginal. But getting better. 🙂

  • Michel Vandenberghe

    Congrats to Brillouin Team !